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Castel’s IP-based intercom solution helps secure London Underground’s maintenance depots

London Underground (LU) has embarked on a major security upgrade at its London maintenance depots and, as part of that process, has procured Castel’s IP intercom solution as part of that process.

Operations at the busy sites include general maintenance and train cleaning while facilities encompass driver rest areas. A large number of employees, suppliers and other visitors pass through LU’s various depots on a daily basis.

Working alongside Honeywell Security, Castel has supplied an IP intercom solution that will help protect the sites from the theft of high-value plant and equipment and the ever-increasing problem of metal and cable theft from the rail network.

The previous intercom system was made up of numerous disparate technologies and obsolete equipment and would have been too expensive to upgrade or repair. As a result, the decision was taken by Transport for London to invest in a totally new IP intercom system, together with a new Honeywell surveillance and access control system.

A dedicated site-wide network was installed for 35 of Castel’s CAP IP PoE (Power over Ethernet) Video Entry Stations which have been used for the gates, vehicle barriers and turnstiles. All calls are networked back to a single central point locally – either a gatehouse or Security Control Room.

However, if a call goes unanswered, the next available operator at another depot will be able to receive and deal with it – another great advantage of using an IP/SIP network solution. This feature helped reassure LU’s management team that no calls would go unanswered, particularly as round-the-clock access to the sites is critical.

Operators using Castel’s Xellip IP Master Stations now have the ability for simultaneous video communication with other colleagues across all sites, thereby enhancing overall security and generally improving working conditions. Castel’s Xellip Server Max has also been used on the project, which allows up to 1,000 SIP extensions and provides plenty of capacity for expanding the system in the future.

The new intercom system will not only prevent unwanted visitors from accessing the sites, some of which cover a very large area and have many entrance and exit points, but will also safeguard staff working there and give them easier access.

Castel’s sales director Stuart Hibberd commented: “This project demonstrates our ability to provide an IP video intercom solution in a very demanding environment where there’s a great deal of traffic and valuable assets.”

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Intergrated Security Manufacturing to exhibit Genesys PSIM technology at ISC West

Intergrated Security Manufacturing (ISM) – a leader in the design, development and manufacture of Physical Security Information Management (PSIM) technology – is to show the latest version of its proven Genesys security management system at ISC West 2015 in Las Vegas, which runs from 15-17 April. The company will be present in Booth 31108.

Genesys v2 is a technology designed by engineers who have a firm understanding of the commercial security market and which delivers “exceptional” levels of functionality, performance and ease of use for system installations both large and small.

Steve Smith, managing director of ISM, explained that the business continues to invest significantly in technology and R&D and is expanding the use and application of Genesys into new markets.

“The US provides a significant growth opportunity for our PSIM technology,” said Smith, “and notably in Homeland Security applications to protect critical infrastructure, embassies and data centres. There’s also a market in new vertical sectors including casinos.”

Intergrated Security Manufacturing (ISM) is set to show the latest version of its proven Genesys security management system at ISC West in Las Vegas

Intergrated Security Manufacturing (ISM) is set to show the latest version of its proven Genesys security management system at ISC West in Las Vegas

Smith continued: “Whatever the size of the installation or the opportunity, Genesys is fully scalable and able to ‘flex’ in line with a client’s needs.”

Genesys allows the integration of multiple systems from multiple manufacturers – all from one holistic integrated security system. Every electronic security or fire safety device from CCTV and intruder alarms to electronic locking and Public Address can be monitored and controlled from a single platform.

Control migration in practice 

Most importantly, Genesys features Migrating 3+ technology, a patented automatic failover technology that adds higher levels of automatic configurable redundancy and power. Control is effectively distributed across multiple workstations:

“We take power to your PC and multiple it by the number of PCs on your network,” stated Smith. “What this means is that if one PC fails, control is migrated to another PC on a seamless basis with no interruption or downtime. Our system is not restricted in its performance by the size or capability of a server, nor does it require the expense of moving to server farms or using clustering software.”

Genesys is a ‘true’ PSIM system built around intuitive software that combine a range of industry leading features and benefits including an enhanced graphical user experience and 3-D modelling as well as a comprehensive event management database.

Events and alarms are presented to the operator clearly as and when they happen.

The PSIM software operates as a standalone platform over LAN or WAN networks for remote and local sites with workstations that can be transferred to any operating Security Control Room on the network. This offers end users flexibility when closing down sites or buildings for off-peak or out of normal working hours (or in the unlikely event of any system failures).

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