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Momentous League and Cup ‘double’ in London for event security specialist Showsec

Showsec has completed its own equivalent of football’s coveted ‘double’ by playing a key role in the celebrations for each of the 2014-2015 Barclays Premier League and FA Cup winners. The crowd management and event security specialist mounted a major operation for the victory parade to mark Arsenal’s record-breaking FA Cup triumph at Wembley Stadium just six days after the company had featured prominently in supporting and safeguarding Chelsea’s Premier League victory party ten miles away in West London.

Thousands of jubilant fans lined the streets of the capital to hail their heroes following a season in which the London rivals shared all of the domestic honours – the Premier League and Capital One Cup going to Chelsea, with Arsenal victorious in the FA Cup and Community Shield.

The victory parades gave Showsec another opportunity to demonstrate its capacity to be right at the forefront of delivering safe and secure large-scale public events in the capital, while also affording the Leicester-based business the chance to work closely with both clubs’ management teams as well as other key stakeholders.

In the case of Chelsea’s celebration, Showsec was engaged once again by Innovision, the production company with whom it has worked to deliver safety and security for a number of high-profile occasions, the most recent of which was the third stage of the Tour de France’s Grand Depart last summer.

For Arsenal’s second successive FA Cup triumph, Showsec worked with the north London club to activate an extensive crowd management and security operation within hours of the famous trophy having been presented at Wembley Stadium.

Showsec provided security for Arsenal's FA Cup victory parade in London

Showsec provided security for Arsenal’s FA Cup victory parade in London

Stepping up to the challenge

The strength of the stewarding team fielded on both occasions proved to be a crucial factor in successful project delivery, leaving regional manager Steve Reynolds (who served as head of security for both victory parades) to highlight the way in which key members of the Showsec brigade stepped up to the challenge.

“This was the second successive year that we’ve had the privilege of being involved in these celebrations for the two major winners of domestic honours in English football,” said Reynolds. .”The fact that both events took place within six days of eachother and also coincided with a busy start to our festival season meant that we really had to rely on the strength of the management infrastructure we’ve been developing through our training programmes.”

On that note, Reynolds added: “It was really satisfying to see members of the team step up to the challenge and provide strong leadership for delivery of these events, even when significant challenges were presented to them. In many ways this really demonstrates the calibre of people we have working for us.”

Team effort on both parades

While Dayo Adelugba (Showsec’s area manager for West London) operated in key roles alongside Reynolds on both occasions, operations executives Michael Asimonye (dedicated to the Chelsea event) and Harry Thorn (who worked on the Arsenal victory parade) were given the responsibility of acting as project managers. There was also influential support on hand from many other members of the Showsec operation.

“It required an outstanding team effort for both parades, from all the prior planning and preparation right through to end delivery by every company member on the ground,” explained Adelugba. “The Chelsea parade gave us the opportunity to strengthen our relationship with Innovision, whom we have worked with on a number of major projects in London, while we once again operated in partnership with Arsenal and their stewarding team for their celebrations.”

Adelugba added: “Both operations also involved close liaison with a number of other agencies in developing a strategy for crowd management, road closures and the creation of an environment which made these events an enjoyable experience for the fans while also being sensitive to members of the local community.”

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Innovision praises Showsec’s Tour de France security operation

The third stage of the 2014 Tour de France proved to be the biggest single working day in Showsec’s history. On Monday 7 July, the company had more than 3,000 staff on duty for a thrilling climax which saw German cyclist Marcel Kittel sprint to victory on The Mall in front of Buckingham Palace.

It was also a triumph for Showsec as the specialist crowd management and event security services company played a key role in making ‘Le Tour’ such a memorable experience for hundreds of thousands of people who lined the streets of the capital.

The opportunity to figure prominently in the delivery of the Tour de France involved Showsec once again working with innovision following an earlier link-up with the event production company for other high profile occasions such as the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Celebrations, the Paralympic Marathon and the London 2012 Athletes’ Parade.

“We were delighted to appoint Showsec to provide all the crowd and traffic management stewarding inside London for Stage Three of the Tour de France,” commented Peter Germond, the project director for Innovision. “Having worked with Showsec in the past to deliver a number of large-scale events, we had absolute confidence in their ability to help successfully deliver what is undoubtedly one of the largest events to have ever taken place on the streets of London.”

That glowing acclaim from Innovision was particularly satisfying for Showsec following such a massive operation – one which was directed by an extensive management team and supported by a logistics operation of more than 80 staff.

