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Wisenet Retail Insight launched in Europe by Hanwha Techwin

Hanwha Techwin has introduced a business intelligence application which enables retailers to gain a greater understanding of customer behaviour and buying patterns. Wisenet Retail Insight uses people counting, heat mapping and queue management applications running on board selected Wisenet Q and Wisenet X fixed lens and fish-eye cameras to display statistical analytics on a centralised dashboard.

Accessed from anywhere on the network, Retail Insight is a web-based application which consolidates the data captured by the three analytics applications running on up to 500 Wisenet Q or X Series cameras and presents it on a customisable dashboard.

Retailers are able to take advantage of the captured data to measure the impact of advertising, online promotions and other marketing activities on the number of people who enter their stores, as well as making best use of Human Resources in order to manage the peaks and troughs of customer flow at checkouts.


“With revenues and profitability under threat at present due to the Coronavirus pandemic, retailers are understandably looking at ways in which to improve productivity going forward,” said Uri Guterman, head of product and marketing for Hanwha Techwin Europe.

He continued: “In terms of the business intelligence which could be made available to operations, marketing, merchandising and store management, the metadata traditionally extracted from Electronic Point-of-Sale systems is unlikely to be sufficient for retailers to identify opportunities to increase productivity or improve the customer experience.”

Retail Insight generates reports in a variety of formats including PDF, Excel, CSV or HTML. With the help of five customisable tabbed screens, end users are able to view real-time updates on a wide range of activity, including the number of store visitors for any particular time of day or cumulatively over a specified period of time.

Security professionals can also access valuable data on queue congestion times as well as heat mapping information showing the busiest areas of a given store.

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Hanwha Techwin opens new demonstration showroom

Hanwha Techwin recently held an open day at its new European headquarters in Chertsey to officially mark the opening of its Wisenet showroom.

Distributors, installers and systems integrators from across the UK, many of whom were accompanied by end user clients, accepted an invitation to see Hanwha Techwin’s new demonstration and training facilities. This provided them with the opportunity to be among the first to have a close-up look at the new Wisenet X ‘extreme performance’ camera series, as well as the company’s premium 4K Wisenet P and feature-rich Wisenet Q cameras.

“We have simulated a Control Room environment within our new showroom facilities so that we can demonstrate many of the practical features built into our cameras,” said Chris Parry, country manager for the UK and Ireland at Hanwha Techwin Europe. “With cameras installed throughout our self-contained building and overlooking our car park, we’re able to show in real time the benefits that are achievable from the very latest advances in video surveillance technology.”


Sitting at the ‘Control Room’ consul, Hanwha Techwin guests were able to put a wide range of Wisenet cameras through their paces via spot monitors and a large video wall. This allowed them an opportunity to test the usefulness of analytic solutions like ANPR, people counting and heat mapping as well as privacy masking and advanced Gyro digital image stabilisation.

Commenting on his visit to the new demonstration facility, Paul Miller (director of systems integration specialist RJ Pro-Vue Ltd) said: “I was very impressed and will certainly be taking advantage of the opportunity to bring my existing and potential customers to Chertsey so they can benefit from hands-on demonstrations of the technology built into the Samsung Wisenet cameras and recording devices.”

Nick Kalsi, technology consultant for Edwardian Hotels London, also felt his time was well spent visiting the new showroom. “We are an existing and satisfied user of Wisenet cameras and, together with Mohamed Elsebahy, group CCTV manager for Edwardian Hotels London, I was particularly interested in the detailed demonstration of the new Wisenet X cameras. We will certainly consider deploying these at one of our new hotels.”

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Survey highlights retailers’ continued appetite for competitive advantage through digital surveillance

According to the latest Centre for Retail Research (CRR) survey into the use of CCTV in retail, over a quarter (27%) of UK retailers have cited ‘integration with business intelligence applications’ as the main reason for adoption of network IP for the third year running.

Similarly, across northern Europe, the survey – which was commissioned by Axis Communications – shows that an average of 31% of retailers said that integration with business intelligence applications is their main driver for adopting network IP, peaking at 35% in Denmark.

