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SALTO’s Neoxx electronic padlocks maintain company’s position at cutting edge of access control ecosystem

SALTO’s Neoxx electronic padlock is a versatile locking solution that enables end users to benefit from the advantages of electronic access control where previously it was only possible to use a mechanical locking solution (ie for perimeter or fire access gates, at industrial equipment yards and for residential storage areas).

Smart padlocks offer more security, easier maintenance, flexible access methods and a better overview of lock and end user activity. As portable as conventional padlocks, security is enhanced by removing any lock’s most vulnerable part – ie the mechanical key – and adding the benefits of being operated with a mobile app and contactless smart key managed by an advanced web-based access control technology platform.

The SALTO Neoxx solution is ideal for electric power stations, telecom network services, industry applications and property services that need an additional level of security to control specific doors, like gates or storage areas, without losing a piece of convenience and control.

These industries often require equipment and facilities on the perimeter or out in the field that, even though they’re in a remote location, require the latest in electronic access control. In addition, because they are often outdoors, the electronic solution they need has to include a product that can weather the extreme elements from rain and dust through to snow.

Together with “the most complete locking platform on the market” (encompassing electronic locks and cylinders, online readers and locker locks) and SALTO’s core technology (ie SVN, BLUEnet and the JustIN Mobile system features) at its heart, the SALTO Neoxx padlock enables the management of keys, locks and access rights ‘on-the-go’, remotely from a single, highly visual and easy-to-use web-based interface.

Main features outlined

*High-security padlock made of hardened steel with a removable shackle model option which can be completely detached from the padlock body

*Shackle: Width 11 mm, Length 50 mm

*Security chain non-demountable model with safety chain to protect the padlock from burglary/dropping

*Cover case with double-layered structure 70 mm x 115 mm x 32 mm “guarantees the ultimate protection” from falls, shocks and the most extreme environments or usage

*RFID, Bluetooth Low Energy and NFC technologies onboard. Users can easily operate the electronic padlock with their smart card or with an iOS or Android smart phone

*Compatible with SALTO Space – Data-on-Card – and the SALTO KS – Keys as a Service – cloud-based technology, it can be switched to any of SALTO’s technology platforms at any time without changing the hardware

*Tested up to 130,000 operations on a standard set of batteries (4 x LR1).

Monitor battery status (to optimise maintenance and battery life). Changing or removing batteries is simple and secure – the end user only needs standard LR1 batteries and a special tool

*IP68 rating: Waterproof performance and high durability

*Tested against extreme temperatures including freezing conditions (-35ºC) and high heat (+65ºC)

*Fully certified according to CE, FCC, MIT, Mechatronic certification EN 16864:2018 and IK09

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Ian Garden promoted to sales director role at Quality Essential Distribution

Quality Essential Distribution – the company focused on CCTV, access control management network infrastructure solutions for its customers – has announced the internal promotion of Ian Garden to the role of sales director.

Garden joined the company nearly three years ago as sales manager and, during the last 12 months, has played a key role in building a strong sales team and contributing to the wider growth of the business.

Matt Philp, QED’s managing director, said: “Ian is a vital member of the team and has proven himself to be a strategic sales manager. Ian will help us to achieve the ambitious sales growth we’re targeting, all the while supported by the strong team here at QED.”

Commenting on his new role, Garden said: “This opportunity for me comes at an exciting time for QED. We have an excellent product range and my strategy is to focus on putting customers first. It’s so important to listen to customers and ensure they receive the best possible service.”

Quality Essential Distribution offer a wide range of security products and prides itself on offering the best solution to suit any size of installation. The business recently announced plans to consolidate its supply chain and fine-tuning its product offer to better suit the needs of the ever-changing security market.

*Further details on the QED Group are available online at www.qedgroup.co.uk

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TDSi recommences full COVID-safe training at Poole headquarters

Integrated security solutions manufacturer TDSi has announced the reopening of its on-site training programme, backed up by a robust COVID-safe regime of testing and Track and Trace which helps to protect everyone involved.

