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Record number of security apprentices recruited through 100 in 100 2013

Over 1,300 apprentices will be embarking on a new career in the security sector following the success of this year’s 100 in 100 initiative, which was launched at IFSEC International in May with the aim of recruiting 100 security apprentices in 100 days.

Sponsored by CSL DualCom and supported by Skills for Security, the National Security Inspectorate and the Security Systems and Alarms Inspection Board, the 100 in 100 initiative has attracted a record level of interest in 2013, in turn realising the recruitment of 1,316 young apprentices across several disciplines of the security sector.

A total of 1,084 apprentices have been recruited via the security guarding sector, with the remainder embarking upon security systems apprenticeships.

The results of this year’s scheme were announced last night at the beginning of the 2013 Security Excellence Awards Ceremony, which took place at the London Hilton Hotel on Park Lane.

The 100 in 100 logo

The 100 in 100 logo

Demand so high in 2013

Jayne Sale, head of commercial services at Skills for Security, commented: “Demand has been so high this year that two groups in our London-based college were over-subscribed, resulting in new groups being planned to start there in April of next year. In addition, two new training venues have come on board in Exeter and Essex, bringing the total number of venues to ten and including Bromley, Chichester, Uxbridge, Exeter, Gloucester, Bradford, Preston, Newark, Birmingham and Hounslow.”

Sale continued: “We’re delighted with the results of this year’s initiative, and would like to thank all of the organisations who have supported us in our drive to attract the next generation of security professionals, in turn ensuring that our industry continues to thrive well into the future.”

Among the organisations supporting the 100 in 100 initiative is the British Security Industry Association.

United Business Media (UBM) has also provided valuable press support throughout the initiative as Official Media Partner.

Longer term value of apprenticeships

On the long-term value of apprenticeships, Simon Banks (group managing director at CSL Dualcom and the co-founder of 100 in 100) explained: “Apprentice take-up continues to be outstanding, and we are pleased to see that the security sector is genuinely realising the value of apprenticeships. Companies are provided with a succession plan of reliable resources that’s bespoke to their business. The apprentice has a skill for life in a recession-resistant industry. Ultimately, this professionalises our industry and makes it more desirable and rewarding for all.”

Simon Banks of CSL DualCom

Simon Banks of CSL DualCom

For those companies interested in recruiting an apprentice there’s still time to take advantage of the 100 in 100 scheme, with a number of courses starting in January.

Contact Skills for Security’s Customer Relations Team on (telephone) 01905 744000 for details.

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100 in 100 Roll of Honour recognition for Securi-Guard

Securi-Guard has joined a special industry roll of honour after taking on two apprentices as part of a major national recruitment drive administered by Skills for Security.

The Plymouth-based company will train Liam Hewins (aged 18) and 17-year-old Kieran Pope, both from Plymouth, to work in its security systems division as part of a commitment to help the next generation of security industry employees.

In recognition of the two appointments, Securi-Guard is among a number of security firms nationwide who have been named in the 100 in 100 Roll of Honour by Skills for Security, the not-for-profit organisation that serves as the sector skills body for the private security industry.

It offers information, advice and guidance to help with training and skills development in the security sector for both apprentices and existing security personnel who want to improve their knowledge and skills set.

Terri Jones, the new director general at Skills for Security, said: “We’re delighted that Securi-Guard is supporting the 100 in 100 initiative for 2013. Apprentices deliver real value to employers, and developing the talent of the future is vital to the economic success of the sector. Congratulations to Kieran and Liam. We look forward to following their progress.”

Left to Right: Securi-Guard's Paul Lawson with new apprentices Liam Hewins and Kieran Pope

Left to Right: Securi-Guard’s Paul Lawson with new apprentices Liam Hewins and Kieran Pope

Installation, maintenance, Health and Safety

Securi-Guard will be training Liam and Kieran as security and fire systems engineers under the auspices of Skills for Security’s training programme.

