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Abloy UK delivers hybrid Incedo training course for Advanced Overwatch

Abloy UK has created a new hybrid style of training that blends in-person seminars with online courses in order to help organisations learn more about its Incedo ecosystem. Coleraine-based Advanced Overwatch, the installer of a range of security systems, wanted to understand more about Abloy’s Incedo solution and, as such, has now become the first organisation to receive the new style of training.

Incedo is a flexible security ecosystem that combines ASSA ABLOY’s range of wireless locks and other access hardware with flexible software, multiple management options and the ability to scale on demand in any direction.

Incedo connects security software and hardware within a single, seamless platform with the ability to have complete remote control of a premises and manage the ever-changing movement of people across multiple sites. Incedo Mobile Keys also offer secure mobile access, simplified management and user convenience and efficiency.

Subjects covered

The training covers topics such as how Incedo products meet the increasing demands of the market and the benefits of access control, what the most common hardware components are in the Incedo range and also what the system architecture looks like.

Delegates also learn how to integrate Abloy’s wireless access control range, how to configure and commission using Incedo Lite software and how Abloy can support companies when it comes to winning more business.

Hands-on configuration

Hands-on configuration was delivered at the Advanced Overwatch offices by Derek White, access control sales manager at Abloy UK, to the company’s access control engineering team.

Expert technical support was provided by Ian Miller (the manager of Abloy’s new Digital Access Solutions Academy) and David Thompson via video link from Abloy’s head office at Willenhall.

Patrick Logue, managing director at Advanced Overwatch, said: “As a company that lives and breathes compliance, we specify and install Abloy solutions to deliver and exceed client expectations. Incedo training is the latest in a series of partner programmes undertaken with Abloy. The Incedo training course was exceptional. The hybrid blend of in-person and online training was an optimal mix.”

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Traka’s new team embraces ‘evolution for growth’

Intelligent asset management systems developer Traka is focusing on significant team investment to ensure that the business is ready for an ‘evolution for growth’ in a post-pandemic commercial environment.

Traka UK’s managing director Steve Bumphrey has orchestrated a number of internal promotions, duly highlighting the importance of the team. These include the promotion of Tom Smith to the role of UK sales manager and Wayne Kynaston taking over as major accounts manager.

In recognition of the key areas that require commitment from Traka, Ben Farrar has been moved to focus on healthcare trusts and partnerships in order to ensure the sector receives a dedicated service from a supplier that can make a significant difference to the empirical work of the NHS.

“Whisper it quietly,” said Bumphrey, “but there are signs that the Coronavirus clouds are starting to lift. While 2021 was the year in which we all adapted to the ‘new normal’, 2022 is when we develop and grow to meet ever-evolving customer experience requirements.”

Bumphrey continued: “We need to set a north star to guide aspirations for customer experience. This is with specific targets set across all of our team members to ensure that we’re well positioned to meet the needs of intelligent management solutions. We must also be best placed to inject innovation and show support for our clients, right from initial design through to project completion as and when required.”

Professional services team 

Traka has also made several changes to its professional services team, including the provision of dedicated roles in project management with a newly-created position of senior project manager supported by the new field service manager to afford additional support for customers.  

Extra technical and sales support posts have also been recruited to provide total support to customers for their ongoing work programmes. Dedicated installation engineers are in place to meet increasing demand.

“This is an exciting time for Traka as we look to embrace the future,” enthused Bumphrey. “Our aim is to add to our resources and provide our customers with a complete intelligent management solution backed up by tailored technical and sales support.”

In conclusion, Bumphrey noted: “Together we are stronger in the market and our customers will benefit from our heavy investment in all areas of the business. We’re focusing on individual market development to present enhanced service offerings and increased support in delivering innovative new security technology products.”

*Further detail is available to view on the Traka website at www.traka.com

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Abloy UK wins £2.5 million contract with UK Power Networks

Abloy UK has been awarded a five-year contract with UK Power Networks valued at £2.5 million to upgrade the latter’s current mechanical locking systems to a combined electromechanical and mechanical locking solution. The move is designed to safeguard high and low voltage distribution networks.

UK Power Networks owns and maintains the electricity distribution network across South East England, the East of England and London. Rob Bennett, senior business development manager at Abloy UK, facilitated the partnership between the company and UK Power Networks.

Products specified for the project include a mix of Abloy PROTEC2 CLIQ electromechanical and PROTEC2 mechanical padlocks and cylinders, which will be controlled and administered using the CIPE Manager operating system.

It’s estimated that Abloy will supply around 9,500 padlocks per annum, together with programmable PROTEC2 CLIQ Bluetooth Low Energy keys, thereby enabling UK Power Networks’ system to be expanded in the future.

