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Video surveillance: IHS predicts the trends for 2014

Market analyst IHS has issued its fifth annual White Paper on the key trends for the video surveillance industry. Niall Jenkins (research manager, video surveillance and security services at IHS) states that 2014 is all set to be another exciting year for the industry with big data, thermal cameras, embedded audio capabilities and the rise of the cloud in China just a few of the trends to watch out for during the next 12 months.

1. Video Surveillance: The Star Markets for 2014

IHS has been researching the video surveillance equipment market for more than ten years. During this time, the market has grown quickly, most years at a double digit rate.

The year 2014 will be no exception. IHS forecasts that the global market will grow by more than 12%. Within the global market, IHS has identified fixed-dome and 180/360 degree network cameras as the fastest growing product segments, and the city surveillance and utilities/energy sectors as the vertical markets to watch.

2014 is all set to be another exciting year for the CCTV sector

2014 is all set to be another exciting year for the CCTV sector

2. Big Data: Crowd Sourcing Video Surveillance and Social Media Analytics

The prevalence of smart phones with cameras and Internet connectivity in tandem with social media apps such as Vine and Instagram has led to the first ‘crowd sourced’ data collection for an investigation in 2013 (following the Boston Marathon bombings).

Now that this trend has begun, IHS predicts it’s likely that police forces will increasingly request – and need to manage – crowd-sourced video surveillance data. While this will allow law enforcement agencies to react more quickly, especially with the use of social media monitoring, it will also create data analysis and manipulation challenges.

Meeting these challenges will provide systems integrators and software vendors with a new opportunity to create solutions that improve police incident responses in 2014 and beyond.

3. Cloud-Based Video Surveillance Opens Markets in China

In China, the concept of the cloud is becoming increasingly popular, particularly so as the telecom infrastructure matures. As network bandwidth improves and network product pricing declines, cloud-based video surveillance solutions are drawing the attention of more suppliers.

While a cloud-based solution isn’t a compulsory choice, it does represent a great opportunity to leverage the massive demand for civil video surveillance.

With more attention and an increasing customer base, IHS predicts that cloud-based video surveillance solutions will be defined by the value created in the applications they offer to customers. With more than one billion potential users in China, getting the right mix of product and security features will be a successful combination.

4. Thermal Cameras Hit the Commercial Market

IHS forecasts that the video surveillance product market that will see the largest average selling price (ASP) decline during the next few years will be the un-cooled thermal camera market.

While the number of un-cooled thermal camera units shipped to the commercial security industry suggests that the market has not yet been commoditised, increased competition, new products and new end user markets will mean 2014 is a breakthrough year for the technology.

IHS predicts it is likely that police forces will increasingly request, and need to manage, crowd sourced video surveillance data

IHS predicts it is likely that police forces will increasingly request, and need to manage, crowd sourced video surveillance data

5. Panoramic Cameras: Providing the Full Picture

The big video surveillance camera category winner in 2014 will be 180/360 degree panoramic network cameras, with global unit shipments forecast to increase by more than 60% year-on-year.

In particular, the cameras are predicted to gain market share in verticals such as retail, airports and casinos where monitoring wide indoor areas is a key requirement of the video surveillance system.

6. Power over Ethernet: Watt’s the Story?

As the transition towards network video surveillance continues, increasing focus is being placed on the supporting network infrastructure. A crucial element of this is power.

Recent developments in Power over Ethernet (POE) standards and products make the technology a much more viable option for security managers. Looking forward, IHS expects that security camera manufacturers will expand and develop their portfolios of low-powered cameras to conform to the POE+ standard.

Technologies that overcome the distance limitations of Ethernet and POE also will find general market acceptance.

7. Is it Time for a Different View on Live Video and Mobile Access?

Following the events of the school shooting in Sandy Hook 12 months ago, there has been renewed focus on the idea of facility security managers securely sharing live video footage with law enforcement in the event of an incident.

The technology needed to provide this already exists, yet issues over ongoing cost – and, more importantly, who pays for the system – have meant that market penetration has been limited.

