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Lodge Service organises Intelligence Centre Open Days on 26 and 27 April

Lodge Service is inviting security installers and property managers to view its new Lodg:IC Intelligence Centre in Redditch, Worcestershire on Tuesday 26 and Wednesday 27 April.

Visitors can view the Cat 2 Alarm Receiving Centre and enjoy demonstrations of new monitoring and communications technologies as well as have their questions answered on issues of connectivity, compatibility and testing.

The Intelligence Centre offers 24-7 fire and security monitoring, as well as two-way communication for signal verification and reporting. A feature is the technical assistance available for solution end users. This ensures a prompt response to all enquiries.


Services include 24-7 control and centralised management of security, power and other building resources. Almost any web-enabled system or service can be supported, in fact, with real-time monitoring and alerts delivered to smart phones, tablets or other selected devices.

The intelligence network combines the control of on-site security systems as well as security guarding, investigations, staff screening and other personnel services through a single source.

*To book your place on one of the Open Days e-mail: asmith@lodgeservice.com or telephone 01527 587153

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London Stock Exchange Group lists Lodge Service among 1,000 Companies to Inspire Britain 2015

The London Stock Exchange Group (LSEG) has listed security consultancy Lodge Service among the 1,000 Companies to Inspire Britain 2015.

The list is described by the London Stock Exchange as a celebration of some of the fastest-growing and most dynamic small and medium-sized enterprises in the UK.

Founded in 1919, Lodge Service currently boasts a £22 million turnover and nearly 800 staff, with local offices or franchise operations in nine countries. It’s now probably the largest of the few remaining family businesses in the security sector, and the only one to reside in the Top 5% of the Security Industry Authority’s Approved Contractor Scheme listings.

Simon Chapman: managing director at Lodge Service

Simon Chapman: managing director at Lodge Service

“The report recognises the role of Lodge Service and the security industry generally in helping to drive forward business and the UK economy,” stated Simon Chapman, managing director at Lodge Service.

“As a sector, we’re a major provider of skilled jobs and technology innovation and have strengthened our business case by focusing on the return on investment from security.”

The detailed LSEG report comments: “The success of these 1,000 companies, variously identified as ‘gazelles’, ‘The Magic 6%’ or ‘scale-ups’, has a remarkably disproportionate effect on our national economic output. The ‘Scale-Up Report’, published last year by Sherry Coutu, found that boosting this ‘sector’ by just 1% would create as many as 230,000 new jobs and add £38 billion to the UK’s GDP.”

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Trevor Turner appointed director of operations at Lodge Service

Trevor Turner is the new director of operations at Lodge Service. Turner boasts almost 35 years’ experience of working with both security technology and guarding services across the retail and distribution sectors as well as the financial services market.

Turner began his security career with Group 4 Total Security before becoming head of profit protection for Comet, where he remained for almost 15 years.

More recently, Turner has been working within the security guarding sector where he has held the positions of director of commercial and director of operations.

Trevor Turner: the new director of operations at Lodge Service

Trevor Turner: the new director of operations at Lodge Service

“Trevor joins the company at an exciting time,” explained Simon Chapman, the managing director at Lodge Service. “He’ll be responsible for strategically managing the operational businesses in order to position us for continued growth. His focus will be directly on customer service while at the same time seeking new and innovative ways of delivering an integrated security solution to our customers and prospects.”

Lodge Service is a third-generation family business that delivers data-enabled security services and personnel for the protection of people, property and business assets.

With a £20 million turnover and nearly 800 staff, Lodge Service operates from offices in nine countries – the UK, Belgium, Germany, Holland, Ireland, Italy, Portugal and Spain as well as South Africa.

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Lodge Service tasked with delivering security audits for the British Red Cross

The British Red Cross has appointed Lodge Service to provide ‘mystery shoppers’ as well as security audits and training to help protect the charity’s network of 320 gift shops and its £28 million annual revenue that funds charitable services.

The three-year contract follows a decade of support for the charity by Lodge Service, and now includes online reports on incidents and trends data for the charity’s management and internal audit team.

Lodge Service’s ‘mystery shoppers’ investigate all British Red Cross shops twice a year, totalling 640 visits to locations as far afield as the Scottish Outer Isles. These visits are designed to provide feedback on staff compliance with service standards and to detect security issues at the point of sale, as well as ensuring that payments are received and processed correctly.

Programme reports include feedback on ten criteria, among them the competency of shop staff in processing donated items, their knowledge of Red Cross activities when questioned in-store and whether they invite customers to sign up for the Gift Aid scheme *which accounts for £1 million of extra funding on an annual basis).

