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“Industry’s workforce needs more protection” urges Magenta Security’s leader

With the first anniversary of the initial COVID-19 pandemic-induced lockdown rapidly approaching, guarding specialist Magenta Security has been increasing its investment in mental health support for colleagues across the business.

“Like so many other key workers, security professionals are on the front line, keeping people safe,” stated Magenta Security’s managing director Abbey Petkar. “Again, like others they are at risk from COVID or indeed other illnesses and even physical attack. They’re also at risk emotionally and psychologically.”

According to Petkar (pictured below), the national and international press and other industry sectors have been regularly highlighting the mental health challenges faced by so many at the moment. However, as an industry, Petkar feels the security sector is doing very little to raise awareness of – and garner support for – security’s hard working and under-pressure workforce.

Petkar pointed out: “Mental health issues affect us all, from the parents struggling to home school their children through to furloughed workers, the unemployed and the front line key workers, the majority of whom haven’t seen their friends for months. Statistically speaking, the majority of the security workforce is male and, sadly, very few people realise that young to middle aged men are among the most vulnerable when it comes to suicide risk. We must all do what we can to protect our workforce, not just from the obvious like the virus, but also the silent dangers.”

Ongoing support

Magenta Security is working closely with its entire workforce to ensure ongoing mental health support for its team members, their families and any of the communities with whom they work. 

A key part of that process involves gathering advice and thoughts from highly respected sources and sharing them through a variety of channels. The business has focused on mental and physical health advice, offering five top tips for individuals keen to look after their mental health during the ongoing lockdown:

(1) Keep regular contact with friends and family. Social isolation is known to be detrimental to mental health and the personal sense of identity. Schedule video calls with the people you would usually see in person to help you lift your spirits and share your feelings

(2) Minimise engagement with the news if it’s making you feel anxious. Schedule set times to check for updates and take practical steps to protect yourself and your loved ones rather than worry about what you cannot change

(3) Provide help to your loved ones, neighbours or the local community. Helping people can keep you busy, give you a sense of purpose and connect you to others. Check-in on friends via digital platforms, host an online class or offer services to vulnerable people

(4) Maintain your schedule as much as possible. Without our usual cues, it’s easy to slip into bad habits such as sleeping late or skipping meals. Set and stick to times for sleeping, eating, working, exercise and leisure (5) Be kind to yourself and accept failings. This is a difficult time for everyone, and you should not expect yourself to be as happy and productive as you normally would be. Forgive yourself when you don’t feel that you’ve lived up to your usual standards

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Security boss sentenced for deploying unlicensed security officers at luxury development

A security boss has been sentenced for providing unlicensed security officers to a prestigious housing development in Prestbury, Cheshire.

Gary Ford (42) of Westall Court, Buxton in Derbyshire pleaded guilty on 11 November to three security offences. On 17 November, Ford was sentenced at Macclesfield Magistrates Court to a 12-month community order and a requirement that he completes 300 hours of unpaid work.

Macclesfield Magistrates Court awarded the Security Industry Authority (SIA) £10,000 in costs to be paid in instalments of £100 per week.

In May 2013, SIA investigators visited the site of two discreet luxury houses in Prestbury, where Ford’s company (4D Security) provided private security. SIA investigators found an unlicensed security officer on site who had been deployed by Ford.

SIA investigators again visited the site on 24 November 2013 and found a different unlicensed security officer working on the premises. The man was not licensed to conduct security guarding activities, although he did hold an SIA CCTV licence.

By law, security operatives working under contract and all door supervisors must hold and display a valid SIA licence card

By law, security operatives working under contract and all door supervisors must hold and display a valid SIA licence card

Following the visits to Prestbury, the SIA made requests to 4D Security for information under Section 19 of the Private Security Industry Act 2001. Ford failed to respond.

Nathan Salmon, investigations manager at the Regulator, stated: “This is a positive result for the SIA, demonstrating that both unlicensed and incorrectly licensed security operatives cannot be ‘hidden’ at smaller, discreet security sites. Mr Ford’s business model paid scant regard to security regulations. The SIA twice found his operatives unlicensed in the role being undertaken.”

Salmon added: “The owners of the houses in Prestbury paid Ford to provide private security. They should have been safe in the knowledge that the individuals guarding their property were trained, qualified and held the appropriate SIA licences. Macclesfield Magistrates Court considered the expense in bringing this prosecution, which is borne by correctly licensed operatives, and this has been reflected in the costs awarded to the SIA.”

