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Bold Communications joins Dahua Eco Partner Programme

Monitoring platform provider Bold Communications has joined Dahua Technology’s ECO Partner Programme which is designed to create a closer integration and development relationship between Dahua and technology providers, with those parties involved working to deliver an integrated monitoring solution for commercial Alarm Receiving Centres and private Control Rooms. 

Security solutions typically require technology from more than one manufacturer. An integrated system will often incorporate legacy equipment, new technology and multiple product types. In the Control Room, a tool is needed to process the interaction between devices and present information – and tasks – to the operator in a clear and simple interface. This requires high level system design and co-operation and the ECO Partner Programme provides a platform for the process.

“Interoperability is key for the monitoring business,” stated James Wang, Dahua’s vice-president and general manager for the business in the UK and Ireland. “Together with our technology partners, we are driven to develop more comprehensive solutions for the industry. The ECO Partner Programme not only focuses on technical enhancements, but also offers our business partners the opportunity to explore our ecosystem and network with vendors with compatible solutions.”

Bold Communications software supports compliance with industry standards for alarm and CCTV monitoring, using video verification to filter false activations and support an appropriate response. Alarm events can be generated by Dahua analytics or a third party detection device and received by Gemini with live and pre-alarm video. With false, nuisance and duplicate alarms filtered out and all information, video and handling tasks presented in a single display, the operator can then train their entire focus on handling genuine alarm activations.

Specialist security services

Integrated Visual Protection, a National Security Inspectorate Gold-accredited Alarm Receiving Centre in London, provides specialist security services throughout the UK. The Bold Gemini platform enables Integrated Visual Protection to provide a range of alarm and CCTV monitoring services, with Dahua being a popular option. 

Operations director Piers Brown commented: “To deliver a premium monitoring service for our clients means that our operations have to be robust, seamless and efficient. Combining high-quality CCTV images with fully-featured Alarm Receiving Centre software helps us to meet that standard.”   

Bold Communications’ integration development and design is driven by new technology and the needs of the monitoring sector. Becoming an ECO Partner with Dahua Technology is another important step forward in that process.   

*Further information is available online at www.boldcommunications.co.uk and info@boldcommunications.co.uk

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Motor Fuel Group in charge thanks to Wisenet cameras

Motor Fuel Group (MFG), the UK’s largest independent forecourt operator, has entrusted Wisenet cameras manufactured by Hanwha Techwin to help protect its major investment in electric vehicle charging hubs.

With the sales of electric vehicles growing, MFG is accelerating its plans to offer ultra-rapid, electric vehicle charging bays with up to 12 charging bays at each location across its 900-plus station network. Dedicated Wisenet video surveillance systems are being installed to detect and deter vandals, as well as maximise the customer experience by helping MFG personnel to quickly identify if any charging equipment has been damaged.

Andrew Edwards, group infrastructure director at MFG, explained: “Reflecting the wish of many drivers to own eco-friendly vehicles, we expect the sales of electric vehicles to continue to rapidly increase year-on-year, which is why we’ve made a commitment to lead the market with the provision of fast, clean and 100% renewable energy.”

The contract to install the Wisenet systems was awarded to AGE CCTV, a division of AGE Electrical Services Ltd. “We’ve been installing new video surveillance solutions and upgrading existing systems at MFG forecourts for over 15 years,” explained Jason Gargiulo, managing director of AGE CCTV. “In all cases, we’ve used Wisenet cameras in line with MFG’s decision to single-source cameras and recording devices from Hanwha Techwin.”

Gargiulo added: “It was just a simple matter of working with Hanwha Techwin’s pre-sales and technical teams in order to specify which Wisenet camera from the company’s extensive range would best assist MFG’s personnel to observe close up detail of any activity occurring at the charging hubs.”

Bullet cameras

Depending on the number of charging bays at each location, AGE CCTV has installed one or more 5 MP Wisenet QNO-8080R bullet cameras.

The QNO-8080R is a true day/night camera equipped with built-in IR illuminators which enables it to capture superb quality images regardless of the lighting conditions. It also benefits from enhanced Wide Dynamic Range functionality which performs at up to 120 dB to produce clear images from scenes containing a challenging mix of bright and dark areas (which normally results in overexposed or underexposed images).

