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Apollo set to showcase new SOTERIA Dimension solution at Security Essen 2018

Apollo Fire Detectors, the specialist designer and manufacturer of high quality fire detection equipment, will be showcasing its latest Test Set and SOTERIA Dimension, the latest addition to the SOTERIA range, at Security Essen 2018.

A full demonstration of the new Apollo Test Set – a portable testing device designed to help commissioning and system maintenance engineers – will be on display at Stand 6A58 in Hall 6 of Messe Essen.


Apollo’s Test Set

“We’re very excited to be able to showcase our innovative Test Set at Security Essen this year,” enthused Ed Browning, sales and marketing director at Apollo. “We’ll be setting up a range of Apollo fire detectors, wired into a loop, in order to demonstrate the fault-finding capabilities of our Test Set live on the stand.”

The Apollo Test Set guarantees that the correct loop configuration is in place before an active control panel is installed and has the ability to interrogate and control all units connected to the device, either as individual units or complete circuits. The Test Set boasts a user-friendly touch screen display and is compatible with all Apollo analogue addressable protocols – ie XP95, Discovery and CoreProtocol.

In addition to the Test Set demonstration, Apollo will be showcasing the most recent addition to the SOTERIA range – SOTERIA Dimension and Dimension Specialist. These state-of-the-art fire detection devices use new optical sensing technology in a ‘virtual sensing chamber’. The flush-fitting detector combines functionality and style, and is designed to fit perfectly in locations with the most demanding aesthetic requirements.


SOTERIA Dimension

The SOTERIA Dimension Specialist detector also features an anti-ligature metal faceplate and tamper-resistant screws. It has been tested and approved for anti-ligature certification to TS001 and meets the Ministry of Justice’s specifications STD/E/SPEC/038. This detector offers greater resilience against interference or damage and is ideal for prisons, custodial suites and healthcare establishments.

*For more information visit https://www.apollo-fire.co.uk/

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HRH The Duke of Kent visits Apollo’s hq to commemorate four decades of fire detection system manufacturing

His Royal Highness The Duke of Kent has visited the headquarters of Apollo Fire Detectors in Havant, Hampshire to commemorate 40 years of excellence in UK manufacturing by the company. During his visit, The Duke of Kent took a tour of the manufacturing facilities and met some of the engineers and assembly workers who are behind the award-winning and life-saving fire detection technology made by Apollo.

The royal visit and Apollo’s longstanding achievement in manufacturing excellence are documented by an official plaque, unveiled by The Duke of Kent during his visit.

“We’re very proud to be able to share this important milestone in our history with HRH The Duke of Kent,” said Charles Lombard, managing director EMEA at Apollo. “In addition to celebrating our company’s long history of manufacturing excellence, this event reaffirmed our commitment to Royal Warrant Holder status.”


Left to Right: HRH The Duke of Kent, Charles Lombard (managing director at Apollo), Pete Browitt (operations director) and Ed Browning (Apollo’s sales and marketing director)

Apollo Fire Detectors is one of the largest regional employers with almost 500 staff in Havant. The business specialises in the design and manufacture of high quality fire detection products. Over the last four decades, the company has broadened its capability from a straightforward focus on conventional fire detectors to include the manufacture of sophisticated analogue addressable detectors and interfaces for monitoring and controlling equipment in fire protection systems.

The business boasts some of the most advanced manufacturing technologies in order to ensure consistently high quality products and fast response to customer requirements.

Through planned expansion, Apollo has attained a leading global position in the market for professional fire detection. With more than 3,000 international approvals for its products and regional offices located in the US, China, India and Germany and exports to over 100 countries, Apollo Fire Detectors has cemented its position as a world-class fire solutions provider.

Apollo is part of the HALMA Group. HALMA is a FTSE 250-listed plc with over 40 subsidiaries worldwide, all of them engaged in specialist engineering activities.

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Apollo Fire Detectors launches enhanced website for customers and partners

Apollo Fire Detectors has launched a new, enhanced website with state-of-the-art photography and design to visualise the latest in fire detection technology. The website highlights applications where Apollo’s products are installed and showcases a series of new Case Studies.