However, with costs dropping and a refocus on protection of assets of both the physical and human kind in the post-Sandy Hook era, 2014 could be the year where live streaming of video surveillance to law enforcement becomes the norm.

In 2014, the market for video surveillance devices with chargeable VCA will remain a viable market in applications where the end user needs advanced reliable analytics

In 2014, the market for video surveillance devices with chargeable VCA will remain a viable market in applications where the end user needs advanced reliable analytics

8. Video Analytics Market Reaches a Fork in the Road

For some time now, video surveillance device vendors have been embedding low-end video analytics applications in their devices and offering them as ‘free’ features. A question has therefore been raised: ‘Will there continue to be a market for video analytics, or will all applications simply be offered for free?’

As the market reaches this fork in the road, it’s clear that vendors can no longer charge for basic algorithms. That said, in 2014 the market for video surveillance devices with chargeable VCA will remain a viable market in applications where the end user needs advanced reliable analytics.

9. Security Cameras to Make Some Noise in 2014

More than 70% of network cameras shipped globally in 2013 had either unidirectional or multidirectional audio capability. However, the consensus from security systems integrators is that these capabilities are rarely used.

Nonetheless, with increasing awareness of embedded audio analytics and even sound source localisation, market penetration could be about to rise.

With much of the technology already available and the constant need to differentiate products and increase system efficiency, IHS predicts that the market will see greater emphasis on the audio capabilities of video surveillance systems in 2014.

10. Video Surveillance Vendors to Enter New Markets

Contrary to popular belief, the physical security market is not consolidating, at least not in the near future. However, video surveillance vendors are beginning to look at new markets as they invest the profits made from years of fast market growth.

Following the announcements of new products from companies like Milestone Systems and Axis Communications and new services from Hikvision and Dahua during 2013, IHS expects this trend to continue into 2014 with more new product and service announcements from network focused security companies as they seek to add new revenue streams to their portfolio.

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Panasonic forms new operating company to expand cloud-based video surveillance service

Panasonic Europe has established Panasonic Cloud Management Services Europe BV and its intention to expand the Cameramanager video surveillance service into wider markets.

The new company will spearhead Panasonic’s move into the market for business cloud services. The new company is formed from, which was acquired by Panasonic in July and is a leading European cloud video surveillance provider based in the Netherlands.

In addition to supporting the wide range of Panasonic and third party CCTV cameras that it does now, Panasonic Cloud Management Services Europe will be expanding its cloud monitoring services into three important new markets: SMB, SOHO and home residential. In turn, this will allow small business owners and also individuals to monitor anything from a single asset all the way up to a chain of shops or different business premises, from any mobile device with access to a browser or by means of Cameramanager App (which is available for smartphones and tablets).

Panasonic Europe has established Panasonic Cloud Management Services Europe BV and announced its intention to expand the Cameramanager video surveillance service into wider markets

Panasonic Europe has established Panasonic Cloud Management Services Europe BV and announced its intention to expand the Cameramanager video surveillance service into wider markets

Using this service, customers can simply select how many cameras they wish to connect, at what resolution and for how long they wish to keep the recordings safely in the cloud.

The Cameramanager service is already available across Europe through key selected partners and it will soon be expanded for wider region access, supported all the while by the approved network of Panasonic security systems integrators and resellers.

Masaki Arizono, managing director of Panasonic System Communications Europe, commented: “Panasonic is proud to be able to provide small company owners and residential property owners with the peace of mind and key benefits afforded by video surveillance traditionally enjoyed by large companies, all for an affordable monthly price. Our solution combines the advanced features of Panasonic IP-based CCTV cameras with the revolutionary surveillance capabilities of the Cameramanager cloud service.”

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The Security Institute’s Wilf Knight Award 2013: Entry deadline extended

The Security Institute has extended the deadline for entries to the 2013 Wilf Knight Award. The closing date is now Thursday 12 September.

The competition is run each year by The Security Institute and has always proven to be extremely prestigious and high profile. The annual Wilf Knight Award not only showcases individual students’ abilities, but provides a substantial financial prize for the student entrant.