Of the 278 UK retailers who responded, encompassing no less than 20,350 stores, the data shows that 92.8% currently use CCTV with over 60% of interviewees planning to convert to network IP technology.

‘Quality of Image’ sees the biggest increase in priority with a 40% rise in UK respondents naming it as the most important factor when migrating to network IP.

Other major drivers for the adoption of IP technology include ‘better remote access’ (18%), ‘scalability’ (16%) and ‘reduced total cost of ownership’ (12%), all of them showing an average increase compared to the results of last year’s survey.

According to the latest annual Centre for Retail Research survey into the use of CCTV in retail, over a quarter of UK retailers cite ‘integration with business intelligence applications’ as the main reason for adopting network IP

According to the latest annual Centre for Retail Research survey into the use of CCTV in retail, over a quarter of UK retailers cite ‘integration with business intelligence applications’ as the main reason for adopting network IP

Migration from analogue CCTV to network IP

Commenting on the survey results, Andy Martin (retail business development manager at Axis Communications) said: “The migration from analogue CCTV to network IP continues to be of huge importance to the retail sector and will be the biggest single factor impacting on retail security as digital surveillance and network video become the standard.”

He continued: “The UK High Street is still the origin of the bulk of retail transactions, but unfortunately physical stores also carry the highest overheads so the need to ‘sweat the assets’ is vital. Surveillance systems are no exception to that rule. This is where network IP really has an advantage as it can be used to improve both service and sales, not just security, and deliver a real return on investment.”

Martin added: “With retailers operating on increasingly smaller margins, reducing costs is a key priority for them. While IP-based video surveillance does make a noticeable improvement to the top line, the long-term aim of superior image quality should be the lowering of total cost of ownership as it enhances detection and improves forensic investigation.”

Martin sees retailers’ use of business analytics and intelligence applications continuing to mushroom in line with developments in cloud computing and big data.

“With network cameras’ capability to provide higher resolution video and be connected from everywhere 24 hours a day,” he stated, “retailers are now receiving more and more data from a greater number of sources. Business intelligence applications are needed to help retailers manage this huge amount of information and to assist them in interpreting the data so that it’s useful.”

Given that network video is an open platform solution, it can seamlessly allow integration with emerging technologies and, therefore, transforms the surveillance camera from being a forensic tool aimed at solving problems to a proactive tool that’s designed to optimise business processes and reduce cost.

“This is clearly evident from the survey,” asserted Martin, “as nearly half of the UK retailers polled stated that queue management (49.9%) and people counting (49.2%) are the two most important non-security network IP applications of most interest to them.”

Increased adoption of business-focused analytics

Professor Joshua Bamfield, director at the CRR, commented: “The survey clearly highlights the continued move towards IP-based camera systems across the retail sector. This is a growing trend that’s driven by the need for HD-quality images and the increased adoption and use of business-focused analytics – two areas where IP systems demonstrate a clear advantage over older technologies.”

Bamfield added: “The survey results further suggest that retailers continue to appreciate the added benefits an IP-based system can deliver, which is readily evident in the high convergence rate each year.”

Andy Martin concluded: “Customer theft is still the biggest security challenge facing retailers at the moment, as nearly a quarter (24.2%) of respondents said that their main reason for using CCTV is to prevent or investigate theft. 80% of respondents cited the prevention of internal or external theft and better safety as the main driver for the use of CCTV, seeing an average fall in loss of 15%. As a whole, the UK has embraced the benefits that CCTV can bring. This is particularly true of the retail sector. Certainly for the UK, I believe that the migration to network IP has become the norm. It’s no longer a question of ‘If’ but ‘When’ the technology will be adopted.”

*The ‘CCTV in Retail’ survey involved 2,200 retailers operating across a wide variety of sectors and attracted 673 responses from specialists resident in the UK, Ireland, Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden

**Research was carried out by the CRR between July-August 2014 and follows similar Axis Communications-commissioned surveys conducted in 2013, 2012 and 2010



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Samsung Techwin Europe on the right track with Network Rail PADS approval

Industry professionals from across the UK recently attended a Samsung Techwin seminar held at Pickering Station (part of the North Yorkshire Moors Railway) to learn about the latest open platform video surveillance technology now available to the rail sector. Brian Sims reports.