The main features of the new resource are extensive, including live-update product information and vastly improved search functionality. In addition, the new website is even more responsive and suited for viewing on mobile devices.

The product information sections have been enriched to offer detailed information on every Apollo product range in one place, including technical specifications previously only listed within the product literature. A new comparison tool makes it easier for visitors to the site to find the best product for any application.

“Our aim was to create an intuitive interface for our customers and partners to interact with the team at Apollo,” commented Ed Browning, sales and marketing director at Apollo. “The new website will provide easily accessible information by using powerful search engine functionality and filtering tailored to our customers’ requirements.”


Finding Apollo partners worldwide is made easier with a dedicated page which can be searched by region or country and provides links to the partners’ websites for further information on their expertise and partnerships with Apollo.

‘My Apollo’ will enable Apollo Partners and Customers to access their own portal through the website where they will be able to create project lists and save lists of Apollo products for quoting. End users will also have access to digital assets, such as logos and unlocked literature.

Searching the new website has become even easier through the implementation of a powerful search engine API. Search queries familiar to website users from Internet searches will produce intelligent search results faster than the previous website offering.

Another feature is the website’s responsiveness to the large number of different screen sizes on which it will be viewed, leading to a high-quality experience whatever the device.

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Apollo supports commemorations of the Great Fire of London

From 2-5 September 1666, a torrent of flames swept through the City of London, carrying devastation behind it and destroying the homes of 70,000 of the city’s 80,000 inhabitants. Historically, this occurrence came to be known as The Great Fire of London. Now, Apollo Fire Detectors is sponsoring ‘Great Fire 350’, the official commemoration of the 350th Anniversary of the event.

A series of free art and experiential events is taking place across the City, the South Bank and Bankside from 30 August to 4 September designed to illustrate the resilience and resourcefulness of the people of London during the Great Fire.

The lack of fire safety regulations and an official Fire Brigade contributed to the destruction of the 17th Century London buildings, which were packed tightly together and constructed from timber. Combined with the drought caused by a long dry summer, the blaze spread with ease.


Following their destruction by fire, the City of London’s buildings were required to be re-built from brick and stone and equipped with buckets and fire squirts to protect the City and its people from future fires.

This early example of regulation can still be seen in practice to this day, although buckets have since been replaced by fire detectors and extinguishers.

‘Great Fire 350’ is supported by the Fire Safety Circle of companies, including Apollo. This is an umbrella season of lectures, tours, artwork installations and experiences across the location of the fire that tells the story of the disaster.

The current events will celebrate the advances in fire detection, the success and resilience of the City and the positive influence on London as a worldwide capital.

*Further detail is available on the event website


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Apollo set to showcase intelligent suite of products at Intersec 2016

Independent fire detection system manufacturer Apollo Fire Detectors will showcase its new SOTERIA range of products at Intersec 2016, which takes place in Dubai from 17-19 January.

Visitors to Apollo’s Stand E09 in Hall 4 will have the opportunity to find out about the company’s extensive product and service offering and witness in action the SOTERIA detection range – badged as “the next generation” in fire recognition technology which is designed to improve detection, reduce false alarms and deliver improved reliability.

Ed Browning, sales and marketing director at Apollo, commented: “Intersec presents Apollo with the ideal platform to show our new SOTERIA range to the region. The GCC region is an important sector for us, and we’re looking forward to meeting our partners and customers in Dubai and discussing how we can develop our businesses together.”

Complementing SOTERIA is Apollo’s enhanced protocol, namely CoreProtocol, the next generation in fire loop communication giving greater control, higher levels of efficiency and significantly more loop power.

The new protocol builds on the established capabilities of XP95 and Discovery, with forward and backwards compatibility and the ability to manage a significantly increased number of devices.

SOTERIA is the start of an ongoing technology innovation. The new range covers all detection areas such as heat, optical and CO, either individually or in combinations.

Initially comprising of three key products (an optical smoke detector, heat detector and multi (optical/heat) detector, Apollo has plans to extend the range to include three further detectors encompassing TRI sensor (optical 4, heat, CO), multi (optical 4/heat) and an optical 4.

