SASIG calls for great resilience in bid to counter cyber threat

The Security Awareness Special Interest Group (SASIG) is calling on cyber security professionals in the financial services sector to build greater resilience against the threat cyber criminals pose by investing in new skills.

The call follows the latest Financial Sector Cyber Security Symposium, organised by SASIG in conjunction with the Bank of England. The symposium was attended by more than 250 delegates who heard that cyber threats include a growing number of ransomware attacks and that these will almost certainly increase during 2022.

Supply chain service providers, who often cross international boundaries, were also seen as an increasing source compromising reasonably well-defended networks. 

A consistent theme during the symposium was that employees and supply chain partners alike must have the right skills to spot potential threats. Financial services firms that are at high risk can strengthen their ability to protect against cyber threats by creating a business culture that builds internal capacity and greater confidence.

Evolving landscape  

Martin Smith MBE, founder and chair of SASIG, said: “The cyber security landscape is constantly evolving. Cyber security professionals in the financial services sector are having to redouble their effort in the face of persistent threats. It’s critical that the industry invests in new skills to understand the threats being faced and also that it factors-in robust cyber resilience procedures to manage those threats effectively.”  

Smith added: “Nine out of every ten security breaches involve human intervention, either by accident or by design. By creating no-blame cultures, where cyber security is second nature, firms will be able to stop the majority of incidents. Continuous learning and shared experiences will also foster a relentless focus on security.”

Further, Smith noted: “To do this, we need to attract a new breed of cyber security professional to combine with established technical teams and vendors as a way in which to protect firms’ data, information and systems.”

Skills training 

Skills training and career development are being showcased at SASIG’s Cyber Security Skills Festival on Tuesday 22 February. The festival is being organised in association with the UK Cyber Security Council. It’s a virtual event that will feature high-profile keynote presentations and workshops concentrating on the latest cyber security issues.

A jobs fair will also run alongside the festival. Hundreds of job opportunities with leading private firms and public sector organisations will be on offer.  

*Attendance at the third annual Cyber Security Skills Festival is free for both attendees and employers. To find out more and register for a place visit 

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