All delegates attending on the day are involved in the railway sector’s supply chain and were thus the perfect audience for the formal announcement that Samsung Techwin Europe’s cameras, domes, recorders and Ethernet switches forming its complete IP network video surveillance range have been approved for use within Network Rail’s infrastructure.

The PADS Certificate of Acceptance follows a process during which the Samsung Techwin Europe video surveillance products were evaluated and comprehensively tested to ensure that they’re wholly reliable, fit for purpose and duly comply with Network Rail’s demanding standards in respect of safety issues.

Simon Shawley (director for Northern Europe at the Security Solutions division of Samsung Techwin Europe) proudly told members of the audience that obtaining PADS approval represents a significant landmark for the business.

Simon Shawley informed delegates that obtaining PADS approval represents a significant landmark for Samsung Techwin Europe

Simon Shawley informed delegates that obtaining PADS approval represents a significant landmark for Samsung Techwin Europe

Shawley explained: “PADS approval means that consultants, system designers and specifiers can include our products in their proposals and be confident that they’ll be acceptable to Network Rail’s project managers. The rail sector offers significant new business opportunities for installers and systems integrators, and we’re therefore very pleased that we can now offer high performance video surveillance solutions which, as well as being robust and reliable, will meet the safety requirements of security projects within the Network Rail infrastructure.”

Shawley’s view was robustly supported by James Smith, sales and marketing director at the Quadrant Security Group. “Many of the projects with which we’re involved have specific compliance demands attached to them so as to ensure the high quality operation of systems in what are often complex and mission-critical environments,” outlined Smith. “However, the nature of these environments can make it hard for our vendor partners to innovate as the barriers may be high. ‘Tried-and-tested’ and the status quo might be see as the easy options with which to continue. It’s therefore great to see the investment that Samsung Techwin has made in obtaining PADS approval for its IP cameras in order to meet Network Rail’s demanding requirements.”

Smith also stated: “This development will undoubtedly lead to innovation on the rail network as the industry looks to benefit from the further deployment of network technology. It also opens up a host of possibilities for enhanced interoperability and efficiencies.”

Among the products approved by Network Rail are Samsung Techwin’s open platform WiseNetIII HD megapixel cameras. These offer end users the option of running multiple applications such as video analytics, facial recognition, people counting and ANPR which can be downloaded to cameras in a similar way that you would add Apps to a smart phone.

Importantly, the PADS Certificate of Acceptance issued by Network Rail also provides approval for a number of Samsung Techwin’s analogue cameras and DVRs.

Opportunity for business networking

The Samsung Techwin seminar was conducted inside the Learning Centre at Pickering Station. This is the flagship station and headquarters of the North Yorkshire Moors Railway which last year celebrated its 40th Anniversary as a fully operational heritage railway.

The railway was formed in 1967 when founder members met with the aim of reopening the Grosmont to Pickering line both as a tourist steam railway and to preserve the rail link to Goathland, the roads to which were prone to being blocked by snow during winter months.

Today, the North Yorkshire Moors Railway carries around a third of a million passengers each year and operates on 270 days of every year, running between eight and 20 trains per day while relying on over 400 volunteers and more than 100 paid staff to maintain the service.

Philip Benham of the North Yorkshire Moors Railway delivering his historical presentation to delegates

Philip Benham of the North Yorkshire Moors Railway delivering his historical presentation to delegates

After a brief presentation on the railway by Philip Benham (general manager of North Yorkshire Moors Railway), who explained the history of the railway and its plans for the future, attendees had the opportunity to network with colleagues before preparing to board the ‘Samsung Techwin Express’ which departed from Pickering Station for a return journey to Grosmont through the picturesque Yorkshire countryside.

Travelling with the aid of the A4 class locomotive Sir Nigel Gresley is a rare opportunity. This is one of only a small number of working models in the world. The train is the sister to the Mallard which, back in 1938, achieved a speed of 126 mph and, in so doing, set a world speed record which still stands today.

