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Advent IM welcomes James Morris MP for cyber security skills gap discussions

Midlands-based cyber and information security consultancy Advent IM and members of the Malvern Cyber Security Cluster have enjoyed some serious discussions with James Morris (the MP for Halesowen and Rowley Regis) around how to bridge the current cyber security skills gap.

Advent IM welcomed the MP to its head office and training centre on 20 February. During the visit, Morris met with members of the team in addition to the company’s directors, Julia McCarron and Mike Gillespie, who highlighted the ongoing cyber security skills gap that the UK is experiencing.

The MP acknowledged this as a topic he himself is extremely keen to address with the local college and that he’s also keen to be a part of the solution to entry level skill building and a career path for young people interested in joining the cyber security sector.

James Morris MP (centre) with Mike Gillespie and Julia McCarron

James Morris MP (centre) with Mike Gillespie and Julia McCarron

Last year, Mike Gillespie joined Cyber Skills Challenge UK’s CEO Stephanie Daman on BBC Radio 4 to discuss this topic, and takes every opportunity to raise awareness of the threat that a continuing gulf between UK security needs and the number of available professionals actively forms.

“The youngsters growing up now are using technology in an ever-increasing array of ways,” stated Gillespie. “The Internet of Things connects people with their information in an unprecedented manner. It’s vital we engage the upcoming generation such that they’re interested in cyber security, not only as a career path towards being a security professional, which is what UK plc really needs, but also because security is becoming part of all employees’ lives. Their role in organisational security is increasingly acknowledged.”

Gillespie went on to tell Risk UK: “We cannot afford to allow our approach to security to remain static. Threats and risks to business proliferate in a dynamic landscape and we need to develop our talent to deal with that landscape in the same evolved and proactive way. Bringing young people into security via apprenticeships and helping them to develop down this route is going to form a vital part of safeguarding UK plc in the years to come.”

Advent IM is keen to explore options for bridging the skills gap in the local community. To this end, the company will be supporting James Morris MP in addressing the challenge of developing education and training programmes that will enable local youngsters to actively become the cyber security experts of the future.

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Petition Against Passwords campaigners issue ‘Call To Action’ for large consumer sites to implement password-less logins

The initiative has sparked a debate that questions the future of usernames and passwords

The Petition Against Passwords is a public advocacy campaign promoting ‘password-less’ alternatives to hack-prone usernames and passwords. Organisers state that the new campaign is gaining momentum with technology companies, legislators and the press.

Formally launched on 24 July, the Petition quickly gained national media attention, receiving coverage from leading media outlets including the LA Times, CSO Online, Dark Reading, CBS MarketWatch, Upstart Business Journal and BBC Radio 4.

Already supported by companies in Silicon Valley and the US, the launch of the Petition quickly gained the attention of companies from across the globe, among them NuData Security, Authenticade (CryoKey), Sensible Vision (FastAccess Anywhere), UK-based Winfrasoft and others.

The Petition Against Passwords is a public initiative designed to help consumers voice their desire for more convenient and secure 'password-less' identity protection

The Petition Against Passwords is a public initiative designed to help consumers voice their desire for more convenient and secure ‘password-less’ identity protection

Passwords: an enabler for fraud?

“Fraudsters and hackers see passwords as an enabler to fraud – they’re easy to guess, break and bypass and are reused by users across multiple sites,” stated Michel Giasson, CEO at NuData Security. “The inherent weakness of passwords is what has caused the prolific increase in account takeover fraud, which is a form of identity theft.”

Chris Ho – co-founder of Authenticade – commented: “You may tolerate passwords now, but once you start using the next generation of authentication alternatives, you’ll wonder how you ever put up with passwords in the first place.”

George Brostoff is the CEO of Sensible Vision. He added: “Single factor security is no longer sufficient for most applications. All security methods have strengths and weaknesses. As weaknesses become more well known, the best way to address them is with a second, complimentary logon technique. The key, however, is to add additional factors while maintaining a high degree of convenience. Two factor techniques that are burdensome or difficult to use can actually be less secure in real-life practice than either individual technique would be alone.”

Another commentator on this subject is Steven Hope, the CEO of Winfrasoft. “The password is one of many authentication dinosaurs that we need to confine to the history books,” he said. “They are costly to administer, people don’t want to use them and, crucially, they’re not secure.”

As the Petition Against Passwords continues to gain momentum, Petition organisers have offered an open challenge to find the first large-scale consumer site willing to offer a password-less login alternative once the Petition reaches more than 100,000 signatures.

“First, we would like to applaud all of the innovative identity companies participating in the Petition Against Passwords initiative,” explained Brennen Byrne, CEO of Clef (the company that organised the Petition Against Passwords).

“Now, we’d like to see other companies participate. Any site that uses passwords today can promote their own brand through the Petition by setting a signature threshold and pledging to make a change if the threshold is reached. We can only solve this problem by working together, and we want to help promote companies who are offering password-less logins to their customers.”

About the Petition Against Passwords

The Petition Against Passwords is a public initiative designed to help consumers voice their desire for more convenient and secure ‘password-less’ identity protection.

The Petition sheds light on the need for a significant one-authentication registration overhaul in the continued wake of large-scale data breaches impacting millions of consumers.

The Petition brings together organisations from technology, research, consumer advocacy and public policy to advocate for the implementation of password-less technologies to replace hack prone one-factor authentication.

To learn more about the Petition Against Passwords visit http://www.petitionagainstpasswords.com

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