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Farsight upgrades remote monitoring station software to offer improved services

Farsight Security Services has upgraded its central station monitoring software to the latest SureView Immix CS platform, also known as ‘Immix Cloud’. The upgrade has been introduced to provide Farsight’s clients and installers with a wide range of benefits.

Those benefits include:

  • access to the Immix app for viewing of live cameras, ‘push notification’ of critical events and the Immix web portal via a smart phone or tablet
  • the ability to upload sites in bulk during the commissioning process, saving security installers a significant amount of time
  • compatibility with the majority of security systems available on today’s market

Malcolm O’Shea-Barnes, senior operations manager at Farsight, explained: “The upgrade to the latest SureView Immix CS platform has a fantastic range of benefits for our clients and installers, as well for the operators at Farsight. Our operators are now able to work even more efficiently. One of the biggest benefits is the browser-based interface that makes it easier for them to administer updates. Previously, these updates had to be applied on a machine-by-machine basis, but now they can be applied globally.”


O’Shea-Barnes added: “This also makes the machines more stable. No client software runs on the PCs at our central station, making them less susceptible to ‘freezing’. This allows Farsight operators to work without disruption, processing alarms faster than ever.”

He concluded: “At Farsight, we’re absolutely dedicated to innovation. Staying ahead of developments in remote monitoring software ensures we provide the very best security and customer service. For example, due to this upgrade we can now monitor the majority of equipment available in the current market. That means security installers can come to us for any type of site, making the connection process even more efficient.”

The upgrade is also an important development for the future of Farsight. With the remote monitoring station making exciting developments to its fault tracking platform, YourSight, the Immix upgrade will allow Farsight to use the open API to enhance the tracker still further.

Martin Finder, sales director at SureView Systems, added: “I’m delighted that Farsight chose to upgrade to Immix Cloud. Thanks to the ‘Best in Class’ large integration base of Immix, it has enabled Farsight to offer their services to the widest possible marketplace of new and installed CCTV systems. With its unique ability to scale as the monitoring centre grows, Immix Cloud will be a key component in ensuring the continued success of Farsight.”


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