Importantly, the Wilf Knight Award also reflects the high and progressive standards of the academic institutions sponsoring the finalists.

Recent winners of the Wilf Knight Award

2009: Loughborough University (Dannie Adendorff)
2010: Loughborough University (Angus Darroch-Warren)
2011: Cranfield University (Matthew Mackmin) and the University of Leicester (Leonie Darbon)
2012: Cranfield University (Ian Middleton)

Ian Middleton (second left) collects the 2012 Wilf Knight Award from Patricia Knight and Mike Bluestone CSyP (left)

Ian Middleton (second left) collects the 2012 Wilf Knight Award from Patricia Knight and Mike Bluestone CSyP (left)

Details of the entry process

The dissertations or projects submitted must originate from coursework. They may incorporate a title of the student’s own choice or one which they may have been given by their teaching establishment.

The essential requirements for entry are as follows:
• An entry must be by a student on a recognised Bachelor or Masters/PgDip Degree course in a specific or general field of security management (this includes related subject areas such as civil emergency planning, crime prevention or criminology, defence, fraud management, risk studies, business continuity – all of which are non-exhaustive examples of the diversity allowed within the award criteria)
• Minimum level of study – 1st degree with the submission supported by the university or training provider acting as sponsor
• Normally only one entry would be allowed from a university. However, where the university has more than one faculty/college wherein security-related courses are being studied, it’s permissible for each faculty/college to submit an entry
• The entry must be part of the coursework of the student concerned
• Work submitted should be a dissertation, assignment or project which shows evidence of particular distinction and/or innovation in relation to the subject area and must make a valuable contribution to the development of security management
• Author students do not need to be members of The Security Institute
• The prize winner will receive £500 and all finalists will receive a certificate of commendation from The Security Institute
• The winner will receive his/her award at the 2013 Security Excellence Awards (as The Security Institute’s guest at dinner). The event is to be held on Wednesday 23 October 2013 at the Hilton Hotel, Park Lane, London

All nominated entries (which must be submitted in electronic copy format) should be sent by the sponsoring university or institution to the Wilf Knight Award Panel at:

• Entries to be submitted by 12 September 2013 (see Nomination Form attachment, below)

• Once received, all entries will be acknowledged by e-mail

• Final judging complete on 1 October 2013, and then the finalists selected will be informed together with their sponsors

Comment from Edit Bori MA PgDip MSyI

Edit Bori MSyI, a member of The Security Institute’s Academic Board who’s co-ordinating this year’s competition, commented: “I do hope that you have many eligible entries among your students and that you are able to nominate a strong contender from one of your degree courses.”

Bori continued: “If your institution has several faculties which cover the various related facets of the security management discipline please would you be so kind as to raise awareness of the Wilf Knight Award among your colleagues.”

In conclusion, he stated: “If you have any questions or wish to discuss the Wilf Knight Award further please do not hesitate to contact me, or alternatively feel free to contact the Institute’s Head Office.”

2013 Wilf Knight Award Nomination Form

The Security Institute, 1 The Courtyard, Caldecote, Warwickshire CV10 0AS (telephone: 02476 373362, Internet:

Edit Bori MA PgDip MSyI
Security Operations Manager
Westminster Abbey
The Chapter Office
20 Dean’s Yard

Tel: 020 7654 4938
Mob: 07707 896848

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Info4Security End User News: Fighting crime in the community

Once again, it’s great to see the Home Office supporting the victims of crime. Rightly, the politicians have also honoured crime fighters at a point when community safety is in sharp focus. 

Continuing that theme, congratulations to the Facewatch team on another excellent crime-solving initiative

Also very pleasing to see is the latest crackdown on illegal activity in the night-time economy following enforcement operations carried out by the Met Police in tandem with the Security Industry Authority. 

Speaking of private security sector regulation and its future, make sure you read an excellent Opinion article by Professor Mark Button on the latest round of Government consultations. 

