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Heras announces drive towards simplified perimeter protection product range

A move towards a simplified range of permanent perimeter protection and entrance control solutions will be the platform from which Heras can achieve strong growth in 2022.

The company – which was founded in 1952 and has grown to become one of Europe’s leading end-to-end suppliers of permanent and mobile perimeter protection solutions – has been undertaking a wide-ranging review of its product portfolios to identify its most popular and adaptable lines and meet the changing needs of its customer base.

Heras has always prided itself on having an extensive range of solutions for nearly every eventuality of a site’s requirements and recognises the benefits of having a smaller selection of solutions as part of a plan to further improve its speed and agility to fulfil orders, deliver projects and maintain the highest standards of customer service.

The Group Product Strategy Review was initiated by Heras Group in the Netherlands and included all 25 European territories where the brand operates.

The process has been a challenging one. In the UK alone, the company serves sectors including transport and logistics, critical infrastructure and the utilities, manufacturing and industry, the Government sector, public places and recreation and retail and trade. The review has covered both the demarcation (fencing/railing) and entrance control (gates/barriers/bollards/blockers) product portfolios.

Strong message

Ian Crosby, chief marketing technology officer at Heras, has stated that, in days gone by, offering a comprehensive range of products sent out a very strong message to the market that Heras is a one-stop-shop provider of permanent perimeter protection and entrance control solutions, but the company recognises that too much choice could present its own challenges for customers.

“The Group Product Strategy Review has been a great opportunity for Heras to look at the changing needs of our customers and evaluate the process by which we present them with solutions,” explained Crosby. “Having a more targeted portfolio of products will be at the heart of a drive to improve the speed and efficiency of specifying the requirements of a site – and then the timescale for installation – as part of a fundamental requirement to improve the Heras experience.”

With its UK head office in Doncaster, Heras is also planning to use 2022 to embed two “ground-breaking” innovations that it launched last year.

In 2021, Heras introduced the next generation of perimeter intrusion detection systems (PIDSs) to provide even greater levels of perimeter protection. Solutions were developed for high-security sites (such as infrastructure of national or strategic importance), but are also used for sites such as transport and logistics hubs (and notably so where there’s high-value stockholding).

The two systems, GeoMic and GeoPoint – which both have Pro versions – are designed to complement and greatly increase the overall effectiveness of both existing and specified perimeter protection fencing and gate lines.

PIDS are usually perimeter fence mounted (but they can also be wall or ceiling mounted) and installed on the fence fabric to detect any potential intruders attempting to enter a given site by climbing over, cutting through or even going under the fence.

Cloud-based portal

The other innovation that Heras launched last year, and which is currently rolling out, is Connect: a cloud-based portal that offers real-time insights into the status of an entrance control system, including swing, sliding and bi-fold gates, with remote monitoring of user access and automatic alerts and notifications via smart phone, tablet or PC.

The Connect solution enables end users to open access systems via mobile phone, as well as enabling Heras to provide remote and proactive monitoring of the systems. 

Crosby concluded: “2022 is going to be a very important year for Heras, not least because it marks our 70th Anniversary. The Group Product Strategy Review has been central to driving greater clarity from which we can deliver more effective solutions that support our ability to speed up the whole process of giving customers an exceptional experience.”

*Further information is available online at www.heras.co.uk

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Temporary high security perimeter protection delivered by Hörmann UK

Designed to realisee the very highest security standards, Hörmann UK offers a range of Hostile Vehicle Mitigation (HVM) systems that deliver a flexible and temporary solution for the protection of entrances, outside venues and events.

OktaBlock, the company’s mobile vehicle blocker, has been developed as a direct response to ‘Vehicle-as-a-Weapon’-style terrorist attacks. Designed to replace temporary concrete or similar barriers, OktaBlock provides the highest standards in safety and flexibility, while also being easy to deploy without the costs normally associated with fixed security bollards or blockers.

Tested as a single module, OktaBlock has been proven to stop a 7.5-tonne truck travelling at 50 km/h and is certified according to international crash standards PAS68 and IWA14-1.

Ideal for areas where fastenings into the sub-surface are not possible, OktaBlock can be arranged individually, in rows or offset, thereby offering a completely flexible solution to meet each venue’s specific requirements.

Due to its axisymmetric geometry, OktaBlock has no predefined impact side, which means the angle of the collision is inconsequential, making it equally suitable for a variety of situations from narrow streets and cycle paths through to wider pedestrian areas. OktaBlock has been designed to be unobtrusive, making it suitable for specification throughout public spaces.

