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Plimsoll analysis reveals UK security industry to be “outperforming” major European markets

A new study from global market analyst Plimsoll Publishing indicates that the UK’s security industry is outperforming major European markets as average sales growth reaches 4.7%.

Plimsoll’s findings – in the wake of analysing companies’ financial performance in the UK, French, Italian and Spanish security markets – reveals that businesses in the UK are outpacing their European counterparts in the sales department.

On average, each company in the UK is growing at 4.7%, followed by Spanish companies at 3.2% with Italian and French companies growing at 2.2% and 0.8% respectively.

Region Average company sales growth Average company pre-tax profit margin
UK 4.7% 2.1%
France 0.8% 3.9%
Italy 2.2% 1%
Spain 3.2% 1.8%


Despite UK companies growing the fastest, and firms in France seemingly struggling for growth, it appears the French are actually deriving the best return on their bottom line with average margins at 4%.

David Pattison, Plimsoll’s senior analyst, said: “The challenge for any company is to balance sales growth and commercial strength. It appears growth in the UK market is occurring profitably as average margins have risen in the latest year. However, it’s the French market that’s of real interest. It appears the French market is growing slowly but, with the majority of companies appearing to be adverse to debt, it allows these security companies to make healthy margins.

Pattison added: “Clearly, the ability to maximise their resources and drive the company harder is proving key to their competitiveness.”

This new Plimsoll study individually analyses the largest and most important security companies across Europe and allows key decision-makers to gain a unique insight into each company’s strengths and weaknesses in one language and currency.

*To understand which companies are growing the fastest and to see who’s making profit, the Plimsoll European Security Study is available to buy for £800 +VAT. Readers of this article are entitled to a £50 discount and can purchase the report by e-mailing chrisg@plimsoll.co.uk and quoting the reference number PREURO

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MAGIC dual motion detectors from Vanderbilt awarded prestigious NF, INCERT, IMQ and VdS approvals

Vanderbilt has announced that its range of MAGIC dual motion detectors has been awarded four prestigious European approvals. The popular range has gained approval in line with the latest editions of the relevant French NF standards as well as the TO-14 (INCERT) standards that are applicable in Belgium and the Netherlands, the Italian IMQ and the German VdS accreditation.

Considered one of the most important approvals in France, the NF standard confirms that products are suitable for use in applications where compliance is required by the end users of security systems and by their insurers.

Similarly, INCERT is recognised all over Belgium and the Netherlands where the markets demand high end products and systems.

IMQ is Italy’s most important certification body and a European leader in conformity assessments and laboratory testing for a diverse range of industries.

Vanderbilt’s MAGIC dual motion detectors have been awarded NF, INCERT, IMQ and VdS approvals

Vanderbilt’s MAGIC dual motion detectors have been awarded NF, INCERT, IMQ and VdS approvals

In addition, the MAGIC E-Bus device has also been approved in line with the EN50131 European Standards and also received German VdS approval.

These approvals come just 12 months after the MAGIC PDM-IXx12/T and PDM-IXx18/T dual motion detectors were launched in order to offer reliable detection of intruders and high false alarm immunity.

Their performance is based on an improved version of Vanderbilt’s Matchtec algorithm which combines passive infrared (PIR) and microwave (MW) channels to make “incredibly accurate” decisions on motion within a detection zone. The detectors perform well even under harsh conditions, such as in rooms with rapid and extreme temperature fluctuations that can create false alarms.

Within their future proof design, the intelligent processing routines used in the MAGIC dual motion detectors are said to provide “unrivalled” reliability. This is because the Matchtec algorithm analyses the relative strength of the PIR and MW signals received from a moving object to make sound decisions.

It’s possible to use multiple detectors in close proximity to each other since the algorithm reduces interference between the MW modules. As a result, they also comply with the new and significantly more demanding CE Regulations that came into force last year.

