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Showsec launches new-look London operation

Showsec has begun 2014 with a new-look London operation after making significant changes in response to the company’s sustained growth.

The expansion of Showsec’s work in the capital city has played a major part in the record-breaking results achieved by the company in recent years. On that basis, the organisation has now divided that operation into three specific areas – namely East, West and Greater London – in order to enhance already high standards of service.

Paul Legge, who had operated as area manager for London over the past five years, will now take charge of the East section, while Dayo Adelugba (West) and Louise Stockden (Greater) have been promoted to managerial roles.

Showsec's London Office Team

Showsec’s London Office Team

Managing customer expectations

“This is an exciting development which reflects the continued growth of the company and the important part which increased levels of activity in London in particular has played in that success,” commented regional manager Steve Reynolds.

“It’s crucial that we continue to deliver high standards of service and manage the expectations of our growing number of clients throughout the city,” added Reynolds, “so after a period of consultation we considered that this was the best way forwards from an operational viewpoint.”

Reynolds continued: “One of the most satisfying aspects of implementing these changes is that we have promoted two members of staff from within. As graduates of our Management Development Programme, Dayo and Louise are the latest to have progressed along this career path, thus further underlining the value of the company’s commitment to helping individuals fulfil their potential.”

Building on that them, Reynolds explained: “Paul Legge will continue the excellent work he has carried out over the past five years by focusing on one of these three areas, with the two new appointments taking the lead in those other areas which have been defined by the restructure.”

By operating such a fruitful Management Development Programme for many years now, Showsec has created a management structure that will also present further opportunities for operations executives within those changes in London.


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Securi-Guard appoints new fire and security systems manager

Securi-Guard has strengthened its senior management team following the appointment of experienced security professional Robert Truesdale as its new fire and security systems manager.

Plymouth-born Truesdale – who has worked in the security business for the past 22 years – will oversee both the technical side, in terms of the installation and maintenance teams, as well as sales activities, in the fire and security division of the company.

He will also be responsible for client liaison, ensuring customer expectations are met at all times, as well as monitoring the latest technological developments in the security sector for the Plymouth-based company.

Success story in the security sector

“Coming from Plymouth I was already aware of Securi-Guard’s reputation, both on a regional and national basis, and I’m delighted to be part of a business which has been, and continues to be, a real success story in the industry,” said Truesdale.

Bob Truesdale: joining the team at Securi-Guard

Bob Truesdale: joining the team at Securi-Guard

“It’s an opportunity to use both my technical knowledge and management experience to help further develop the fire and security division and ensure we are delivering the best possible service with the most up-to-date technology. I’m looking forward to my new role immensely.”

Truesdale started out in the security sector as an alarm service engineer. Since then he has acquired extensive experience at senior levels having worked in both operational and sales management, as well as in customer support.

Truesdale also has a wide knowledge of electronic fire and security systems and considerable project management expertise.

Wealth of knowledge and experience

Scott Boyd, Securi-Guard’s managing firector for Fire and Security, explained that Truesdale will bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to the position, in addition to being well versed in the management of a large team.

“Bob will be a key asset in the future development of the division,” stated Boyd. “His considerable expertise will help us consolidate and build on our position as a leading supplier of fire and security services across the South West and beyond.”

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Fake goods worth nearly USD $1 million seized in Interpol operation

Counterfeit goods worth nearly USD 1 million have been seized in a series of interventions across Eastern Europe as part of Interpol’s Operation White Mercury.

Involving seven countries – Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Montenegro and Serbia – the operation also resulted in the identification of a network spanning three countries involved in the production of fake everyday consumer goods.

An illegal production site manufacturing illicit household detergent was identified in Plovdiv, Bulgaria. In addition to the equipment, more than 10,000 litres of the fake liquid, 60,000 bottles and fake packaging material were seized with the follow-up investigation revealing connections to at least four other illicit manufacturers in Bulgaria, the Czech Republic and Greece.

Fake toys, shower gel, cigarettes, vehicle parts, electronics and home appliances were seized across all seven countries. In Albania, an entire counterfeit wine production line was identified and subsequently shut down.

Counterfeit vehicle parts seized in Serbia during Interpol’s Operation White Mercury

Counterfeit vehicle parts seized in Serbia during Interpol’s Operation White Mercury

As a result of the 150 interventions and raids carried out by police and customs officials at border control points, airports, roadside checks, shopping centres and warehouses, some 330 people were investigated, arrested or reported to judicial authorities.

Tackling transnational organised crime networks

“Operation White Mercury has again shown that international police co-operation is essential to effectively tackle transnational organised crime networks involved in illicit trade,” said Iliya Pulov, director of the International Co-operation Operational Directorate of the Bulgarian Ministry of the Interior.