With many MFG electric vehicle charging sites being unmanned, authorised MFG personnel are able at any time to remotely access the live images captured by the H.265 Wisenet QNO-8080R cameras or retrieve the recorded video of any incidents. They can do so from a desktop PC or laptop by using Hanwha Techwin’s management software or conveniently via their smart phones or tablets by making use of the Wisenet mobile app.

The images are transmitted over 4G technology and, in this respect, the WiseStream II complementary compression technology built into the QNO-8080R models is proving to be a significant benefit. Bandwidth efficiency is enhanced by up to 75% compared to current H.264 technology when Wisestream II is combined with H.265 compression.

MFG has never hesitated to invest in the latest technology to ensure that its people, property and assets are kept safe and that the highest quality of service is provided for its customers.

Andrew Edwards concluded: “We’re delighted with how AGE CCTV and Hanwha Techwin are continuing to work in partnership to help us achieve our key objectives as a business.”

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Genetec Clearance camera registry streamlines public-private collaboration

Genetec – the technology provider of unified security, public safety, operations and business intelligence solutions – has announced an update to its camera registry module for Genetec Clearance, the digital evidence management system that facilitates collaboration between public safety agencies, corporate security departments, businesses and the general public.

Video evidence is an invaluable tool to help investigators review events, assist the public and solve crimes. However, the methods used to retrieve recordings from privately-owned cameras can be cumbersome and time-consuming as they rely on security officers manually collecting video from the scene.

The camera registry module for Clearance offers an entirely digital and automated experience to facilitate this process on a much swifter basis and provides a new avenue for law enforcement to work closely with residents and businesses in their community.

“Genetec Clearance is now our overall case file with everything in it, including all of our evidence and case-related documentation,” said Captain Mike Bell, Identification Division Commander at the Galveston Sheriff’s Office in Texas. “Where we used to keep paper records, we now store everything digitally in Clearance including crime scene photographs, patrol photos from mobile phones, interviews and all of our reports and records. Using Clearance means that, when we have to work with case files for whatever reason, all of the data we need is right there at our fingertips.”

Digital public safety

The module allows cities and agencies to create a digital public safety programme whereby businesses, public institutions and residents can enrol to assist with investigations. Once participants have registered their cameras, detectives can rapidly locate cameras nearby investigations and request recordings to facilitate evidence collection.

Recordings are provided voluntarily by participants and are sent back to the authorities through a secure web portal. Video exports from any camera system may be shared such that business owners and residents can continue to use their existing equipment without incurring any additional costs to participate in the programme. Detectives can then review and preserve videos received from these requests directly from Clearance.

Erick Ceresato, senior product group manager at Genetec, told Security Matters: “Investigators are under a great deal of pressure to solve cases. Our goal is to provide cities and public safety agencies with the technology that helps them to reduce the time spent on mundane tasks and provide methods for them to collaborate more effectively with businesses and the public.”

Cresato added: “We’re pleased to offer solutions like Genetec Clearance that can be used to build closer partnerships within communities and better leverage the full potential of evidence that’s available to improve public safety.”

*Further information about Genetec Clearance is available online at https://info.genetec.com/clearance-camera-registry-features.html

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Vemotion issues multi-stream, multi-media hybrid video encoder and recorder

Vemotion Interactive – the UK manufacturer of low-latency, high-performance, ‘plug and play’ live video streaming solutions for systems integrators and OEM solutions providers – has just released the VB-36, a rugged MIL-SPEC, multi-stream, multi-media hybrid encoder and recorder.

Capable of delivering high-quality images combined with extremely low latency, the VB-36 encoder supports any mix of analogue, IP, HDMI and HD-SDI inputs. Capitalising on Vemotion’s V-TX transmission technology, the VB-36 delivers amazingly low latency and high-quality images transmitted at efficient bitrates, even within the most challenging of wireless (GPRS, 3G, 4GLTE, 5G, Wi-Fi and Satellite) or wired (UTP and fibre) network conditions.

Suitable for a wide variety of video transmission applications, the rugged, aluminium-bodied MIL-SPEC VB-36 is ideal for use in harsh environments, such as on-board vehicles or extremes of operating temperature. Offering flexible performance, the encoder caters for additional input ports and PoE to provide power for multiple IP cameras from just one device.

