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OPTEX set to bring live and interactive product showcases to The Security Event

OPTEX’s UK team will be exhibiting at The Security Event in Birmingham from 5-7 April in order to showcase a range of leading solutions for creating an effective multi-layered security system, as well as demonstrating how the company’s award-winning Intelligent Visual Monitoring solution can play an integral role in protecting commercial and residential premises.

The team will be present on Stand B30 in Hall 3 at the NEC to explain how different technologies can be used to provide highly accurate and highly reliable intrusion detection based on layers of protection. This protection is suitable for a whole range of applications, from residential and home security through to Data Centres and industrial facilities and on again to large-scale entertainment facilities.

An area of Stand B30 will be dedicated to the multi-layered approach for commercial and high-security sites. This will include OPTEX’s fibre optic sensors for fenced and buried perimeter applications, in addition to the Redwall long range volumetric sensors for approach detection.

Further, OPTEX will demonstrate the new functionalities and intelligence recently added to its long-range LiDARs, including dynamic event filtering, which allows for alerts to be configured in order to meet specific detection criteria or logic.

Live demonstrations

Throughout The Security Event, OPTEX is going to be running live demonstrations of its Intelligent Visual Monitoring. This brings together all components of a given security set-up to create a visually verified solution that can be professionally monitored by trained operates at any participating Alarm Receiving Centre, thereby creating a highly reliable security solution that eliminates false alarms.

“The 2021 edition of The Security Event was very successful and we expect even more visitors this year,” explained Mathew Oakley, OPTEX UK’s sales manager. “For that reason, we have allocated more space on our stand to facilitate additional demonstrations and pods.” 

Oakley continued: “Many people in the industry know us for specific products being under the OPTEX or REDWALL brand, but very few know the breadth or our full portfolio from indoor Grade 2 and Grade 3 PIRs through to Centre for the Protection of National Infrastructure-approved fibre optic products. We can cater for all intrusion detection needs.”

In conclusion, Oakley informed Security Matters: “We’re looking forward to catching up with our customers and engaging with anyone who’s interested in perimeter protection and intrusion detection systems.”

*OPTEX will be exhibiting on Stand B30 in Hall 3 at The Security Event, which runs from 5-7 April at the NEC in Birmingham

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Gallagher named first manufacturer to achieve CAPSS 2021 standard

Security technology developer Gallagher has become “the first manufacturer to achieve the Cyber Assurance for Physical Security Systems (CAPSS) 2021 standard” with its Command Centre software and High Security Controller 6000 product. Gallagher is delivering high-security solutions for Governments in the Five Eyes alliance, along with providing confidence for the management teams at Critical National Infrastructure sites that its software and hardware meets the toughest of cyber security-focused requirements.

Richard Huison, regional general manager for the UK and Europe at Gallagher, informed Security Matters: “Meeting this standard proves to ourselves, our channel partners, our customers and Her Majesty’s Government that we are at the top of our game.”

Huison continued: “Along with other manufacturers, Gallagher was part of the market research conducted by the Centre for the Protection of National Infrastructure (CPNI) to establish how new technology would influence the latest 2021 standard. Obsolescence occurs fairly quickly based on an ever-changing environment. On that basis, the standards must evolve.”

National security

The CPNI focuses on national security in the UK by helping to reduce vulnerability to terrorism and other threats posed to the national infrastructure. 

Gallagher’s Command Centre and High Security Controller 6000 had already passed the CAPSS 2015 standard testing procedure and was included in the CPNI’s Catalogue of Security Equipment (CSE). The CSE is designed to help organisations choose appropriate physical security equipment to protect the assets for which they are directly responsible.

“To be listed in the CSE provides assurance for all customers, not just our high-security and critical infrastructure customers,” stated Huison. “Gallagher is the only manufacturer that sits across multiple categories in the CSE, providing assurance across the various components that make up the Gallagher system,”

Within the CSE, Gallagher sits across the Access Control Equipment, CAPSS Approved and Detection and Tracking Systems categories. Gallagher’s Z10 Tension Sensor was added for the first time last year, while its Command Centre and High Security Controller 6000 were tested to the CAPSS 2021 v1.1 standard and added this month.

