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Dahua Technology signs distribution partnership with ADI

Dahua Technology, the manufacturer of video surveillance equipment, has signed a partnership agreement with ADI, which has the largest branch network for the distribution of security products in the UK.

ADI has its head office located in Bury, Greater Manchester, and is a global leader in the wholesale distribution of security and low-voltage equipment with over 200 international locations. ADI customers can now benefit from Dahua’s extensive range of end-to-end IP and analogue HD security solutions, including cameras, recorders, software, display and control solutions and video management software.

Dahua products are both innovative and scalable, with particular strength in IP-based communication.



Usmon Khadim, UK product category manager for ADI, said: “ADI is very excited to have the Dahua brand on board. Dahua’s range of products, combined with our own support, leads us to believe that this will be a key partnership for us and add great value for our customers.”

Denny Wang, UK general manager for Dahua UK and Ireland, responded: “By entering into this partnership, we will be extending our reach in the UK video surveillance market using ADI’s extensive branch network. In addition, ADI’s strong emphasis on technical expertise means it can offer added value to its customers and our products.”

Wang continued: “We’re confident that ADI shares our commitment to innovation, customer service and quality products. The extensive Dahua range includes products that are packed with intelligent features, such as advanced video analytics, providing major benefits to ADI’s customers.”

According to a report from IHS in 2015, Dahua has the second-largest global share of the video surveillance market. It’s also the first Chinese security company to establish a global technology standard for analogue HD: HDCVI.

The Dahua range is available from ADI with immediate effect.

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COP Security receives Dahua’s UK Distributor of the Year Award for 2015

COP Security, the professional trade-only CCTV security products distributor, has been awarded Dahua Technology’s prestigious UK Distributor of the Year Award 2015. 

Dahua Technology has built a strong presence within the global security market, building an enviable 5.6% share ahead of Axis, Samsung, Bosch and other premium brand manufacturers.

Awarded for the first time in the UK, Dahua has presented COP Security with its Distributor of the Year Award in recognition of the distribution company’s sterling performance as a key Dahua partner in the UK region.


Presented to COP Security by Denny Wang, Dahua’s country manager for the UK and Ireland, for all aspects of product delivery, the award acknowledges COP Security’s position as the UK’s leading Dahua distributor and a firm commitment to promoting Dahua’s portfolio of professional quality IP, 4K and HDCVI products to the UK market.

“We’re delighted and thrilled to have won such high praise from Dahua,” said James Bentley, product manager at COP Security. “Our 20 years of trading experience and expertise has provided a sound foundation to enable us to help our customers capitalise on the installation cost and performance benefits to be gained by using Dahua products. The whole customer support team at COP, from sales through to technical support and logistics works hard to make sure we consistently provide first class service and unrivalled ‘peace of mind’ care for all of our customers.”

*Details of the full range of Dahua surveillance products available through COP Security, including 4K NVRs and cameras and HDCVI Tribrid DVRs and cameras can be found in the latest COP Security catalogue, available on request or to download as a PDF via www.cop-eu.com

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Dahua provides open access to HDCVI technology for HDcctv AT 2.0 implementers

ZheJiang Dahua Technology Co has opened its patented HDCVI technology – the basis for the HDcctv AT 2.0 standard – to the global video surveillance sector through an HDcctv Alliance Member Intellectual Property Agreement.

First introduced in late 2012, HDCVI technology transmits HDTV signals over any legacy CCTV cabling infrastructure. The HDcctv Alliance ratified HDcctv AT 2.0 in February 2014. HDcctv AT 2.0 compliance ensures 100% plug-and-play remote control of any camera from any compliant DVR, no matter the manufacturer.

“Dahua developed HDCVI technology to help our growing customer base enjoy more of the benefits of HD IP surveillance,” said Zhu Jiangming, Dahua’s executive vice-president and the principal inventor of the seminal HDCVI patents. “We recognise that customers want their equipment to be 100% multi-vendor plug-and-play, rather than using single-source, proprietary solutions that may not work together. On that basis, Dahua’s strategy is aimed at maximising the return on investment in HDCVI and, in doing so, making the technology readily available to other manufacturers – even our direct competitors.”

Zhu Jiangming: Dahua's executive vice-president and the principal inventor of the seminal HDCVI patents

Zhu Jiangming: Dahua’s executive vice-president and the principal inventor of the seminal HDCVI patents

Jianming continued: “For these reasons, Dahua has decided to issue licenses under RAND (reasonable and non-discriminatory) terms to other reciprocating Steering and Manufacturing Members of the HDcctv Alliance. Dahua’s policy is as follows. Semiconductor manufacturers implementing the HDcctv AT 2.0 standard independently are asked to pay a license fee on a RAND basis, while HDCVI licenses for implementing the HDcctv AT 2.0 standard are open free of charge to authorised equipment makers as per the HDcctv Alliance Members IP Agreement of which Dahua is a signatory. We look forward to collaborating with our partners in the HDcctv Alliance and further accelerating the global migration to HD IP surveillance.”

Complete compliance certification regime

Todd Rockoff, executive director of the HDcctv Alliance, commented: “HDCVI has a multi-year head start over all other analogue HD video surveillance solutions. It’s the only solution available as a global standard with a complete compliance certification regime. While other semiconductor manufacturers are racing to catch up to the analogue HD surveillance transmission market opened by HDCVI, each of these other solutions is proprietary to just one manufacturer.”

Rockoff continued: “Never before has a sole-source, proprietary transmission solution gained prevalence in the surveillance industry. Out-of-the-box plug-and-play remote control over legacy CCTV infrastructure is a compelling convenience for the installers and operators of HD surveillance systems. Therefore, HDcctv AT 2.0 and its successors, all based on HDCVI, appear to be the most likely to succeed among the various analogue transmission solutions in development.”

The HDcctv Alliance ratified HDcctv AT 2.0 in February 2014

The HDcctv Alliance ratified HDcctv AT 2.0 in February 2014

“There’s no doubt that the security market is moving quickly towards HD surveillance,” said Dr Jon Hwang, CEO of the Eyenix Corporation. “As an Image Signal Processor (ISP) vendor, Eyenix will implement whatever local site transport technologies our customers need. To manage our design cost for any given technology, it’s important we have a global standard that eliminates uncertainty.”

“We support the global standard for HD surveillance local site transport,” said Young-Jun Yoo, Nextchip’s strategic marketing director. “In the long term, Nextchip recognises the importance of all vendors supporting a single global standard.”

Focus on Security China 2014

At Security China 2014, the HDcctv Alliance will be exhibiting in the International Hall on Stand E1Y31, where visitors are encouraged to meet Alliance members, see the latest HDcctv technology in operation and discover more about the benefits of HDcctv 2.0.

The Alliance expects to be able to showcase the first certified HDcctv 2.0-compliant products at the show. To book a meeting at Security China or find out more about HDcctv 2.0 send an e-mail: membership@highdefcctv.org

Security China 2014 takes place at the China International Exhibition Centre in Beijing between 28-31 October. Visit securitychina.com.cn for more information and to register as a visitor

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