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Bosch’s robust MIC IP video security cameras now even smarter thanks to latest built-in video analytics

The true potential of the MIC IP cameras from Bosch Security Systems is the combination of their rugged design with the latest built-in intelligent video analytics that are specifically designed for the most demanding environments. With added features like video analytics while moving and metadata fusion, situational awareness in extreme environments is substantially improved.

The built-in video analytics of both the MIC IP Starlight 7000i and the MIC IP Fusion 9000i cameras allow them to distinguish false triggers from real threats: for instance, a tree moving in the wind that isn’t a person trying to climb a fence. They can blend out snow, rain, hail or water reflections from the desired picture. The MIC cameras are also extremely resistant against shaking caused by punishing winds, city traffic or bicycles parked against the camera pole.

Fuelled by the Internet of Things, products are becoming more connected and more intelligent. An example of this is the MIC IP Fusion 9000i’s feature of metadata fusion. It fuses the metadata of the camera’s built-in optical and thermal lens and helps end users to focus on ‘invisible’ things that need attention. If the optical lens is blocked by smoke, the thermal one can automatically trigger an alarm and still deliver a thermal image of what’s going on. That’ why the MIC IP Fusion 9000i is ideal for situations that need maximum situational awareness and early object detection, such as perimeter protection of airports and critical infrastructure or the monitoring of bridges, tunnels and borders.


Another new feature is video analytics while moving, offered by both of the new MIC IP models. An operator is alerted instantly even at a remote location, or the Intelligent Tracking feature is triggered when a moving object or person is detected as the camera pans, tilts or zooms. Once Intelligent Tracking is activated, objects are tracked automatically. Optimal capture of the moving objects is assured by the camera’s dynamic adjustment of its field of view.

Starlight technology as standard

Both the MIC IP Starlight 7000i and the MIC IP Fusion 9000i offer Bosch’s Starlight technology as standard, with a 1080p resolution and a frame rate of 60 frames per second enabling capture of highly detailed, fast-moving colour images in scenes with minimum ambient light (down to 0.0077 lux).


Perfect exposure in uneven light is safeguarded by the cameras’ High Dynamic Range of 120 dB. In fog or low-contrast scenes, visibility is improved by Intelligent Defog. When light drops to zero, the MIC IP Starlight 7000i can be complemented with an optional illuminator, thereby enabling the camera to capture high quality images in complete darkness at distances of up to 450 metres.

Both cameras offer an integrated, motorised silicone wiper to keep the glass clean. A window-defrosting function allows the MIC IP Fusion 9000i capture the highest quality video, no matter how cold the temperature. These self-cleaning capabilities, combined with the NEMA-TS2 rating, make MIC IP cameras an ideal choice for monitoring traffic in tunnels or on bridges.

Intelligent Dynamic Noise Reduction and Intelligent Streaming

The MIC IP Starlight 7000i and the MIC IP Fusion 9000i cameras offer Intelligent Dynamic Noise Reduction and Intelligent Streaming combined with H.265 video compression. Depending on the content of the scene, this reduces bitrate by up to 80%. It helps to keep video data manageable, while substantially reducing network strain, storage requirements and costs without compromising functionality and image quality.

With analytics while moving, Intelligent Tracking, metadata fusion, extreme ruggedness and thermal solutions for early object detection, the new intelligent MIC IP moving cameras are a perfect example of how safety and security can be further enhanced.

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Partnership between Cortech Developments and ACT affords end users optimised security solutions

Cortech Developments’ main software product, namely Datalog 5, now offers full integration with ACTpro Enterprise software designed by access control provider ACT.

The partnership between Cortech Developments and ACT will provide end users with an added value solution that optimises security across large estates incorporating multiple sites and buildings.

Commenting on the integration, Jason Blundell (head of sales at Cortech Developments) informed Risk UK: “The ACT collaboration demonstrates how interoperable systems mitigate risk, provide sustainable cost reduction, improve efficiency and deliver greater situational awareness.”


ACT and Cortech Developments are achieving interoperability that provides cause and effect across an unusually wide range of building systems through data merging.

James McAlister of ACT added: “The alliance with Cortech Developments is another example of constituent parts of facility management coming together. We’re committed to wide-ranging data solutions, so working with a leading SMS provider was a logical step. ACT now offers a broader suite that can be used on complex and multiple sites.”

Both Cortech Developments and ACT operate across sectors including education, healthcare, retail, the utilities, transportation and Government with a particular focus on high-security environments and Critical National Infrastructure.

Cortech’s solutions are deployed in 27 countries, while ACT exports to over 40 nations.