Cyber protection

“As we’ve seen in the news recently, with cyber threats growing in sophistication, it follows that cyber protection has never been more important,” explained Daniel McVeagh, value stream lead at Gallagher. “Cyber security is an essential part of Gallagher’s physical security solutions. Achieving the CAPSS 2021 standard provides our customers in the UK with confidence that their Gallagher system will not be the weakest link in protecting against a cyber attack.”

Gallagher has a proven track record and reputation when it comes to the delivery of high security solutions around the globe, meeting some of the world’s most stringent physical and cyber security-related Government standards.

McVeagh concluded: “We’re committed to delivering solutions that meet Government compliance standards, not just in the UK, but around the world, and particularly so across the Five Eyes nations.”

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Gallagher’s perimeter security technology achieves latest CPNI standards

Gallagher’s Electronic Perimeter Intrusion Detection System (E-PIDS) now boasts an extra seal of approval having achieving the latest Centre for the Protection of National Infrastructure (CPNI) standards, with the Z10 Tension Sensor added to the Catalogue for Security Equipment (CSE) for the first time.

Meeting these latest standards further demonstrates Gallagher’s commitment to delivering high-security solutions for Governments in the ‘Five Eyes’ alliance.

The CPNI is the UK Government’s National Technical Authority for physical and personnel protective security. To gain approval, systems must go through rigorous testing to ensure they meet the required standards outlined by the CPNI and provide the protection needed for the UK’s Critical National Infrastructure.

Gallagher’s latest range of perimeter technology solutions has once again successfully achieved the latest standards and remains in the CPNI’s CSE, with the addition of the Z10 Tension Sensor. The CSE is designed to help organisations choose appropriate physical security equipment that will then protect the assets for which they’re responsible.

Assurance for customers

“To be listed in the CSE provides assurance for all customers, not just those in the high-security and critical infrastructure space,” explained Richard Huison, regional general manager for the UK and Europe at Gallagher. “Businesses of all sizes and industries are adopting the attitude that: ‘If it’s good enough for the Government to use, then it’s good enough for my business as well’.”

Two variations of Gallagher’s Monitored Pulse Fence were tested. Both passed the CPNI’s stringent alarm threshold and full attack testing in an external environment over an eight-month period.

Huison has explained that the results of the false alarm testing over this period demonstrated the reliability of Gallagher’s Monitored Pulse Fence.

“We received a report every month,” affirmed Huison, “and there were no alarm activations that couldn’t be accounted for (ie adverse weather or wildlife interfering with the fence). For the majority of PIDS, these kinds of results are pretty much unheard of and validate precisely why our Monitored Pulse Fence is the ultimate in both deterrence and detection, providing outstanding performance levels for our customers.”

Huison continued: “Gallagher protects more than 800 UK sites with its perimeter technology. A large number of these sites are critical infrastructure or military-focused. Across the UK and Europe, we’re helping to keep the lights on, water flowing and the gas lit. Having a robust and resilient system in place with minimal false alarms is key to a successful solution for these customers.”

Z10 Tension Sensor

Gallagher’s Z10 Tension Sensor was included in the latest round of CPNI testing and proved to be pivotal in achieving the latest standards. The Z10 Tension Sensor measures the mechanical disturbance of a tensioned fence wire to raise an alarm whenever a wire’s deflected during an attack. It continuously measures and reports wire tension in real-time to identify when maintenance is required, or if the security fencing has been damaged in some way.

“Our Z10 Tension Sensor is an absolute game-changer for perimeter detection,” observed Huison. “It adds an extra layer of security to the system that increases the probability of detection over and above the high probability of detection our Monitored Pulse Fence solution already provides.”

Also, the Z10 Tension Sensor takes cyber resilience to the fence line with the HBUS communication protocol, which itself protects against attacks, including sophisticated cyber attacks, between edge devices and control hardware, duly raising alarms if communications are tampered with in any way.

“If an attacker touches a Gallagher Monitored Pulse Fence, it gives them a compelling reason not to touch it again,” noted Huison. “While safe, people are inherently afraid of an electric shock. Over the years, monitored pulse fencing has proven to be the best and most effective intrusion detection and deterrent an organisation can choose at the procurement stage.”

‘Five Eyes’ nations

Gallagher has delivered systems to meet Government compliance standards, particularly so across the ‘Five Eyes’ nations, for more than 20 years now.

“As a responsible manufacturer, we’re committed to attaining the correct approvals and standards across all the markets in which we operate,” explained Kevin Godfrey, strategic business development manager for the UK and Europe at Gallagher. “It’s one of the things we do extremely well.”