Additionally, the business has signed up to the Government-run ‘We Offer Testing to our Staff’ scheme. This facilitates all staff taking lateral flow testing in its offices on a twice weekly basis.

John Davies (managing director at TDSi) told Security Matters: “Now that UK COVID restrictions have relaxed a little further, it’s the perfect time to cautiously reintroduce on-site training for our partners and customers. While online training and assistance is invaluable, there are many practical training applications, particularly so those involving hardware installation, that benefit quite considerably from first-hand demonstration.”

Davies continued: “We fully appreciate that some visitors will have anxiety about frequenting other locations, so we have put in place highly robust measures to ensure those who visit and work at our facilities have maximum reassurance that the risks are minimised and that they’re protected.”

While the testing remains voluntary, TDSi is positively encouraging staff and visitors to test themselves to ensure everyone’s peace of mind and safety. Davies asserted: “When trainees attend the Poole facility for training, we will present them with individual bags containing all of the equipment they need as well as an instruction pack. They will be advised to complete the lateral flow test in their cars before entry to the building to ensure that any potential issues are isolated.”

Return to the office

From Monday 17 May, around 70% of the TDSi team returned to the company’s headquarters for daily operations while always maintaining safe social distancing. However, the business will continue to support a mixture of home and office working to ensure there’s flexibility and also that all operations continue to run smoothly and safely.

Davies added: “Our employees are now testing themselves at home on Sunday and Wednesday evenings in line with the official guidelines, with the results reported back to the NHS. If any individual has a positive result, we will ensure they receive a PCR test to confirm that they’re negative before they return to the office such that any potential infection routes are immediately restricted.”

Further, Davies stated: “We owe this level of scrutiny and care to all our visitors and staff and are proud to be extending this level of reassurance to our visiting partners and customers. While there are still considerable potential health threats at large, it’s also important to ensure we safely deliver the right levels of support and training by adjusting to the needs of the ‘new normal’ as quickly as possible.”

*To find out more about TDSi’s Installer Training or to book a place on a COVID-safe course visit www.tdsi.co.uk/training.html

*For more information on TDSi in general visit www.tdsi.co.uk

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Johnson Controls adds cloud-based access control to Cloudvue platform

Johnson Controls – the specialist provider of bespoke solutions for smart, healthy and sustainable buildings – is introducing Cloudvue with access control thanks to the Tyco Kantech KT-1 one-door controller. This powerful technology collaboration enables centrally managed cloud video surveillance and access control across an entire organisation from a single browser and is very much part of the Johnson Controls commitment to providing technology so that customers can maintain safe building environments, healthy business operations and seamless occupant experiences.

The combination of the KT-1 one-door controller and Cloudvue Security Management allows organisations of all sizes to easily manage doors, users and schedules from any browser or mobile device. Users can receive intelligent alerts on real-time door activity from the integrated video surveillance and access control platform.

Cloudvue provides organisations with powerful intelligence that streamlines security, improves operational efficiency beyond security and integrates with the Johnson Controls OpenBlue digital platforms, a complete suite of connected solutions for sustainability, new healthy occupant experiences and safety and security solutions.

“The combination of the KT-1 and Cloudvue provides end users with multiple modes of operation to fit a variety of operational needs within the same organisation using a single door controller,” explained Scott Humphreys, senior product manager for Cloudvue at Johnson Controls. “The native integration offered between Kantech and Cloudvue ensures seamless operation and more robust feature sets for any access control configuration.”

KT-1 offers intuitive, cost-effective, cloud-based management capabilities. The Kantech KT-1 is available as a cloud-managed, Ethernet-ready, powered single-door controller with support for up to two readers for entry and exit control.

Connected to the Cloudvue Security Management cloud service, the KT-1 delivers advanced access control features with fully integrated cloud video surveillance options.

The KT-1 also offers the following features: Single touch button for fast and automatic controller enrolment, ‘plug and play’ installation, Power over Ethernet for flexible power input and highly secure 128-bit AES encryption.