They will both work with an experienced engineer and be taught a variety of skills, including installation of systems, how to repair and maintain the systems to a high standard and ensuring compliance with Health and Safety regulations.

Scott Boyd, Securi-Guard’s managing director for fire and security, said he was delighted to be able to support the 100 in 100 initiative.

“This is an extremely worthwhile campaign and represents a great opportunity for us to help two young apprentices make their mark in the security industry,” stated Scott.

“As a family company, we take great pride in developing our staff from within and see apprenticeship schemes such as this as a natural extension of that ethos. It’s a chance to develop two individuals and equip them with the kind of skills and knowledge that will benefit them throughout their careers.”

The 100 in 100 campaign for 2013 is aiming to place at least 100 new apprentices across the security sector between IFSEC International 2013 (which was held in May at the NEC) and the Security Excellence Awards Ceremony, which takes place at London’s Hilton Park Lane Hotel on Wednesday 23 October.

Fully endorsed by skills minister Matthew Hancock, last year’s campaign resulted in 320 new apprentices. The organisers are hoping to top that figure in 2013.

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100 in 100 2013: Statistics Update 2.8.2013

The latest statistics for the 100 in 100 2103 apprenticeships drive have been communicated to campaign supporters by Skills for Security.

The 100 in 100 campaign aims to place at least 100 new apprentices across the security sector between IFSEC International 2013 (which ran at the NEC in Birmingham from 13-16 May) and the Security Excellence Awards, which take place at the London Hilton Hotel, Park Lane on Wednesday 23 October.

The campaign is orchestrated by Skills for Security and CSL DualCom with support from the British Security Industry Association, the National Security Inspectorate, the Fire Industry Association, the Security Systems and Alarms Inspection Board and – in its capacity as Media Partner – UBM Live’s Security and Fire Portfolio (organiser of IFSEC International and the Security Excellence Awards).

Importantly, the campaign is fully endorsed by skills minister Matthew Hancock.

The 2013 100 in 100 campaign logo

The 2013 100 in 100 campaign logo

Last year’s campaign resulted in 320 new apprenticeships, and the aim is to beat that total in 2013.

Pleasingly, the latest statistics from Skills for Security are hugely encouraging. To date, 34 new apprentices have already been signed up (this time last year the corresponding figure was 23), and six appointments are booked for the next couple of weeks to sign up eight further apprentices.

At present, 108 companies have expressed an interest in recruiting 148 apprentices.

This excellent news arrives hot on the heels of the Government’s plans to radically shake-up the UK’s apprenticeship funding framework in the wake of the Richard Review of Apprenticehips.

Taking on new apprentices is a great way of developing your security business. To find out more about employing an apprentice as part of the 100 in 100 campaign for 2013, call Skills for Security’s Customer Relations Team on 01905 744000

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“Support the 2013 100 in 100 campaign” urges the National Security Inspectorate

This year’s ‘100 in 100’ campaign was launched at IFSEC Internation on 15 May and has already received tremendous support. The initiative aims to place 100 new apprentices in the security sector in 100 days – the time between IFSEC International and the Security Excellence Awards in October.

Since the scheme began, the target of 100 apprenticeship placements each year has been exceeded and, last year, over 550 apprenticeships were secured – a fantastic result.

So far in 2013 a fabulous total of 88 companies have registered their interest in recruiting 121 apprentices. This is over 50% more than at the corresponding time last year – a great response from the sector.

The official 100 in 100 logo

The official 100 in 100 logo

The National Security Inspectorate (NSI) is once again encouraging all security and fire companies to consider the rewards of taking on an apprentice. Companies should bear in mind the following incentives for doing so…

• Government funding for training costs
• Additional support for SME employers in the form of grants
• More college access than ever before as well as e-learning options if you don’t have a college nearby
• Even easier administration procedures, with Skills for Security fully committed to taking care of all paperwork, right from sign up through to appointing the college or training provider
• Skills for Security is also providing qualified assessors to guide and monitor progress, and will draw on Government funding on behalf of participating companies

The initiative covers all types of apprenticeship, including installation engineers, manufacturing engineers, locksmiths, business administration, Human Resources, marketing, PR and customer services.