In combination with the Vemotion viewer, users can choose a camera to view, using data only when viewed. Multiple cameras can be viewed in different split-screen formats – including mosaic and quad screen – from just a single stream. Furthermore, the VB-36 can accommodate more streams and more analogue cards (or an additional modem, etc) to provide flexible configuration in order to meet any advanced streaming requirement.

Definition of parameters

The VB-36 employs user-friendly set-up and features, and together with a local user interface, includes the ability to define on-board recording and transmission parameters for full-rate camera viewing and control (including recorded footage playback).

“The VB-36 delivers highly efficient video streaming on astonishingly low bandwidth video transmission,” commented Steve Haworth, CEO at Vemotion. “Easy to add to existing infrastructure, the VB-36 is a highly reliable, robust and flexible encoder and recorder. It’s suitable for a wide variety of professional video streaming applications.”

*Further information is available online at www.vemotion.com

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barox Ethernet switches successfully secure Cardiff’s Principality Stadium

Managed Ethernet switches supplied by barox Kommunikation AG – the global manufacturer of professional video switches, media converters and IP extenders specifically designed for video applications – have been installed to provide video surveillance, security and building management data transmission at the Principality Stadium in Cardiff.

Initially built to host the 1999 Rugby World Cup, and previously known as the Millennium Stadium, this massive venue regularly hosts large-scale events such as the Six Nations rugby, Rugby World Cups, the Speedway Grand Prix of Great Britain, high-profile football matches and concerts. With a total seating capacity of 73,931, the Principality Stadium is the second-largest stadium in the world and boasts a fully retractable roof.

Specified to integrate the stadium’s 170 IP video cameras, access control, alarm and Building Management Systems on one single data network, 25 barox managed Ethernet PoE switches have been installed to deliver high-quality live video streams and data to the on-site Control Room.

Tender process

At the start of the project, a tender process witnessed specialist provider Ceaton Security Services selected to upgrade the existing security system. This included the replacement of the stadium’s analogue cameras with new IP units, as well as consolidating legacy IP cameras into one high-performance network.

Shane Gilgrass, security division manager at Ceaton Security Services, explained to Security Matters: “We installed over 100 additional IP cameras to expand the areas under surveillance coverage. Integrating the existing IP units into one combined system required a considered topology in order to successfully integrate the stadium’s building management system, alarm systems and access control regimes within the same network.”

Gilgrass added: “Installing a dedicated 10 Gigabit fibre security network in the stadium and integrating all the building functionality into one network place meant the network switches needed to be reliable. Using barox video switches as opposed to non-security data switches meant that we could have complete confidence in the speed, bandwidth and security of the network, no matter what the demands placed on it might be.”

Demanding requirements

Ceaton Security Services installed 25 barox RY-LGSP28-52/740 managed Ethernet switches across six floors of the stadium, including the roof gantry. Designed to cater for the demanding requirements of HD video networks, the barox RY-LGSP28-52/740 models deployed are a PoE+ layer-2/3 switch, with L3 functionality suitable for video over IP and video streaming in multicast.

Like all barox products, the RY-LGSP28-52/740 video switch is specifically designed for security networks and includes built-in cyber security with strong network hygiene and integrated cyber security functions. Alongside this, the RY-LGSP28xx switch allows simple integration into Video Management Systems as well as active PoE management and reporting, and engenders the ability to monitor and operate energy management for all connected devices across the network. This is supported by interactive topology maps for simplified device management in daily use.

“The unique interactive topology map feature means that network and device management at the Principality Stadium is simple and effective,” explained Gilgrass. “The GUI included with the barox products is designed specifically for video applications. Its ease of use has made it the ‘go-to’ tool for security systems management at the stadium.”

The barox GUI displays all connected devices graphically, highlighting their power, connection and performance status. Connected devices can be rebooted via the GUI if a problem is detected or otherwise set to automatically re-boot. This can save a great deal of valuable time solving device issues, freeing the team at the stadium to concentrate on other aspects of their security and building management roles.

Surveillance camera detail

With the greatly expanded and higher definition coverage from the new IP camera network, the Principality Stadium’s management team is enjoying “unparalleled” surveillance camera detail. This improved performance has enabled more comprehensive monitoring by the team during events as well as the capture of reliable evidential quality footage.

When events are not being staged or the venue is transitioning between events, the security team uses the high-quality camera video to secure the city centre-located stadium, monitor Health and Safety procedures on site and ensure that only authorised personnel are accessing the premises.