Interesting to note is the latest Foreign and Commonwealth Office statement on UK security companies operating overseas and the Home Affairs Select Committee’s stated desire to see a Royal Commission tasked with examining current drugs policy

Before the seasonal festivities begin, it’ll be worth your while making time to scan the latest blogs from The Security Analyst (on PSIM), The Networker (where the focus is critical infrastructure protection) and The Core Thinking (TUPE for security personnel). There’s also a regulation update courtesy of the SIA’s CEO Bill Butler. 

Looking towards developments in the New Year, here at UBM Live we’re very excited to announce that will soon be migrating into a new online community designed specifically to serve the business needs of the global security and fire sectors. 

In 2013 and beyond, IFSEC will showcase the knowledge and capabilities of the very brightest and best professionals in those environments. We very much look forward to you joining our community in January and lending your voice to the debate. 

In the meantime, Thank You again for your loyal readership in 2012. 

Let me take this opportunity to wish you a very Happy New Year. 

The Future of Regulation: ‘The Good, The Bad… and the Too Little to Determine’

Hugely respected senior academic Professor Mark Button offers a personal view on proposed changes to regulation of the private security sector in England and Wales 

Home Office: ‘Victims of crime must have their say’

Victims of antisocial behaviour and low level crime will be able to have their say on the out-of-court punishments of offenders, the Home Office has announced 

Intruder alarms: BSIA, TSA and FIA agree MoU on telecoms changes

Current telecommunication changes to both landline and mobile networks in the UK as they affect alarms are being addressed by the BSIA, the FIA and the TSA 

The Security Analyst: PSIM’s true value lies in incremental gains

The benefits of Physical Security Information Management are being realised by end users calculating their ROI, as Jamie Wilson explains in his final blog of 2012 

IQ approved by Ofqual to offer Functional Skills

Industry Qualifications’ accreditation has been extended by regulator Ofqual such that the organisation can offer qualifications in Functional Skills 

The Core Thinking: ‘Why the bare minimum isn’t enough for TUPE success’

Peter Webster focuses on the Transfer of Undertakings (Protection of Employment) Regulations, and in particular the positives that can be derived by all parties involved 

FCO adopts new standard for private security companies

The British Government intends to adopt PSC1 as the standard for private security companies “working on land in complex and high risk environments overseas” 

Ten video surveillance trends for 2013

IMS Research has issued its fourth annual Video Surveillance Trends White Paper, this time looking ahead to 2013 

Lodge Service introduces bespoke monitoring facility

Lodge Service, the £22 million UK security group, has opened a dedicated signal and services monitoring facility in Accrington, Lancashire 

Home Affairs Committee calls for Royal Commission to examine UK drugs policy

After a wide-ranging and in-depth inquiry lasting a year that examined all areas of UK drug policy, the Home Affairs Committee has called for a Royal Commission on the issue 

Brian Sims
Media Solutions Manager
UBM Live Security and Fire Portfolio

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Info4Security End User News: Plans unveiled for future regulation of UK’s private security sector

Professionalism in any business sector is underpinned by regular training and, ultimately, career development

That being the case, it’s particularly pleasing to see the latest initiatives realised by forward-thinking organisations Industry Qualifications and Mercury Training Services

In a similar vein, if you’re in the Glasgow area next week you can witness at first hand The Security Institute promoting professionalism and Best Practice to both current and potential members alike. 

The Government has begun consultation focused on the future of regulation in the private security sector. Make sure your views are communicated! 

MITIE Group plc’s latest set of financials reveal strong revenues for the six months to 30 September 2012, while some of the company’s security staff are now ‘Forensic Technicians’

It’s interesting to note the strong views held by the BSIA on the next steps that ought to be taken by the recently-elected Police and Crime Commissioners

Also, learn more about Physical Security Information Management and what’s driving the discussion in this space

Do check out the 2012 Security Excellence Awards video, scan the best read stories on Info4Security for October and view the latest blog from The Forensic Technologist

By the way, make sure you play your part in selecting Security’s Top 40 in celebration of four decades of IFSEC International

Plans unveiled for future regulation of UK’s private security sector

Plans to make private security businesses across the UK more accountable for quality and standards have now been unveiled by the coalition Government 