CLIQ offers high security and flexibility that supports the complex workflow of organisations in the energy sector by enabling audit trails to be generated for individual cylinders, padlocks, keys and system users.

If a key is lost or stolen this no longer creates a major security risk. Each individual key can be deactivated if required and have its access rights changed or removed using the CLIQ web manager software. This realises a truly dynamic and secure system.

The battery-powered CLIQ keys are programmable. A temporary contractor can be issued with a key that permits entry to specific sites for a limited time period only. After the authorisation period ends, the key cannot open the lock.

*Further detail concerning Abloy UK’s work in the energy sector is accessible online at https://bit.ly/31WB860

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Digital access growth drives Abloy UK expansion

Abloy UK is significantly expanding its sales team to stay ahead of the market demand for digital access control technologies that deliver compliance, Health and Safety benefits and efficiency improvements.

Digital access solutions are increasingly becoming the go-to option in security. Demand is rising for electronic wireless products, virtual keys and mobile credentials, with the latter alone experiencing nearly 150% growth between 2017 and 2018.

Contributing factors to this trend include the convenience of easily issuing and revoking credentials and the cost benefits afforded to the end user. The pandemic challenges of the past year and more also mean the need for wireless and contactless access has never been higher.

This changing market has already led to a number of new appointments at Abloy since January. While these roles range in speciality, each new team member will be working alongside clients to specify digital products from Abloy and ASSA ABLOY’s comprehensive range of hardwired and wire-free locking solutions, digital key-based systems and scalable EAC solutions.

These include Incedo, the ecosystem that enables future interconnectivity across the entire range of ASSA ABLOY digital solutions from a single interface, alongside integrations with third party enterprise systems.

Digital access control

Aaron Yule, managing director at Abloy UK, explained: “There are many reasons why digital access control is becoming more commonplace. Not only has the technology greatly improved in the past few years, but it has also become more affordable. This means that an organisation of any size can now enjoy the benefits the technology provides, such as convenience, control and real-time knowledge of who’s using your spaces and how.” 

Yule went on to state: “We’re looking to broaden the skills and experience we have in-house so that our customers can continue to receive tailored, bespoke solutions that tackle all of their access control challenges. This also means future-proofing their security, as all Abloy and ASSA ABLOY products are interconnected and can grow cohesively together.”   

To support this planned growth, Abloy is expanding its education programme with the recruitment of a Digital Access Solutions Academy manager to maintain a fully trained and qualified supply and installation network for all digital access solutions. This will focus on training sessions, demonstrations and customer insight days held at Abloy’s bespoke learning facility based at its Willenhall headquarters.

*For further information visit www.abloy.co.uk

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SMARTair i-gate electronic padlock introduced by ASSA ABLOY Opening Solutions

Offering resistance to attack and extreme weather, in addition to wire-free installation and battery-powered operation, the SMARTair i-gate electronic padlock is built for use almost anywhere. This new device in the SMARTair wireless access control range from ASSA ABLOY Opening Solutions enables security and facility managers to add real-time control to non-electrified gates, cupboards, cabinets, closets and crates wherever they are and whatever the climate.

For many organisations, security and access needs do not stop at the perimeter door, yet finding reliable locking devices which are easy to operate with an electronic access system can be difficult. Gates and outbuildings are hard to reach with cabling. Access devices may not have the resilience required for reliable operation outdoors. The i-gate is built to meet these challenges.

“The SMARTair i-gate electronic padlock helps our customers extend wire-free control to new access points,” explained Félix Morán, SMARTair product manager at ASSA ABLOY Opening Solutions EMEA. “It can be instantly moved to wherever a resistant and adaptable locking device is needed. Site managers no longer need to worry about outbuildings, gates, cupboards and more. They can now monitor and control access to them electronically, remotely and in real-time when needed.”

System upgrade

Upgrading an existing padlocked closure simply involves swapping the devices and integrating the i-gate padlock into an existing or new SMARTair wireless access control system. No drilling or wiring is required.

The i-gate electronic padlock is available in a contemporary black finish with stainless steel shackle. Exterior and interior openings previously unsuited to electronic access control can now be controlled and monitored from a familiar software interface, including remotely from the SMARTair Web Manager.

An i-gate padlock is compatible with any SMARTair system management option: standalone (for basic access control functionality), update on card, Openow (for access management and unlocking via smart phone) and Pro Wireless Online for real-time management of every door and system user.

Compatibility with any credential

The SMARTair i-gate padlock is robust enough for almost any climate conditions. It has a watertight cover (with an IP68 rating) and an internal cylinder with durability to an EN 15684 Class 6 certification. These padlocks are battery-powered and work with all standard proximity credential technologies, including MIFARE, DESFire and iCLASS, as well as Bluetooth Low Energy.

