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Norbain launches Product Catalogue for 2015-2016 featuring raft of new suppliers

Norbain – the distributor of IP, CCTV, access control and intruder detection solutions – has announced that its new Product Catalogue is now available. As always, the document includes products from the leading brands in the industry, as well solutions from more specialist companies.

Following on from the success of the 2014 catalogue, the 2015-2016 edition incorporates the use of detailed product comparison tables which allow the user to simply and quickly compare products in the same category.

As part of Norbain’s dedication to continually providing customers with “the best solutions” on the market, this year’s catalogue contains a number of new suppliers, among them 2N, Agent Vi, Bentley Security Projects, Digital Barriers, Entertech (Suprema), Razberi and a new server range called IP Safe.

Norbain's Product Catalogue for 2015-2016

Norbain’s Product Catalogue for 2015-2016

These new suppliers are joined by industry-renowned brands such as Axis Communications, Samsung, Paxton, Pelco, Bosch Security Systems, Milestone Systems and Vanderbilt. As always, this ensures that customers continue to benefit from the widest range of products.

“We’re very excited to release such a comprehensive overview of solutions,” commented Charlie Lacey, sales and marketing director for Norbain. “Of course, Norbain customers benefit from more than just the widest range of products in the industry. We’re also proud to be able to offer a stockholding worth over £10 million supported by industry-leading distribution. Add to this the exceptional backing and knowledge offered by our internal and field-based support, training courses, pre-configuration services and the use of our fully-stocked demonstration facilities and it’s clear to see the advantages of dealing with Norbain.”

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Norbain offers customers new PAC 212 two-door standalone controller

Norbain can now offer customers the new PAC 212 two-door standalone controller. Suitable for commercial applications, the PAC 212 is built around the PAC 500 controller series and offers end users many of the standard features associated with this range.

Designed to offer a versatile solution and cater for different applications, the PAC 212 allows for up to 2,000 users to be administered via the built-in reader in both versions of the controller: the legacy Low Frequency (LF) and high security High Frequency (HF) format.

It’s a true two-door controller which allows for two PAC readers to be connected per channel. The controller has also been designed to programme ID credentials, rendering it ideal for commercial applications.

Due to the simplicity of the system, programming of additional ID credentials can be carried out in less than ten seconds following just three simple steps with an instant activation of the new IDs.

Ideal for upgrading legacy systems that require enhanced access features, the PAC 212 Controller is suitable for any security application where flexibility, building protection and local control are of paramount importance.

When used in conjunction with any PAC HF or MT readers and PAC’s Ops credentials, the PAC 212 provides AES-128 bit certified security which dramatically reduces the risk of token cloning, in turn increasing security and minimising the threat of unauthorised access.

The controller offers a wide choice of configuration options such as time profiles, PIN and Prox, controller and reader tamper protection and additional features (often found only in online controllers) like programmable extra door time and local Anti- Passback.

Moreover, for increased security and accountability, the controller is capable of holding up to 4,000 events and token information in its memory. With the built-in USB port, exporting this information is “easy and effortless”.

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New face of Vista revealed at IFSEC International 2015

Vista used IFSEC International 2015 as the platform for announcing its exciting new look and direction. This change is visually represented by a fresh new logo which reflects the “clean, modern and progressive” ethos of the brand.

Driving this change was the desire to offer customers a CCTV solution that truly understands their needs and the needs of the market. Obviously, a large part of this rests with the products themselves.

Vista “doesn’t just make the products that everyone else is making”, with the operation “continually innovating, testing new technologies, listening to the market” and “forging new paths”. The result is a family of products that doesn’t always follow the pack, but always offers end users reliability, simplicity and “superb” results.

Vista’s VMS qulu is the epitome of this approach. Now at Version 2.3, qulu has provided the VMS market with a refreshing new approach to video interrogation and has a proven track record within a variety of different industries.

The all-new Vista branding

The all-new Vista branding

It’s not just about the products, though. Vista’s support environment brings together all the expertise and knowledge of a brand that’s been going strong for over 25 years. Vista can provide support every step of the way, from site visits to product demonstrations and on to specification. The business can even remove any risk in end users’ minds by providing demonstrations of products on site.

As well as working closely with integrators, end users and specifiers, Vista has strong partnerships with the other leading brands in the security business sector. Why? It allows Vista to offer customers a greater variety of solutions to best suit their needs.

The recent OEM partnership with global leaders HP for a range of rock solid servers is a great example of how these partnerships are developing. Vista is now also an Axis development partner, ensuring that its software benefits from full integration with Axis technology.