The 2014 Tour de France kicked off in Britain with stages through Yorkshire, Cambridge and London

The 2014 Tour de France kicked off in Britain with stages through Yorkshire, Cambridge and London

Setting the bar at an ever-higher level

Steve Reynolds, Showsec’s regional manager for the South who served as the head of stewarding for the Tour de France, said: “This has further strengthened our relationship with Innovision and other important stakeholders in London. We are forever looking to set the bar at a very high level in terms of the service we provide for clients, and it’s extremely pleasing to hear such positive feedback, especially as we know Innovision demands the highest quality of service.”

Reynolds added: “This operation was the culmination of seven months of planning, meetings, preparation, organisation and implementation to deliver our services and make an important contribution to the successful staging of the event. The largest single day delivery in the company’s history and the largest turnout of our staff was only made possible through exceptional individual commitment from some and the collective enthusiasm and hard work from many, many more.”

He went on to state: “It was especially pleasing to see people step up to the challenge, exceed expectations and think on their feet to deliver the project, even when significant challenges were presented to them. It showed the calibre of people we have working for us.”

In conclusion, Reynolds explained: “It was a tremendous privilege to be part of a sporting event of this magnitude, and even more satisfying to know we helped to make it a success.”

The Tour de France is currently in its second week with the riders heading into the Vosges.

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Start of 2014 Tour de France heralds great occasion for Showsec

Crowd management and event security specialist Showsec is putting a massive operation in place for the third stage of the Tour de France on Monday 7 July. The world’s biggest and best bike race kicks off today in Yorkshire.

An extensive management team will direct a 3,000-strong workforce who will be deployed along three sectors of a stage taking the world’s leading cyclists from Cambridge to London where they will finish in The Mall with Buckingham Palace as the backdrop.

It’s only the fourth time in the race’s illustrious history that the Tour de France has come to the United Kingdom, where Le Grand Depart takes place in Yorkshire.

The Tour de France is one of the major events on each year's sporting calendar

The Tour de France is one of the major events on each year’s sporting calendar

While Showsec have some involvement in the delivery of the first two stages, the main focus of attention is on the third stage when ‘Le Tour’ heads south.

“The scale of the operation which we are putting in place makes this the biggest single day in the company’s history,” said Steve Reynolds, Showsec’s regional manager for the South who will be the Head of Stewarding on this particular occasion.

“Just to be part of a sporting event of this magnitude is a tremendous privilege, but the sheer size of that involvement makes it even more momentous. It’s a massive operation which reflects the iconic status of the Tour de France, the vast area which three sectors of this stage cover in the Greater London area and the enormous amount of interest in the sport from a spectator point of view.”

Reynolds added: “That interest has been heightened, of course, in the past couple of years by the success achieved by Sir Bradley Wiggins and then Chris Froome.”

Another link-up with Innervision

The Tour de France represents another high-profile opportunity for Showsec to link-up with Innovision who are responsible for production of the event.

“We have worked with Innovision in recent times on the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Celebrations, the Paralympic Marathon and the Athletes’ Parade following the London 2012 Olympics, so this is right up there alongside them,” commented Reynolds.

“They are a company who demand the highest quality of service. Therefore, the extent of our planning and preparation is geared to ensuring that is the case. There is no other event quite like the Tour, and the fact that it is a normal working day on Monday makes it a different dynamic in terms of the challenges we will face.”

Reynolds went on to state: “The fact that it is London means that we are expecting a huge turnout, especially at the big tourist attractions such as the Olympic Park, the Tower of London, along the River Thames, the Houses of Parliament and then the finish in The Mall.”

He added: “The convoy is massive, taking 30 minutes to pass through any one point and the cyclists are actually only a small part of it. In fact, it’s estimated that 40% of spectators are there to see the publicity caravan ‘train’ which is a parade of 190 promotional vehicles.”

The Tour de France Team in detail

While Reynolds will be heading up the whole operation from Palestra, Martin Lewis (Showsec’s area manager for Wales and the South West) will be fulfilling the role of operations co-ordinator based at the Olympic Park HQ Communications Centre.

The three area managers in the capital – Paul Legge (London East), Louise Stockden (London Greater) and Dayo Adelugba (London West) – will each manage a sector in that stage.

They will be supported by other members of Showsec’s management team together with a logistics operation comprising more than 80 members of staff.

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