The Forensic Technologist: beware of the hackers

Simon Placks reviews Best Practice when it comes to investigating any hacking incident perpetrated against the corporate network 

Corps Security sows seeds of success with apprenticeships programme

Corps Security has announced plans to expand the scope of its apprenticeships programme and attract even more young people into the security sector 

SMEs and changes to the Data Protection Act

Bill Farmer outlines what the proposed changes to the EU’s Data Protection Regulations in 2014 will mean for SMEs, and why it’s so important those changes are addressed 

Strong revenue and earnings growth at MITIE

MITIE Group plc has unveiled its interim financial results for the six months to 30 September 2012 which reflect “strong revenue and earnings growth” 

New Prisons Bill set to block mobile phone use

A Parliamentary Bill providing new powers to block mobile phone signals in prisons has been the subject of a second reading in the House of Lords 

Security Excellence Awards 2012: the video

Watch highlights from the 2012 Security Excellence Awards including interviews with some of the industry’s leading professionals 

PCCs “must consider private sector outsourcing to achieve election pledges”

Members of the BSIA’s Police and Public Services Section believe that newly-elected Police and Crime Commissioners must work together with the private security industry to achieve their pre-election pledges 

Key trends driving PSIM discussions

Darren Chalmers-Stevens continues his series of PSIM-based commentaries with an overview of key trends informing the debate 

Recruitment event to be run by The Security Institute in Glasgow

The Security Institute is running an education and recruitment event in Glasgow on the afternoon of 29 November. Honorary Fellow Brian Sims has the detail 

Until next time 

Brian Sims
Media Solutions Manager
UBM Live Security and Fire Portfolio

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Info4Security End User News

Last Thursday witnessed the Security Industry Authority’s latest (and extremely informative) Stakeholder Conference

At conference, there were speeches from Lord Taylor of Holbeach and the Regulator’s chairman Ruth Henig, who spoke in the wake of a controversial Home Office decision which will see the Baroness leaving the SIA come January. 

Elsewhere, the Government has introduced new rules aimed at preventing the misuse of surveillance powers while Ernst & Young energises comment on the EU data protection proposals

The Police and Crime Commissioner elections take place on 15 November, of course, and you can now view the candidate listings online before making your choices. 

Speaking of policing, do check out the forward-thinking strategic crime reduction partnership formed by Crimestoppers, Facewatch and ACPO

Also well worth your reading time are the latest blogs courtesy of The Training Platform (focused on social media) and Memoori (which reviews the physical security business sector). 

In the guarding sphere, we’ve interviewed Sodexo’s Simon Pears and Bill Freear, the managing director at Pilgrims Group

Last, but by no means least, there’s the fantastic news announced by the organisers of this year’s 100 in 100 campaign to drive new apprenticeships across the security sector. 

SIA Stakeholder Conference 2012: ‘Standards, Professionalism, Accountability’

The 2012 SIA Stakeholder Conference featured presentations from key individuals and a panel discussion involving members of the Board 

CBI: “Bring Trade Union laws into line with the modern workplace”

CBI deputy director-general tells business leaders of the challenges faced by companies and Trade Unions in the modern workplace 

The I4S Interview: Simon Pears, Secure by Sodexo

Brian Sims talks to Simon Pears about the security solutions market, diversity and the future of law enforcement 

Video Surveillance as a Service must provide ‘more for less’

Video Surveillance as a Service (VSaaS) must provide ‘more for less’ in order to grow the sector, according to IMS Research 

Social networking sites – what’s all the fuss about?

Can you afford to ignore the lure of social networking? Ken Livingstone and Amy Burrell explain why sites like LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter are now a vital element in today’s education and business landscapes 

ENISA report shows increase in national cyber security exercises

Cyber security agency calls for an increase in public-private co-operation to tackle cybercrime 

The I4S Interview: Bill Freear, Pilgrims Group

Brian Sims chats with Pilgrims Group’s managing director Bill Freear about recent developments in the security marketplace 

Crimestoppers, Facewatch and ACPO form strategic partnership

Crimestoppers, Facewatch and ACPO agree to share technology and improve the tools available for crime reduction 

IHMA welcomes new international standard for authentication solutions

The first international standard to provide guidance for businesses on protecting their products from counterfeiters is available 

MITIE awarded five-year FM contract at Sky

MITIE secures a contract to provide integrated FM for BSkyB, the UK’s largest entertainment and home communications company 

Until next time 

Brian Sims
Media Solutions Manager
UBM Live Security and Fire Portfolio

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Info4Security End User News

To say that we’ve had a busy time of late at UBM Live’s Security Portfolio would be something of an understatement! 