Gary Rowden, divisional director in charge of product management and business development for Norbain, explained: “This is a very exciting time for Vista. After a huge amount of research and development we’re now ready to implement the changes that will offer customers a reliable, innovative and solutions-based CCTV brand. Far more than just products, Vista can offer long-lasting, meaningful and beneficial relationships that help create opportunities and drive business.”

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Norbain showcases new Pelco Optera camera series at IFSEC International 2015

Norbain has announced that Pelco will be showcasing its new Optera Series ‘panomersive’ cameras at IFSEC International 2015. These high resolution cameras with panoramic viewing and SureVision 2.0 Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) “bring a new dimension” to CCTV, and can be seen at London’s ExCeL on the Pelco Stand (D800).

The Optera Series cameras seamlessly blend high quality images from four 3 Megapixel cameras mounted within the same housing. An ultra-HD panomersive video stream of an entire scene is produced while the cameras simultaneously render detailed, immersive video streams of multiple areas of interest within the scene.

Each video stream is processed separately by Pelco’s VideoXpert video management software (VMS) and other compatible, integrated VMS solutions.

The Optera Series cameras have been developed by Pelco

The Optera Series cameras have been developed by Pelco

The panomersive video stream is up to 12 Megapixels at 12.5 frames per second in full resolution. SureVision 2.0 WDR, anti-bloom technology, 3D noise filtering and advanced tone mapping all help to deliver exceptional image quality in low light, high-contrast scenes, day and night. Privacy settings and zones are also built-in.

The Optera Series cameras integrate with Pelco VideoXpert VMS and Pelco Digital Sentry systems. Integration with major third party VMS solutions is enabled using the Pelco API, Panomersive SDK and ONVIF standard as well as client-side de-warping.

Pelco video analytics is applied across the Optera Series’ wide field of view and includes abandoned object, adaptive motion detection, camera sabotage, directional motion, loitering detection, object counting, removed object and stopped vehicle.

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Dedicated Micros and Norbain reach exclusive agreement on distribution for the Digital Sprite 2 DVR

Norbain has struck a deal with Dedicated Micros to be the exclusive distributor of the last version of the industry renowned digital video recorder the DS2. With an international presence in more than 75 countries, Norbain will now manage distribution in the UK and throughout Europe.

Norbain has secured all remaining stocks of the units which are expected to supply the market for the next two years.

The agreement, which will come into effect in June, will see Norbain manage distribution for refurbished units of the DS2. The DVRs will have enhanced capabilities, come with 16 channels and 2 Tb of storage and use re-manufactured stock parts.

198,000 units of the Digital Sprite have been sold to date – representing some 3.2 million channels of video – since the initial launch back in 2000.

Headquartered in Reading, Norbain is the UK’s leading provider of IP, CCTV, access control and intruder detection solutions. The company’s £10 million stock holding guarantees 98% availability of catalogue stock.

Since 1982, Dedicated Micros has been a leading innovator and manufacturer of analogue and IP CCTV products that meet the demands of continuous 24-hour security surveillance. The company, which is part of the AD Group, services many applications used in AD Group solutions.

Speaking about the new arrangement, Charlie Lacey (sales and marketing director for Norbain) commented: “We’re delighted to have reached this agreement with Dedicated Micros. The DS2 is an extremely respected and trusted model used across a wide variety of applications. We’re continually striving to ensure we provide our customers with the best service and product offerings in the industry, and this deal is a prime example of how we can achieve that aim.”

Pauline Norstrom of Dedicated Micros

Pauline Norstrom of Dedicated Micros

Pauline Norstrom, chief operating officer of Dedicated Micros, added: “We believe that this last batch of enhanced DS2 will prove as popular as earlier versions and demand will be high. While we recognise the impact and appreciation the DS2 received from the security market, we’re now focused on the future. AD Group products and solutions have progressed to more powerful solutions using HD. With NetVu Connected, DS2 and HD-based solutions can now be managed seamlessly by the same user interface.”

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Norbain enhances security portfolio with all-new IP intercom range from CIE Group

Norbain has now introduced the 2N range of IP-based intercom systems developed by the CIE Group. The 2N Helios IP intercom range is well suited to a variety of applications ranging from offices through to public and commercial buildings.

The range is ideal for those instances where there’s a necessity to be able to integrate access control and CCTV systems. That’s because the 2N solution is capable of using open protocol SIP IP technology which allows integration with phone, mobile and telephony technology.