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South Yorkshire security bosses sentenced for supplying unlicensed officers

On Friday 17 October 2014 at Sheffield Crown Court, two security directors were sentenced for committing 29 private security offences.

Under the company names Dragon Security Solutions and Goodfellas Nightspot Barnsley, the individuals concerned supplied unlicensed security officers to unsuspecting customers across South Yorkshire over a nine-month period. Neither of the directors held Security Industry Authority licences to work in the private security sector.

Ian Lindsay (of Market Street, Rotherham) and Martyn Cook (of Philip Avenue in Nuthall, Nottingham) had pleaded guilty to the offences at Rotherham Magistrates’ Court on 15 July this year.

Last Friday, Lindsay was sentenced to four months’ imprisonment for supplying unlicensed officers and a further four months’ imprisonment for working as an unlicensed director. Both sentences were suspended for two years. Lindsay was also disqualified as a company director for three-and-a-half years.

Cook was sentenced to two months’ imprisonment for supplying unlicensed security officers and two months’ imprisonment for working as an unlicensed director. Again, both sentences were suspended for two years. Cook was ordered to undertake 100 hours of unpaid work and has been disqualified as a company director for three-and-a-half years.

The Court set out a timetable for proceedings against the pair and the companies under the Proceeds of Crime Act.

By law, security operatives working under contract and all door supervisors must hold and display a valid SIA licence card

By law, security operatives working under contract and all door supervisors must hold and display a valid SIA licence card

Operation in respect of the regulatory framework

In sentencing Lindsay and Cook, Recorder Wilby QC said: “The purpose of the regulations is that there is a second line of security to ensure those [frontline operatives] who deal with the public are safe to do so. Following his release from prison, Mr Lindsay started providing security (through Dragon Security). It is inconceivable he could not have recognised the regulatory regime and that he needed a licence.”

Recorder Wilby QC continued: “In relation to Mr Cook, [once he became a director of Dragon Security] he cannot have been ignorant and should have made enquiries into whether he needed a licence.”

Closing the statement, Recorder Wilby QC stated: “The public are entitled to have safety and assurances that those operating such businesses are properly licensed and that they operate the company in respect of the regulatory framework.”

Security Industry Authority (SIA) investigations manager Nathan Salmon explained: “These strong sentences reflect the seriousness of the offending by these two directors. I’m pleased the Court recognises the SIA’s role in protecting the public.”

Salmon added: “Mr Lindsay has been proven to be an unsuitable individual to work within the security industry because of his serious criminal history. His disqualification as a company director now precludes him from controlling any company.”

In addition, Salmon commented: “The SIA will continue to work with its enforcement partners to ensure that any financial benefit from the offending can be identified and confiscated.”

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Jeff Little OBE appointed as advisor to the Board at MITIE Total Security Management

Brigadier (Retd) Jeff Little OBE MBA CGIA FSyI FICPE has been appointed as an advisor to the Board for MITIE Group plc’s Total Security Management business.

For three years from December 2010, Jeff Little served as CEO of the National Security Inspectorate (NSI) and brings to MITIE Total Security Management (TSM) a vast array of experience in the fields of strategic security, resilience, training, systems and emergency planning.

A distinguished military career resulted in an OBE from Her Majesty The Queen in recognition of Little’s exemplary leadership skills during the third Balkan War which ran from 1991 until 2001.

In this new advisory role, Little will focus on strengthening MITIE’s critical security offering to existing major contractor clients within the defence, nuclear, utilities and data centre sectors.

Jeff Little OBE: strategic advisor to the Board at MITIE TSM

Jeff Little OBE: strategic advisor to the Board at MITIE TSM

“I’ve always been impressed by MITIE’s security business,” explained Little. “It’s one of the only companies in the UK providing a service that genuinely integrates people, technology and specialist partners. I’m now very much looking forward to assisting the development of MITIE TSM’s offer and taking the MITIE way of thinking forward. Security services have become such an integral part of all businesses, so it’s vital that we continue to offer innovative solutions.”

Bob Forsyth: managing director at MITIE TSM

Bob Forsyth: managing director at MITIE TSM

Bob Forsyth, managing director of MITIE TSM, added: “We’re always looking to add fresh and different perspectives to our strategic thinking and Jeff can provide this alongside his invaluable experience in one of our key sectors, namely critical security environments. Jeff’s contribution will be instrumental as we look to build further on our recent successes.”