The National Apprenticeship Service research conducted in 2010 highlights the real value which can be derived from apprenticeships:

•“83% of employers rely on their apprenticeships programme to provide the skilled workers that they need for the future”
•“88% believe that apprenticeships lead to a more motivated and satisfied workforce”
•“77% of employers believe apprenticeships make them more competitive”

Jeff Little OBE: CEO at the National Security Inspectorate

Jeff Little OBE: CEO at the National Security Inspectorate

Jeff Little OBE, the NSI’s CEO, stated: “Yet again, the momentum which the ‘100 in 100’ campaign has generated is extraordinary and proves beyond any doubt the genuine interest and value which the industry places on apprenticeships. I would encourage all security and fire organisations to consider the significant benefits which apprentices can bring. This is a real investment in the future.”

For more information about the 100 in 100 campaign and/or employing an apprentice, please call Skills for Security on 01905 744 000 or send an e-mail to: info@skillsforsecurity.org.uk

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100 in 100 2013: new apprenticeships for the UK security sector

IFSEC International 2013 at the NEC in Birmingham witnessed the official launch of 100 in 100 2013 – the third annual drive to create more brand new apprenticeships across the security world.

“There has never been a better time to hire an apprentice,” explained Simon Banks, group managing director at the CSL Communications Group and one of the key drivers behind the 100 in 100 initiative.

Heralding the launch of the 2013 scheme aimed at creating as many new apprenticeships across the UK’s security sector as possible, Banks explained: “There’s now more college access than ever before, ever greater industry acceptance and even easier administration procedures. Attitudes towards apprenticeships are really changing for the better as people realise they are a positive and genuine alternative to university for many of today’s youngsters. In addition, there’s now more Government support than ever before. The political will is there to make apprenticeships work.”

The official 100 in 100 campaign logo

The official 100 in 100 campaign logo

Cementing that last point, Matthew Hancock MP – the skills minister within the coalition Government – has already offered his fulsome support for the 100 in 100 campaign in 2013.

“This Government is on the side of employers who invest in the skills of their people,” explained Hancock, “and we’re working with businesses to ensure that the apprenticeships programme is rigorous, responsive and absolutely delivers on the high quality training which employers really value.”

The minister continued: “By conducting its own campaign to deliver more apprenticeships, the security industry is giving ambitious young people the opportunity to build rewarding careers in the sector, and laying a firm foundation for sustained growth.”

Energising new apprenticeship opportunities in the security sector

The premiss behind the 100 in 100 campaign is the same as it was for the first two years of operation since the inaugural scheme went to market in 2011 – to energise 100 or more new apprenticeships in the security sector between IFSEC International and the Security Excellence Awards (which this year takes place at the Hilton Hotel, Park Lane, London on Wednesday 23 October).

Simon Banks at the launch of 100 in 100 2013

Simon Banks at the launch of 100 in 100 2013

In 2012, the 100 in 100 campaign smashed its previous record by placing 320 new apprenticeships – a phenomenal achievement. We want to make 2013 an even more successful year, though.

Supporting this year’s campaign are CSL DualCom and Skills for Security in addition to the major inspectorates – namely the National Security Inspectorate and the Security Systems and Alarms Inspection Board. Also on board are the British Security Industry Association and the Fire Industry Association. As always, UBM Live’s Security and Fire Portfolio (with http://www.IFSECGlobal.com at its heart) is the campaign’s official media partner.

The 100 in 100 challenge covers all types of apprenticeship, including installation engineers, manufacturing engineers, business administration, Human Resources, marketing and PR. All types of roles that companies within the security world are well-placed to offer, in turn allowing young people to develop unique skills, experiences and a fulfilling career in what is undoubtedly a dynamic and ever-changing space.