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360 Vision Technology joins Milestone Systems’ Camera Partner Programme

Enabling the entire 360 Vision Technology camera range to be simply and easily integrated with all Milestone Systems products, 360 Vision Technology has now partnered with Milestone to become a member of the latter’s Camera Partner Programme.

The Milestone Camera Partner Programme is designed to ensure that the leading device manufacturers in the industry can certify that their products are supported by all Milestone VMS software, including XProtect.

Harnessing the advantages of the Milestone Camera Partner Programme, integrators and end users can mix hardware from different manufacturers in order to ensure the optimum functionality for any surveillance installation.

Now, with the announcement of 360 Vision Technology joining the Milestone programme, integrators and end users are be free to specify any HD, thermal, radar or stainless steel camera from the 360 Vision range for safe inclusion within any Milestone-controlled surveillance camera installation.


Designed to deliver advanced situational awareness, identification and alert to activity within any surveillance application, 360 Vision’s range of high-performance cameras are available in a number of integrated technology options – and with integrated infrared and white light LED illuminators – to deliver the perfect 24/7 imaging solution.

Milestone’s VMS software is proven in more than 100,000 installations worldwide. Based on a true open platform, the Milestone Camera Partner Protection Programme ensures the widest choice of cameras can be specified to create ‘Best in Class’ solutions.

“We’re delighted with our inclusion in the Milestone Camera Partner Programme,” enthused Mark Rees, business development director at 360 Vision Technology. “Working with leading companies who are spearheading new developments in the security industry is a natural fit for us. We’re very pleased that new and existing Milestone customers can now benefit from the performance advantages 360 Vision Technology cameras offer, along with Milestone’s scalable video control, recording and management solutions.”

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360 Vision Technology set to showcase camera range at CCTV User Group Conference

360 Vision Technology, the CCTV design and manufacturing company, will be displaying its range of cameras at the forthcoming CCTV User Group Conference, which runs from 23-25 May at the Chesford Grange Hotel in Kenilworth.

Designed to deliver advanced situational awareness, identification and alert to activity within any surveillance application, 360 Vision Technology’s standard and high-performance imaging cameras will be on show.

Suitable for internal and external use, site perimeters, sterile and hazardous zones and zero light surveillance, 360 Vision Technology’s Predator all-in-one integrated surveillance cameras are available in a number of integrated technology options and with integrated IR and white light LED illuminators.

For any general through to high-security applications, 360 Vision Technology’s range of Predator analogue/HD Hybrid, polished stainless steel and radar cameras can supply the perfect imaging solution, also demonstrating full integration with a wide variety of systems control software.

Layout 1

“No matter what the requirement, 360 Vision Technology has a surveillance camera model suitable for delivering advanced detection and identification across a wide range of demanding conditions,” explained Mark Rees, business development director at 360 Vision Technology.

“Whether the conditions are zero light, fog or long distance, our range of integrated radar, thermal, Hybrid and stainless steel imaging cameras combine rugged build quality with proven reliability in the field.”

The 360 Vision team will be on hand throughout the conference to discuss camera specifications or any existing or future surveillance project requirements.

*In the meantime, further information about 360 Vision Technology’s full range of camera products can be found at: www.360visiontechnology.com

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Proximex Surveillint PSIM solution from Tyco Security Products offers “unparalleled situational awareness”

Tyco Security Products has announced the newest release of its Proximex Surveillint PSIM solution, which provides Security Operations Centres with “unparalleled situational awareness and communication capabilities” through enterprise dashboards, contact management, social media integration and a new module that raises operator alarms based on correlated events.

A new Analysis Module enables alarms to be raised on combinations of events that are separated by time or space without the clutter of extraneous alerts. For example, a site might want to raise an alert only when a combination of sensors (eg a fence motion sensor and video analytics) report an event in the same location.

The Analysis Module can also trigger operator alerts for events that may otherwise be ignored (for instance, raising an invalid access attempt alarm if someone repeatedly tries to access a secure location by using a card at multiple doors).

“We’re committed to giving end user organisations around the world as much information as possible about potential threats and the quickest, most cost-effective ways to communicate with their communities,” explained Michael Mesaros, group product manager at Proximex, which is part of Tyco Security Products.

“Operators can now receive automatic notification of weather events, for example, and they now have the ability to deploy a cost-effective mass-notification solution. This capability can be used to implement a crowdsourced ‘Say Something, Text Something’-style incident reporting system.”

This latest release of Surveillint features a new development tool that allows deployers to quickly build custom dashboards that display real-time operational information from security, building management and enterprise application systems. Security Operations Centres can, in one convenient display, monitor the number and types of open alarms, operator response times, the status of doors, cameras and sensors in the environment and other operational metrics.