Keeping steam locomotives on the rails comes at a hefty price, not to mention the other areas of maintenance and restoration on the railway that relies so heavily on public donations. With this is mind, attendees were invited to provide a donation as a ‘Thank You’ to the North Yorkshire Moors Railway for helping organise such a brilliant day. Over £700 was raised.

Demanding surveillance conditions on rail networks

Pickering Station proved to be the perfect venue for the seminar and for Samsung Techwin to be able to demonstrate how the latest generation of HD cameras can cope with the demanding conditions often experienced at railway stations and on board trains.

Samsung Techwin’s WiseNetIII cameras and domes had previously been installed on the platforms of Pickering Station as part of an overall programme of improving security for North Yorkshire Moors Railway’s facilities following a major theft last year which saw the loss of valuable steam engine parts.

The Sir Nigel Gresley locomotive on which guests at the seminar were able to travel

The Sir Nigel Gresley locomotive on which guests at the seminar were able to travel

“The burglary was a major blow to us,” said Philip Benham. “It delayed bringing back into service one of our highly-prized locomotives as the stolen parts were difficult and expensive to replace. We immediately took advice on how we could improve our security and, in particular, how best to use CCTV to deter and detect crime, as well as ensure that all our customers are safe and secure while visiting our stations and travelling on board our trains.”

Benham and his colleagues considered proposals from a number of manufacturers but, following an onsite demonstration, decided to single-source all of the required security cameras and video recording equipment from Samsung Techwin.

“We were massively impressed by the quality of the images that the Samsung Techwin cameras were able to capture,” asserted Benham. “Having an onsite demonstration meant we could see exactly what we should expect if we permanently installed the cameras. Our station is not that large and so the good news from a cost perspective was that we only needed a total of six cameras to cover all areas. This was helped by the fact that one of the cameras recommended by Samsung Techwin’s pre-sales support team was the company’s SNF-7010 360 degree HD model. This is able to cover a whole area where a much larger number of standard cameras might normally be required to avoid any blind spots.”

Deterring and detecting anti-social and criminal activity

“Apart from the fact that they work within the rail sector, many of our guests are train enthusiasts and so we’re delighted that they were able to enjoy their time on the Samsung Techwin Express,” said Diane Cooper, head of business development management at Samsung Techwin Europe for the UK, Ireland, Benelux countries and the Nordics.

“The feedback from the guests was very positive. They very much enjoyed the day and, in this respect, we’re grateful to Philip Benham and his colleagues for their efforts towards helping us make our event so successful. Of course, we’re also very pleased that our cameras and video recording equipment installed at Pickering Station are helping the railway achieve its objective of deterring and detecting anti-social and criminal activity.”

Samsung Techwin's WiseNetIII cameras and domes had previously been installed on the platforms of Pickering Station as part of an overall programme of improving security at North Yorkshire Moors Railway’s facilities following a major theft last year which saw the loss of valuable steam engine parts

Samsung Techwin’s WiseNetIII cameras and domes had previously been installed on the platforms of Pickering Station as part of an overall programme of improving security at North Yorkshire Moors Railway’s facilities following a major theft last year which saw the loss of valuable steam engine parts

Commenting on the event’s success, Paul Wood (fleet manager for First Hull Trains) said: “Samsung Techwin Europe should be congratulated on organising a first class event which was both educational and enjoyable. Achieving PADS approval for its cameras is a big step forward for the company. Together with the fact that I was able to see at first hand the excellent quality images that the cameras can produce, this experience has given me the incentive to want to evaluate potential deployment by First Hull Trains.”

Wood’s satisfaction at a day well spent was echoed by Ruth Venn, business development manager for the rail division of Optilan UK, who enthused: “Samsung Techwin Europe hosted an excellent day which not only introduced to the market its PADS-approved cameras, but also provided great networking opportunities and allowed Optilan to promote its position as a Samsung Smart Partner.”

*Samsung Techwin is now offering all rail industry professionals the opportunity to view a demonstration of PADS-approved video surveillance solutions at its European Headquarters in Weybridge. Register your interest in a demonstration

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