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SASIG forms all-new Independent Advisory Board

The Security Awareness Special Interest Group (SASIG) has established an Independent Advisory Board for its forthcoming ‘Big SASIG’ event comprising Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs) and industry experts who have been hand-picked for their wide-ranging expertise and knowledge of the cyber security industry.

The new Independent Advisory Board will assess proposed presentations and workshops taking place at ‘Big SASIG’, the flagship in-person SASIG event. The one-day conference will focus on the role of cyber security resilience and consider how the business community and public sector organisations are preparing for, responding to and recovering from cyber attacks.

The exclusive, invitation-only event is taking place on Wednesday 25 May in the City of London.

Mark Walmsley, global CISO and managing director at Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer, has been appointed chair of the ‘Big SASIG’ Independent Advisory Board.

Commenting on his appointment, Walmsley stated: “Our role is to make sure that the agenda at ‘Big SASIG’ features what matters most to cyber security professionals. Our sector insight is intended to maintain SASIG as the cyber security network of choice, where members can debate solutions, exchange examples of Best Practice and garner positive change in confidence.”

Martin Smith MBE, founder and chair of the SASIG, added: “The new Independent Advisory Board will keep ‘Big SASIG’ on top of the biggest issues in cyber security. Our ethos is different. Delegates come first, while vendors and users meet as equals. ‘Big SASIG’ is a real learning experience, delivered by experts from both the user community and partners. Together, they can explore risks, strategies and real-life improvements such that they can prepare for and prevent cyber attacks.”

Independent Advisory Board members

The members of the ‘Big SASIG’ Independent Advisory Board include:

*Mark Walmsley (chair)

*Helen Rabe (global CISO, Abcam)

*Andrew Gould (Detective Chief Superintendent and lead for the National Cyber Crime Programme at the National Police Chiefs’ Council)

*Mandy Haeburn-Little (CEO of Business Resilience International Management)

*Andrew Gudgeon OBE (head of ERM and operational risk for the UK and Ireland at Zurich Insurance)

*Jim Griffiths (head of information security, governance, risk and compliance at British Sugar)

*Paul Norton (founder and CEO of CyberHalo),  

*Sir Ian Andrews CBE (vice-chair of the National Preparedness Commission, former chair of the Serious Organised Crime Agency and senior independent director for NHS Digital)

*Steven Wilson (CEO of the Cyber Defence Alliance)

More information on the Independent Advisory Board can be found online at https://bigsasig.com/advisory-board/

To register your interest in ‘Big SASIG’ access the registration link at https://event.bigsasig.com/event/6d11b7c9-8224-40e6-8005-bef8deb314aa/regProcessStep1:61b10ddc-db89-49c2-8dad-c938bb695efc

The inaugural ‘Big SASIG’ event was held in March last year. ‘Big SASIG 2’runs at 155 Bishopsgate in central London and will bring the cyber security community together once again. To register as a delegate visit https://bigsasig.com

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‘Big SASIG’ Cyber Security Conference to feature ‘Cyber Resilience in the Real World’

The Security Awareness Special Interest Group (SASIG) has confirmed that the second edition of its one-day cyber security conference dubbed ‘Big SASIG’ will focus on resilience – ie preparing for, responding to and recovering from cyber attacks – in the real world. 

The unique environment of ‘Big SASIG’ explores the challenges facing cyber security professionals across all sectors. This exclusive invitation-only event is taking place on Wednesday 25 May 2022 in the City of London. The concept has proven extremely popular in the cyber security community following the hugely successful first edition, which was held virtually in March 2021. 

The second edition, to be held in an ‘in-person’ scenario, will feature keynote presentations from high-profile industry experts and a series of dedicated workshops covering how businesses should build resilience, how to view cyber security as a trigger rather than a risk.

