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Mul-T-Lock’s access control solution scores at Headingley Stadium

Mul-T-Lock’s high-security MTL500 patented cylinder system has been installed by MB Locks across hospitality suites and stands at Headingley Stadium as part of Yorkshire County Cricket Club’s investment programme designed to achieve strict Test Match cricket and Super League rugby dual criteria.

Headingley Stadium is a double-faced sports stadium that works seamlessly for both Yorkshire County Cricket Club and the rugby league club Leeds Rhinos. 

The jointly-owned stadium is undergoing a significant £50 million investment programme over a 20-year period, which itself involves architects and designers co-ordinating over security requirements at the location.

From the initial design process, Mul-T-Lock has worked in partnership with EM-B – part of the MB Group – in the role of technical design consultant for door hardware, checking on compliance across the premises with a keen focus on hospitality and stand security in order to bring the project together.

To date, over 250 MTL500 cylinders have been installed on a master key suite, providing high-security protection and flexibility to accommodate the different access control requirements across the stadium complex.

Meeting the standards

Rob Oates, commercial director at Headingley Stadium, explained: “We continue to invest a significant amount of money to ensure that Headingley Stadium meets the strict criteria for both Test Match cricket and Super League rugby. We need to ensure every level of detail is commissioned to be as secure as possible both now and into the future, with no compromise when it comes to aesthetics and finishing styles.”

Oates continued: “Together with Mul-T-Lock, MB Locks demonstrated the advantages of MTL500. I’m particularly impressed with the flexibility of the master key system and its ability to incorporate all of our key access requirements. The MTL500 master key suite is now installed in the stadium’s hospitality areas and stands. Pleasingly, there has been minimal disruption to the dual ground operations.”

Mul-T-Lock’s MTL500 is the first cylinder in the UK to be supported by a key authorisation magnetic strip card. This card must be presented to a registered MTL500 locksmith before any additional keys can be supplied to ensure very tight control when it comes to key duplication.

Unique challenge

Philip Goldberg, managing director of MB Locks, informed Security Matters: “Headingley Stadium presents something of a unique challenge, as both the Leeds Rhinos Rugby League Club and Yorkshire County Cricket Club have very different needs and requirements for the project in terms of security, accessibility and aesthetics. We worked on both sides of the stand including boxes, changing rooms, hospitality areas and concourses.”

Goldberg continued: “The benefit of working with Mul-T-Lock is our long-standing relationship, meaning that the specification could be quickly translated by the technical and sales team to design a master key suite, using MTL500 as a protective opportunity to meet the requirements. This solution can provide the ultimate in security, delivering a high-quality access control system with a huge number of usable combinations.”

Lee Mitchell, Mul-T-Lock’s regional sales manager, stated: “The specification for Headingley Stadium, and notably so for the hospitality areas, was exceptionally high. There had to be very high levels of security and access control for corporate and players’ entrances.”

Mitchell added: “Mul-T-Lock worked with EM-B Locks to deliver a tailor-made solution that could accommodate the different access requirements, all without compromising on aesthetics or security. The solution operates from the high-protection MTL500 master key system to offer strict levels of patent protection throughout the dual stadium premises.”

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