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BSIA set to launch all-new Health and Safety Forum for the security sector

The British Security Industry Association has announced the launch of a new Health and Safety Forum dedicated to the sharing of industry Best Practice and promoting the importance of Health and Safety for security practitioners, companies, their employees and their customers.

Formed in light of the growing importance of Health and Safety within the security sector, the Forum has also been created in response to demand from British Security Industry Association (BSIA) members. In a recent survey conducted by the Trade Association, 93% of respondents expressed a keen interest in participating in such a Forum, which intends to deal with important issues including violence in the workplace, accidents and preventative measures.

Open to representatives from all BSIA member companies, the Health and Safety Forum aims to facilitate the sharing of information and Best Practice techniques, in turn galvanising members’ commitment to Health and Safety into positive action while informing them of the latest developments across relevant legislation.

Trevor Elliott: director of manpower and membership services at the BSIA

Trevor Elliott: director of manpower and membership services at the BSIA

Trevor Elliott, director of manpower and membership services at the BSIA, commented: “The Association already operates a very active Human Resources Forum, and it’s hoped that the Health and Safety Forum will prove equally successful in uniting member company representatives with a common focus.”

Elliott continued: “Recently, the Health and Safety of front line workers has been at the very forefront of public discussion, with a report from the Greater London Authority Conservatives indicating that no less than 66,000 front line workers have either been punched, kicked, spat on or even killed while undertaking work-related duties. Assaults against security officers were also highlighted by this report as an ongoing issue. As such, Health and Safety has become a key issue for our industry, not just for the protection of front line security workers but also for the customers whom our industry helps to protect.”

Informal networking opportunity

The Health and Safety Forum will meet for the first time at a launch event taking place at Chelsea Football Club’s Stamford Bridge ground in November. This will provide an initial informal networking opportunity for Health and Safety professionals. There’ll be a tour of the ground and also an opportunity to learn more about the BSIA’s Health and Safety Forum, its objectives and forthcoming projects.

Sponsoring the event is BSIA member company VSG, the prominent security solutions provider which has been instrumental in the development of the Forum.

Open to representatives from all BSIA member companies, the Health and Safety Forum aims to facilitate the sharing of information and Best Practice

Open to representatives from all BSIA member companies, the Health and Safety Forum aims to facilitate the sharing of information and Best Practice

Peter Stubbs, director of HSE – Support Services at VSG, said: “VSG is committed to being the ‘Employer of Choice’ within the industry. As part of that commitment, we have a ‘Safety First’ aspiration. Our people are our biggest asset and we focus on ensuring they go home safely at the end of their shift having done a great job for the client. We’re delighted to be able to sponsor this launch event with the aim of encouraging cross-business sharing of Health and Safety Best Practice.”

Peter Stubbs of VSG

Peter Stubbs of VSG

At the helm of the Forum and facilitating the launch event is Bobby Logue, managing director of Interconnective. Logue stated: “Due to increasing concerns surrounding Health and Safety incidents in the security sector, it’s entirely appropriate that the BSIA initiates the establishment of a high level Health and Safety Forum for its members. The purpose of this initiative is to understand the related industry-wide issues and collect statistics on all Health and Safety-focused incidents. This would then form the basis of an industry strategy aimed at reducing such occurrences.”

Logue continued: “Where necessary, the Forum could provide empirical evidence to the Security Industry Authority in terms of where the BSIA’s members believe additional industry-wide training needs are required as well as other regulatory measures that might be considered.”

Bobby Logue: managing director of Interconnective

Bobby Logue: managing director of Interconnective

Representatives of BSIA member companies interested in attending the launch event can register by completing an online form accessible via the following link: https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/SVC5Y9B

For more information on the BSIA and its representation of the security industry visit: http://www.bsia.co.uk

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Security company found guilty of supplying unlicensed officers to a children’s play centre

On Monday 13 October 2014 at Wimbledon Magistrates’ Court, a Lambeth-based security company was found guilty – in the absence of its director – of two charges of supplying unlicensed security officers, one incidence of which relates to a children’s play centre in Merton.

Wilson Lugolobi, director of Ace Consult who is believed to be outside of the UK, failed to co-operate with the Security Industry Authority’s (SIA) investigation and has failed to attend court. Lugolobi’s non-appearance at court in September resulted in a bench warrant being issued for his arrest.

