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TDSi promotes British exporting excellence as ‘Export Champion’

Integrated security solutions manufacturer TDSi is supporting the UK Department for International Trade’s ‘Great’ initiative as an Export Champion, encouraging British businesses to think globally when it comes to tapping into potentially lucrative markets.

TDSi’s managing director, John Davies, who has personally been appointed as a South West Export Champion, commented: “TDSi has been actively exporting its products since 1984. Currently, exports comprise 40% of our sales. Whatever the outcome of the Brexit negotiations with the EU, there are huge opportunities in selling revered UK products and services around the globe. We’re keen to encourage and inspire other British businesses to embrace all available markets.”

The ‘Great’ scheme strives to encourage customers from around the world to engage with and buy from UK producers and expert service providers, while the latter offer advice and support (including legal, financial and networking assistance) for UK businesses looking to embrace these potential markets.


John Davies

As an Export Champion, TDSi is offering advice and experience to support other businesses looking to expand their export reach.

South East Asia and the Middle East

In conversation with Risk Xtra, Davies continued: “In the past, France and the EU have been our biggest export market, but South East Asia and the Middle East are due to eclipse their position this year. China is also a very important market for TDSi because, despite being one of the great ‘workshops of the world’, savvy security buyers there know British manufacturers like ourselves have a well-deserved reputation for offering innovation, quality and excellent value for money.”

Exporting shapes TDSi as a business. “It keeps us on our toes to deal with the competition and ensures we listen effectively to new customers and markets, adapting our products and services to maintain and establish relevance in each territory,” stated Davies.

Exporting also offers fresh opportunities aside from those in the domestic market. Davies said: “Despite being an SME manufacturer/exporter, we can take on the big boys, in other words competitors considerably larger than we are, and beat them. We offer specialised, top-quality security solutions and are highly responsive with great service delivery. This is why we’re winning in these overseas markets.”

Project involvement

TDSi has capitalised on these advantages by working on many impressive projects, including China Petroleum’s headquarters in Beijing (where it beat a $20 billion competitor), the Shanghai Metro and other Metro systems in China along with telecom and electricity companies in Thailand, Brunei and Malaysia.

In conclusion, Davies observed: “We’re keen to share this experience and knowledge through schemes such as ‘Great’, helping other UK companies to embrace a diverse selection of potential markets and help ensure the nation remains a powerful force in the sphere of international trade and exports.”

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Continued solid growth for first nine months of 2018 reported by ISS Group

ISS, the global provider of facility services, has published its interim financial report for the first nine months of 2018. Organic growth stands at 3.2% in the first nine months and 3.4% in Q3 (Q2 2018: 3.2%), supported by contract launches and the expansion of global key account contracts as well as continued demand for non-portfolio services.

Total revenue decreased by 0.9% in the first nine months and 0.7% in Q3 (Q2 2018: 1.6%). The decrease in the first nine months was driven by negative currency effects of 4.1% partly offset by organic growth, while effects from acquisitions and divestments were flat for the first nine months.

Operating margin of 4.9% in the first nine months (2017: 5.4%) and 6.1% in Q3 (Q3 2017: 6.3%) reflects contracts phasing in and out, albeit less than for previous quarters. The net impact of acquisitions and divestments as well as currency translation effects was negative by 3 bps for the first nine months and positive by 6 bps for Q3.

Operating profit before other items amounted to DKK 2,901 million in the first nine months (2017: DKK 3,203 million), including negative currency translation effects of DKK 132 million, and DKK 1,189 million in Q3 (Q3 2017: DKK 1,249 million).


Jeff Gravenhorst

Net profit (adjusted) decreased to DKK 1,387 million in the first nine months of 2018 (2017: DKK 1,820 million), mainly due to lower operating profit before other items, higher other income and expenses, net and higher financial income and expenses, net.

Net profit was DKK 437 million in the first nine months (2017: DKK 1,501 million) mainly as a consequence of goodwill impairment due to re-measurement of businesses classified as held for sale in the Netherlands, Argentina and Uruguay as well as France.

Cash conversion

Cash conversion over the last 12 months is 91% (Q2 2018: 97%) due to the mobilisation of Deutsche Telekom and the timing of collections and payments. Excluding the mobilisation of Deutsche Telekom, the cash conversion was 95%.

Free cash flow was an outflow of DKK 960 million for the first nine months (2017: an inflow of DKK 2 million), mainly driven by changes in working capital and lower cash flow from operating activities including the mobilisation of Deutsche Telekom and negative currency translation effects.

Net debt was DKK 13,971 million at 30 September 2018 (30 September 2017: DKK 13,913 million). Leverage at 30 September 2018 was 2.9x (30 September 2017: 2.7x), impacted by lower operating profit before other items mainly driven by negative currency translation effects. Capital allocation and leverage objectives for the business remain unchanged.

Revenue from key accounts amounts to 56% of Group revenue in the first nine months (H1 2018: 53%). Revenue from global key accounts decreased by 3% in constant currency in the first nine months and represents 13% of Group revenue (H1 2018: 12%).

Revenue generated from IFS increased by 9% in constant currency in the first nine months of 2018 leading to a total share of 40% of Group revenue (H1 2018: 39%).

The Group is committed to maintain a nominal ordinary dividend paid in 2019 at least equal to 2018.

Comment from the Group CEO

Jeff Gravenhorst, Group CEO at ISS, said: “We continued to deliver solid organic growth supported by contract launches and expansions within our strategic segments. In Q3, we extended our contract with Nordea for five years. In addition, we won TSB Bank in the UK and successfully expanded the Post Nord contract across the Nordics. Our margins are in line with expectations and slightly lower compared to last year due to contract rotation. We continue to increase our focus on key accounts and refine our portfolio in line with our strategy. Our pipeline is good which, together with the launch of Deutsche Telekom, will support organic growth for the organisation going into 2019.”

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Plimsoll analysis reveals UK security industry to be “outperforming” major European markets

A new study from global market analyst Plimsoll Publishing indicates that the UK’s security industry is outperforming major European markets as average sales growth reaches 4.7%.

Plimsoll’s findings – in the wake of analysing companies’ financial performance in the UK, French, Italian and Spanish security markets – reveals that businesses in the UK are outpacing their European counterparts in the sales department.

On average, each company in the UK is growing at 4.7%, followed by Spanish companies at 3.2% with Italian and French companies growing at 2.2% and 0.8% respectively.

Region Average company sales growth Average company pre-tax profit margin
UK 4.7% 2.1%
France 0.8% 3.9%
Italy 2.2% 1%
Spain 3.2% 1.8%


Despite UK companies growing the fastest, and firms in France seemingly struggling for growth, it appears the French are actually deriving the best return on their bottom line with average margins at 4%.

David Pattison, Plimsoll’s senior analyst, said: “The challenge for any company is to balance sales growth and commercial strength. It appears growth in the UK market is occurring profitably as average margins have risen in the latest year. However, it’s the French market that’s of real interest. It appears the French market is growing slowly but, with the majority of companies appearing to be adverse to debt, it allows these security companies to make healthy margins.

Pattison added: “Clearly, the ability to maximise their resources and drive the company harder is proving key to their competitiveness.”

This new Plimsoll study individually analyses the largest and most important security companies across Europe and allows key decision-makers to gain a unique insight into each company’s strengths and weaknesses in one language and currency.

*To understand which companies are growing the fastest and to see who’s making profit, the Plimsoll European Security Study is available to buy for £800 +VAT. Readers of this article are entitled to a £50 discount and can purchase the report by e-mailing chrisg@plimsoll.co.uk and quoting the reference number PREURO

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