First of all, there was the inaugural edition of the Global Security Summit, which ran at London’s Olympia on 10-11 October. 

Attendees at the highly successful show’s conference sessions heard from Deputy London Mayor Kit Malthouse (on apprenticeships), Security Industry Authority CEO Bill Butler, LOCOG’s head of security Andrew Amery and Ian Pearson (who gave a fascinating presentation on likely future threats to security). 

Another packed session at conference, meanwhile, focused on the policing of the London riots in August 2011. 

Then, last Wednesday, it was time for the 2012 Security Excellence Awards. Check out the category winners and take a look at our image gallery of what was truly a superb evening. 

You can also read about the Building The Future Special Award presented to Baroness Ruth Henig at the end of the main ceremony. 

In the guarding sphere, business realignment is taking place at Securitas while Ward Security rightly celebrates Investors in People Gold accreditation. Also, make sure you read Corps Security CEO Peter Webster’s latest blog in The Core Thinking strand. 

Speaking of blogs, we’ve just started another one entitled The Maritime Security Consultant. It’s scripted by MAST’s Philip Cable. 

In addition, we’ve just published the results of Hewlett-Packard’s latest study on cybercrime

Securitas targets customer needs in realignment move

Securitas is introducing cost-saving measures for “better alignment” with its future customers’ needs and expectations while also continuing its investments in new technologies 

Police force pays £120,000 penalty after data theft

Greater Manchester Police has paid £120,000 after being found by the Information Commissioners Office to have breached data protection rules 

Security Excellence Awards 2012 – winners announced

The winners of the 2012 Security Excellence Awards were unveiled on a glittering evening at London’s Hilton Hotel, Park Lane 

The Core Thinking: the security industry – half a world away

Peter Webster talks about Corps Security’s operation in a country where violence and criminality are more commonplace than in the UK: Papua New Guinea 

How NFC smartphones will revolutionise access control and the workplace

NFC smartphones are changing the way we think about access control. The bring-your-own-device trend is driving this, says Harm Radstaak 

Why end users should be honest about the role of CCTV surveillance

Public confidence in surveillance would benefit from openness about the role of CCTV. Rob Ratcliff asks if crowd-sourced CCTV mapping could help 

Cyber crime costs rise nearly 40%, attack frequency doubles

Hewlett-Packard has unveiled new research indicating that the cost and frequency of cybercrime have both continued to rise for the third straight year 

Manufacturing businesses most exposed to fraud reveals global study

Almost nine out of ten (87%) manufacturing businesses were affected by fraud in the last 12 months, according to new figures from the Kroll Advisory Solutions Global Fraud Report 

Explore England and Wales crime figures by region 2003-2012

Crime in England and Wales has fallen by 6%. Explore the data to see where crime is coming down with our interactive tools 

Baroness Ruth Henig recognised for contribution to security sector

The Security Industry Authority’s chairman is the recipient of a Building The Future Special Award for her “outstanding contribution to the security business sector” 

Until next time

Brian Sims
Media Solutions Manager
UBM Live Security and Fire Portfolio

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Info4Security End User News: Global Security Summit Special

This week witnessed the opening of the 2012 Global Security Summit, which ran at London’s Olympia on Wednesday 10 and Thursday 11 October.

Organised by UBM Live and Pro-Activ Publications, this new end user-focused event featured both an exhibition showcasing top quality security solutions and a bespoke education programme

All of the major topics were covered, among them security convergence, interoperability, smart technologies and law enforcement in the Capital

We also addressed key questions on subjects including the future of security management and procurement, and highlighted lessons learned from the Olympic Games

The Global Security Summit’s Advice Centre was staffed by experts from The Security Institute, ASIS, the BSIA and the FPA and specifically designed to offer unrivalled expert opinion and advice on the varied security challenges facing today’s end users. 