Recently, OktaBlock has been awarded the Centre for the Protection of National Infrastructure’s Vehicle Attack Delay Standard ratings in specific configurations using four to eight units. These can protect entryways from as little as 2.5 metres wide or linked together in sequence to prevent vehicle access to a much wider concourse, while in parallel still allowing free pedestrian access without bottlenecks.

OktaMover launch

The recent launch of the OktaMover manual handling device makes it simple to install and remove OktaBlock, while providing ease of access for Emergency Services/rescue vehicles as and when required. With its tamper-proof and non-flammable construction, there’s also no need for physical guarding before, during and after the event.

The Hörmann 500 SF and 1000 SF road blockers have been designed for the protection of temporary or permanent entrances and passages. Installed without the need for foundation works, they’re certified to PAS68/IWA14-1/ASTM standards, with the 1000 SF capable of withstanding the impact of a 7.5-tonne vehicle at speeds of up to 50 km/h.

Offering a high visibility deterrent, the SF road blockers are available in two barrier heights, specifically 500 mm or 1,000 mm, and in widths of up to 5.5 metres. They’ve been developed to enable simple and fast fixing on to existing concrete finished floor surfaces without the need for costly groundwork, with only the provision of a suitable power supply needed.

Optionally fitted with an emergency fast operation function, both the 500 and 1000 SF road blockers are suitable for frequent use and capable of managing 2,000 cycles per day.

Effective physical security

Mark Lester, internal doors manager at Hörmann UK, explained: “Both the OktaBlock and SF range of road blockers provide effective security and are simple to install, making them ideal for situations where a temporary vehicle blocking solution is needed.”

Lester went on to state: “Both product ranges have been designed and developed to ensure that the exacting standards of protection required haven’t been compromised in any way. They can be used to provide flexible access control and security in a wide variety of applications.”

In conclusion, Lester noted: “They can be used to form part of a family of cutting-edge perimeter protection systems, all offering the Hörmann guarantee of reliability and high quality.” 

*For further information on Hörmann UK’s product suite visit www.hormann.co.uk

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Darren Conway joins Lodge Service to become Group strategy director

Darren Conway has joined Lodge Service in the role of Group strategy director with responsibility for business operations in the UK and Europe. Conway has held senior positions in loss prevention, Health and Safety and trading standards operations with Fraser Group, Superdry, TJX, Debenhams and other retailers.

Lodge Service is a third-generation family business and is, in fact, the longest-serving security consultancy in the UK with 100 years’ continuous experience. Services provided include profit protection, integrated technology, physical security and security guarding.

Conway has worked with the National Business Crime Solution, Business Crime Partnerships and Business Improvement District initiatives aimed at aligning the police service and the business community and tackling business crime at the local and national levels. He’ll retain this focus in his new role with Lodge Service in order to help security solution end users work together to combat the risks posed to their businesses.

In conversation with Security Matters, Conway stated: “So many businesses and security suppliers are focused on their own issues and strategy that they may fail to share intelligence, risks or services where there can be major benefits for everyone in them doing so. From experience, this is usually down to a lack of trust. Too often, it seems, crime prevention is merely an exercise in displacing the risk to a neighbouring business or area.”

Conway concluded: “Post-pandemic, we all have the opportunity to work with customers in developing innovative and cost-effective solutions that are based on shared intelligence and resources. By working collaboratively, we can update the industry’s toolbox of security services and actively reduce the risks from crime pretty significantly.”

*For further information visit https://lodgeservice.com/

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Jacksons Fencing’s EuroGuard security system specified for St George’s Church of England Foundation School

St George’s Church of England Foundation School in Broadstairs was founded in 1841. As members of staff work to educate and enrich the lives of 1,800 children aged from four up to 19 years old, they focus on values as relevant today as they were over 150 years ago: forgiveness, compassion and friendship.

The school prides itself on its history and Christian traditions. It aims to deliver an atmosphere where every student, member of staff and individual is appreciated, nurtured and supported regardless of their circumstances.

Recently, the school’s management appointed Jacksons Fencing to help create an environment where students and staff alike are safe while on site, and the buildings and school assets are protected out of hours. The physical space needed to be designed across two adjoining sites in order to achieve that aim.

Bigger, better, safer

The management’s main desire was to install fences around the perimeter of the school. This was felt necessary to ensure that those within the establishment are always safe and secure. Protective fencing was also considered vital in order to prevent any form of disruption to the students’ education.