“This operation and the work which continues are important in removing potentially dangerous and substandard goods from circulation, and so protecting the public from harm.”

Under the umbrella of Interpol’s Trafficking in Illicit Goods initiative, Operation White Mercury was conducted in two stages from 30 September to 6 October 2013 and from 28 October to 3 November 2013 for more effective intelligence-led interventions in the second part of the operational phase.

The programme assists police across the organisation’s 190 member countries to not only target the transnational crime groups but also identify the routes used in transporting fake goods, which are often also used for human trafficking and drug smuggling.

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G4S helping to make Hogmanay healthy and happy for Edinburgh revellers

Today, event security specialist G4S will be helping to ensure the 80,000 Hogmanay revellers in Edinburgh’s world-famous streets enjoy a safe start to 2014.

This will be the 20th year G4S Events has provided security and safety management services at Hogmanay, and the company will have more than 500 of its staff available to give safety and security advice and help everyone enjoy the festivities.

As Edinburgh prepares to enjoy a variety of events including a special concert by The Pet Shop Boys, the Kelidh and the Torchlight Procession, G4S is reminding guests of top safety tips on how to make the most of the festival (such as wearing warm clothing, drinking responsibly, keeping personal property secure and planning journeys home in advance).

G4S is a major partner of Hogmanay 2013-2014 and has been providing security and safety stewarding at the event since Hogmanay 1992-1993

G4S is a major partner of Hogmanay 2013-2014 and has been providing security and safety stewarding at the event since Hogmanay 1992-1993

G4S Events managing director Eric Alexander said: “As the dedicated security partners for Hogmanay 2013, G4S will have more than 500 stewards in Edinburgh helping to ensure that the festivities are safe and secure. We’re delighted to be part of this event and our team will be on hand to ably assist with any questions.”

Alexander continued: “Remember, regardless of the forecast this is Scotland in December and late at night, so please wrap up in warm and waterproof clothes. I would urge revellers to heed advice from our stewards – who’ll all be wearing G4S-branded high visibility jackets – so that everyone has an enjoyable Hogmanay experience to remember.”

Top tips for seeing the New Year in safely include:
 Do follow instructions given by the event organisers
 Do wear warm, waterproof clothing
 Do keep an eye out for each other and designate a meeting point if you should become separated
 Do plan in advance how to get home
 Do drink responsibly as people under the influence of too much alcohol may be refused entry
 Don’t bring glass (including bottles) or cans into the events arena (there will be bars where drink can be purchased)
 Don’t bring children to the Hogmanay Street Party
 Don’t turn up after 11.00 pm as entrants will not be admitted

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Positive results in SIA security checks across Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire

Investigators from the Security Industry Authority joined enforcement partners across two counties to conduct simultaneous security checks on Friday 13 December.

Checks on door supervisors were carried out across Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire to ensure they were properly SIA licensed.

In Nottingham city centre, SIA investigators were joined by officers from Nottingham Police’s Licensing Team to conduct checks on eight security operatives across four venues including bars and clubs. No licensing offences were found.

In Ilkeston and Long Eaton, officers from Derbyshire Constabulary and SIA investigators conducted checks on 24 door supervisors across 12 venues including pubs and clubs. All those inspected were working legally.

By law, security operatives working under contract and all door supervisors must hold and display a valid SIA licence

By law, security operatives working under contract and all door supervisors must hold and display a valid SIA licence

Safety of the night-time economy

SIA Head of Investigation Nigel Davies said: “During the busy festive period we will work closely with our enforcement partners to ensure the safety of those who enjoy pubs and clubs in the area. The results of this operation show that revellers can enjoy a safe night out as they know that the security operatives are properly SIA licensed.”

Sgt Mark Lomas of the Derbyshire Constabulary added: “Door supervisors play a vital role in helping to make sure premises are well run and that their customers are safe. We were very pleased to be able to work together with the SIA to conduct these checks.”

Sgt Lomas continued: “We’re committed to tackling alcohol-related violence and recognise that enabling people to have a safe and enjoyable night out goes a long way towards reducing the risk of violence. We were also pleased that none of the premises checked had any issues. This demonstrated that the premises were taking their responsibilities seriously.”

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New ‘opportunity’ for holography as IHMA welcomes Bank of England polymer banknotes

New polymer banknotes introduced by the Bank of England have been welcomed by the global hologram trade body which sees it as an ‘exciting opportunity’ to showcase the very latest developments in security devices for currency applications.