The Worshipful Company of Security Professionals supported the show, at which Security Industry Authority CEO Bill Butler updated attendees on the future of private sector regulation

In addition, London’s Deputy Mayor Kit Malthouse opened proceedings on Thursday (talking about Mayor Boris Johnson’s apprenticeships drive), and we confirmed a speaking session for LOCOG’s head of security Andrew Amery

LOCOG head of security confirmed to speak at Global Security Summit

Andrew Amery, head of security co-ordination for London 2012 organiser LOCOG, has been confirmed to speak at the inaugural Global Security Summit 

Contract terminated after ‘alarming lapse of security’ at nuclear site

The company providing security at a US nuclear facility has been fired following a breach of security in July, when three people entered the complex 

HD CCTV technology risks breaching Human Rights

The increasing sophistication of surveillance technology could breach people’s Human Rights, the UK’s new surveillance camera commissioner has warned 

Global Security Summit: “Avoid the pitfalls of security procurement”

Learn how to avoid the pitfalls of security procurement by attending the Advice Centre 

Education programme unveiled for Global Security Summit London

Info4Security outlines the high level education programme for the inaugural Global Security Summit in London 

Retailers back CCTV as nearly 60% plan to move to IP

The majority of retailers say that CCTV has a direct effect in reducing losses they incur, according to a new survey 

Global Security Summit: the security convergence movement

James Willison and Sarb Sembhi bring the thoughts behind ‘The Security Convergence Movement’ to GSS 

Global Security Summit: where next for security management?

We speak to TSI and ASIS UK chairmen Mike Bluestone and Mike Alexander about the future for the security sector 

BBC documentary investigates armed private security industry

The BBC documentary ‘Britain’s Private War’ investigated the UK’s armed private security industry 

Global Security Summit: Kit Malthouse to speak on Mayor’s apprenticeships campaign

Kit Malthouse – the Deputy Mayor for London – will be delivering an address on Mayor Boris Johnson’s Apprenticeships Campaign 

Global Security Summit: IBM UK’s Ron Fellows on smart technology

Analytics, ‘big data’ and smart technologies in the security space will be the focus for IBM’s Ron Fellows during his conference session 

Brian Sims
Media Solutions Manager
UBM Live Security and Fire Portfolio

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Info4Security End User News

In the wake of two evidence gathering sessions at the Palace of Westminster, the Home Affairs Committee has now issued a report on its findings in relation to Olympic Games security

British Security Industry Association CEO James Kelly has responded, while Abbey Petkar of Magenta Security Services examines the Games’ potential security legacy

London 2012, in fact, is one of many key topics up for discussion at the inaugural Global Security Summit, which runs at London’s Olympia on 10-11 October. 

One of the show’s scheduled speakers is Security Industry Authority CEO Bill Butler, who’ll no doubt have been interested to learn of the recent ministerial reshuffle at the Home Office

Speaking of Government, Andrew Rennison becomes the UK’s first surveillance camera commissioner. Interestingly, his appointment arrives at the same time security in schools finds itself under the data protection microscope

In the security guarding sphere, G4S is to deliver a “groundbreaking” solution north of the border, there’s a new managing director for The Shield Guarding Company and Corps Security’s CEO Peter Webster has scripted another thought-provoking blog

By the way, do check out the latest security trends and risks report supplied by IBM and news of UK academics joining forces to investigate the science of cyber security

G4S must accept ‘sole blame’ for Olympics security staffing failure

The Home Affairs Committee concludes that the blame for G4S’ failure to deliver the required number of security personnel at London 2012 rests solely with the company

UK academics to investigate ‘the science of cyber security’

A new academic research institute designed to “improve understanding of the science behind the growing cyber security threat” has been announced by the coalition Government 

Surveillance camera commissioner appointed

Andrew Rennison will enforce the new CCTV code of practice, it has been announced 

