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Security Research Initiative launches ‘Understanding Security Excellence’ survey

The latest Security Research Initiative survey has now been launched.

The current Security Research Initiative project is focused on better understanding ‘security excellence’ (whether that be security excellence in corporations or security excellence among security suppliers).

What are the key drivers of security excellence? What makes some corporate security departments and certain security suppliers excellent at what they do, and what are the barriers to achieving excellence for others?

Professor Martin Gill

Professor Martin Gill

Whatever role you play in security and at whatever level, Professor Martin Gill (director of PRCI and the research leader) would really appreciate it if you would take some time to complete the survey. In addition, those who take part will receive a copy of the detailed results free of charge.

This year’s survey is being completed by security professionals across the world.

All those who work in any aspect of security are asked to help complete the online survey, which will only take about ten minutes. Here’s the link: https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/LH2DZ8J

For further information contact: a.randall@perpetuityresearch.com or visit: http://perpetuityresearch.com/security-research-initiative/

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BSIA South East Business Crime Conference: speaker line-up unveiled

The British Security Industry Association (BSIA) has now announced the official speaker line-up for its upcoming South East Business Crime Conference, which will be held at Brighton and Hove Albion Football Club on Wednesday 30 October 2013.

The free-to-attend event has been organised by the BSIA with the support of a number of police forces in the South East, and aims to help businesses understand the latest risks facing their operations as well as the security solutions available to help mitigate them.

Doors will open at 9.00 am, when delegates will have the opportunity to browse a number of security solutions at the comprehensive exhibition.

Attendees will also be able to speak with security providers first-hand and identify potential solutions for their specific security challenges.

Katy Bourne: Police and Crime Commissioner for Sussex

Katy Bourne: Police and Crime Commissioner for Sussex

Katy Bourne, the Police and Crime Commissioner for Sussex, will formally open the event at 10.00 am and will be followed by a number of guest speakers.

Impressive array of speakers and subjects

• Roy Smith (New Scotland Yard) will be delivering a talk entitled ‘Police and the Business Community: Equal Partners in the Fight Against Crime?’ Roy will be delivering a Metropolitan Police Service perspective on the ‘Total War on Crime’, discussing the police response to increasing frontline pressures and whether the business community is an equal partner in the fight against crime.

• Lisa Perretta, of the Brighton and Hove Business Crime Reduction Partnership (BCRP), will be speaking about ‘The Business Community and the Fight Against Crime’. The Brighton and Hove BCRP is a partnership-based approach that uses an intelligence gathering and information sharing system to effectively detect and prevent crime and disorder. Lisa will be discussing the ways in which Brighton and Hove BRCP can innovatively and effectively use communications in order to maintain a safer business community.

• Charlie Newman of Littoralis is set to talk about: ‘Linking Local Business Partnerships into a Regional and National Network’. Charlie will look at how individual business crime reduction partnerships come together to play their part in regional and national strategies for monitoring and managing low-level crime and anti-social behaviour.

Professor Martin Gill: director of PRCI

Professor Martin Gill: director of PRCI

• Perpetuity Research and Consultancy International’s leader Professor Martin Gill will deliver a presentation entitled: ‘A Police Accreditation Scheme to Protect Your Business: Secured Environments’. Professor Gill has carried out extensive research into business crime by speaking with offenders in prison to discover the ways in which they overcame business security measures. As a result, Martin has been working with the police in order to develop a crime prevention accreditation scheme, and will be explaining how the scheme can help businesses improve their security and obtain a police certificate for generating a secured environment.

Following the conference, delegates will be able to engage in a Question & Answer session followed by a networking lunch.

To register for this free event online visit: https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/SEBCC

For more information about the BSIA and its events programme visit: http://www.bsia.co.uk/events

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Bundled services or security as a single service? “Jury still out” states SRI study

The Security Research Initiative’s latest report is based on interviews with suppliers and procurers of security services looks at the benefits and drawbacks of providing security as a ‘single service’ or as part of a ‘bundle’ alongside other facilities management services.

Based on thorough studies undertaken by Perpetuity Research, the report identifies a range of drivers that determine success or failure in outsourcing arrangements. These include the:

• correct identification of the types of outsourcing that’s going to work best
• quality of the procurement process that’s used to help identify the best supplier(s)
• experience of the buyer in providing the type of sourcing chosen
• experience of suppliers (and/or in-house sources) to provide the required service to a high level
• extent to which this can be achieved cost effectively (not least compared to alternatives)

Professor Martin Gill speaking at the 2013 BSIA Annual Luncheon

Professor Martin Gill speaking at the 2013 BSIA Annual Luncheon

What clients say about approaches to security procurement

Clients involved in the research process stated that they outsource their security for reasons that include:

• security companies being experts at security
• the fact that it’s more cost-effective

Clients surveyed also said they prefer to keep security in-house for reasons that include:

• security contractors are not sufficiently competent
• they don’t possess expertise in sub-contracting work

Clients like bundling because:

• they feel it offers cost savings and financial flexibility
• it affords an opportunity to standardise practices and improve management practices

Those clients who were questioned as part of the research also choose not to bundle for reasons that include:

• a feeling that bundling security with other services could lead to security being undermined
• a feeling that bundling security leads to a loss of control when it comes to the security function

What suppliers say about approaches to security procurement

Suppliers who took part in the survey feel that bundling is a good option because:

• it reduces administration for clients (this can result in cost savings)
• it can raise the quality of work of weaker parts of a bundle and allow staff to become more engaged with the wider organisation

Suppliers believe single service security is a good option because:

• it allows the client to choose the ‘Best in Class’ option
• managing single services can be more straightforward than complicated bundles

Professor Martin Gill, director of Perpetuity and the leader of this study, commented: “The jury is still out on whether the popularity of bundling in some places is a sign of new and better ways of working or a cyclical change brought about because, in current times, cost is often a priority over risk. There were strong supporters of some of the benefits of single service and some of bundling, although not always on a strong evidence base. What this study has shown is that many organisations have an incomplete understanding of the benefits and drawbacks of providing security in different ways.”

Background to the research

The research is based on in-depth telephone and face-to-face interviews with 44 clients and 28 suppliers of security services from a range of countries. The interviews were carried out in the first quarter of 2013. This was supplemented by an online survey of 145 clients and suppliers.

The research was undertaken by Perpetuity Research (which started life as a spin-out from the University of Leicester) under the umbrella of the Security Research Initiative (http://www.perpetuityresearch.com/sri.html), which itself conducts a study each year into a chosen aspect of security.

To download a free copy of the full report please go to http://www.perpetuityresearch.com/main.php or e-mail: prci@perpetuityresearch.com for more details.

Alternatively, telephone: 0116-222 5553.

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