Jacksons Fencing and St George’s Foundation School’s management agreed that one of the site’s boundaries needed to be expanded, while it was also decided that the pre-existing fencing had to match the newly installed fencing.

St George’s Foundation School’s management wanted fencing and gating which would be welcoming for staff, students and visitors alike. Anything too intimidating wouldn’t be conducive to a friendly or effective learning environment. Importantly, the new perimeter needed to both suit the natural surroundings and replicate the colour of the existing fencing.

372 metres of 1.8 metre-high green EuroGuard Flatform mesh fencing has now been installed around the school’s perimeter, along with 285 metres of the same product in black. Colours were applied within Jacksons’ powder coating facility in Ashford and selected to match the school’s existing fence lines.

Two EuroGuard Flatform heavy double leaf gates have also been installed to ensure secure access between the primary and secondary sites which have a public footpath running between them.

Safe and secure

Decision-makers at the school care passionately about the future of the premises and have a keen interest in sustainability. It was therefore important that all products would stand the test of time. Both the fencing and the gates are coated in a premium Galfan zinc alloy which provides long-lasting protection against rust and corrosion. As is the case with all of Jacksons Fencing’s products, they also come with a 25-year service life guarantee.

As a business, Jacksons Fencing also understands that schools need to protect against multiple threats, such as vandalism, burglary and trespass. EuroGuard Flatform fencing is designed with anti-vandal features and manufactured from high-quality materials to improve durability, thereby protecting the school’s grounds from a range of risks.

Peter Jackson, managing director at Jacksons Fencing, commented: “We’re delighted to have helped St George’s Church of England Foundation School create a secure environment for its staff and students.”

He continued: “In this post-pandemic world, so much is out of our control. Parents will need more assurance than ever before that their children are physically safe when they’re outside their care. We’ve worked closely with the team at the school to ensure the final solution is fit for purpose for the community both now and well into the future. We hope that our products will help ensure the students and staff at St George’s Church of England Foundation School feel welcomed, safe and secure as they use the school and its facilities.”

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Saros traffic barrier adds to Heras’ car park entrance control portfolio

Heras – the end-to-end supplier of permanent and mobile perimeter protection solutions – has launched the Saros electro-mechanical traffic barrier. Suitable for sites (such as commercial car parks and industrial site entrances) with controlled vehicle entry, Saros has been designed and developed by Heras to meet all market-led functionality and safety requirements and offers a highly functional, reliable and affordable barrier option.

Saros can withstand harsh external conditions, making it particularly suitable for areas such as coastal regions or other places that are prone to strong winds. Rigorous product testing, analysis and calculations have confirmed this.

Even with the arm in a raised position, the four-metre model can withstand wind class 3, which is categorised as a violent storm with wind speeds of more than 70 mph. The six-metre version can withstand wind class 2, which is categorised as a storm with wind speeds approaching 60 mph.

Saros is an electro-mechanical barrier with a fast and efficient operation, making it a great addition to the current offering of the B411, B420 and 94x Series electro-hydraulic traffic barriers.

Heras’s product manager Jonathan Broughton informed Security Matters that the Saros traffic control system has demonstrable longevity, operating reliably over long periods, meaning that there’s no limitation on the number of operations it can perform. This makes it an ideal barrier for busy locations.

Compliant with the latest safety standards, the barrier can provide a ‘plug and play’ solution that’s safe, robust and reliable.

Extensive research and testing

“Saros was developed after extensive research, investigation, design, development and testing,” said Broughton. “The product came alive because of the work of Heras’ own Product and Development Department.”

The introduction of Saros further strengthens the company’s product offer across its five core areas of expertise: demarcation products, entrance control products, detection products, integrated systems and service and maintenance.

Heras is constantly innovating in terms of its existing product ranges and also bringing new developments to market in order to provide an holistic portfolio of perimeter protection solutions. Saros marks another step forward for the company and comes hot on the heels of its launch of the next generation of perimeter intrusion detection systems (PIDS).

Heras has built on the first generation of PIDS with significant innovations that have resulted in a new and simplified portfolio with next generation capabilities that provide even greater levels of perimeter protection. They can be used on sites with specific security and perimeter protection requirements, such as at warehouses and distribution centres where there is high-value stockholding.

The new GeoMic and GeoPoint systems – which both have pro versions – are designed to complement and greatly increase the overall effectiveness of both existing and newly specified perimeter protection fencing and gate lines.