Godfrey went on to state: “Achieving CPNI approvals and meeting national standards is recognised and valued by our customers and provides critical infrastructure and Government agencies alike with the assurance they need. It’s Gallagher’s investment in meeting these standards that has given us the longevity and continuity of business here in the UK for more than 25 years.”

Richard Huison concluded by observing that Gallagher is the only manufacturer that sits across multiple categories in the CSE, providing CPNI assurance across the various components that make up the Gallagher system.

“No other manufacturer sits across Access Control Equipment, CAPSS Approved and Detection and Tracking Systems which benefits customers with one robust, assured system from the perimeter to the core. This, along with the fact that Gallagher was invited to work with the Cabinet Office in the development and testing of GovPass, a new functional standard developed to provide one access credential for all Government buildings in the UK, is what sets us apart.”

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Temporary high security perimeter protection delivered by Hörmann UK

Designed to realisee the very highest security standards, Hörmann UK offers a range of Hostile Vehicle Mitigation (HVM) systems that deliver a flexible and temporary solution for the protection of entrances, outside venues and events.

OktaBlock, the company’s mobile vehicle blocker, has been developed as a direct response to ‘Vehicle-as-a-Weapon’-style terrorist attacks. Designed to replace temporary concrete or similar barriers, OktaBlock provides the highest standards in safety and flexibility, while also being easy to deploy without the costs normally associated with fixed security bollards or blockers.

Tested as a single module, OktaBlock has been proven to stop a 7.5-tonne truck travelling at 50 km/h and is certified according to international crash standards PAS68 and IWA14-1.

Ideal for areas where fastenings into the sub-surface are not possible, OktaBlock can be arranged individually, in rows or offset, thereby offering a completely flexible solution to meet each venue’s specific requirements.

Due to its axisymmetric geometry, OktaBlock has no predefined impact side, which means the angle of the collision is inconsequential, making it equally suitable for a variety of situations from narrow streets and cycle paths through to wider pedestrian areas. OktaBlock has been designed to be unobtrusive, making it suitable for specification throughout public spaces.

Recently, OktaBlock has been awarded the Centre for the Protection of National Infrastructure’s Vehicle Attack Delay Standard ratings in specific configurations using four to eight units. These can protect entryways from as little as 2.5 metres wide or linked together in sequence to prevent vehicle access to a much wider concourse, while in parallel still allowing free pedestrian access without bottlenecks.

OktaMover launch

The recent launch of the OktaMover manual handling device makes it simple to install and remove OktaBlock, while providing ease of access for Emergency Services/rescue vehicles as and when required. With its tamper-proof and non-flammable construction, there’s also no need for physical guarding before, during and after the event.

The Hörmann 500 SF and 1000 SF road blockers have been designed for the protection of temporary or permanent entrances and passages. Installed without the need for foundation works, they’re certified to PAS68/IWA14-1/ASTM standards, with the 1000 SF capable of withstanding the impact of a 7.5-tonne vehicle at speeds of up to 50 km/h.

Offering a high visibility deterrent, the SF road blockers are available in two barrier heights, specifically 500 mm or 1,000 mm, and in widths of up to 5.5 metres. They’ve been developed to enable simple and fast fixing on to existing concrete finished floor surfaces without the need for costly groundwork, with only the provision of a suitable power supply needed.

Optionally fitted with an emergency fast operation function, both the 500 and 1000 SF road blockers are suitable for frequent use and capable of managing 2,000 cycles per day.

Effective physical security

Mark Lester, internal doors manager at Hörmann UK, explained: “Both the OktaBlock and SF range of road blockers provide effective security and are simple to install, making them ideal for situations where a temporary vehicle blocking solution is needed.”

Lester went on to state: “Both product ranges have been designed and developed to ensure that the exacting standards of protection required haven’t been compromised in any way. They can be used to provide flexible access control and security in a wide variety of applications.”

In conclusion, Lester noted: “They can be used to form part of a family of cutting-edge perimeter protection systems, all offering the Hörmann guarantee of reliability and high quality.” 

*For further information on Hörmann UK’s product suite visit www.hormann.co.uk

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360 Vision Technology “leads the way” in high security, CAPSS-approved cyber security

360 Vision Technology has announced that its ruggedised PTZ surveillance cameras are now the only camera product in the sector to be Cyber Assurance of Physical Security Systems (CAPSS) approved by way of the Centre for the Protection of National Infrastructure (CPNI), as well as being ISO 27001 compliant.