“Our customers want to be able to continuously monitor their security and operational status,”  said Stephen Moody, business development manager for Ireland-based systems integrator ViS Security Solutions, which deployed Surveillint for a local hospital. “This new ability to design custom enterprise dashboards which combine data from a variety of security and operational systems will help us to address that need and deliver additional value for our end customers.”

*For more information on the entire Proximex product line visit: www.proximex.com

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Xtralis ADPRO iRespond mobile app and Nano video transmitter victorious at 2015 PSI Premier Awards

The ADPRO iRespond mobile app and the HeiTel by Xtralis Nano video transmitter developed for body-worn cameras have won the Software/IT Product of the Year category at this year’s PSI Premier Awards run by Risk UK’s sister publication Professional Security Installer.

Xtralis provides mobile situational awareness solutions for end users, protecting and guiding first responders to deliver a comprehensive, effective and efficient response on a safe basis.

Left to Right: PSI's Editor Andy Clutton, Marie Kemshall of Xtralis and former England Rugby Union international player Brian Moore

Left to Right: PSI’s Editor Andy Clutton, Marie Kemshall of Xtralis and former England Rugby Union international player Brian Moore

ADPRO iRespond is a mobile application designed for first responders to provide event notification and live remote video views at sites protected by ADPRO Remotely Managed Multi-Service Gateways (RMG) including the FastTrace 2 and iFT Series. Armed with a simple PIN issued by the Central Monitoring Station, first responders obtain recorded and live situational awareness of a threat such that risk is reduced and response is efficient and effective.

The free application is available for Apple mobile devices in the iTunes app store at: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/adpro-irespond/id878110903.

Detail of the ADPRO iRespond

Detail of the ADPRO iRespond

The HeiTel by Xtralis Nano transmitter provides for the reliable transmission of live and recorded video, bi-directional audio and GPS information over wireless technologies including 4G, LTE and CDMA mobile phone technology as well as satellite, Wi-Fi and broadband networks.

The Nano transmitter is battery-powered and works with a wide variety of cameras. It’s ideal for body-worn vest configurations.

For its part, the live and recorded video may be accessed remotely from a Control Room, PC, laptop, iPad, PDA, iPhone or Android device. It’s possible for six people to access the images simultaneously in different places via different methods.

“We’re extremely proud to have won a PSI Award three years in a row,” commented Mick Goodfellow, vice-president of European sales at Xtralis. “Being chosen by professional security installers over six other solutions is a clear validation that Xtralis continues to deliver value and innovation for the security market.”

Goodfellow added: “Worldwide interest in iRespond and the Nano transmitter is incredible as first responders embrace Xtralis technology for efficient threat response. These solutions not only protect end customers, but also reduce risk and increase the overall effectiveness of first responders.”

The Xtralis Nano Device

The Xtralis Nano Device

Xtralis offers powerful solutions for the early detection of fire, gas and security threats. The company’s technologies prevent disasters by giving users time to respond before life, critical infrastructure or business continuity is compromised.

Protecting high value and irreplaceable assets belonging to the world’s top Governments and businesses, the company’s brands include VESDA and VESDA-E (very early warning aspirating smoke detection systems) ICAM for flexible ASD, the ECO gas detection and environmental monitoring modules for VESDA and ICAM systems, OSID (smoke detection for open areas) ADPRO and ADPRO-E (advanced, intelligent access, perimeter and intrusion detection solutions for multi-site and enterprise security), HeiTel – digital video remote monitoring – and ASIM for intelligent traffic detection.

*Further information for end users is available at: www.xtralis.com

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Case Study: Securing the City of Atlanta

Security and safety in the City of Atlanta has been massively enhanced thanks to the adoption of CNL’s IPSecurityCenter.

The City of Atlanta boasts a population of over 420,000 and serves as the cultural and economic centre of the Atlanta metropolitan area (which itself is home to more than five million people and is the ninth largest metropolitan area in the United States).

In addition, Atlanta is one of the United States’ leading tourist destinations both for American residents and those visiting the US from abroad. Indeed, in 2010 the city was the seventh most visited in the United States with over 35 million tourists.

The City of Atlanta

The City of Atlanta

Ensuring the safety and security of all citizens and visitors is key to the success and progress of any city. This is particularly true for Atlanta, one of the most multi-cultural cities in the US which attracts investment from across the globe.

As is the case with any large city, Atlanta is becoming more reliant on the use of visual intelligence to enable improved situational awareness which helps to identify and resolve security incidents faster and more incisively.