Apprentices usually take around 18 months to gain Level 2 qualifications, with a further 18 months required to take the apprentice to a Level 3.

Employers embracing the opportunities on offer will be responsible for paying employment costs of at least the minimum wage (for 16-18 year-olds and 19-year-olds in the first year of their apprenticeship). Employers will also be required to provide work-based training within their companies.

Skills for Security's Mike Britnell at IFSEC International 2013

Skills for Security’s Mike Britnell at IFSEC International 2013

Skills for Security has committed once again to taking care of all paperwork for those organisations willing and able to employ new apprentices, right from initial sign-up through to appointing the college or training provider.

Importantly, Skills for Security will provide qualified assessors to guide and monitor progress, and will also draw down Government funding on each participating company’s behalf.

On that last note, 100% Government funding is available for apprentices aged 16-18, with reduced Government funding (50%) for 19-24 year-olds. Government loans are available for those apprentices aged 25 and above.

New for 2013 is an additional £1,500 grant for those SMEs who don’t currently employ an apprentice and haven’t done so for the last three years.

Solid start to the 2013 campaign

Barely a month after launch and Skills for Security has already reported on a solid start to the 2013 100 in 100 drive.

88 companies are presently registered as recruiting one or more apprentices. The total number of apprentices being recruited by these organisations is 121, while 20 apprentices have been signed up for the autumn start (just over 50% more than at the corresponding stage last year).

To date, six companies are listed within the special 100 in 100 2013 ‘Roll of Honour’. They are as follows:

Abatis Security Systems
G4S Technology (UK) Ltd
Heston Apex Europe Ltd
Lyrico Systems Ltd
RDS Security Systems Ltd
Spectrum Fire (UK)
Titan Fire and Security

Why should your company take on apprentices?

According to the National Apprenticeship Service research undertaken in 2010, 77% of employers canvassed believe apprenticeships make them more competitive. And that’s not all.

Speaking at the 100 in 100 2013 launch event, Skills for Security’s acting CEO Mike Britnell stated: “The research also showed that 80% of employers believe apprenticeships reduce their staff turnover, while over 80% of consumers favour using those companies that take on new apprentices.”

That’s why your company should take on apprentices now!

“This is a great opportunity for our industry to raise its profile and reinforce the long-term, valuable career prospects that security companies can offer young people,” commented Brian Sims, media solutions manager for UBM Live’s Security and Fire Portfolio. “Companies interested in taking part should contact Skills for Security immediately.”

Brian Sims of UBM Live

Brian Sims of UBM Live

Jayne Sale – head of commercial services at Skills for Security – said: “We need as many companies and training providers as possible to let us know about their apprenticeship recruitment this year in order to help us make an even bigger announcement in the autumn at the SEAs. Companies can e-mail us at info@skillsforsecurity.org.uk with the number of apprentices and the type of apprenticeships they have in mind.”

Telephone Skills for Security’s Customer Relations Team on 01905 744000 today and play your part in the security apprenticeships drive for 2013

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Sodexo’s Jane Farrell scoops Women in Security Industry Award

Sodexo’s skills development manager Jane Farrell has won a top award for her work aimed at bringing more women into the security industry.

Farrell, who’s Sodexo’s Centre of Excellence development manager, scooped the Women in Security Industry Award at the IFSEC and FIREX Awards in Birmingham.

Jane, who is responsible for security training and compliance across the UK and Ireland, spearheads the Sodexo Women in Security Group and ensures that all reports, findings, recommendations and advice are directly communicated to the Sodexo executive management team, remaining a priority for all her senior colleagues.

As part of Secure (Sodexo’s on-site security service), Jane has worked to increase the percentage of female security officers in the organisation from 9% to 14% over the last three years.