Martin Smith MBE, founder and chair of SASIG, said: “Our community has been through a turbulent period that has seen a renewed focus on cyber security. Protecting data, delivering remote working protocols and ensuring safety and security continue to be top priorities. ‘Big SASIG’ is the latest innovation to help cyber security professionals share experiences and learn from their peers and supporters. This second edition of the conference will see the community join forces once again in person.” 

With all content being reviewed by the SASIG Independent Advisory Board, presentations will focus on highlighting the need for solid IT foundations to cope with fast-moving cyber criminal activity, as well as robust levels of employee security awareness to protect organisations from all angles.

Peer-to-peer engagement 

Mark Walmsley, CISO at Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer and chair of the SASIG Independent Advisory Board, commented: “At the core of ‘Big SASIG’ is peer-to-peer engagement at a high level. Facilitating informative, educational and thought-provoking debates so that CISOs can share experiences and learn from each other is what it’s all about. Doing business is a critical component of recovery from the pandemic. With this in mind, we’re excited at the prospect of this forum helping to create new opportunities for the upcoming year.” 

The inaugural edition of ‘Big SASIG’ welcomed more than 500 high-level participants, including CISOs and security directors from a cross-section of leading UK businesses and organisations, among them Barclays, the Cabinet Office, GlaxoSmithKline, HSBC, Microsoft, the Ministry of Defence, McLaren, npower and Telefonica UK.

‘Big SASIG’ is supported by (among others) Kaspersky, Verizon, Synack, Schroders, CybSafe, the British Standards Institution, Mandiant, SentinelOne, Tessian, Secrutiny.  

*For more information on the second edition of ‘Big SASIG’ visit www.bigsasig.com 

**To register for the event access https://event.bigsasig.com/event/6d11b7c9-8224-40e6-8005-bef8deb314aa/register

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SASIG warns cyber security profession to meet growing social media threat

The Security Awareness Special Interest Group (SASIG) is calling on cyber security professionals to strengthen procedures surrounding the use of social media. The warning about the growing threat posed by social media to the integrity of data and network security emerged during this week’s conference entitled ‘Cyber Security: The Implications of Social Media’ that was organised by SASIG in conjunction with The University of Surrey.

The audience of cyber security specialists explored the implications of the far-reaching change brought about by social media and how people interact on different platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, WeChat and others, highlighting the consequences of casual Internet surfing and posting.

Martin Smith MBE, founder and chairman of SASIG, informed upwards of 200 delegates that social media networks have become one of the biggest gateways for cyber criminals targeting individuals and businesses to gain access to sensitive information and data networks.

Smith stated: “Social media activity has boomed during the last decade and is now an integral part of communications for commercial and personal users. It creates many challenges for both business and personal use and can expose users to unintended risks.”

He continued: “Social media and Internet users often give up a considerable amount of personal data. However, if such information falls into cyber criminals’ hands, they can easily build a profile that gives them the capability to access sensitive personal and financial information.”

Further, Smith observed: “The new Online Safety Bill could prove to be a vital tool in the challenge to tackle the criminal gangs who target unsuspecting individuals and businesses. We strongly recommend that all organisations should take steps to strengthen their cyber security systems against attacks via social channels. Using a combination of education about threats and introducing stringent protocols can protect against misuse.”

Cyber Security Skills Festival

Career opportunities, skills and resources that protect commerce, industry and public services from cyber attacks will feature at the third annual Cyber Security Skills Festival being organised by SASIG in partnership with the UK Cyber Security Council. The event runs on Tuesday 22 February. 

Established back in 2004, SASIG is a peer networking forum for cyber security professionals who represent hundreds of organisations of all sizes here in the UK and emanate from both the public and private sectors.

SASIG boasts more than 6,000 members including Chief Information Security Officers and other decision-makers and influencers with responsibility for information security, as well as academics and Government agencies.

Annually, SASIG curates more than 150 information webinars and in-person events covering topical cyber security issues impacting business, commerce, Government agencies and other public sector organisations.

*Further information is available online at www.thesasig.com 

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