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ABCP and MRCI join forces to launch National Association of Business Crime Partnerships

The Association of Business Crime Partnerships has joined forces with the Midlands Regional Crime Initiative to form a new body called the National Association of Business Crime Partnerships.

Designed to tackle retail and business crime, the organisation has been established to set a new standard by which business crime might be measured and managed in town centres and to reduce the impact of such criminality on the UK’s High Streets.

Association of Business Crime Partnerships (ABCP) spokesperson Richard Barron commented: “The ABCP and the Midlands Regional Crime Initiative (MRCI) have been supporting and accrediting business crime reduction partnerships for over ten years now. Both organisations have stood the test of time, but the moment is now right for us to join forces and become the standard-setting business crime reduction partnership support organisation in England and Wales.”

Barron added: “I’m delighted that both organisations will be sharing their resources and expertise to further raise the standards and contribution of business crime reduction partnerships in their work with partners, stakeholders and statutory agencies to reduce crime affecting businesses in our towns, cities and shopping centres.”

The new NABCP logo

The new NABCP logo

David Wilson of the MRCI explained: “We have been listening to businesses and our partners for new ideas and a fresh look with innovative solutions to reduce business crime and provide a return on investment for our members. In collaboration with business crime reduction partnerships and businesses in general, a new strategy is being established to raise standards and enable the legitimate sharing of intelligence to deter offenders and prevent crime. The National Association of Business Crime Partnerships will be the organisation through which the ABCP and the MRCI will work together to deliver the new strategy.”

Tim Edwards, chairman of the Retail Loss Prevention Fashion Forum (a collective of heads of loss prevention operational at many of the High Street’s biggest fashion brands) stated: “This development is long overdue. We’re delighted to support the establishment of a national body representing the interests of business crime partnerships and one which will set a benchmark standard of what ‘Good’ should look like. We will be working with the new organisation over the coming months to ensure that our stores and businesses have the best possible collaborative working relationship with their local business crime reduction partnerships to help reduce stock losses, protect our staff and improve the local retail environment for customers.”

Over the coming months, the National Association of Business Crime Partnerships will work collaboratively with business crime reduction partnerships and stakeholders to further raise the standards of accredited partnerships by:
• Maximising opportunities for the detection of offenders involved in retail and business crime
• Gathering and sharing intelligence on those involved in retail and business crime
• Further developing the collaborative intelligence sharing arrangement in place with the National Business Crime Solution (NBCS)
• Working with stakeholders to educate and divert offenders away from High Street crime
• More effectively meeting the needs of businesses in minimising opportunities for theft from their premises
• Ensuring business crime reduction partnerships operate to the highest possible standards of data sharing/processing in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998

*Further information on the National Association of Business Crime Partnerships is available by contacting Richard Barron via e-mail at: richard.barron@businesscrime.org.uk

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Facewatch and Littoralis working to develop integrated business crime service

Facewatch and Littoralis are pleased to announce that they are working together to develop an integrated business crime service designed to enhance their ability to support the police, partnerships and businesses in the reduction and prevention of crime.

This will be effected by an integration between DISC (Database and Intranet for Safer Communities, which is Littoralis’ secure online platform for information sharing between local community groups such as Business Crime Reduction Partnerships and Business Improvement Districts) and Facewatch’s leading secure Digital Crime Reporting and CCTV analytics system.

Simon Gordon, Chairman of Facewatch, said: “We are delighted to have reached this understanding. DISC has proven itself as the leading online platform for crime reduction partnerships and we believe that it will be significantly enhanced by integration with Facewatch’s Digital Crime Reporting System. Together, we can improve our support to the police in managing low-level crime and, more importantly, help businesses and communities in the prevention of crime.”

Facewatch and Littoralis are working together to develop an integrated business crime service

Facewatch and Littoralis are working together to develop an integrated business crime service

Charlie Newman, CEO of Littoralis, explained: “Facewatch has proven itself to be the leading innovator in the use of CCTV for evidential purposes and has built a tremendous Crime Reporting System. We believe that providing access to this capability through our network of DISC users will enhance their ability to serve communities in reducing low-level crime and anti-social behaviour.”

The Facewatch/DISC service is scheduled to be generally available from June 2014. Products from both companies will continue to be available independently, but Facewatch and Littoralis will work together in defining and promoting the enhanced benefits of deploying the integrated solution.

About Facewatch and Littoralis

Facewatch is the UK’s leading secure online crime reporting platform that enables businesses, public sector bodies and the police to tackle low-level crime by sharing images for the prevention of crime and by submitting CCTV evidence and witness statements to the police to help solve crimes.

Simon Gordon: chairman of Facewatch

Simon Gordon: chairman of Facewatch

The system now contains over 18,000 images and 7,800 business premises and was started in March 2010.

For more information on Facewatch visit: http://www.facewatch.co.uk, e-mail: info@facewatch.co.uk or call 020 7930 3225

Littoralis launched its secure information-sharing system for crime reduction in 2010. DISC (Database and Intranet for Safer Communities) helps the administrators of crime reduction partnerships to manage their partnerships efficiently, effectively and in compliance with Best Practice and the Data Protection Act 1998, in turn building member engagement and participation while also improving community safety.

Today, DISC accounts for around 100 implementations throughout the UK with Business Crime Reduction Partnerships, Business Improvement Districts, Community Safety Partnerships and other organisations.

For more detail on Littoralis and DISC visit: http://www.littoralis.com or telephone 01273 900468

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