Over the years, the City of Atlanta has invested in a number of surveillance systems to provide law enforcement and other public safety professionals with visual intelligence well before the point at which first responders arrive on scene.

Recently, managers upgraded aging analogue cameras to digital models and moved from leased line to wireless backhaul. Historically, the systems had all operated independently and had been located across a wide geography.

The City of Atlanta Control Room

The City of Atlanta Control Room

Operation Shield: collaborating on public safety

Government agencies across the US are working hard to increase collaboration on public safety efforts aimed at achieving better efficiencies and effectiveness when it comes to leveraging public security assets.

One of the most cost-effective methods designed to increase the amount and quality of intelligence available to Government agencies is the deployment of a centralised camera integration centre.

Back in 2007, Atlanta approached this challenge by launching Operation Shield through the Atlanta Security Council. Operation Shield is a three-pronged security program designed to leverage existing infrastructure (cameras and radio communications) through engaging the private sector and various Government agencies.

The most recent development in Operation Shield has been the establishment of a centralised Video Integration Centre (VIC) by the City of Atlanta Police Department. The VIC is a rapidly-developing surveillance network which provides 24/7 real-time crime prevention, emergency preparedness and heightened response capability throughout the city.

Detail of the Metro system

Detail of the Metro system

Dave Wilkinson, president and CEO of the Atlanta Police Foundation, commented: “The Atlanta Police Department has a plan in place to use technology in its mission to reduce crime. Atlanta has launched Operation Shield which will not only leverage cameras but also data and video analytics to better fight crime, in turn bringing crime numbers down even lower than their 30-year low of today.”

Operation Shield’s three-pronged success formula includes: video integration, COMNET (a radio network for private security to communicate with APD in real time) and text alerts. This is enabling VIC stakeholders to effectively bridge communication gaps between the Atlanta Police Department, participating agencies and entities and the city’s business community.

A ‘Next Generation’ Solution

Grant Hawkins, the vice-president of programs and strategic projects at the Atlanta Police Foundation, explained: “The Operation Shield team visited numerous cities throughout the United States and was able to note Best Practice and lessons learned while also seeing the latest technology in action. This research and planning gave Operation Shield’s leadership the tools and knowledge to design and build a system that brings together key aspects of the best video integration projects from around the United States to the Atlanta Police Department with ‘Best in Class’ tools and technologies to reduce crime and respond to emergency situations.”

To protect citizens, commerce and infrastructure, the city’s managers needed to be confident that the tools and technologies selected had been proven within the Safe City framework. They selected CNL Software’s IPSecurityCenter as the command and control platform as it had already been deployed in some the largest and most complex Safe City projects in the world.

IPSecurityCenter works by connecting the diverse range of systems into the operating platform, ensuring operators do not need to learn the underlying technology and allowing them to focus on the situations that are occurring.

The system has given the Atlanta Police Department the capability to integrate public and private video systems into an integrated suite of emergency dispatch applications, subsequently allowing call takers and dispatchers to manage incident information more efficiently.

Public/private sector partnerships

The Atlanta Police Department and the Atlanta Police Foundation have accomplished their vision to develop one of the United States’ strongest public-private sector partnerships.

Atlanta is becoming the model city for public/private sector partnerships providing significant benefits to the citizens and visitors of the area. City leadership has leveraged the partnerships to deliver a sound foundation for Operation Shield and is poised to expand its current state to become the standard for Safe City projects across the nation.

In addition to providing funding and competencies, the Atlanta Police Foundation has been instrumental in facilitating the resolution of one of the biggest challenges faced when establishing the Video Integration Center: addressing the size and scale of the integration which is driven by the disparate and legacy nature of video systems across the city, other governmental entities and the private sector.

By way of IPSecurityCenter, cameras owned by organisations using proprietary technologies can be targeted for integration. For example, the City’s Metro Atlanta Rail and Transit Authority (MARTA) operates more than 1,300 cameras which were previously only accessible in the MARTA Command Centre. Likewise, Hartsfield Jackson International Airport (the world’s busiest airport) had its own proprietary camera systems which will also be connected to the Video Integration Centre.

Similarly, and as is typical across the nation, the Georgia Department of Transportation (GDOT) spent millions of dollars deploying a statewide camera system which only fed information into the GDOT Traffic Control Center. The City of Atlanta is also home to two of the State’s largest universities and seven colleges, each with their own security systems.

As part of their vision, the city’s managers also wanted to integrate a large number of private cameras from sources including the CNN Center and Coca-Cola as well as Publix Supermarkets and the sizeable number of Fortune 500 companies located in the City – further increasing the complexity of bringing all of these systems into one common platform.