High-quality images and smooth frame-by-frame video is imperative for stadium applications, where CCTV operators or investigators can be presented with hundreds of individuals in one camera scene. Low quality or ‘jerky’ video with frame drop-out can result in incidents being missed or individuals difficult to identify. Unlike with other non-video specific devices products, barox switches for video are designed not only to transmit Jumbo frames, but also transmit them at 100 Mbps. This is essential for the reliable transmission of images from HD IP Cameras.

Important element

Jumbo frames are a particularly important part of video transmission. They’re generally attributed to Gigabit, but in real world security applications are more usefully expressed at 100 mbps. A standard switch may claim to handle Jumbo frames, but this will not be at the required rate of today’s HD IP Cameras. If a standard switch only handles standard frames, or Jumbo frames but not at 100 Mbps, then video received in the Control Room will be ‘choppy’ and difficult to work with for the operators.

By dint of using barox RY-LGSP28-52/740 managed Ethernet switches throughout this project, both the security and event teams have been able to access seamless and error-free video transmission at the Control Room for effective identification or evidential prosecution.

Commenting on the new system, Darren Crossman (facilities and safety manager at the Principality Stadium) affirmed: “Since the commissioning of the barox-based IP video surveillance system upgrade, the camera video received in the Control Room is not only of considerably increased quality over the old system, but it’s also reliable. This is something that’s essential and that we rely on to safely manage large-scale events and crowd safety management in general.”

*Further information on barox and its solutions is available online at www.barox.ch/en

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Tyco Illustra Flex range strengthened with introduction of NDAA-compliant cameras

Johnson Controls has announced the introduction of eight additions to its popular Tyco Illustra Flex camera series. With enhanced image processing, improved low-light capability and secure boot protection against cyber attacks, the new NDAA-compliant Illustra Flex Gen3 cameras are designed to provide high performance and cost-effective solutions for virtually any video surveillance application.

The Illustra Flex Gen3 is capable of connecting into the Johnson Controls OpenBlue platform, a complete suite of connected solutions for sustainability, new healthy occupant experiences and safety and security solutions.

With a small footprint, the Illustra Flex Gen3 cameras provide a choice of bullet, indoor mini-dome, outdoor mini-dome and compact camera formats. The new 3 MP models will supersede existing Gen2 3 MP Illustra Flex cameras. The 8MP (4K) models, which feature a built-in suite of intelligent video analytics for enhanced situational awareness and faster response (as well as facilitating exception reporting) complement the 4K Flex Gen2 cameras.

The external cameras are equipped with built-in adaptive IR illuminators which enable them to capture crisp, clear images day or night, regardless of lighting conditions, at distances of up to 40 meters, while the compact cameras’ IR illuminators are effective up to 15 meters.

*Further information is available online at www.illustracameras.com

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Videcon launches new range of Concept Pro ColourSmart cameras for end users

Security solutions developer, designer and provider Videcon has just launched its all-new Concept Pro ColourSmart camera range, the models within which provide end users with clear, full colour imagery 24 hours per day.

The complete CCTV range combines Videcon’s deep learning technology and powerful software to allow footage to always remain in colour with clear and crisp imagery, day or night.

The ColourSmart cameras have a larger lens and image sensor which allows them to let in as much light as possible, software that provides a crisp and clear image and a warm white light which will activate if there isn’t sufficient ambient lighting to keep the image in colour.

Each camera is also equipped with the aforementioned deep learning technology, which means that sensors focus only on events that matter. This technology allows the cameras to distinguish people and vehicles from other moving objects.

Videcon’s managing director Matt Rushall commented: “We’re very excited to be launching our new Concept Pro ColourSmart range of cameras and we do hope this is the start of our customers seeing their security in an entirely new way. Our team has been hard at work ensuring the cameras have the best colour imagery possible. The deep learning software and its compatibility with other security systems renders this a security solution that’s for everyone at all times.”

*Further information is available online at www.videcon.co.uk

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Winsted welcomes Andy Graham to EMEA sales director’s role

Winsted Control Room Consoles has announced the appointment of Andy Graham as the company’s new sales director for the EMEA region. This appointment is part of a reorganisation of the leadership team serving the business.