Anne Wesley, Norbain’s product marketing manager for access control, commented: “The 2N Helios range represents an ideal fit for our access control portfolio and allows us to offer customers a true IP door entry solution. The products have a great reputation and fully support our dedication to providing the most comprehensive IP offering in the marketplace.”

CIE Group’s sales director Steve Collin added: “The CIE Group is delighted to be working in partnership with Norbain to deliver the 2N range of IP-based intercom systems for the UK market. We have an award-winning team at CIE who will provide both pre- and post-sales support to Norbain and their customers to specify and implement the best IP-based intercom and door entry products for each specific project.”

Collin continued: “Our technical sales team will also be working with Norbain to design sophisticated architectural IP solutions using 2N’s feature-packed portfolio that boasts some of the industry’s leading integration technologies. This new partnership between the CIE Group, Norbain and 2N will ensure that both innovation and value are engineered into client projects and system solutions.”

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Axis Communications introduces Zipstream compression technology for end users

Axis Comunications has launched its Zipstream compression technology, developed specifically for video surveillance applications. This new technology reduces bandwidth and storage requirements by an average of 50% or more without the need for end users having to invest in new cameras or software. In addition, Zipstream is fully compatible with the widely adopted H.264 compression standard.

In use, Zipstream analyses and optimises the network camera’s video stream in real-time. Scenes containing interesting details are recorded in full image quality and resolution, while other areas are filtered out for optimal use of available bandwidth and storage. This allows important forensic details like faces, tattoos or license plates to be isolated and preserved.

Irrelevant areas such as white walls, lawns and vegetation are sacrificed by ‘smoothing’ in order to achieve the better storage savings.

The new Zipstream security solution from Axis Communications

The new Zipstream security solution from Axis Communications

End user customers can deploy Axis’ Zipstream technology alongside other Axis Communications network camera technologies such as Lightfinder  and Wide Dynamic Range – Forensic Capture. Zipstream will also work with third party video management software installations already in place.

Axis Communications is making its Zipstream technology available on the existing network camera models Axis Q1615 and Axis Q1635 and also in the Axis Q35 Series via firmware updates.

New fixed network cameras and fixed dome network cameras due for release this year will also include the new Zipstream technology.

*Zipstream is now available through distributor Norbain

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Andrew Pigram joins AMG Systems as sales and marketing director

Andrew Pigram has joined AMG Systems – the British manufacturer of CCTV transmission solutions and sophisticated 5 Megapixel cameras – in the role of sales and marketing director. In addition, and as part of the company’s drive into new industry sectors, Sara Bullock now takes up the newly-created position of business development director.

Speaking about this major news, AMG Systems’ founder and managing director Alan Hayes commented: “AMG’s technology is extremely innovative. We have unique expert know-how within the company and a strong track record across both the security and transport sectors. Our focus on R&D means that we’re now set on a path that will allow us to address new industry sectors and markets. As a result, we expect significant growth over the next few years and this also means that we have a focused drive on new business development. On that basis, Sara Bullock will take up the new role of business development director.”

Speaking about Pigram joining the company, Hayes continued: “I’m delighted that Andrew Pigram has accepted the position of sales and marketing director. Ethernet and IP are becoming the technology of choice in terms of systems. AMG has been leading this trend, in turn becoming a UK Centre of Excellence in this area. We’re designing and manufacturing high functionality managed switches specifically for the security industry. AMG can make sure these solutions are totally fit for purpose and include all the added features necessary for this market. Andrew’s depth of knowledge will drive forward this sophisticated UK-based expertise such that it reaches growing global markets.”

Andrew Pigram: sales and marketing director at AMG Systems

Andrew Pigram: sales and marketing director at AMG Systems

Shaping the future

On his new appointment, Andrew Pigram said: “I’ve known and worked with AMG Systems’ solutions for many years. With the new initiatives the company is currently in the process of setting on track, the challenge of helping to shape the future of the business is irresistible.”

In addition, Pigram explained: “Over the next few years, AMG will move into new sectors and, with a new development programme currently under implementation, I expect that the organisation will see significant growth. I’m absolutely delighted to be given the opportunity to help shape the future of AMG.”

Pigram joins AMG after having worked for a decade at Norbain, one of the largest security and surveillance solutions distributors in the UK. He boasts more than 20 years’ experience in leading marketing and business development teams having worked across international B2B companies. Pigram also brings in-depth knowledge and understanding of the retail, industrial and commercial markets within the EMEA region.

