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Thales secures connectivity of Highways Agency with five-year Public Services Network contract

Thales has been awarded a five-year contract to provide secure network connectivity services for the Highways Agency.

Let under the UK Government’s Public Services Network (PSN) connectivity framework, the contract will see Thales deliver a range of services to the Highways Agency including network connectivity, encryption security, Wide Area Networks, Local Area Networks and remote access services for employees.

The Thales solution will enable the Highways Agency to exploit modern, secure communications that conform to the Government’s PSN standards, improving cyber security while significantly reducing ICT costs and improving operational effectiveness.

The backbone of the Thales solution is a secure, accredited network service that will link 49 sites across the United Kingdom. That secure network will enable improved information sharing between Highways Agency sites while also supporting secure voice and improved data communications services.

Thales will manage transformation and migration of all users from their existing network to the new encrypted service. The company will also provide gateway services ensuring the data integrity and security of information while at the same time allowing Highways Agency staff to work more flexibly and efficiently.

Thales will also supply a high security Remote Access Solution (RAS) to enable users to connect securely to the Highways Agency networks from remote or home-based locations.

Reduced costs, improved security

“Thales is looking forward to working with the Highways Agency to deliver a network solution that will significantly reduce costs, improve security and enhance operational effectiveness,” explained Phil Naybour, vice-president of secure communications and information systems at Thales UK.

“Thales aims to be a leading provider of secure network and cyber security services for UK Government and Critical National Infrastructure. Securing this contract, which is one of the largest contracts awarded under PSN, helps to confirm Thales as one of the leading providers of PSN connectivity solutions where there’s a requirement for enhanced security.”

Thales will support the Highways Agency contract using project managers and engineers from its Network Operations Centre in Doncaster and its facility in Basingstoke, home to a new Cyber Security Operations Centre.

The Highways Agency is an executive agency of the Department for Transport and is responsible for operating, maintaining and improving the strategic road network in England on behalf of the Secretary of State for Transport.

Aim of the Public Services Network

The aim of the Public Services Network (PSN) is to create a single network based on industry standards and, in so doing, create a more open and competitive ICT marketplace at the heart of the UK public sector.

PSN will substantially reduce the cost of communication services across UK Government and enable new, joined-up and shared public services for the benefit of citizens.

The PSN programme uses two commercial frameworks: one for connectivity and one for services. Both the PSN connectivity and the services frameworks are now operational.

As one of the few companies to supply both PSN frameworks, Thales provides a full suite of secure network and cyber security assessment, audit and assurance capabilities.

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