Left to right: Professional Security's md Roy Cooper, Jane Farrell and Una Riley

Left to right: Professional Security’s md Roy Cooper, Jane Farrell and Una Riley

Jane has worked for Sodexo for 30 years. Speaking about this award, she commented: “It’s great to be recognised for my contribution to the security industry. I’ve always found that some women have a fear about a career in security as it’s seen as a male-dominated industry. What we’ve tried to do is take that fear away and open up more opportunities for women.”

Farrell continued: “I’ve always seen my role as one of helping people, men and women, to develop their careers. It was never viewed like that before, but the security industry is about having a professional career path and developing their skills.”

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NICE Systems set to showcase integrated security portfolio at IFSEC International 2013

Sessions and demonstrations will highlight NICE Systems’ situation management solutions, including the newly-launched Situator Express for NiceVision

Hall 4 Stand G111 at the NEC, Birmingham from May 13-16 is the place to be as NICE Systems will also demonstrate its newly-launched Situator Express solution while company experts will lead a number of sessions.

NICE Systems has also been shortlisted as an IFSEC and FIREX Awards finalist in the category of Security Project or Installation of the Year. This is based on the successful NICE Situator installation at Network Rail’s King’s Cross Station in 2012.

Enrico Montagnino, Sales Manager for Public Safety at NICE, and Brendan O’Keeffe of Fourway, the systems integrator for the King’s Cross project, will talk about this installation from the customer’s perspective in a presentation taking place in the Intelligent Buildings Theatre on 15 May at 2.15 pm.

Jamie Wilson of NICE Systems

Jamie Wilson of NICE Systems

Also part of the IFSEC Academy education programme, Jamie Wilson (Security Marketing Manager, EMEA at NICE Systems) will talk about ‘PSIM: Key Trends Driving Development’ and cover the anticipated evolution of PSIM to address new challenges and the emerging needs of organisations and agencies when it comes to managing unanticipated crises.

Jamie’s presentation will take place on 14 May at 12.30 pm in the Centre Stage Theatre, and will be followed by the ‘Soundbites from our Bloggers’ session at 3.30 pm where a selection of regular bloggers who write for IFSECGlobal.com will join forces to discuss their latest spheres of interest.

Key features for NICE Systems at IFSEC International

Among the NICE Systems solutions and product enhancements to be featured at the show are:

• Situator Express – This easy-to-deploy, cost-effective solution transforms NiceVision IP video surveillance into a complete security management solution. It provides a unified, holistic operating picture for security management by fusing NiceVision Net video with data from other security systems, including CCTV, access control, intrusion and fire detection.

• NICE Situator – NICE Systems will demonstrate the latest enhancements and capabilities that are empowering airports and public transit organisations, such as London’s King’s Cross transport hub, as well as financial institutions, critical facilities and cities to secure people and leverage their most important business assets.

• NiceVision Net – Its enhanced Web application allows users to easily share and export video to removable media and simultaneously play back multiple video channels.

• NICE Inform – Using this solution, security organisations can consolidate multimedia incident information from both private and public sources in order to form a complete picture of a particular incident for investigation, debriefing and training purposes.

• Citer360 – This solution harvests relevant information from the Internet and social networks for Intelligence, law enforcement and commercial uses.

NICE Systems’ security solutions help organisations capture, analyse and leverage Big Data to anticipate, manage and mitigate security and safety risks, improve operations and make the world a safer place.

The NICE security, intelligence and cyber offerings provide valuable insights that enable enterprises and Governments to take the best action at the right time by correlating structured and unstructured data from multiple sensors and channels, detecting irregular patterns and recognising trends.

NICE Security solutions are used by thousands of customers worldwide, including transportation systems, critical infrastructure, city centres, banks, enterprises and Government agencies.