Other additions to the range are the intelligent manual Call Point and addressable auto-aligning beam detector.

These new products reflect Apollo’s ambition of delivering a real focus on innovation and represent the start of “an evolutionary journey” with more exciting products in the pipeline.

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Apollo Fire Detectors brought in to protect the priceless Archive of Serbia with XP95 solutions

For any building that’s both a historical monument and houses millions of records – most of them on paper – it stands to reason that fire protection is of the utmost importance. This is very much the case at the Archive of Serbia, where Apollo Fire Detectors has been brought in to provide a robust solution.

Fires in libraries and archives cause two types of damage: material loss of the collections (and perhaps the building) and what might be termed social damage.

Indeed, society has suffered some extraordinary losses from ancient times to the present, from the fire at the Alexandria Library to the fire at the Library of the Academy of Sciences in the former Soviet Union.

Archives cannot be replaced. Once they’ve been destroyed, they are lost forever.

Opened in 1900, the Archive of Serbia is the country’s national archive. Located in Belgrade, the current building was dedicated in 1928 to house and protect documents and other materials produced by state bodies and organisations of Serbia before 1918, as well as documents produced during and after World War II.

Although the National Archive was heavily damaged during the latter conflict, the archives still hold a large amount of information dating back to early medieval times. Over ten kilometres worth of historical records, in fact, housed within 972 archives and representing 51 collections.

By definition, archives contain highly combustible materials like paper and cardboard. Tightly packed shelves positioned closely together accelerate the progress of any fire and even small amounts of smoke and soot can damage ancient and valuable documents. Water which is used to extinguish any fire can also cause a great deal of damage.

To avoid as much damage as possible, early warning fire detection is an absolute essential.

Designing the fire protection system

When called in to design, install and commission a new fire protection system for the Archive of Serbia, Apollo Fire Detector’s business partner TVI Ltd in Belgrade specified Apollo’s XP95 optical smoke detectors and XP95 heat detectors.

Vladimir Zrnić from TVI said: “Designing a fire detection system for the Archive of Serbia was challenging and interesting at the same time. We knew that the air would not be completely clear and that rising temperatures had to be detected extremely early to avoid fire spreading rapidly as it would in a room filled with very old, and therefore very dry paper.”

Zrnić continued: “XP95 heat detectors monitor temperature by using a single thermistor which provides a count output proportional to the external air temperature. The standard heat detector will report an alarm at a temperature as low as 55 degrees Celsius, whereas the XP95 optical smoke detector works using the light scatter principle and is ideal for applications where slow-burning or smouldering fires are likely. Both are ideally suited for this project.”

Overall, more than 80 devices have been installed covering ten software zones in the four-storey building. Fire suppression systems cover three floors of the structure which boasts an overall floor space of five thousand square metres.

Special considerations to be taken into account included the above average dust levels and very high ceilings. In combination with heating and ventilation systems, which can cause stratification, high rooms can be challenging spaces for fire detection systems. Large numbers of high shelves are potential obstacles that could delay the detection of fire and smoke so system designers need to bear this in mind.

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Apollo Fire Detectors appointed solutions provider for Reliance Industries

Apollo Fire Detectors has boosted its international presence by becoming the fire detection provider of choice for a significant project being run by Reliance Industries, one of the biggest private sector companies in India.

Reliance is installing 4G mobile communication networks across India after its telecom arm, Reliance Jio Infocomm, was awarded a unified telecom licence enabling it to offer both voice and high-speed data services to subscribers across India’s 22 telecom circles.

Reliance is to build 4G data centres at each site which will house communication equipment and provide the base for an operational workforce.

Mumbai-based Technofire is responsible for the supply and installation of the fire alarm systems at each data centre and will train installers responsible for each site.

Technofire is currently working on 59 of these sites, a number which is expected to rise to over 200 in the near future.

Each site will benefit from the installation of Apollo Fire Detectors’ XP95-based heat and optical smoke detectors in addition to an OpenConnect Gateway which integrates fire detection with the buildings’ management systems.