“The response to the MAGIC PDM-IXx12/T and PDM-IXx18/T dual motion detectors since they were launched last year has been phenomenal,” commented Alistair Enser, global sales director at Vanderbilt. “We’re delighted that they have now been awarded NF, INCERT, IMQ and VdS approvals. This is clearly testament to the quality of the range as these designations are only presented to products that have the highest standards of design and manufacture and offer Best in Class levels of operational performance.”

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Samsung Techwin safeguards the Holy Shroud in Turin during 2015 Exposition

More than two million pilgrims are expected in Turin for the 2015 Exposition of the Holy Shroud, which is taking place in the city’s cathedral from 19 April to 24 June. As was the case in 2010, the Enzo Hruby Foundation is collaborating with Samsung Techwin to protect the relic by dint of employing the latest generation of video surveillance technology.

Turin-based Centro Sistemi Antifurto designed and installed the video surveillance system required to monitor the areas dedicated to the Exposition, as well as the route to be taken by visitors and its surrounding areas. Images captured by the Samsung Techwin cameras are being recorded and transmitted in real-time to an operations centre at the police headquarters in Turin, in turn enabling a quick response should any incidents arise.

Riello UPS has contributed to the success of the project by supplying the emergency power supply units for the system.

“The Committee was firmly dedicated to ensuring absolute peace of mind for everyone involved while the event takes place,” explained Maurizio Baradello, director general of the Organising Committee for the Exposition. “It was an objective that all the parties involved in the project aimed to meet within a climate of positive co-operation.”

Surveillance and security services provided by law enforcement agencies are in place in the Exposition area and supported in their task by the surveillance network made available thanks to the Committee.

The 2015 Exposition of the Holy Shroud takes place until 24 June  (Credit: www.sindone.org)

The 2015 Exposition of the Holy Shroud takes place until 24 June (Credit: http://www.sindone.org)

“We’re proud to have been able to offer our support in protecting the Exposition of the Holy Shroud for the second time,” said Carlo Hruby, vice-president of the Enzo Hruby Foundation. “The project is gratifying not only because of the object on which it is focused, but also due to the excellent co-operation that has been forged between public entities and the companies that joined us. It’s a unique project dedicated to an event with a global reach and a very high symbolic value.”

Hruby continued: “It’s also part of our Foundation’s commitment to protect ecclesiastical treasures, which alone make up about 70% of Italy’s entire cultural heritage. A heritage which, together with the most important and well-known treasures and monuments, consists of a myriad of churches and oratories scattered throughout the country, very often without adequate protection against theft and vandalism. As a matter of fact, in 2014, as in previous years, churches were the places that saw the greatest number of thefts of cultural objects. Our hope is that a project focused on protection on such a large scale may also act as a stimulus to communicate the possibilities that technology offers us when it comes to protecting these buildings in an affordable way.”

The camera installation

Samsung Techwin’s SNP-5430H 1.3 Megapixel HD weatherproofed PTZ auto-tracking speed domes are among the cameras deployed. The powerful 43x zoom capability of the SNP-5430H is enhanced by an auto-tracking feature which allows operators to monitor the movement of people or vehicles while remaining hands-free to control other cameras.

SNO-6084RP 2 Megapixel Full HD Bullet cameras have also been installed. Part of the Samsung Techwin WiseNetIII range, the SNO-6084RP is equipped with a motorised varifocal lens and built-in IR illuminators and readily able to capture high quality images whatever the lighting conditions.

For this particular project, the images from the cameras are being recorded onto a Samsung Techwin SRN-1000 NVR. With 24 Tb of on-board video storage capacity, the Linux-based SRN-1000 is more than capable of storing all the images captured by the cameras during the event, as well as providing operators with the ability to quickly search and review video of any incidents.

The SNO-6084RP 2 Megapixel Full HD bullet camera

The SNO-6084RP 2 Megapixel Full HD bullet camera

“Samsung Techwin’s technological contribution to this project is part of a wider context that sees our company involved in making the latest innovative security and video surveillance technology generally accessible,” said Fabio Andreoni, Samsung Techwin Europe’s country manager for Italy.

