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ITW Security Division highlights value of holograms in latest White Paper

ITW Security Division has added its latest White Paper entitled ‘The Hologram – Still Going Strong!’ to its website for the personal ID and secure Government documents market at www.itwsecuritydivision.com.

The White Paper challenges the predicted demise of holography and highlights its continuing role as the security feature of choice for Governments and Government agencies in the fight against counterfeiters and organised crime gangs operating in the trade of counterfeit or illicit passports, driving licenses and other personal ID documents.


The White Paper also looks at the history of the hologram and its role in today’s ID industry. From analysis of what a hologram is through to understanding its use across a variety of substrates – including ID documents and banknotes – the document explores how holography is still meeting authentication and security requirements.

“Holograms are still one of the most important security features available for the verification and authentication of a wide variety of security and ID documents,” commented Bob Carey, ITW Security Division’s business unit manager. “No competing print technology works on so many levels of security (overt, covert and forensic), nor combines the decorative, eye-catching appeal and kinetic effects available in a hologram. We’ve worked to highlight this in the latest in our series of White Papers.”

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ITW Security Division launches new website and series of White Papers

ITW Security Division has re-launched its website for the personal ID and secure Government documents market (www.itwsecuritydivision.com) and provided the first in its new series of White Papers online.

The new website has been designed to highlight ITW Security Division’s complete range of security documents, features and technologies for Governments, project integrators and issuers in a modern and user-friendly experience, helping visitors to the site in locating the information they need much more quickly and easily.

The new image-led website is now much clearer and easier to navigate enabling users to search for relevant products, Case Studies and news that showcase the company’s Covid, Fasver and Imagedata product portfolio.

Additionally, a new Resources section also builds on ITW Security Division’s knowledge base and shares this with registered customers and visitor’s to the site.


One new White Paper entitled ‘Level 1 Security – Long Live The King!’ presents the results of ITW Security Division’s own research and the continued demand for Level 1 Security features within the market, as well as recent developments in holographic features.

New White Papers will continue to be added, exploring ITW Security Division’s products, issues within the security documentation market and providing help in protecting documents and ID from counterfeiters.

“ITW Security Division offers a wealth of products and services to Governments and companies worldwide to enhance and protect their security documents,” explained Bob Carey, ITW Security Division’s business unit manager. “We wanted our website not only to reflect the breadth of our capabilities, but also to help users find inspiration and ideas for their projects.”

Carey added: “We work exceptionally closely with all of our customers to identify and meet the demanding production requirements of their personal ID and secure documents worldwide. Our website aims to truly represent this fact in both a highly visual and interesting fashion.”

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