In addition to advanced built-in cyber security capable of protection against the very real threats faced by surveillance system operators, 360 Vision Technology boasts an enviable track record in delivering specialist camera solutions designed to meet with specific customer and application-driven requirements.

This product engineering flexibility, coupled with high security protection, has paid real dividends, with significant sales and specification of the firm’s cameras for high-profile Critical National Infrastructure (CNI) projects.


“360 Vision has worked very hard to be ahead of the game in the vital area of system security,” said Mark Rees, managing director at 360 Vision Technology. “We recognised some time ago that robust cyber security would become a determining factor in the selection of camera technology for CNI and other high-security applications, so our team of software developers was briefed to ensure that these threats can be averted.”

Rees added: “As a UK-based surveillance camera manufacturer, we’re extremely adept at responding to customer requirements, which has resulted in some very exciting product deployments. Today, 360 Vision finds itself in an enviable position in the security camera market, whereby system designers and end users looking to fulfil product performance flexibility and high security applications are choosing the company as their ‘go to’ camera technology partner.”

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Intergrated Security Manufacturing reports on successful Security and Policing event

Intergrated Security Manufacturing (ISM) has hailed the success of Security and Policing 2018, the official UK Government global security event, reporting positive interest in its latest Integrated Security Management System (ISMS): a technology that takes Physical Information Management (PSIM) technology to “another level”.

The three-day event hosted at the Farnborough International Exhibition and Conference Centre was the perfect opportunity for ISM to showcase its Genesys ISMS, a fully-integrated security management system capable of integrating and controlling multiple technologies, devices and sites from a single platform.

Attendees at Security and Policing 2018 included representatives from various police services, Government departments and the Emergency Services, key providers of national infrastructure and organisations from across the UK and overseas.


Geoff Pye of ISM

Genesys is the ideal ISMS platform for operators of Critical National Infrastructure sites. It’s already proven and operating in sites across the world. ISM recently received formal notification from the Centre for the Protection of National Infrastructure (CPNI) that Genesys has met its standard for CAPSS, which means that this solution is ‘Approved for UK Government Use’.

Geoff Pye, commercial director at ISM, enthused: “Security and Policing 2018 was the perfect platform to showcase Genesys, and particularly so following our recent CPNI approval for use of the system on UK Government sites. The event attracts the right audience and we received some very positive feedback.”

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ISM’s Genesys Enterprise ISMS technology meets CPNI standard for CAPSS

Intergrated Security Manufacturing (ISM) has received formal notification from the Centre for the Protection of National Infrastructure (CPNI) that its Genesys integrated security management system (ISMS) has met the CPNI’s standard for CAPSS.

Genesys will be included in the Catalogue of Security Equipment and can be advertised as being “Approved for UK Government Use. For details contact the CPNI.”


Stephen Smith

Steve Smith, managing director of ISM, is delighted with the news. “Genesys goes beyond Physical Security Information Management to offer unparalleled scale, redundancy and ease of use for operators of Critical National Infrastructure sites,” stated Smith. “Already in widespread use across the world, Genesys is a proven solution.”

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360 Vision Technology and Visual Management Systems guard against cyber attacks

As more and more security systems and devices become IP networked, it’s important for security installers and end users alike to consider how their systems will be protected against the possibility of cyber attacks. Providing a solution to the concerns around cyber security and hacking, CCTV specialist 360 Vision Technology has partnered with software control provider Visual Management Systems to provide security operators with an effective solution designed to guard against IP surveillance system cyber attacks.

Without the right level of network security measures in place, system users can be left vulnerable, resulting in exposure to the type of hacking and malware attacks that have recently hit the news headlines.

A serious security breach of an IP network can lead to system inoperability and network downtime and, at worst, direct access to corporate networks for the cyber criminals.

To provide IP surveillance system installers and operators with peace of mind, when used together both 360 Vision Technology cameras and Visual Management Systems’ TITAN SECURE Physical Security Information Management system can exceed 802.1x authentication protocols and encryption to provide “the ultimate protection” for surveillance networks via the latest patent pending technology.


Designed to Centre for the Protection of National Infrastructure standards, this advanced protocol and encryption technology is said to offer a “far higher level” of hacking protection.