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HID Global drives customer empowerment with security solutions at IFSEC International 2013

HID Global has announced that it will present its solutions for secure access control together with parent company, ASSA ABLOY, under the motto “Access your world” at IFSEC International 2013, which runs at the Birmingham NEC from 13-16 May.

Jointly presenting their solutions for the third consecutive year, this presence incorporates the combined power of award-winning technology from HID Global, ASSA ABLOY and ASSA ABLOY Group companies Yale, Mul-T-Lock, Traka and effeff in Hall 4 on Stands C40 and C50.

HID Global will highlight its latest iCLASS SE platform solution for credential encoding and conduct live mobile access demonstrations. In addition to showcasing its broad portfolio of solutions to create, use and manage secure identities, the company will also highlight its enhanced FARGO HDP5000 Printer/Encoder.

Harm Radstaak of HID Global

Harm Radstaak of HID Global

“We are very excited to be showcasing HID Global’s vast array of trusted secure identity solutions along with our parent company ASSA ABLOY,” explained Harm Radstaak, managing director (EMEA) at HID Global.

“Our customers will experience how our portfolio as well as complimentary products, presented by ASSA ABLOY brands, work well together. On the show floor, customers can learn how products and solutions from both companies can add to their business value.”

Radstaak continued: “IFSEC International is one of the leading security shows in the UK and provides us with an excellent and robust platform to interact and meet with security and industry professionals. We will be available to meet channel partners, end users, OEMs, systems integrators, security and IT managers to understand what key secure identity challenges need to be addressed in the workplace and how our future-proofed solutions can assist them.”

Extensive suite of technologies on display

HID Global will demonstrate its extensive suite of technologies, products, solutions and services including:

Solutions for Creating a Secure Identity

– Credential Encoding Solutions: The latest addition to the iCLASS SE open platform enables organisations to encode/manage credentials and configure readers by combining a number of existing HID encoders into a single solution. It provides the capability for organisations to securely manage their own keys and encode credentials to operate with iCLASS SE Readers. The solution supports Seos, iCLASS SE, iCLASS, MIFARE DESFire and other technologies.

– HID Secure Identity Services: A comprehensive suite of services to help customers address every aspect of requirements for cards and digital credentials for mobile access, including managing the daily flow of ID card badge requests, large-volume re-badging projects, and combining multiple technology platforms onto one credential.

– Card Personalisation Solutions: The most comprehensive range of printer/encoders for custom card personalisation, from creating high quality colour photo IDs to encoding smart cards. Solutions include Direct-to-Card (DTC) and High Definition Printing (HDP) printer/encoders. HID Global will demonstrate its enhanced FARGO HDP5000 Printer/Encoder and its Direct-to-Card (DTC) DTC1000.

– EasyLobby Visitor Management Solutions: HID Global’s enterprise-class solutions for visitor registration, badge printing, tracking and reporting. The solution is flexible, customisable and feature-rich to meet the needs of small and enterprise organisations with diverse visitor management processes and policy requirements.

– Embedded Technologies: Embedded platforms to enable third parties to develop hardware that works within the Genuine HID ecosystem, including HID Global’s new credential encoding solution, the iCLASS SE Reader Module and the iCLASS SE Processor that can be used across a variety of platforms to SIO-enable third-party hardware.

Solutions for Using Secure Identity

– Genuine HID Credentials and Readers: Latest Crescendo and pivCLASS credentials for strong PKI-based authentication supporting logical and physical control, OMNIKEY desktop readers, iCLASS SE platform reader solutions and credentials including iCLASS Seos for powering mobile access and higher security.

– Networked Access Solutions: New EDGE EVO and VertX EVO IP-enabled open platform access control solutions, and HID Global will preview new two-reader EDGE EVO Solo and VertX EVO wireless interoperability solutions.

Solutions for Managing Secure Identities

– Mobile Access Solutions: Technology-independent iCLASS SE access control platform including the iCLASS Seos credential that delivers advanced security, portability and flexibility while enabling the use NFC-enabled smartphones for access control and other applications.