Increased situational awareness to the forefront

Once connected to the IPSecurityCenter platform, a common set of controls will be available for all video sources enabling operators to seamlessly move from a camera located on a downtown street to one located in a shopping mall to one located in a bus station. Operators can observe incidents as they unfold.

Increasing the partnership with other agencies, the Video Integration Center will be able to instantly distribute and share this intelligence to all relevant stakeholders enabling rapid responses following incidents.

Through the development of one common operating platform, the City of Atlanta is able to work with various agencies, entities and develop protocols for preventing, detecting and responding to unfolding events. The information sharing network provides a new approach to a safer city.

Increasing efficiencies: a key aim

By its very nature, crime adds significant costs to any city. Its costs are far greater than the direct costs associated with policing.

Some of the key cost reductions resulting from the IPSecurityCenter solution include reducing policing costs through greater efficiency, reduced overall crime levels, increased incarceration rates and faster prosecution through the courts and legal system.

IPSecurityCenter also offers other involved agencies significant capital cost savings because, by tapping into the VIC, they do not need to bring their own infrastructure to levels of tools and technologies now provided by the VIC.

The Fox Theatre in the City of Atlanta

The Fox Theatre in the City of Atlanta

The ability to access video from private enterprise furthers the attractiveness of the return on investment for the system.

Dave Wilkinson explained: “We are leveraging the private sector investment in cameras and infrastructure – making Operation Shield a unique model – allowing the Atlanta Police Department, at a substantially lower cost, to keep citizens and visitors safe.”

Intelligence-driven policing

Operation Shield’s future continues to grow with APD’s deployment of an Integrated Predictive Policing (IPP) Model which is transforming policing across the United States.

Predictive policing models are the newest tools for law enforcement using advanced technological tools and data analysis to take proactive measures to “pre-empt” crime. By combining video integration, multi-agency crime data and public records with other analytic technologies, Operation Shield effectively provides crime reduction and accountability while serving as a force multiplier and increasing resource efficiencies.

IPSecurityCenter is enabling Atlanta to implement the IPP model. It would not be viable to manage the vast amount of video coming into the VIC without IPSecurityCenter’s ability to intelligently catalogue, map and visualise the right video at the right time with data elements already on file.

One unique feature of this system is its ability to integrate many of the newest social media analytics. Officers and detectives identify emerging crime trends and are able to predict where crimes are likely to occur by using social media analysis, data mining techniques and other advanced analytics to identify trends, major actors, associates and elements of crimes.

Following an incident, when seconds count most, the system provides exceptional connectivity tools allowing camera images to be rapidly referenced against analytics and data providing a clear picture to responders. Armed with immediate situational awareness, operators are able to respond to incidents with greater accuracy and can ensure the most appropriate response to combat threats, crime and anything that can jeopardise the safety of citizens, commerce and infrastructure.

Police commanders can more effectively manage resources and deploy patrol officers in areas with emerging crime trends and stop crime before it impacts on a community. Commanders issue crime-fighting strategies based on an analysis of crime patterns, enabling officers to multiply their capabilities through an expansive array of innovative technologies including sensors, video cameras, license plate readers, automatic vehicle location, geo-spatial correlation and facial recognition technology.

Visualisation and reports

Every agency has its own need for management information and reporting. The system provides an enterprise level reporting engine, automating and delivering effective reports and statistics on overall system performance, device availability, operational effectiveness and any of the SOPs defined by the City.

IPSecurityCenter delivers a custom dashboard solution fusing disparate security technologies into one common platform. This results in reduced training time and greater operational efficiency for the officers, police department and the City.

Citywide integrated data is presented geo-spatially on the Operation Shield dashboard. This common operating view provides domain awareness and a real-time visual of the City’s crime trends.

As with any enterprise level system, there’s a constant need to increase the system in terms of the number of users, geographic coverage and new functionality. IPSecurityCenter allows an easy migration path to incorporate new technologies such as gunshot detection systems, tracking systems and smart video (like LPR) and analytics – all helping to enable greater intelligence driven policing.

The midtown district

The midtown district

IPSecurityCenter offers integration capability allowing Atlanta to lead the way in intelligent policing. It provides the city with the framework needed to reach both public and private systems, which is required to realize the vision for public-private partnerships in the foreseeable future.

Pretty soon, it will also allow Atlanta to make material improvements in areas of public safety other than crime, such as flood plain monitoring and fire and other emergency services, in turn making Atlanta a Safer City.

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