Praful Sanghrajka: owner of Technofire

Praful Sanghrajka: owner of Technofire

Santacruz site in Mumbai

Fire panels for the sites are being supplied by Kentec and will communicate directly with Reliance’s MODBUS rooftop units via optical fibre ring networks.

The number of Apollo detectors at each site will vary depending on the size of the network. The first site is at Santacruz in Mumbai which will have 50 XP95 detectors installed.

Praful Sanghrajka, owner of Technofire, explained: “We supplied almost 500 fire alarm panels along with Apollo Series 65 detectors for Reliance mobile communications more than ten years ago. We’re therefore very proud that we’ve been given this additional opportunity to provide more Apollo devices along with customised fire alarm panels from Kentec.”

Vikrant Patil, Apollo Fire Detectors’ sales manager for India, added: “This new project builds further upon our valued relationship with Reliance Industries and Technofire. We have already worked together on large projects, such as the supply of nearly 45,000 fire detectors to the Reliance Hazira petroleum plant in Gujarat, India, but what sets this project apart is its scale of OpenConnect Gateway use. This is a very important project for Apollo as it will be the first of its kind in India using OpenConnect on such a large scale. It will set a precedent for the future.”

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Peace of mind technology now free for all Apollo fire detection systems

Apollo Fire Detectors has upgraded its Loop Calculator software, in turn allowing end users access to free calculation software that permits them to assess the viability of a proposed fire detection system design.

Establishing the viability of a fire detection system is often carried out using difficult calculations and estimations which can lead to system faults and failures, usually when panels and cables are overloaded as a result of calculation errors.

The new Loop Calculator V2.21 assesses the design feasibility of an XP95 or Discovery fire detection system, completing calculations quickly and accurately, and is ideal for use by design engineers and panel partners.

By producing a pass/fail result, the Loop Calculator alerts the designer to potential issues within a system. The results can be used in CIE battery calculations.

Apollo's Loop Calculator in action

Apollo’s Loop Calculator in action

Andy Haynes, senior validation and support engineer at Apollo Fire Detectors, said: “We’re delighted to provide Loop Calculator software free to all of our customers via our website. The Loop Calculator is a useful tool, providing peace of mind that a system is viable. By preventing accidental overloading, and therefore producing a more reliable fire detection system, we hope to give fire engineers and customers even more confidence in the capabilities of all Apollo products.”

The Loop Calculator software for Apollo-based systems is available for use on all Windows-based computers and laptops. The upgraded version contains all of the information required and eliminates the need for extra download ‘patches’.

For further information visit: http://www.apollo-fire.co.uk/loopcalc

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Apollo launches EN54-20 approved point-based ASD

Apollo Fire Detectors has added an EN54-20 approved point-based aspirating smoke detector to its range of specialist fire detection solutions for end users.

The aspirating smoke detector (ASD) is an essential tool when it’s impractical to place the detector head in situ.
Apollo’s point-based ASD features an IP65-rated enclosure which provides protection against ingress from the environment. In addition, the code protection controls and bespoke removal key provide safeguards against vandalism and tampering.

Available in two versions, both of these ASDs use ‘Discovery’ optical detectors and are fitted with a mini-switch monitor which allows for the monitoring of fail-safe fault relays. A maximum of 50 metres of sampling pipe can be used on a single chamber (the ASD-1), while the dual version of this product allows for two 50 metre sampling runs (the ASD-2).

The new ASD from Apollo Fire Detectors

The new ASD from Apollo Fire Detectors

The ASD is designed to operate in a wide range of environments and is often used in secure facilities where anti-ligature and anti-vandal solutions are of paramount importance, in lift shafts where access is difficult, in wet or dusty environments or in clean environments where access is restricted.

Neil Taylor, sales and marketing director at Apollo, explained: “We’re delighted to have launched this aspirating smoke detector. It adds another dimension to our product range and enhances our reputation as a world leader in the development and manufacture of fire detection equipment.”

For more information on the new Apollo ASD visit: http://www.apollo-fire.co.uk/discoveryasd

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