*Further information is available online at https://www.heras.co.uk/products/entrance-control/barriers/barrier-saros/

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Leonid Levit appointed chair of ONVIF Steering Committee

ONVIF, the global standardisation initiative for IP-based physical security products, has announced the appointment of Leonid Levit as the new chairman of the ONVIF Steering Committee.

Levit serves as director of systems integration at ONVIF member company Axis Communications and brings to the chair’s role a strong technical background in tandem with more than a decade of product management, marketing and sales experience. He takes over as chair from Per Björkdahl, who’s stepping down after nine years.

“For the past decade, ONVIF has worked to facilitate the nearly universal interoperability of IP physical security devices and clients, enabling end users and systems integrators to have freedom of choice in their selection of video surveillance and access control products,” explained Levit. “I look forward to being part of the next evolution of ONVIF as it continues to support an evolving industry and the deepening relationships between analytics, the Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence and other technologies.”

Focus on analytics

Prior to his role as director of systems integration, Levit (pictured, above) was global product manager for analytics solutions at Axis. He has also held roles at Sony Mobile Communications and Ericsson Mobile Platforms.

Founded in 2008, ONVIF actively drives interoperability for IP-based physical security products. The organisation has a global member base of established camera, video management system and access control companies, in addition to more than 19,000 Profile-conformant products.

ONVIF offers Profile S for streaming video, Profile G for recording and storage, Profile C for physical access control, Profile Q for improved out-of-the-box functionality, Profile A for broader access control configuration and Profile T for advanced streaming. The organisation continues to work with its members to expand the number of IP interoperable solutions ONVIF-conformant products can provide.

*Further information about ONVIF conformant products, including details of member companies and their conformant models, is available on the ONVIF website at: www.onvif.org

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Abloy UK issues 2021 dates for free online training sessions

Abloy UK has released its Academy calendar outlining the company’s free online training courses to be delivered in 2021. The webinars are going to be presented by specialists and aim to keep practising professionals operating in the sector up-to-date with the Building Regulations and compliance standards, as well as current security and technology trends.

A suite of four courses will be held across the year on specific themes: Escape Door Systems, Electric Locking for Fire and Escape Doors, Digital Transformation in Physical Security and Digital Access Solutions. The latter is a new subject for 2021.

Pat Jefferies, commercial director at Abloy UK, told Security Matters: “Ongoing COVID restrictions mean that in-person training is very difficult. However, this shouldn’t prevent security professionals from striving for self-improvement and ensuring that they always keep up-to-date with the latest Best Practice across the sector.”

The full list of course dates is as follows:

Escape Door Systems: 1 April, 4 June, 5 August, 6 October and 2 December.

Electric Locking for Fire and Escape Doors: 4 March, 6 May, I July, 2 September and 4 November.

Digital Transformation in Physical Security: 11 March, 13 May, 8 July, 9 September and 11 November.

Digital Access Solutions: 22 April, 10 June, 12 August, 14 October and 9 December.

The Electric Locking for Fire and Escape Doors and Digital Transformation in Physical Security online courses are CPD-accredited.

*To register for one or more of the training sessions visit https://bit.ly/3asYtwS

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“87% of Britons feel unsafe at their place of worship” reveals Jacksons Fencing survey

Jacksons Fencing’s latest research has uncovered the experiences and concerns of the UK’s faith communities when it comes to criminality. Six-in-ten people of the 2,000 individuals surveyed believe their place of worship has been a target of crime, while it appears that almost half of all places of worship are targeted on a monthly basis and upwards of one-in-ten are targeted daily.

The company has released various insights into security at religious venues contained in its White Paper entitled ‘Places of Worship: Understanding Security Issues’. The findings highlight the most pressing safety concerns of the UK’s faith communities, centred on from physical and verbal harassment through to theft, burglary and vandalism.

More than half (54%, in fact) of those people surveyed agree that lots of physical security makes them feel nervous, while the majority (76%) feel safer with a certain amount of security measures in place.

Crime perpetrated at religious venues is far too frequent, with three-quarters (74%) of respondents saying their place of worship is a target of crime at least on a yearly basis. Compared to five years ago, the situation hasn’t improved. Most people (81%) report that the amount of crime on-site has either remained the same or increased.

Despite the frequency of incidences, places of worship play an increasingly vital role in society, with 44% of worshipers saying they are more a place of asylum and safety than they used to be.


Greatest concerns

Three-quarters of respondents remain concerned about security threats, the most worrying of these being vandalism (18%), burglary, theft and robbery (17%) and personal physical attacks (17%). Of those concerned about vandalism, these individuals are most worried about broken windows (52%), damage to the building’s exterior (46%) and graffiti (45%).

