About TheSecurityLion Blog

TheSecurityLion blog is aligned with www.riskxtra.com (the premier information, opinion and education resource for security managers, directors and consultants as well as business continuity managers, cyber security specialists and professionals working across the fire community).

The blog is written by multi-award winning journalist Brian Sims BA (Hons), Editor of Risk Xtra (produced by Pro-Activ Publications) and the former Media Solutions Manager for UBM Live’s Security and Fire Portfolio. Brian is also the former Editor of Security Management Today (SMT) and SMT Online.

TheSecurityLion’s main remit? To evaluate and offer incisive comment on pressing issues of the day, and tackle that point at which the security and fire sectors meet and mix with the Government, policing and the wider economic and social agendas.

As is the case in relation to the main website, Brian – who’s an Honorary Fellow of The Security Institute – is extremely keen to elicit your comments on all topics posted here, as well as suggestions for subjects of pressing interest you’d like to see covered in future editions of this blog, the Risk Xtra print publication and its website.

Risk Xtra is the premier print and digital information source for news, reviews and opinion relating to the security and fire communities.

If you have any form of feedback on this site, please do feel free to e-mail brian.sims@risk-uk.com. Mention ‘TheSecurityLion’ in your subject line and he’ll assess your views.

You never know… Those opinions could lead to a Risk Xtra Forum, a specialist feature in the journal or even help towards a major goal we all want to see come to fruition… Security management recognised for the genuine profession that it is today.

In the meantime, enjoy reading this often hard-hitting and controversial blog. Feel free to link through to all and any posts and elements of this site.

If you don’t tell Brian what’s happening in the security and fire communities, he cannot tell the rest of the world about it, so don’t be backward in coming forward!

Best regards… and we look forward to hearing from you…


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