Ace Consult UK (of Victoria House, South Lambeth Road) supplied unlicensed security officers to a children’s play centre in Merton between May and December 2013, and to a construction site in Southwark in November last year.

On Monday of this week, the court heard the case in Lugolobi’s absence and ruled that both charges against the company had been proven. The court levied a fine of £5,500, with a victim surcharge of £120, and awarded the SIA full costs totalling £8,267.

By law, security operatives working under contract and all door supervisors must hold and display a valid SIA licence card

By law, security operatives working under contract and all door supervisors must hold and display a valid SIA licence card

The arrest warrant for Lugolobi remains in force, and he faces charges relating to his capacity as a director of a security company.

SIA investigations manager Nathan Salmon commented: “The outcome of this case demonstrates the SIA’s ongoing commitment to pursue those companies that flagrantly disregard regulation, as well as taint the otherwise healthy reputation of today’s security industry.”

Salmon added: “In this case, one of the charges was aggravated in that it involved supplying an unlicensed security officer to a leisure centre for children. I’m satisfied the court took a similarly dim view of the way in which Ace Consult put children at risk. We will now pursue Mr Lugolobi through the courts in relation to his alleged role in these offences.”

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Charter Security dog patrols help reduce crime and anti-social behaviour in London’s Tower Hamlets

Residents in Tower Hamlets have praised a project that has helped to reduce crime in their neighbourhood. The ‘Dealer a Day’ programme sees Charter Security working with Tower Hamlets enforcement officers and Partnership Task Force (PTF) police officers to combat drug dealing and anti-social behaviour in an initiative led by the local authority.

In response to residents’ concerns, sniffer dogs and general patrol dogs are being used to detect a variety of items, including potential weapons and drugs. The pilot initiative began at the end of 2013, and was so successful it has been extended into an ongoing project.

That project has already achieved extremely positive results, disrupting numerous drug deals and detecting and seizing several quantities of cannabis. Indeed, recent raids have led to the seizure of heroin, cocaine and cannabis with a street value of over £6,000.

Regular patrols combat the problem at source, helping to disrupt and prevent drug deals taking place. The dog patrols target high risk areas during what would be considered ‘peak’ drug trading/anti-social behaviour hours.

Six tower blocks formed the pilot area, which has now been extended to cover 15. Stairwells of Tower Hamlets Homes managed properties are regularly visited and patrolled, and dogs are also used in open areas such as greens.

The ‘Dealer a Day’ programme sees Charter Security working with Tower Hamlets Enforcement Officers and Partnership Task Force (PTF) police officers to combat drug dealing and anti-social behaviour in an initiative led by the local authority

The ‘Dealer a Day’ programme sees Charter Security working with Tower Hamlets Enforcement Officers and Partnership Task Force (PTF) police officers to combat drug dealing and anti-social behaviour in an initiative led by the local authority

Bringing drug dealers to justice

Trevor Kennett, head of enforcement services at Tower Hamlets, explained: “I know that residents want the council, police and our partners to work together to stamp out drug dealing and bring drug dealers to justice. These latest patrols with Charter Security’s dog handling services are part of our continuing efforts to do just that.”

Part of Grosvenor Services, Charter Security has an impressive client list covering the commercial, construction and corporate sectors. Customers include Balfour Beatty, The Corporation of London and Network Rail. Services offered by the company include security guarding, key holding, alarm response, concierge and Front of House, Control Room management and CCTV monitoring, Mail Room services, dog handling and event and personal security.

Robert Hanratty, operations director for Charter Security, said: “We’re proud to have played such a key role in this project. It shows how successful partnership working between public and private sector organisations can produce excellent results – in this case a marked reduction in crime and anti-social behaviour.”

Established in Ireland back in 1959, Grosvenor Services is a family-owned and run facilities services company with operations throughout Ireland, the UK and the USA. The organisation provides corporate businesses in a range of sectors with the highest possible levels of service.

*For more information on Grosvenor Services visit: http://www.grosvenorservices.com, call +44 (0) 207 072 0934 or send an e-mail: enquiries@grosvenorservices.com

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Paul King joins The Shield Group as regional director

Paul King has been appointed regional director at The Shield Group, the UK’s largest independent Total Security Solutions provider.

King brings with him 25 years’ security sector experience to the role, the last 15 years having been spent in senior management positions which have contributed to exceptionally strong leadership and expert client relationship skills.