*Further information is available online at https://www.cloudvue.io/

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SMARTair i-gate electronic padlock introduced by ASSA ABLOY Opening Solutions

Offering resistance to attack and extreme weather, in addition to wire-free installation and battery-powered operation, the SMARTair i-gate electronic padlock is built for use almost anywhere. This new device in the SMARTair wireless access control range from ASSA ABLOY Opening Solutions enables security and facility managers to add real-time control to non-electrified gates, cupboards, cabinets, closets and crates wherever they are and whatever the climate.

For many organisations, security and access needs do not stop at the perimeter door, yet finding reliable locking devices which are easy to operate with an electronic access system can be difficult. Gates and outbuildings are hard to reach with cabling. Access devices may not have the resilience required for reliable operation outdoors. The i-gate is built to meet these challenges.

“The SMARTair i-gate electronic padlock helps our customers extend wire-free control to new access points,” explained Félix Morán, SMARTair product manager at ASSA ABLOY Opening Solutions EMEA. “It can be instantly moved to wherever a resistant and adaptable locking device is needed. Site managers no longer need to worry about outbuildings, gates, cupboards and more. They can now monitor and control access to them electronically, remotely and in real-time when needed.”

System upgrade

Upgrading an existing padlocked closure simply involves swapping the devices and integrating the i-gate padlock into an existing or new SMARTair wireless access control system. No drilling or wiring is required.

The i-gate electronic padlock is available in a contemporary black finish with stainless steel shackle. Exterior and interior openings previously unsuited to electronic access control can now be controlled and monitored from a familiar software interface, including remotely from the SMARTair Web Manager.

An i-gate padlock is compatible with any SMARTair system management option: standalone (for basic access control functionality), update on card, Openow (for access management and unlocking via smart phone) and Pro Wireless Online for real-time management of every door and system user.

Compatibility with any credential

The SMARTair i-gate padlock is robust enough for almost any climate conditions. It has a watertight cover (with an IP68 rating) and an internal cylinder with durability to an EN 15684 Class 6 certification. These padlocks are battery-powered and work with all standard proximity credential technologies, including MIFARE, DESFire and iCLASS, as well as Bluetooth Low Energy.

When combined with Openow, the mobile solution for SMARTair, end users no longer need to carry separate card or fob credentials. Instead, their phone stores secure virtual keys which can be issued, amended or cancelled at any time.

No-one wastes time collecting or validating an access card. They can unlock the new SMARTair i-gate padlock with a smart phone. With the Openow solution, an individual carrying their smart phone is already carrying their keys.

*Download a free brochure for the SMARTair i-gate electronic padlock at https://campaigns.assaabloyopeningsolutions.eu/hubfs/smartair/assets/AA_SMARTair_igate_SalesBrochure_04_2021_FINAL_WEB.pdf

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Updated CloudNected Client app introduced for Videx IP intercom system

Videx Security has updated the app for its IP intercom system. The Videx CloudNected Client app enables end users to manage their IP video calls remotely via their own mobile phone so that they can answer calls from wherever they are, be it at home, in the workplace or even on holiday.

Thanks to the app, users can completely manage entry procedures from their mobile device, in turn ensuring the most convenient and security form of entry. It means users can open a gate without a remote control, for example, or receive a video call and authorise entry with a simple touch, whether they’re at the property or not.

James Gray, national sales manager at Videx Security, stated: “The Videx IP system is an expandable entry system which can be customised to suit the needs of any building and can make use of a building’s existing cable infrastructure. With the new app there’s no limit to the number of devices a user can manage. Access management is easily available all in one app.”

Gray continued: “What’s great about the new CloudNected Client app is that it doesn’t require any configuration. It mirrors the associated videophone, performing all of its functions. You simply need to register your profile and scan the QR code with your smart phone camera which will allow the app to be associated to your videophone. All of the functions and settings will be automatically transferred.”