Schools ‘risking children’s security’ with inconsistent data protection

A survey of over 1,000 schools has found that inconsistent and sometimes non-existent data protection policies could be placing the personal information of children at risk 

The Core Thinking: ‘Stepping up to the mark’

In his latest blog, Corps Security’s CEO Peter Webster explains why it should be the security companies driving service shape and functionality rather than their customers 

Home Office welcomes new ministers

Mark Harper joins as immigration minister, Jeremy Browne becomes the new minister for crime prevention and Lord Taylor of Holbeach takes on the dual roles of Lords minister and minister for criminal information 

Global Security Summit Opinion: where next for security management?

Ahead of the Global Security Summit, we speak to The Security Institute and ASIS UK about the future for the security sector 

Government helps SMEs to stamp out fraud

New research carried out by the National Fraud Authority will assist small businesses in protecting themselves against fraudsters 

IBM issues X-Force Mid-Year Trend and Risk Report

IBM reports a sharp increase in browser-related exploits and renewed concerns around social media password security 

Until next time

Brian Sims
Media Solutions Manager
UBM Live Security and Fire Portfolio

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Info4Security End User News

Two companies once on track to join forces – G4S and ISS – have delivered their financial results for the first half of 2012, the former on the back of a police outsourcing boost and the latter following news of a substantial equity investment

Prominent commentators – MITIE TSM’s managing director Bob Forsyth among them – believe the security sector to be at a significant crossroads. What’s the best way forward? Corps Security’s CEO Peter Webster feels there’s some work on procurement to be done before progression is realised. 

In the law enforcement world, ACPO president Sir Hugh Orde has praised officers in the wake of London 2012 while the City of London Police seeks “expert advice” on economic crime

According to the British Retail Consortium, online crime is now costing UK retailers £205 million per annum. It’s certainly pleasing to see the issue of cyber security being skilfully addressed for the finance sector

If you’re looking for evidence of Physical Security Information Management in practice, look no further than the King’s Cross Station security upgrade project

Speaking of solutions for end users, check out our NVR Touch-focused video interview with LILIN’s Jason Hill, the latest product developments at Commend and Interconnective Security Products and an access control-based Case Study courtesy of Urmet Group

G4S posts first half results for 2012

Despite being “deeply disappointed” with London 2012 security contract issues, CEO Nick Buckles is pleased with good organic growth …more 

Policing standards inquiry launched by Home Affairs Committee

Parliamentary inquiry will look at how the leadership of police forces must adapt in the new landscape of policing to improve standards and deliver a more effective service …more 

Bob Forsyth: “The security sector is at a significant crossroads”

Bob Forsyth pinpoints a ‘perfect storm’ of regulation, training, economic conditions, technical advances and margin erosion that’s changing the nature of the security sector …more 

Online crime costs UK retailers £205 million

E-crime is the biggest emerging threat to the retail sector as the rapid growth in e-commerce sees new ways of shopping being accompanied by new types of crime …more 

Cross-sector Safety and Security Communications: the benefits of virtual information networking

The ‘unsung’ hero of the London 2012 Olympic Games was a virtual information network bringing Government, the police service and business together to maintain safety and security …more 

Post-Olympic blues – how can we repair the industry’s tarnished image?

Corps Security’s CEO Peter Webster explains why the fall-out from the Olympic security saga must realise a different form of procurement model …more 

PMSC certifications on the rise at SAMI

Six more companies have passed the Security Association for the Maritime Industry’s international private maritime security company certification programme …more 

I4S video: LILIN’s Jason Hill on the NVR Touch solution

In an exclusive video interview with Info4Security, LILIN’s group vice-president Jason Hill explains the development of the company’s NVR Touch recording solution …more 

Commercial properties to remain “vulnerable” under new squatting law

Although squatting is soon to become a criminal offence, the BSIA fears the law still doesn’t go far enough to protect commercial and non-residential properties …more 

Master Locksmiths Association exposes scam operations

An initiative from the Master Locksmiths Association to expose scam locksmith operations has gained the support of the Trading Standards Institute…more 

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