“This philosophy is fully consistent with the intentions and goals of the Enzo Hruby Foundation with whom we are pleased to co-operate for such important projects. Our contribution to protecting Italy’s immense artistic and cultural heritage is also supported by the idea that all of this can be of help in terms of feeding a virtuous circle which is able to generate benefits for all involved, including the institutions, law enforcement agencies and private companies. In particular, we can benefit visitors to the Exposition who are able to safely enjoy the experience with complete peace of mind.”

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Enzo Hruby Foundation collaborates with Samsung Techwin to enhance security at Milan Cathedral

For more than six centuries, Milan Cathedral has been celebrated the whole world over as one of the finest examples of unique sculpture and an architectural masterpiece. For many, the building is the very symbol of the city of Milan.

An incident in July 2013 highlighted the need to update security at the site. The Enzo Hruby Foundation – a leader in Italy and Europe in terms of offering protection for historical and artistic sites – swiftly collaborated with the professional security division of Samsung Techwin to provide the very latest video surveillance technology as part of a prestigious protection project.

“We’re very happy to be able to offer this concrete contribution to our city,” said Carlo Hruby, the vice-president of The Enzo Hruby Foundation. “This project safeguards a unique cultural heritage and the symbol of Milan by monitoring an extensive municipal area, the protection of which is for the benefit and peace of mind of citizens and tourists alike.”

For more than six centuries, Milan Cathedral has been celebrated the whole world over as one of the finest examples of unique sculpture and an architectural masterpiece

For more than six centuries, Milan Cathedral has been celebrated the whole world over as one of the finest examples of unique sculpture and an architectural masterpiece

Hruby continued: “Today, video surveillance security is one of the fastest developing sectors. For this project, which is a fine example of perfect collaboration between the public and private sectors, some of the very latest technologies have been applied. The police now have an irreplaceable instrument to help them in their duties.”

Continuing the security theme, Fabio Andreoni (country manager for Italy at Samsung Techwin) explained: “This project let us use the very latest solutions to protect an area loved by every citizen of Milan and many more people besides. We’re particularly pleased to be able to show how technology, used in an effective way, can really help make the work done by the authorities much more efficient and, in broader terms, improve the quality of life for the people of Milan.”

In addition, Andreoni commented: “It’s just one piece of a more complex puzzle, but if making Piazza del Duomo safer helps contribute to a more efficient management of the area, with a consequent increase in the number of visitors and revenues, we’ll have proven how we can reach important goals quickly and achieve excellent results by operating in harmony with various public and private bodies.”

The Milan Cathedral Protection Project

To guarantee protection for the monument and control the vast urban area around the perimeter of the cathedral and on the rooftop terraces, a modern video surveillance system of the latest generation was installed, with 20 remotely managed HD night vision cameras operating around the clock.

Twelve cameras complete with video analytics were installed in strategic points around the perimeter to guarantee complete coverage and leave no area uncovered. Seven cameras of the same kind have been installed on the terraces, with one motor-driven HD camera covering the entire length of the central section.

All the cameras have built-in IR night vision illuminators so no modifications to the current lighting were required around the perimeter or on the terraces. This realises a non-invasive intervention in terms of installation and infrastructure.

The Enzo Hruby Foundation has collaborated with the professional security division of Samsung Techwin to provide the very latest video surveillance technology as part of a prestigious protection project

The Enzo Hruby Foundation has collaborated with the professional security division of Samsung Techwin to provide the very latest video surveillance technology as part of a prestigious protection project

The new cameras – images from which are transmitted to the local police Operations Centre and the provincial police headquarters – are integrated with the images from the urban video surveillance system connected to a high-tech video analysis system that can detect and classify suspicious activity and objects. These are in addition to the 1,300 cameras already managed by the authorities.

Umbra Control from Perugia was responsible for the project.

“With this important project, we’re protecting not only the Monument but also the piazza and the area around the cathedral,” said Angelo Caloia, president of the Venerable Duomo Factory.