King will be based out of The Shield Group’s Manchester office and looking after the group’s Northern portfolio. His commitment to customer service and officer welfare will ensure that The Shield Group’s standards are maintained at the very highest level, and that back-up and support are always available to onsite teams by way of ensuring consistent service delivery.

Paul King: new regional director at The Shield Group

Paul King: new regional director at The Shield Group

For the last eight years, King has been a dedicated member of the Manchester City Crime Prevention Panel. Indeed, King was duly appointed chairman of this Panel at the end of last year.

Following King’s appointment, The Shield Group’s CEO John Roddy commented: “We’re delighted to be welcoming Paul to The Shield Group. Paul’s reputation has preceded him and his achievements, both in his previous role and with the Manchester City Crime Prevention Panel, have been nothing less than impressive. He will make for a great fit within our team.”

Commenting on his new role, King stated: “The opportunity to join The Shield Group gives me great pleasure, and I happily look forward to embarking on this new chapter in my security career. The Shield Group enjoys a great reputation within the industry, and I’m pleased to be able to contribute further to the company’s already long list of achievements thanks to my own personal experience and networks.”

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First three companies meet proposed SIA business licensing requirements

Renown Protection Limited, Stopfordian and West Valley are the first three companies to achieve product certification to British security standards from BSI to help them meet proposed Security lndustry Authority (SIA) business licensing requirements.

The SIA currently requires that all security staff are licensed. From 6 April 2015, in addition to individuals, proposed new regulation will require that all private security businesses also hold an SIA business licence in order to demonstrate their competence to deliver security services.

To meet this proposed new legal requirement, Renown Protection Limited, Stopfordian and West Valley have taken advantage of a new pathway for security companies to gain an SIA business licence via third party product certification to relevant British security standards with the BSI.

Renown Protection Limited knows it will need to gain a business licence in order to continue to operate on a legal basis when the new business licensing regime comes into force. However, as a small firm the company has had to consider all possible options (including potentially closing down the business).

“As a small company, we wondered if it was worth getting a licence, but when we looked into it more closely we saw we were already doing a lot of the things we’d need to do,” said Jay Hollick, managing director at Renown. “The biggest challenge lies in ‘winning hearts and minds’. However, once we got buy-in from everyone they understood why we needed to complete paperwork, for example, and they could see the benefit of regular training and in-house refreshers as well as keeping a record of Continuing Professional Development (CPD).”

By law, security operatives working under contract and all door supervisors must hold and display a valid SIA licence card

By law, security operatives working under contract and all door supervisors must hold and display a valid SIA licence card

This new route to compliance particularly benefits those businesses looking to provide clients with independent proof of their commitment to offering a quality service. “Product certification and licensing shows clients and prospects that this is how we do business. It proves it without us having to convince them,” added Hollick.

By placing more emphasis on staff training and development, the company has also seen improved staff performance and morale. “We have always taken pride in giving staff a thorough induction and training,” asserted Hollick, “but whereas it has been largely verbal in the past, it’s now much better documented and methodical. Staff are more motivated which means that our clients receive a better service.”

Building on performance and reputation

Stopfordian and West Valley see the product certification route as an opportunity to not only meet the proposed new statutory licensing requirements but also build on their existing good performance and reputation.

Earlier this year, Stopfordian formed a strategic partnership with West Valley. The two firms now work together to protect their collective clients at work, home and in-between. A key benefit of the product certification process has been in helping them both maintain their quality ethos, and building upon it to make day-to-day running of the businesses as efficient as possible.

The process has also enabled the companies to look deeper into what they do and how they do it, leading them to devise and implement improved structures and processes.

“The thorough approach to even seemingly small parts of the job meant that all aspects of the company were looked into, considered and improved,” explained Laura White, Stopfordian’s office manager. “For example, stringent key holding procedures ensure the safety of clients’ venues. While time-consuming, screening and vetting procedures are necessary and hugely beneficial as we’re able to verify that our staff are of the highest quality.”

White went on to state: “Product certification has ensured that the two companies mirror each other in terms of procedures and service. As a result, they are not only able to serve existing clients, but also to promote the new merged entity in a way that’s quality assured. We are now able to increase business while running the companies in the most efficient way, in turn saving money and driving profits.”

