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Security sensor manufacturer OPTEX celebrates 40th Anniversary in 2019

Sensor manufacturer OPTEX is celebrating its 40th Anniversary in 2019 and, as a result, the company has taken a look back at the changes in the industry and its impact on them.

Founded on 25 May 1979, the idea and principles of the company were first agreed in a coffee house in Kyoto, Japan between Toru Kobayashi (an electronics engineer) and three of his colleagues. They had a vision for a new business. A business that had sensing technology at its very heart. Precision technology, in fact, that could detect the ‘status’ and ‘changes’ of both people and things.


Soon after its creation, OPTEX recorded a number of significant milestones. In 1980, the business developed the world’s first automatic door sensor using Far-Infrared technology (a technology now adopted as standard). Then, in 1983, OPTEX developed one of the first wireless outdoor security sensors. This was a significant innovation at the time.

On the security side of the business specifically, OPTEX’s sensing algorithm know-how, built up through many years of field-based technological development, is arguably the company’s most valuable asset and absolutely central to the evolution of its Far-Infrared, Near-Infrared and laser sensor technologies.


Toru Kobayashi

In 2000, OPTEX developed laser technology designed for security applications and brought the innovative LiDARs REDSCAN RLS-3060 to market. IP-ready and featuring very precise detection using X&Y co-ordinates, the sensor opened up new possibilities for many different security applications.

Alongside this, OPTEX developed its PIR range starting with the curtain FTN Series, the Super Multidimensional Analysis (SMDA) logic – sensing analytics to make the sensor very stable.

Toru Kamimura, CEO of OPTEX in Japan, stated: “The company is proud of what it has achieved to date.” The OPTEX Group now plays host to 1,963 employees across 35 companies. delivering products and services the world over. Annual turnover is approximately $366 million.


Toru Kamimura

“OPTEX never stands still,” continued Kamimura. “We’re taking our knowledge and ‘know-how’ to new levels, using machine learning and Artificial Intelligence software to enhance detection algorithms and introduce greater automation, while at the same time creating the sensor detection technology for the next generation of security professionals. Together with our technology partners, we’re developing more customised solutions to solve specific security or safety-related issues.”

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New website launched by Bull Products for Cygnus wireless fire alarm system

Bull Products has just launched a brand new website at www.cygnusalarms.com devoted to its innovative Cygnus wireless fire alarm system.

Developed in conjunction with major construction companies, the Cygnus system is designed specifically for use on construction sites where the environment demands far higher radio performance than standard systems. The Cygnus system is able to link no less than 480 alarm devices in 15 zones.

The new website has been created to help construction companies specify the exact Cygnus system they would like for a particular project. As well as giving an explanation of the system and its capabilities, there’s a full listing of all the control panels and individual alarm units available.

There are also helpful videos to explain the system and its maintenance, and a gallery showing recent installations for end user customers including BSkyB, Crossrail and Scotland Yard together with a number of customer testimonials on projects as well as full Case Studies.


Included on the site is a full technical section and servicing advice plus details of the standards relating to the use of fire alarm systems on different types of construction sites and conformity to regulations.

The Cygnus wireless fire alarm system is backed by an eight-strong customer support team who are there to help customers with their specific requirements, installation and servicing needs.

Five control panels, 31 alarm units

In the Cygnus family there are a choice of five control panels and 31 alarm units and accessories, all illustrated with their details on the website. A CYG6 control panel has recently been introduced to cater for smaller construction sites, handling 32 alarm devices in a single zone. There’s also a control panel available with a GSM modem allowing reporting via SMS text messaging.

Another innovation is a PIR option available on all alarm modules to detect intruders and alert off-site personnel for added safety protection.

The Cygnus fire alarm system has an impressive capability of linking up to 480 units across a construction site. Individual units may be either a fire alarm Call Point, First Aid alert point, smoke detector, heat detector or a combined Call Point/First Aid alert alarm. Further capabilities include out-of-hours notifications via an auto-dialling panel to key-holders.

Cygnus has been specifically designed for use in dense concrete and steel structured buildings, and areas where there are many other radio frequencies in use. Particular attention has been given to achieving an extremely long range connection. Operational distances in excess of 1.5 km have been recorded in an open air environment.

Cygnus covers impressive distances due to a meshing system which allows devices to communicate through one another and not directly to the panel.

Bull Products offers a full one-year guarantee on all Cygnus devices and provides high levels of technical, on-site and after-sales service support in addition to its standard maintenance contracts.

*Further information on the Cygnus wireless alarm system is available from Bull Products on (telephone) 01432 371170 or send an e-mail to: info@bullproducts.co.uk

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