The aim of the reorganisation is to further strengthen the company’s long-standing customer relationships and embolden the brand further across the EMEA region. Joining Winsted from Legrand, Graham brings over 25 years’ experience to the role from his time in the AV industry.

Speaking about his appointment, Graham informed Security Matters: “I’m really excited to be joining Winsted at such an important time. I’m very much looking forward to building on the success the brand has already achieved by working with our partners and customers alike.”

Lee Schalk, vice-president of sales at Winsted, commented: “On behalf of everyone here at Winsted, I’m delighted to welcome Andy to the company.  He’s highly regarded within his field and will be a huge asset to the team, giving us the ability to better serve our customers. We’re thrilled that Andy’s on board and wish him every success in his new role.”

*Further information is available online at www.winsted.com

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Westminster Security becomes “first private security company” to accept Bitcoin as payment for services

Westminster Security is “leading the way” as the “first private security company in the world” to accept Bitcoin and cryptocurrency as a form of payment for the security solutions it delivers to customers.

The London-based business is a trusted name in the security services industry staffed by a team of experienced ex-police and military personnel providing clients with services and solutions including close protection, private investigations and surveillance.

Indeed, Westminster Security was the first security company in London to join the London Living Wage scheme and sign a pledge to the Armed Forces Covenant. Now, it’s once again demonstrating innovation by accepting cryptocurrency payments from its clients. 

Bitcoin is an established and respected digital or virtual form of currency (cryptocurrency) and highly secured by cryptography, meaning that only the intended recipient of the data can read and process it. That makes it impossible to counterfeit or double-spend.

Efficiency and accessibility 

Cryptocurrency has been praised for its security, efficiency, accessibility, divisibility, inflation resistance and transparency and offers Westminster Security an opportunity to future-proof its reputation in the market.

John Moore, managing director of Westminster Security, explained to Security Matters: “My continued vision for Westminster Security is that we are constantly evolving, innovating and future-proofing. With continuous improvement, we find ways in which to add value which ensures that we deliver an exceptional client experience. Our acceptance of Bitcoin and cryptocurrency demonstrates this and shows that we’re ahead of the curve as the first private security company in the world to use and accept it as a form of payment.”

Moore added: “We already have many clients who use and invest in cryptocurrency and we’re happy to offer them this option to pay for our services. As standard, it will give our clients greater choice and peace of mind. Our ethos is to protect people, their assets and their interests. In this respect, cryptocurrency certainly meets that criteria for us as a business and in terms of the individuals whom we protect.”

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Genetec enhances Advantage maintenance programme thanks to new privacy and performance monitoring features

Genetec – the provider of unified security, public safety, operations and business intelligence solutions – has now added privacy and performance monitoring features to its premium maintenance programme dubbed Genetec Advantage.

In addition to software upgrades, premium support and system monitoring, Genetec Advantage now includes licenses of the KiwiVision Privacy Protector and the KiwiVision Camera Integrity Monitor for all new and existing Genetec Advantage subscribers.

To meet the public’s growing expectations of privacy, and in order to comply with global regulations, the KiwiVision Privacy Protector automatically obscures individuals’ faces caught within a camera’s field of view such that security operators only see what they need to see. 

Being able to access unobscured footage requires an additional layer of access permissions that’s only used when an event warrants an investigation. An audit trail is then maintained that shows who accessed the additional information and why.

With the addition of KiwiVision Camera Integrity Monitor, customers can make sure that their cameras are operational and efficient at all times. The Camera Integrity Monitor notifies operators when a camera may have been tampered with, if there’s a decrease in image quality or if there are abrupt changes in the position of the camera due to environmental or human causes. This is particularly useful in large systems involving hundreds or even thousands of cameras where it’s nearly impossible to manually check each camera’s image and field of view.

“As physical security systems become increasingly complex, it’s critical to know that these systems are up-to-date, performing as they should and integrating the latest privacy and performance features,” said Julie Gauthier, director of global operations and technical support at Genetec. “Genetec Advantage is the best way to derive the most from your Genetec solution and ensure that it’s operating at peak performance. By providing licenses of KiwiVision Privacy Protector and Camera Integrity Monitor we’re adding tools to help our customers maintain the integrity of their systems and also protect the privacy of individuals within view of surveillance cameras without sacrificing security.”

*For more information about the Genetec Advantage programme visit https://www.genetec.com/support/maintenance/genetec-advantage

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