Logged calls catch-up

End users don’t need to worry about missing a call. If they cannot answer the phone, they can scroll the call list to catch up with all logged calls. All notifications are ‘push’ format and will be displayed even if the app is closed or the phone screen is locked. End users do not need to open the app to answer a call.

The Videx CloudNected Client app also shows the mode of the devices (online, offline) and the mode of each function (on/off), duly giving feedback of the services. If individuals need more privacy and don’t want to be disturbed by any call, or simply wish to exclude a function, they can disable it through the app and enable once again again when preferred.

*For more information on the Videx CloudNected app and how it works visit: https://www.videxuk.com/updated-app-launched-for-videx-ip-system/

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“Revolutionary technology” underpins LOCKEN’s contactless key solution

Manufacturer ISEO has built superior induction technology into its latest generation electronic key and has patented the technology’s application. Boasting major advantages for access control systems, this key has been incorporated into the solutions marketed by LOCKEN, the ISEO Group’s ‘solutions and systems’ expert.

Electronic access management systems have seen a strong uptake in many industries, while interest has risen even further since the emergence and spread of the Coronavirus pandemic. LOCKEN’s access control solution features one single key for all access points, meaning that end users have their own assigned key and don’t need to share, in turn enabling companies to comply with strict safety and hygiene regulations.

In addition to this major advantage, the ISEO key provides three significant benefits associated with the induction technology. First, it makes life easier by opening doors almost instantaneously, with information exchanged between the key and electronic cylinder in less than 80 milliseconds (ie the time it takes for a regular key to recognise a mechanical cylinder).

Second, it ensures “unrivalled durability” with contactless communication between the electronic key and cylinder, making it immune to dust ingress, wear and tear and oxidation caused by humidity or salt.

Finally, magnetic induction overcomes the need for an electric current.

Explosive environments

Approved to ATEX II 2 G Ex ib IIB T4, the solution is suitable for all explosive environments, such as gas delivery and regulation stations, specific hydrocarbon processing and distribution infrastructures, chemical factory enclosures and grain silos.

Also included is a Bluetooth module. The key communicates with the user’s smart phone using the MyLocken app. It’s therefore capable of offering centralised control and case-by-case, real-time access control, reaching standards of security that are usually only available from online access control systems.

The LOCKEN electronic key uses induction technology as part of an access control system. This complete advanced solution meets the increasingly stringent demands of larger end user companies in terms of robustness, security, performance and traceability.

*LOCKEN has uploaded a video about the induction-based electronic key to its website, which shows how this game-changing access control technology is set up and how Bluetooth boosts the key’s performance. Watch the video at https://www.locken.eu/new-film-iseo-contactless-key/

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Databac celebrates 50th Anniversary with new branding and revamped website

ID solutions provider and card manufacturer Databac is celebrating its 50th Anniversary of operations by unveiling a brand new look and launching a revamped website. Founded back in 1970, the business has grown from a local company offering laminated cards to become an international organisation with a wealth of experience in all aspects of identification technologies.

To mark this significant milestone, Databac has developed a new logo and created a new website, both of which better reflect the company as it is today: a dynamic, experienced and global player in the security industry.

“Databac’s growth has followed the evolution of the security market for half a century,” commented Databac’s CEO Charles Balcomb. “The industry has little in common with the days of punch-hole Hollerith cards, which we made during our early days. The world today is much more connected, with sophisticated solutions that are highly secure, personalisable and multi-functional. Our new look represents who we are now: a specialist partner for our clients, empowering them to manage their security needs through our identification solutions with a keen emphasis on sustainability.”

The 50th Anniversary coincides with an unprecedented situation initiated by the COVID-19 pandemic. To help manage the Coronavirus outbreak, Databac has incorporated new hygiene and safety solutions into its portfolio, ranging from anti-microbial card holders through to touch-free biometrics complete with mask detection.

Databac’s evolution builds on its ability to adapt to a changing world. This agility is reflected in the company’s dual business model of in-house manufacturing complete with sourcing from qualified partners.