– ActivID Credential Management Solutions: HID Global will demonstrate its latest identity assurance solutions, including its ‘One Card’ converged secure access solution for physical and logical access control and cloud-based applications.

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Xtralis ADPRO IntrusionTrace awarded primary detection system classification by UK Home Office

IntrusionTrace receives official recognition as a primary detection system from the Home Office Scientific Development Branch i-LIDS initiative

Version 1.14 of IntrusionTrace, a downloadable intrusion detection analytic for the ADPRO FastTrace 2/2X, has been approved as a primary detection system for operational use in sterile environments by the UK Home Office Scientific Development Branch (HOSDB).

This is the third Xtralis product to receive this certification, with Xtralis Presidium having been approved back in 2008.

The Imagery Library for Intelligent Detection Systems (i-LIDS) is the UK Government’s benchmark for video analytics. i-LIDS is comprised of a library of CCTV video footage based around ‘scenarios’ central to the Government’s requirements. Sterile zone monitoring addresses alarm events consisting of the presence of people in a sterile zone between two security fences.

This approval means that Government and other mission-critical security users can confidently implement IntrusionTrace for an array of sterile zone monitoring applications in the knowledge that the solution provides the highest level of accuracy in diverse real world environments.

Meeting standards for video analytics

“We strongly recommend our customers only deploy i-LIDS primary detection certified video analytics solution,” said Markus Piendl, senior consultant (security and systems management) at strensys GmbH in Oberammergau, Germany.

“We’ve seen dozens of projects in the perimeter security sector where a variety of national/international vendors have not fulfilled any standards in terms of algorithms for video analytics. These systems caused a lot of problems and it was necessary to change them. Thanks to the HOSDB, i-LIDS is now a well-known standard on the global stage.”

Piendl continued: “We have been very happy with Xtralis Presidum over the years and are excited to hear that Xtralis IntrusionTrace is now i-LIDS certified for primary detection for operational use in sterile environments. This is excellent news for our customers and opens a lot of opportunities, especially with the corresponding Xtralis licencing model. Both existing and potential new customers can profit from an international standard like i-LIDS, making sure that the investment in this excellent perimeter security solution is state-of-the-art.”

Piendl, himself an international perimeter security specialist with more than 15 years’ experience in the market and 1,400 projects worked on, added: “FastTrace 2/2x loaded with i-LIDS certified IntrusionTrace and combined with intelligent ADPRO PIRs delivers an excellent perimeter protection system that can be trusted for the toughest jobs.”

Plethora of security-focused applications

Since being introduced in September last year, IntrusionTrace has been successfully deployed on thousands of FastTrace 2/2X video channels in a diverse variety of security applications around the world including Government facilities, military and law enforcement sites, retail, warehousing, solar parks and CNI projects for water, power and telecommunications plants.

“Xtralis is dedicated to delivering innovative, intelligent and reliable solutions for some of the toughest perimeter security applications,” commented Jorg Tilkin, vice-president (security systems) at Xtralis.

“i-LIDS is among the most difficult security certifications worldwide to achieve, and we’re pleased that IntrusionTrace successfully gained this status so quickly. At Xtralis we are committed to independent verification and certification of our solutions.”

Xtralis IntrusionTrace is a downloadable intrusion detection analytic for the FastTrace 2/2X that enables primary detection for operational use in sterile zone applications. IntrusionTrace virtually eliminates false alarms, allowing operators to monitor more sites with greater accuracy.

IntrusionTrace can be remotely configured and running in minutes without the need to send a technician to the customer site. Subscription licenses are available and, once a license is purchased, it can be easily and remotely moved to any FastTrace 2/2X platform in your security domain.

To see the IntrusionTrace solution in action, visit Xtralis at the IFSEC-FIREX International 2013 Exhibition in Hall 4 at the NEC, Birmingam (13-16 May). Stand A10.

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