Suzanne Fribbins, risk management specialist at BSI, commented: “Renown Protection Limited, Stopfordian and West Valley should all be very proud of their achievement in being the first to receive third party product certification to meet the Government’s proposed new requirements for security companies. They can now demonstrate they have independently verified Best Practice processes in place which will provide their clients with peace of mind that any operative entering their venue has been stringently assessed. Compliance with the security industry’s proposed business licensing regime will also enhance their ability to win and retain contracts, and shows a clear commitment to continual improvement.”

View Case Studies here: http://www.bsigroup.com/LocalFiles/en-GB/SIA/case-studies/BSI-SIA-Product-Certification-Stopfordian-WestValley-case-study-UK-EN.pdf and here: http://www.bsigroup.com/LocalFiles/en-GB/SIA/case-studies/BSI-SIA-Product-Certification-Renown-case-study-EN-UK.pdf

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Pilgrims Group appoints Andrew Melvin to further develop UK security guarding service for end users

Commercial security expert Andrew Melvin has joined security risk mitigation specialist Pilgrims Group as the company’s UK business development director.

Melvin’s appointment follows a 21-year career with the police service and 12 successful years in the private security sector. He’ll now play a key role in developing Pilgrims Group’s domestic business and help continue to grow its security guarding service as a leading independent, dedicated security operation in the UK.

Melvin joins Pilgrims Group following his role as commercial director at The Shield Guarding Company. He’s a trustee of the Cross-Sector Safety and Security Communications (CSSC) charity, a legacy project of the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games, and also a member of the Institute of Directors.

Andrew Melvin: UK business development director at Pilgrims Group

Andrew Melvin: UK business development director at Pilgrims Group

Speaking about his new role, Melvin stated: “I have a passionate belief in the provision of professional, high quality security services through a specialised security company which is not too large and impersonal. Several large companies now dominating the market offer a range of other solutions, such as cleaning and catering, but I believe this dilutes the focus on security.”

Melvin continued: “Pilgrims Group provides one of the broadest ranges of services in this single specialist sector, delivering comprehensive security risk management. The company is completely dedicated to the provision of professional security within the UK and on the international stage. It has a highly experienced management team from backgrounds that include military, policing and intelligence services. I’m looking forward to working closely with the team and building Pilgrims Group’s presence in the UK.”

Pilgrims Group’s managing director Bill Freear added: “We’re delighted to welcome Andrew to the company. We have been looking for a very long time now to discover someone with his talents. We have long had the product and track record but needed the final piece in the puzzle which was someone to ‘lead the charge’. Andrew has all the essential ingredients to fit into the Pilgrims Group team and present our services to the domestic market. We have extensive ambitions to grow our security guarding service which will offer so many opportunities for our clients in the coming months and years.”

Jeremy Spring takes on CFO role

Pilgrims Group has also announced the appointment of Jeremy Spring as Chief Finance Officer.

An experienced Board director, Spring will bring key strategic leadership to Pilgrims Group given his expertise in areas such as growth management, business integration, corporate governance, working capital management, commercial finance and multi-national accounting.

Pilgrims Group’s clients will benefit from Spring’s direction of operational finance, calling on his hands-on knowledge of managing high volume payables and receivable teams, systems integration, accounting infrastructure and customer service.

Jeremy Spring of Pilgrims Group

Jeremy Spring of Pilgrims Group

Chief Operating Officer David Freear commented: “We’re thrilled that Jeremy has joined the company and excited to add such financial expertise to our senior management team in order to create, support and drive the strategy of the business.”

Jeremy Spring stated: “Pilgrims Group has grown significantly in the last five years, establishing itself as a trusted industry partner. Through the proven expert delivery of high quality services and the prioritisation of customer service, the Group is looking to build on its phenomenal reputation and I’m overjoyed to be joining at such an exciting time in the company’s life.”

A member of the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants, Spring arrives at Pilgrims Group having spent more than 15 years in the international customer services’ industry, most recently working for a fast-paced, industry-leading multinational corporation with a global footprint.

All you need to know about… Pilgrims Group

Pilgrims Group is a medium-sized company with a global network and a strong crisis management background.

The company provides security guarding and intelligence services for businesses across the UK, including clients operational in the pharmaceutical, media and oil sectors.

Pilgrims Group also operates in countries including Afghanistan, Libya, Iraq and Ukraine and has helped clients in times of international crises (including 2013’s tropical storm in the Philippines and the disasters in both New Orleans and Haiti).

Complementing its security guarding offer, Pilgrims Group’s consultancy services include crisis management, evacuation, relocation, business continuity plans and reviews, training and specialist security exercises.

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