With only 13% of people saying they feel secure enough at their place of worship, there is clearly much work to be done. However, while three-quarters (76%) feel safer with security measures in place, there’s a fine line to be drawn. As stated, 54% say lots of physical security makes them feel nervous.

Popular security measures taken by religious bodies include more tightly controlled access (38%), moving donation boxes to more secure areas (37%), removing valuables from display (30%) and increasing physical security measures (25%).

Moving forward, people would feel safer with CCTV (42%), alarm systems (31%), gates (27%), better lighting (24%) and the installation of security fencing (23%).

Detect, defend, deter

Peter Jackson, managing director at Jacksons Fencing, commented: “Places of worship need to be both safe and welcoming. Security has to make worshipers feel safe, provide solace and not deter those requiring support. With so many religious buildings of all faiths being regularly targeted by criminals, the security measures implemented should not only detect and defend against attacks, but they should also deter potential criminals or intruders from making an attempt at crime in the first instance.”

Michael Brooke, head of operational services for Police Crime Prevention Initiatives, advised: “A sensible and practical level of security, which will not adversely affect the efficient running of the place of worship, is essential. The majority of burglaries are committed by opportunist thieves who choose premises that have no obvious signs of security and where they think they will not be seen.”

Brooke added: “Having someone in place who meets and greets visitors is a great preventative measure. In particular, having someone there who knows the congregation enables strangers to be identified such that they can be either welcomed or turned away. It’s also useful to remove and lock valuables away during times outside of services.”

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Genetec unveils ‘Innovate Everyday’ webinar series for end users and integrators

Genetec, the developer of unified systems for enhanced security, operations and intelligence, has announced a new series of webinars designed to assist end users and system integrators in navigating these testing times.

The sessions outline ways in which customers from various industries are repurposing their existing physical security systems in order to solve specific pandemic-related issues. In addition, they will cover ways in which Genetec is evolving its own solutions to address critical new requirements.


The details for the upcoming webinars are as follows:

Thursday 16 July

Privacy now and after COVID-19 Amid a public health crisis, the global pandemic is raising questions about privacy. How can technology help?

Tuesday 21 July

Physical security innovations to help during the pandemic In this session, experts will discuss the new reality and how technology is being developed and deployed

Tuesday 4 August

Delivering new innovations Experts from Genetec, Quanergy and HID will discuss collaborative innovations that are supporting end users in the current environment

Tuesday 18 August

Identity as the new perimeter Experts will discuss why identity is now the backbone to infrastructure management and the enforcement of security policies

Wednesday 26 August

Machine Learning: Making sense of data Data scientists will explain the use of machine learning to improve product performance, give users greater insights into their physical security data and enable organisations to more effectively automate their processes

*For more information or to register for any of these webinars visit https://www.genetec.com/innovate-everyday

**Watch the promotional video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=1&v=auYzGXGbxgE&feature=emb_logo

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PAC and GDX name Bill Hobbs as new global head of sales

PAC and GDX has announced the appointment of Bill Hobbs as the new global vice-president of sales for 3xLOGIC and PACOM. Hobbs adds PAC and GDX to his portfolio and will now consolidate sales leadership for these brands across all countries. 

Hobbs’ career spans more than 35 years in the systems integration and physical security industries. Initially a software developer and systems engineer, Hobbs has built multiple systems integration businesses over his career and, for the past 20 years, has headed up technical sales teams across a variety of industry-leading organisations.


Bill Hobbs

“As we continue to evolve our businesses, the key goal remains to provide the best solutions and customer experience across all of our brands,” observed Hobbs in conversation with Security Matters. “I am very pleased to be able to add the strength of the PAC and GDX sales teams to my global sales organisation. This consolidation will expand our capability to provide a fully-layered approach towards securing our customers’ estates and optimising their businesses.”

Jason Sullivan takes up the role of national sales manager for PAC and GDX in the UK and Ireland and will report directly to Hobbs 

Sullivan commented: “Over the next few months we will continue to introduce the 3xLOGIC product line into the UKI and EMEA regions. The addition of the PAC and GDX sales team under Bill’s organisation will further underpin our ongoing efforts to accelerate this product introduction.”

3xLOGIC, PAC, GDX and PACOM are four trusted brands that have a combined longevity of over 100 years in the security industry and can offer solutions ranging from door entry, integrated access control and intruder detection through to video and business intelligence.

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