When combined with Openow, the mobile solution for SMARTair, end users no longer need to carry separate card or fob credentials. Instead, their phone stores secure virtual keys which can be issued, amended or cancelled at any time.

No-one wastes time collecting or validating an access card. They can unlock the new SMARTair i-gate padlock with a smart phone. With the Openow solution, an individual carrying their smart phone is already carrying their keys.

*Download a free brochure for the SMARTair i-gate electronic padlock at https://campaigns.assaabloyopeningsolutions.eu/hubfs/smartair/assets/AA_SMARTair_igate_SalesBrochure_04_2021_FINAL_WEB.pdf

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HID Global names Björn Lidefelt as company’s next president and CEO

HID Global, a worldwide leader in trusted identity solutions, has announced that Björn Lidefelt is the company’s new president and CEO.

Lidefelt joins the company after serving as chief commercial officer at HID parent company ASSA ABLOY, where he oversaw branding, communications, commercial development and strategy.

Lidefelt also has extensive experience in international sales and marketing, having spent more than nine years in Asia Pacific markets including China and Malaysia.

Bjorn Lidefelt CEO of HID Global

Björn Lidefelt

“Björn has had a very successful journey with our organisation and will bring a wealth of experience and perspective to HID from various roles and markets,” said Nico Delvaux, president and CEO of ASSA ABLOY.

Lidefelt holds an MSc degree in Industrial Engineering and Management from the University of Linköping in Sweden, wherein he majored in computer science and marketing. He succeeds Stefan Widing, who led HID Global for over four years.

On his new appointment, Lidefelt stated: “I look forward to leading a dedicated and talented global workforce focused on delivering industry-leading solutions for Governments, universities, hospitals and financial institutions and creating trusted physical and digital environments.”

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ASSA ABLOY launches ASSA Triton² cylinder platform with patent until 2036

The Door Hardware and Access Control Group, which is a business unit of ASSA ABLOY Opening Solutions UK and Ireland, has launched its high-security and patented ASSA Triton² cylinder platform.

ASSA Triton² is a high-end master key solution with long-life patent protection until 2036. The solution has been expertly designed and extensively tested in Scandinavia to guarantee the high quality, exceptional durability and excellent performance expected from an ASSA cylinder.

ASSA Triton²’s “unrivalled” master keying capability is suited to environments that require large and complex master key suites, such as hospitals and healthcare estates where key control and durability are paramount.


The comprehensive range of cylinders in the ASSA Triton² range, along with the master keying capability, guarantees that this new solution meets the requirements of the largest and most complex suites.

Network of Vantage Partners

ASSA Triton² is exclusively available through ASSA ABLOY’s authorised network of ASSA Vantage Partners, providing customers with the assurance they will be served through only the most trusted and capable partners. ASSA Triton² cylinders and keys can only be ordered, assembled or cut by their ASSA Vantage Partner, in turn affording complete security and peace of mind.

ASSA Triton² features an undercut profile resistant to 3D copying and other patented features, ensuring that a given suite will not be compromised. The platform exceeds the requirements laid out in BS EN 1303:2015. It offers Grade 6, the highest level of key-related security.

Furthermore, ASSA Triton² has been fire tested in accordance with BS EN 1634-1:2000. ASSA ABLOY also supplies an environmental product declaration with ASSA Triton², showcasing its green credentials and compliance with sustainability regulations.


Another key benefit of ASSA Triton² is the ability to upgrade and integrate with ASSA CLIQ Remote (specifically the 5900 range). This combines the strength and durability of a mechanical cylinder and the flexibility of an electronic system with programmable keys, offering flexible control over access rights. That affords end users the flexibility to upgrade part of their suite where the highest level of security and/or controlled access to specific areas is required.

Excellent security

Paul Johnson, director of business development for ASSA cylinders, explained to Risk Xtra: “ASSA ABLOY cylinder platforms are market-leading and world-renowned for their high levels of security, durability and capability.”

Johnson continued: “We’re excited to launch the new ASSA Triton² cylinder platform, which offers excellent security and long-life patent protection until 2036. ASSA Triton²’s excellent master keying capability and comprehensive range means there are no project requirements that ASSA Triton² cannot satisfy.”

In conclusion, Johnson stated: “We’re looking forward to working with our ASSA Vantage Partners to make ASSA Triton² the only end user choice on large and complex projects, where customers require a premium commercial cylinder platform supported by the highest levels of security and reliability.”

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ASSA ABLOY issues response to MHCLG’s ‘Building a Safer Future: An Implementation Plan’

A new White Paper is available from ASSA ABLOY Opening Solutions. The document has been issued in response to the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government’s (MHCLG) ‘Building a Safer Future: An Implementation Plan’ and highlights the critical points from the Implementation Plan. 