Kensington and Chelsea Shop of the British Red Cross

Kensington and Chelsea Shop of the British Red Cross

The results of the programme are collated using a secure online database which the Red Cross can access to respond to incidents and monitor any trends across the network that require management action.

Lodge Service also supports the charity’s internal audit team by carrying out regular checks in some 80 nominated shops to assess procedural compliance in a number of operationally critical areas. These include store administration and cash control, as well as compliance with physical and personal security standards and Health and Safety provisions.

‘Shrink awareness’ training workshops are organised to help shop managers and key volunteers. Case Studies on loss prevention, data on trends and practical tips on how to reduce vulnerability to losses and deal with a suspected shop lifting incident are included.

Lodge Service carries out covert investigations on a reactive basis where losses are suspected or staff may be failing to attend a store during opening hours, for example. Support can include telephone calls to the store or visits to observe activity or make test purchases and monitor payment.

Miranda Bradley, retail development manager at the British Red Cross, explained: “Lodge Service offers a very personalised and responsive service, reacting quickly to our needs. The company’s depth of experience in retail security, safety and compliance means that it can offer excellent advice if we are dealing with a related problem. This includes consulting on potential risks from any new procedures we’re planning and looking ahead to recommend options for dealing with them safely as part of our internal systems and processes.”

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Wilkinson addresses security and profits through intelligence network

Wilkinson Hardware Stores Ltd has commissioned the first stage in a remote monitoring and intelligence network operated by Lodge Service.

According to the security solutions provider, the programme will reduce the cost of store security by an estimated 50% while increasing return on investment in deterrence, detection and civil recovery by up to 40%.

In addition to monitored fire and intruder alarms and remote access control for stock deliveries, the new network offers central CCTV surveillance of selected product lines and stores in Wilkinson’s 368 retail outlets which realise a combined retail sales total of £1.5 billion on an annual basis.

Lodge Service is developing the system network in tandem with the retailer in order to combine conventional security guarding with the latest CCTV monitoring and IP control technology.

Retailer Wilkinson is working with security specialist Lodge Service

Retailer Wilkinson is working with security specialist Lodge Service

The strategy targets resources according to risk profile. Customer movement and asset data for security protection and even marketing analysis can be managed centrally at the new intelligence hub in Accrington that Lodge Service – itself a £22 million turnover operation – developed last year to realise a Category 2 status Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC).

Wilkinson and Lodge Service are both third generation family-run businesses. The retailer has over four million visitors weekly. Operating in the highly competitive hardware sector, it selected Lodge Service as a partner to develop a responsive and flexible security network that would make the most cost-effective use of staff and technology.

Lodge Service’s intelligence hub can provide surveillance and access control to protect lone worker deliveries overnight, in transit and on arrival at retail locations.

The programme also supports in-store loss prevention with the addition of extra security personnel as required, recruited and managed by Lodge Service to cover sites during, for example, store refurbishment periods.

Far more than traditional CCTV monitoring

Mick Phipps, head of loss prevention at Wilkinson, explained: “The network has been designed to provide much more than traditional CCTV monitoring. The software platform allows us to connect all areas of our business nationally in a comprehensive loss prevention strategy. From distribution centre to the retail selling space, we are able to use technology to deliver a clear return on investment while at the same time ensuring the safety of our staff and customers as well as the protection of assets.”

For lone worker, driver-controlled deliveries out of hours, Lodge Service’s Accrington hub can track each delivery vehicle throughout the journey from the warehouse. Arrival at a given store is then monitored on live CCTV. Internal alarms in access areas and loading bays are switched off remotely and illuminated while a ‘man down’ device offers additional worker protection during unloading.

The process is reversed and the area locked down securely when the delivery is completed.

Phipps added: “Lodge Service’s wide range of security and systems expertise meant the company was ideally positioned to partner with us in a comprehensive strategy to reduce both the costs of security and losses to theft. The new hub and network offer the intelligence, connectivity and flexibility to provide Wilkinson with a 24/7 resource to manage CCTV, access control and alarms while modelling risk and supporting a rapid response to all incidents, but without increasing security staff numbers.”

In conclusion, Phipps commented: “The infrastructure can provide warning and aversion of threats through the provision of real-time data gathered on a central basis. Overnight, or each morning, we can deploy security staff and deal with any issues for that day. The database of shared information enables a fast, targeted and proportionate response to ensure the safety of both people and assets.”

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