“Five million people visit the cathedral every year. In 2015, we estimate that 20 million tourists will pass through its doors. The factory is working hard to keep all areas of the Monument open with 12 building sites, and also thanks to important security measures such as this. This major project is important not only for the cathedral. It also provides added security for the city with the upcoming Expo 2015. We can only thank those who, like The Enzo Hruby Foundation and Samsung Techwin, were ready to share in the importance of this task.”

The Milan Cathedral Museum: security systems

The work of The Enzo Hruby Foundation and Samsung Techwin didn’t end with the project to protect the Milan Cathedral and its heritage, though. The two parties have in fact been called on to protect the Duomo’s Museum, which reopened on 4 November 2013 after eight years of careful restoration work.

The security system meets the specific requirements associated with the particular characteristics of the environment and the variety of the works of art in the museum, with solutions aimed at satisfying the aesthetic needs of the building (which has been home to all sorts of materials that tell the story of the Milan Cathedral since 1953).

SNO-6084R Full HD cameras are deployed to protect Milan Cathedral's perimeter, terrace and museum

SNO-6084R Full HD cameras are deployed to protect Milan Cathedral’s perimeter, terrace and museum

The museum contains valuable works of art including tapestries, sculptures, architectural models, paintings, stained glass, hangings and other works, all of which require specifically studied protection systems for first class security.

The latest generation Samsung Techwin cameras with full HD resolution and the new WiseNet 3 processors were used to guarantee a system with the very highest image quality, offering optimised compression and management of network resources.

The most suitable camera was chosen for each environment both from an aesthetic point of view and in terms of performance. The museum has 26 rooms with a total surface area of 2,000 m2. Most of the cameras in the museum are mini dome interior cameras with IR illuminators. New fish-eye cameras with 360 degree lenses were also used in some of the rooms to control the whole exhibit space.

SNP-6200RH Full HD IP domes watch over the terrace area

SNP-6200RH Full HD IP domes watch over the terrace area

All the cameras send their signals to a central recording unit, with three Samsung Techwin SRN-1000 Network Video Recorders in operation.

About The Enzo Hruby Foundation

The Enzo Hruby Foundation was established in Milan almost six years ago on the initiative of the Hruby family and HESA S.p.A. It takes its name from the founder and current president, Enzo Hruby, who introduced the very first electronic security systems to Italy back in the late 1960s.

The Foundation aims to promote a culture of security, protecting heritage sites and items from theft and vandalism through the correct use of the latest advanced technology.

Of the various initiatives, The Enzo Hruby Foundation offers a concrete contribution to protecting the historical and artistic heritage of Italy by providing security systems for buildings, property and works of art of particular historical and cultural value. Intruder alarms, video surveillance and fire-fighting systems are all employed.

Once the projects of interest have been selected, the Foundation contacts top class installers to prepare the relevant projects.

The Turin Shroud during the extension of the Turin Cathedral, the manuscripts of the Vatican Apostolic Library during digitisation of the documents, the Cini Foundation, the St. Francis of Assisi Library, the Asinelli Tower in Bologna and Milan Cathedral are just some of the sites The Enzo Hruby Foundation has helped to safeguard.

To pursue its institutional purpose, The Enzo Hruby Foundation also promotes studies, research, seminars, conventions and publications on the theme of security and the optimal use of available technologies.

Initiatives of The Enzo Hruby Foundation also include the H D’Oro, awarded every year to outstanding installers for the best security installations, and publication of the ‘EHF – Security for Culture’ magazine.

Samsung Techwin products used in the Milan Cathedral Project

Cathedral Perimeter

12 x SNO-6084RP 2MP 1080p Full HD IP cameras

Cathedral Terrace

4 x SNO-6084RP 2MP 1080p Full HD IP cameras
1 x SNP-6200RHP 2MP 1080p Full HD IP dome camera

Cathedral Recording

1 x SRN-1000 Network Video Recorder


74 x SNO-6084RP 2MP 1080p Full HD IP cameras
2 x SNF-7010P 360⁰ fisheye interior cameras

Museum Recording

3 x SRN-1000 Network Video Recorders

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