The International Hologram Manufacturers Association (IHMA) was commenting on the bank’s decision to start phasing-in new £5 polymer notes from 2016 after a period of public consultation.

New £10 notes will follow as the old cotton fibre and linen rag banknotes are removed from circulation and destroyed.

The polymer banknotes will be made from a thin, transparent and flexible film consisting of polypropylene which will be coated with a lacquer layer that enables it to carry the printed design features of the banknote. This will allow the inclusion of windows or clear portions in the design, used to provide enhanced protection and featuring holograms for verification and anti-counterfeiting purposes.

The IHMA says that other countries such as Canada have been using polymer banknotes featuring holograms successfully for many years. If the UK banknotes employ the same technology as the new Canadian ones, it’s another example of how holography continues to evolve as the leading security feature for notes.

Holograms on banknotes: the back story

Holograms have featured successfully on banknotes since 1987, evolving over the last two decades from simple patches to complex stripes as integral design and print features on notes.

Today, the annual global volume of banknotes produced is in excess of 125 billion*, so the reward for hologram producers capable of providing the technology to overcome the technical challenges is potentially highly lucrative.

Ian Lancaster: general secretary at the IHMA

Ian Lancaster: general secretary at the IHMA

The success of holograms for both polymer and paper banknotes has been down to their role as a Level 1 security feature that’s instantly recognisable. The technology remains to the fore as part of an array of overt features which make it quick and easy for not only the general public but also cashiers and those operating cash tills in stores to recognise whether or not a banknote is bona fide.

Increasing adoption of holography on banknotes reinforces the hologram’s position as a pre-eminent security feature in the global fight against counterfeiting. The use of sophisticated anti-counterfeiting features will mean that the banknotes will be more secure because they will include a larger area for holograms to be featured. New Zealand reported a big fall in counterfeiting after it introduced new hologram banknotes.

In Canada, for instance, the central bank is now producing a suite of five polymer banknotes featuring advanced ‘full-on’ holograms. This success could provide a blueprint for the way forward for the Bank of England’s new polymer notes, says the IHMA.

Effective weapon against the fraudsters

“Holography is an effective weapon in the battle to thwart banknote counterfeiters and fraudsters,” said Ian Lancaster, the IHMA’s general secretary, “and has evolved to become an important feature of modern banknotes.”

Lancaster added: “The Canadian banknotes are a great example of this evolution and illustrate some of the best and most technically innovative holograms on banknotes, which can work specifically with the window the polymer substrate offers to deliver real added value solutions. In fact, this is such an effective feature that paper banknotes are now being developed which have a polymer window.”

In conclusion, Lancaster explained: “Polymer substrates, like their paper counterparts, are now benefiting from this type of technology. We hope that the Bank of England will follow the example of Canada and others to have banknotes that are both potentially more durable and which feature the very best in modern hologram technology.”

*The Holo-pack•Holo-print® Industry Study

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CEO Jeff Little OBE set to leave the National Security Inspectorate

The National Security Inspectorate (NSI) has announced the forthcoming departure of Jeff Little OBE after three years in the role as the organisation’s CEO.

Little joined the NSI in December 2010 having previously worked as business development director for a company specialising in the design and manufacture of components for safety-critical environments.

Prior to this appointment, Little had served a long and distinguished career with the Army and was duly recognised with an OBE for his leadership during the Balkans War.

Jeff Little OBE: set to leave the National Security Inspectorate for a new role in the Middle East

Jeff Little OBE: set to leave the National Security Inspectorate for a new role in the Middle East

Speaking about the news Chris Hanks, the NSI’s chairman, stated: “The NSI is the UK’s leading specialist certification body. As such, we are at the forefront of rapid changes and opportunities in this sector. The experience and knowledge of our people is coveted, so it’ no surprise that Jeff has been offered an exciting challenge elsewhere and has decided to leave the NSI.”

Hanks continued: “While I am saddened by Jeff’s forthcoming departure after three outstanding years of leadership and building on our market-leading position, the Board recognises this is a great personal opportunity for Jeff and he will leave with our best wishes for the future. The Board would like to place on record our great appreciation for Jeff’s work at the NSI.”

NSI chairman Chris Hanks

NSI chairman Chris Hanks

Little himself said: “Every so often an opportunity comes along that’s simply too attractive to decline. I will be taking up a venture based in the Middle East which will enable me to leverage the technology and market background I have to very good effect.”

He added: “From a personal and professional viewpoint, I will be sad to leave the NSI but the organisation is in great shape, both in Maidenhead and across the country, and has an outstanding future.”

In the short term, Little will remain with the organisation to assist the Board with its selection of his successor during what will now be a transitional period.

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