Abloy UK introduces Digital Access Solutions Academy

Abloy UK has launched its Digital Access Solutions Academy: a purpose-built facility designed to showcase the company’s extensive range of products, with a particular focus on new digital solutions and ecosystems.

The new Digital Access Solutions Academy is a very important and exciting milestone in the ongoing development of the comprehensive training and Continuing Professional Development offer from Abloy UK.

Education has been a critical focus at Abloy UK since it first launched the Abloy Academy back in 2008. The latter is now widely regarded as a Centre of Excellence for education within the industry.

The company recognised there was a need to create a new area of the Academy for its growing customer base in order to focus specifically on Abloy’s expanding range of digital access solutions.

Ian Miller, manager of the Digital Access Solutions Academy at Abloy UK, explained: “The first focus of training at the new facility centres around our Incedo access control product range, and is aimed squarely at security engineers and sales teams.”

He continued: “I truly believe people learn best by doing something, so the training is designed to be hands on and shows trainees how to specify and install access control solutions as well as support customers.”

Miller concluded: “Digital access solutions is a relatively new area for Abloy UK. My ultimate goal is to have a variety of training courses on our whole portfolio, equally benefiting our customers and Abloy UK.”

*Further information about the Digital Access Solutions Academy is available online at https://bit.ly/3vcWiaZ

**Detail on products and services available from Abloy UK can be accessed at www.abloy.co.uk

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