The results of the Dame Judith Hackitt-led Independent Review of Building Regulations and Fire Safety were published in the wake of the Grenfell Tower fire. There was a call for the development of an “implementation plan that will provide a coherent approach to delivering the recommendations” outlined by the Hackitt Review. 

‘Building a Safer Future: An Implementation Plan’ is the response from the MHCLG. The plan sets out how Government and industry will achieve the systematic overhaul required to improve building and fire safety. 

Many of the key points and areas of action covered in the Implementation Plan were also highlighted in ASSA ABLOY Opening Solutions’ initial response to the Hackitt Review, which is available to view here: https://bit.ly/2Usj2TX. 


Speaking on the proposals put forward and the latest White Paper, Brian Sofley (managing director at ASSA ABLOY Opening Solutions for the Door Group) said: “We’re pleased that the latest plan is in line with many of the recommendations we supported on how the industry can tackle the important issue of fire safety. The plan sets a statement of intent from the Government for construction and manufacturing industries. Its comprehensive approach to fire safety products will ensure that, through third party certification, standards and safety requirements are integral, not just at the manufacturing stage, but also during installation, inspection and ongoing maintenance.”

Sofley added: “Our latest White Paper demonstrates the alignment between Government and the construction and manufacturing industries in the approach towards ensuring a safer built environment for all.”

*The new White Paper can be downloaded from https://bit.ly/2I8d4Bk 

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Leading ASSA ABLOY security brands form High Security and Safety Group

Leading security brands Chubb Locks Custodial Services (CLCS), Intelligent Locking Systems (ILS) and Pickersgill-Kaye have formed the High Security and Safety Group, a new division of ASSA ABLOY Opening Solutions UK and Ireland. 

As strong heritage brands in the high-security and rail industries, CLCS, ILS and Pickersgill-Kaye each offer their own specialisms and sector expertise. By bringing these well-known brands together under one new group, ASSA ABLOY Opening Solutions UK and Ireland will provide a stronger, more comprehensive offer to different sectors.

Each brand enjoys its own areas of expertise, with CLCS a prominent supplier of high-security locks to custodial, secure healthcare, Government and secure education environments. ILS is a leading manufacturer of high-security locks for safes and vaults, providing solutions to the banking, construction, leisure and jewellery sector. Pickersgill-Kaye is a specialist in the design and manufacture of highly robust, specialist door locks for the architectural and railway industries.

Simon Teagle

Simon Teagle

The CLCS, ILS and Pickersgill-Kaye divisions will continue as distinct brands within the High Security and Safety Group, which will sit alongside ASSA ABLOY Opening Solutions UK and Ireland’s other specialist business units. These include the Door Group, the Door Hardware and Access Control Group and the Project Specification Group.

Simon Teagle, managing director of the High Security and Safety Group, said: “The creation of the new High Security and Safety Group will help signpost our specialist high-security, safety and rail brands to the market, giving security professionals one point of contact and access to a wider range of products, as well as a more tailored solution. Using the strength of the brands, the quality of the products and their experience in these areas, ASSA ABLOY Opening Solutions UK and Ireland now has a dedicated Group covering the specific needs of high-security and safety customers.”

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ASSA ABLOY moves to acquire KEYper Systems in the US

ASSA ABLOY has signed an agreement to acquire KEYper Systems, a leading supplier of electronic and mechanical key management systems in the US with a strong presence in the automotive segment. KEYper was established in 1993 and operates from its headquarters in Harrisburg.

KEYper Systems will become a separate business unit of key and asset management specialist Traka and an operating unit of ASSA ABLOY Global Solutions. Ric Stone, president of KEYper, will report to Justin Sasse, managing director of Traka.

“KEYper’s product range and expertise, especially in the US automotive and property management market segments, will complement Traka’s extensive product range and specialist solutions in key and asset management solutions globally,” explained Justin Sasse, managing director of Traka. “This acquisition will allow us to leverage Traka’s technology to further develop KEYper’s offer for its existing customers, and also widen the product range globally for Traka in all of our market segments.”


Danny Garrido, president of Traka Americas, added: “This transaction provides us with the opportunity to further strengthen our position in the industry, while at the same tie advancing Traka’s strategy to increase its presence in core markets globally. Traka and KEYper are an excellent strategic fit. We have highly complementary product and service offerings, strong sales and marketing operations and a shared dedication to quality customer service. We expect this combination to result in an even more effective and successful Traka.”

Ric Stone concluded: “I’m very pleased to be joining Traka and ASSA ABLOY. KEYper will be able to accelerate its product and market development and is looking forward to engaging with the wider Traka and ASSA ABLOY organisation in order to share knowledge and expertise.”

The acquisition is conditional upon the satisfaction of customary legal conditions and is expected to complete during the first quarter of 2019.

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