Commercially driven with a flair for identifying business opportunities and developing the required strategies and roadmaps necessary to drive through implementation plans, Pigram holds a BEng (Hons) in Computer and Control Systems Engineering.

Sara Bullock: new role as business development director

Sara Bullock: new role as business development director

Array of transmission solutions for end users

Aside from being a leading global provider of video and communication transmission solutions designed for CCTV surveillance operations in the transport, public, Government and military sectors, AMG also manufactures a range of IP cameras under the AMG-Panogenics brand.

AMG’s solutions span the full range of transmission technologies including multi-mode and single-mode video, data and audio fibre optic transmission systems, single and multi-channel unshielded twisted pair (UTP) links for video, data and audio, multi-port Ethernet switches for the transmission of IP-based solutions over fibre and both analogue and digital wireless products for the transmission of video and data.

As a result, AMG transmission solutions have been successfully implemented in many high profile projects throughout the world. Those projects include supplying the transmission system for the UK’s NRTS project and the security and surveillance of the Museum of Islamic Art in Doha, Qatar.

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Norbain’s 2015 product catalogue offers “bright ideas in security”

Norbain’s new product catalogue is available and showcases the huge number of solutions the company can offer customers from a range of suppliers concentrating on IP and analogue CCTV, access control and intruder systems.

In response to industry feedback, the Norbain catalogue has been completely redesigned, allowing information to be found more easily than ever before. New style product comparison tables allow customers to quickly compare solutions with the minimum of effort, in turn allowing for informed decisions to be made.

As always, Norbain strives to ensure customers have the widest choice available from the world of electronic security. New suppliers to this edition of the catalogue include brands such as Flir, Cathexis, Wavestore, VOLO, Hoyles, Remsdaq, CQR, Aten, Exacq, IQinVision, NUUO and ZyXEL.

Norbain's 2015 catalogue is now available

Norbain’s 2015 catalogue is now available

“We’re delighted to be issuing our new catalogue,” commented Charlie Lacey, sales and marketing director for Norbain. “This edition builds on what we already had and really improves how the information is displayed. The addition of many new products and suppliers significantly broadens our range, which is supported by Norbain’s commitment to offering outstanding service to our customers.”

As comprehensive as the catalogue is, it’s not exhaustive in terms of the complete range of products Norbain can offer. In addition to the catalogue, Norbain has one of the most experienced and knowledgeable sales teams in the industry who are ready to advise and support on customers’ requirements.

Norbain also offers CPD-accredited training courses, free technical support, a time-saving pre-configuration service and an extremely efficient repair service.

*Log on at http://www.norbain.com/publications-2/ for details on how to order your copy

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Norbain releases VOLO cloud-based access control system

Norbain has launched VOLO, a new and innovative way of delivering access control solutions. By combining advanced controller technology with GSM connectivity and cloud-hosted software, installation time, infrastructure and hardware costs can be significantly reduced.

With “unparalleled scalability” from one to over 10,000 sites and without any requirement for local servers or infrastructure, the most challenging and diverse of access control systems may be delivered cost-effectively irrespective of location.

“The concept of hosting in the cloud is now very familiar to all of us,” commented Andrew Pigram, business development director at Norbain. “We use it every day for our voicemails, e-mail and online banking, for example. The advantage when it comes to access control is that it makes managing multiple sites and users extremely simple, with changes being made instantaneously. This is a great benefit for many applications.”

Pigram added: “Initial interest in the solution has been extremely positive. We’ve already worked on a number of installations, from construction sites through to those for Town Councils.”

Schematic of the VOLO access control solution

Schematic of the VOLO access control solution

Benefits of the VOLO solution for end users

Reduced hardware investment
As well as no requirement for a PC, the GSM GPRS connectivity means that a site does not even need local or direct connection to the Internet, making VOLO ideal for remote sites

Scalable expansion
Simple, virtually unlimited expansion for sites, users and operators without any investment in new software, networks or servers

Simple system maintenance
System enhancements and upgrades can be made instantly without the need to visit a site. This ensures the latest version of the software is always in operation, even across multi-site end users

Immediate system management
System programming, adding users, card issuance, configuring groups and access rights can all be performed via any supported web browser from anywhere in the world

Simple license structure
Hosted services are provided through an annual charge as opposed to a higher up-front software investment with upgrade or expansion charges later on. Additional licences are needed only as required and when the system grows

For more information visit: http://www.volo-access.com

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