Advanced cyber attack protection

Ultimately, security and IT managers have much to gain by implementing the security advantages of a 802.1x authenticated network. Conversely, they also have a lot to lose should they ignore the security risks involved.

“As part of our ongoing development of products and deep integration techniques, we looked closely at the vulnerabilities of current camera systems and found that expert hackers could easily take control of standard network cameras, and even those models with HTTPS certification,” explained John Downie, sales director at Visual Management Systems. “Employing 802.1x authentication at both the camera and control end using 360 Vision Technology cameras and TITAN SECURE in combination is the most effective way in which to fully secure an IP camera network.”

Mark Rees, business development director at 360 Vision Technology, added: “Designed to protect organisations against hacking and ransomware attacks, the latest 360 Vision Technology IP surveillance cameras include advanced 802.1x encryption protection. Designed and built in the UK, our high-performance camera technology offers customers proven reliability, advanced imaging performance and effective cyber security for use within any high or general level camera surveillance application.”

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Five key security scenarios for OPTEX’s sensors at IFSEC International 2017

At IFSEC International 2017, sensor manufacturer OPTEX will be exhibiting a range of different products and solutions centred around five key security scenarios from perimeter protection and tailgating detection to Internet of Things (IoT)-based alarm systems.

Within a high security perimeter protection zone, OPTEX will showcase its Centre for the Protection of National Infrastructure-approved fibre optic fence detection system. The Fiber Sensys FD-322 Series solution detects intruders climbing or attempting to cut through a fence.

OPTEX’s REDSCAN RLS-3060 can create another layer of security around the perimeter fence to warn if anyone or any vehicle is approaching.

The perimeter intrusion detection systems have been fully integrated with the GEMOS PSIM platform and can trigger video surveillance drones to fly to the point of intrusion and send a live video stream to the Security Control Centre.


In a second zone, OPTEX will be showcasing its time of flight technology, allowing visitors to IFSEC gain a better understanding of its capabilities. This technology allows a scene to be mapped in 3D and give an accurate representation of the objects present. It’s used in Accurance 3D, OPTEX’s tailgating detection system for interlocks, and could also be used for other applications such as object protection.

The award-winning laser scan detector REDSCAN RLS-2020 will also be at the show, with OPTEX representatives demonstrating its ability to protect assets and detect people jumping over turnstiles or climbing through skylights. This solution is already proven in identifying small objects or thrown objects being smuggled into restricted areas.

For both commercial and residential security, OPTEX will be demonstrating its new wireless infrared beam (namely the SL-TNR) that works with universal batteries (CR123) and can be partly hardwired, as well as its new range of pre-built beam towers.


The last zone will include live demonstrations of how OPTEX’s wireless outdoor sensors, including the new VX Shield Series, are ideally suited to IoT applications, sending alarms and other data via the cloud to a smart phone or remote monitoring station.

Jacques Vaarre, managing director of OPTEX, stated: “We feel that the live demonstration route is the best way to show the range of applications that can be achieved with our sensors. In addition to exhibiting at IFSEC International 2017, we’ll also be making presentations in the Borders and Infrastructure and Security Management Theatres to discuss innovations around access control systems and deliver Case Studies focused on protecting critical infrastructure against intrusion.”

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Honeywell’s Galaxy Dimension intruder portfolio approved for use in UK critical infrastructure projects

Honeywell has announced that its Galaxy Dimension intruder detection portfolio has been approved for use by UK Government security contractors on high-risk critical infrastructure projects involving the utilities, healthcare and communications sectors, etc.

Along with selected accessories and sensors from the product family, Galaxy Dimension will be included in the Centre for the Protection of National Infrastructure’s trusted Catalogue of Security Equipment.

In addition, Honeywell is offering an extended four-year warranty on the Galaxy Dimension control panel series exclusively for UK critical infrastructure projects.

“This is a testament to the performance of our Galaxy Dimension range and its status as a product that’s fit to protect the assets, networks and systems critical to our national security,” said Daniel Wan, channel marketing manager for the UK at Honeywell. “The solution is a perfect choice for any security application that requires robust, guaranteed performance in complex or challenging scenarios and surroundings.”

Since launch, Galaxy Dimension has become one of Honeywell’s most successful and widely used security systems across a range of different industry sectors, and is frequently the solution of choice for hundreds of security installers in the UK.

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