The company’s factory in Surrey produces bespoke, multi-functional cards, while the facility in Barcelona harbours a bureau dedicated to card personalisation and encoding. These operations are complemented by identification systems, printers, readers, software and accessories courtesy of Databac’s global network of strategic partners.

*The full range of solutions and services can be found on the new website at www.databac.com

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Inner Range launches migration service for system upgrades

Security system designer and manufacturer Inner Range has launched a new service designed to support customers in the UK and the wider EMEA region when the time comes for system upgrades.

The service involves experienced in-house technicians migrating a host of information from a given customer’s existing Inner Range hardware controller to the new system, such as user types, cards, time zones, doors, areas, lifts and readers.

The service has been designed for customers upgrading from Inner Range’s Concept system, which is now at the End of Life stage, to its flagship Enterprise-level intelligent access control and security system Integriti.

While Integriti is compatible with 95% of Concept’s hardware, making migration straightforward and far more cost-effective than an entire system replacement, the new service aims to reduce both time and cost for clients even further.

Tim Northwood, general manager at Inner Range, explained: “No-one doubts that upgrading to a better access and security system has many benefits. The sophistication and flexibility of our systems helps to give users the precise controls they need, but the actual transition process can sometimes feel a little fraught because some complex programming is required in order to migrate existing processes and protocols on to the new platform.”

Northwood added: “We hope that our new service provides extra reassurance and peace of mind for integrators and end users who’ll know that our own engineers will migrate everything more efficiently and smoothly than external partners who are perhaps less familiar with our products.”

More integrations

Integriti is ideal for managing and controlling single and multiple sites at the local, national and global levels. The benefits for Concept users migrating to Integriti include more integrations with current manufacturers for security, building automation, people and business continuity processes, excellent graphics, enhanced reporting, more flexibility around global programming and permissions as well as compatibility with current and future IT platforms, among them Windows and Vista.

First launched in 1989, Concept 2000 served as Inner Range’s flagship product. It was designed by three of the four founders of the business, namely Doug Frazer, David Baughan and Alan Winch. The system was updated to the Concept 3000 and later the Concept 4000, both which have been installed around the globe. However, the system’s underlying technology is no longer economical to maintain in comparison with modern platforms like Integriti.

Concept systems use Insight software. Insight follows the same End of Life timeline as Concept. Inner Range first announced that its Concept system was nearing End of Life in November 2018. Many customers have migrated easily to Inner Range’s Integriti product at only a fraction of the cost of an entire system replacement. The new service is paid-for, but clients are expected to make time and cost savings overall.

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Bidvest Noonan outlines bold plans for touchless and frictionless security

Bidvest Noonan has unveiled plans to introduce “disruptive new technologies” designed to bring about the company’s vision for “truly touchless and frictionless” security.

The business has just recruited industry heavy-hitter Stephen Webb (pictured below) as its director of technology solutions. Webb boasts over 20 years’ experience in leading the development of security technology businesses here in the UK and also in North America.

Bidvest Noonan has accelerated its innovation and technology programmes in response to the pandemic. The business saw working practices change and clients grappling with a host of new problems during what has been a challenging period. The company’s security solutions team sought technology-enhanced systems to help clients keep their people safe, ensure business continuity and find new ways of achieving their longer-term objectives.

The company set its sights on leveraging Artificial Intelligence-enhanced, cloud-based and biometric-focused security systems with a view towards transforming and unifying areas such as access control, alarm monitoring, video surveillance and visitor management.

Stephen Webb’s appointment to what is a newly-created senior leadership role signals the business’ commitment to advancing its security technology plans.

Commenting on this development, Eddie Ingram (managing director of Security Solutions at Bidvest Noonan) informed Security Matters: “I’m thrilled to welcome Stephen to our team. He has a proven track record for leveraging technology to deliver performance improvements and added value to clients. He will play an important role in the development of our ambitious security technology plans and I know he will be very successful at Bidvest Noonan.”

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