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BSI announces Dame Helena Morrisey as Keynote Speaker for Organisational Resilience Annual Conference

On Wednesday 27 November, the high-profile campaigner and author Dame Helena Morrisey will be the Keynote Speaker at the BSI’s Organisational Resilience Annual Conference 2019.

Attendees will see Morrisey, who was listed by Fortune magazine as one of the world’s 50 greatest leaders, discuss the challenges companies face in balancing process with today’s need for agility.


Morrissey will also draw on her own extensive experience and provide useful perspectives on how diverse thinking can help future-proof today’s organisations.

The Organisational Resilience Annual Conference 2019 is focused on helping organisations to balance risk with agility in order to safeguard their future, and will be held at the Institute of Directors in central London.

*To view the conference agenda visit https://www.bsigroup.com/en-GB/our-services/Organizational-Resilience/resilience-series/annual-conference-2019/

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BCI publishes Manifesto for Organisational Resilience as part of Business Continuity Awareness Week 2018

Working together is the key for successfully delivering organisational resilience. This is the core concept of the Manifesto for Organisational Resilience issued by the Business Continuity Institute (BCI) in tandem with Business Continuity Awareness Week 2018.

In the new 15-page document, the BCI explains what it will do in order to deliver its vision of a resilient world. To this end, the Manifesto lists four main points:

*Research: The BCI will champion academic research and new thinking for the benefit of the practitioner community

*Global Alliances: The BCI will create a series of global and local Resilience Alliances with other like-minded professional bodies

*Best Practice Groups: The BCI will aim to utilise the ‘collective brain power’ of some of the most experienced practitioners to create practice groups in the UK, Europe, India, North America and Australasia

*Online Resilience Tool: The BCI will develop a free online tool designed to increase awareness among organisations of all sizes and across all sectors


In this Manifesto, the BCI provides a detailed explanation of the concept of organisational resilience (ie ‘the ability of an organisation to absorb and adapt in a changing environment’) and how disciplines should collaborate in order to achieve it.

David Thorp, executive director of the BCI, stated: “Our view at the BCI is that no organisations can claim ownership of the resilience ground. What we propose is to work with other professional bodies and membership organisations in the resilience spectrum to provide a range of benefits for the mutual gain of all of our members. Collaboration is the key to a resilient future for organisations, This Manifesto is the first step towards making that future happen.”

The BCI’s Business Continuity Awareness Week 2018 was sponsored by Strategic BCP and SAI Global.

Founded back in 1994 with the aim of promoting a more resilient world, the BCI has established itself as the world’s leading Institute for business continuity and resilience. The BCI has become the membership and certifying organisation of choice for business continuity and resilience professionals globally with over 8,000 members in more than 100 countries working in an estimated 3,000 organisations in the private, public and third sectors.

The vast experience of the Institute’s broad membership and partner network is built into the organisation’s education, Continuing Professional Development and networking activities. Every year, more than 1,500 people choose BCI training, with options ranging from short awareness raising tools through to a full academic qualification available online and in a classroom.

The Institute stands for excellence in the resilience profession and its globally recognised certified grades provide assurance of technical and professional competency.

The BCI offers a wide range of resources for professionals seeking to raise their organisation’s level of resilience, while its extensive thought leadership and research programme helps drive the industry forward. With approximately 120 Partners worldwide, the BCI Partnership offers organisations the opportunity to work with the BCI in promoting Best Practice in business continuity and resilience.

The BCI welcomes everyone with an interest in building resilient organisations, be they newcomers, experienced professionals or organisations. Further information about the BCI is available online at www.thebci.org

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Buckinghamshire New University security graduate named Student of the Year at CIR Business Continuity Awards

A Buckinghamshire New University graduate in security and business continuity has been named Student of the Year at the CIR Business Continuity Awards.

Roger Payne studied for an MSc in Business Continuity, Security and Emergency Management, and was duly recognised at the London Marriott Hotel ceremony – where the awards were hosted – for the high quality of his dissertation.

The dissertation was an investigation into the human factors such as ‘Groupthink’, Abilene Paradox, stress, gut feel, cognitive strain and other symptoms that impact how effectively incident management teams respond during crisis periods.


Roger Payne

Motivating factor

A senior business continuity manager at RBC Capital Markets, Payne told Risk UK: “I was really surprised and overjoyed to be recognised by my peers in the industry. More important for me, however, was the fact that I decided to finally study for my MSc shortly after my father passed away. His passing acted as both a motivation and a catalyst in my life, and my MSc degree is one of the important markers of my progress.”

Speaking about his qualification at Buckinghamshire New University, Payne added: “I believe my understanding of my chosen field of expertise has grown exponentially. Despite being in the arena of business continuity management since 2004, I believe there are always ways in which to improve one’s knowledge. The MSc degree course has enabled me to begin to align previously ‘siloed’ departments and have a more risk-based approach towards organisational resilience in all of its guises.”

On his dissertation, Payne explained: “The study clearly shows that these issues are not exclusive to incident management teams, but are issues confronted by almost all teams across almost all organisations when faced with stressful situations that don’t fit into the normal understanding of business as usual.”

Fantastic achievement

Head of School and course leader Phil Wood stated: “This is a fantastic achievement by a committed and extremely capable student. Roger is a prime example of the type of people who thrive on our Organisational Resilience and postgraduate programmes. Before joining us, he was already highly proficient in his industry and his success on the MSc is both vindication of that proficiency and of the value of education in helping students towards further career goals and success.”

Wood concluded: “Roger is the latest in a series of academic award winners for dissertations in our Master’s degree. The whole team here at Buckinghamshire New University is proud of Roger and of this recognition by a demanding industry sector.”

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