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OPTEX adds further functionality and flexibility to REDSCAN Pro LiDAR Series

Sensor manufacturer OPTEX has launched a new firmware update for its award-winning REDSCAN Pro LiDAR Series, in turn delivering a number of additional features that further enhance the sensors’ functionality.

The ONVIF-compliant REDSCAN Pro Series – which includes two models, namely the RLS-3060V with a range up to 30×60 metres and the RLS-50100V featuring a range of up to 50×100 metres – provides highly accurate detection in both outdoor and indoor environments without any ‘gaps’ or the detection reliability otherwise ‘fading’ with range.

The upgraded firmware features dynamic event filtering, which allows for alerts to be configured to meet specific detection criteria or logic. Alarms can be raised based on the sequence of zone detection, such as a target entering a specific zone first of all and then a second one. The technology filters events and focuses on what really matters to the security team.

In another scenario, for instance in a logistics or warehouse environment, an intelligent logic can be created based on the height of vehicles positioned by the loading bays. Delivery lorries or trucks entering the detection zones would not trigger any alarms, but smaller vehicles such as vans or cars would do so.

New modes

New modes have been added to the REDSCAN Pro panoramic assistance camera module. To help adapt to further applications and also to varying privacy restrictions, the camera images can be set in mosaic mode, which pixelates the image to make individuals non-identifiable, or all-black mode (to render a black screen for both viewing and recording footage).

As well as upgrades to the user interface, the new firmware update includes enhancements to the Event Log feature, enabling the import/export of video footage from one REDSCAN Pro sensor and replaying these detection events on another unit, thereby further enhancing the visual verification process.

Masaya Kida, managing director of OPTEX EMEA, has stated that OPTEX remains “totally committed” to further enhancing its suite of leading detection solutions for the company’s customer base.

“We are always striving to improve and enhance our solutions to meet the needs of our customers,” asserted Kida. “The new and updated firmware for our REDSCAN Pro LiDAR Series enhances its flexibility and functionality, making it the ideal solution for a wide range of applications.”

*Effective immediately, all newly produced REDSCAN Pro sensors will be equipped with the firmware update (Version 2.0). Customers with the previous version of the firmware can contact OPTEX’s technical team via e-mail at for information on how to upgrade

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Reliance High-Tech signposts Technology Day at Mercedes-Benz World

Reliance High-Tech, the independent security technology integrator, has announced details of its next Technology Day, which takes place on Thursday 24 March at Mercedes-Benz World in Weybridge.

Delivering a series of presentations alongside a specially chosen group of technology partners, Reliance High-Tech representatives will look at how the cloud is impacting and influencing the development of next generation security and access control solutions and also evaluating how such developments should align tightly with IT security strategies.

This ‘ticket only’ Technology Day will offer end users, consultants, IT and facilities managers alike an opportunity to hear from a diverse array of leading security industry experts about the latest technology developments and how these are influencing the future of electronic security.

Senior personnel from industry-leading technology giants Brivo, Eagle Eye, Milestone, Commend and Mobotix will present on a range of topics in a number of executive briefings, duly covering a variety of issues such as the future of Access Control-as-a-Service, how hybrid solutions are enhancing integration, the evolution of surveillance camera technology, how analytics can perform efficiently in the cloud and the growth of Video Surveillance-as-a-Service.

There will also be day-long exhibition on site where delegates can be hands-on with technology from additional partner companies such as BCD Video, Tiger Bridge Technologies and Thinking Software, all of whom will show how their solutions can work in tandem to present the ideal security solution.

Design and implementation

“We are living in an exciting time due to the way in which the cloud, the Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence are affecting security technology design and implementation,” commented Jas Murva, head of business development at Reliance High-Tech. “As more of this intelligence is used at the edge and on devices such as surveillance cameras, there remains a degree of confusion about how it can allow resources to be pulled to a central point, reduce energy consumption, facilitate connected thinking between devices and increase the potential power of analytics. This, and many other subjects, will be covered during our Technology Day, which will demystify the evolution of next generation cloud-based security solutions.”

Delegates can choose to attend either a morning or afternoon session, both of which will include the same speakers and content. Luncheon, coffee and other refreshments will be provided and attendees will also have the opportunity to network with the guest experts and peers. 

Reliance High-Tech has also arranged for full delegate access to Mercedes-Benz World and a session that will push delegates’ virtual racing skills to the limit on ultra-realistic racing simulators that capture the excitement, speed and driving demands of real Formula One racing.

Importance of the cloud

Alistair Enser, CEO at Reliance High-Tech, observed: “I’m delighted that we have been able to work with our esteemed technology partners on our first Technology Day focused around the subject of cloud ‘security’. We aim to enlighten people about the importance of the cloud, demystify some of the myths, explain the facts about it, look at why it’s important to embrace its benefits and also outline the roadmap ahead.”

Enser continued: “As an award-winning integrator, we invest almost £1 million internally every year on specialist IT technology and skills and have direct experience of designing and installing the latest products and services available on the market. I would urge any end users, consultants or facilities managers who want to better understand the future of security technology to attend this event. I look forward to welcoming our guests attending Mercedes-Benz World on Thursday 24 March.”

*Delegate numbers for this event will be strictly limited and entrance will be by pre-registered ticket only. For details of the full agenda and the speaker list, and to register your interest, send an e-mail to

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Winsted returns to The Security Event to showcase Vue console

Winsted will be returning to The Security Event at the NEC in Birmingham from 5-7 April. Stand B20 will be the venue for the company to showcase its latest console – The VUE.

The VUE is a highly modular, configurable, connectable and adjustable workstation offering the maximum functionality teamed with modern, ‘clean line’ aesthetics. Ergonomically engineered for comfort and adjustability, The VUE is designed to meet the needs of any security Control Room environment. 

Designed with a first-class feature set, The VUE offers unmatched design possibilities. Static or height adjustable, there is a choice of open architectural design or under work surface storage as well as a single or dual worksurface and multi-operator configurations.

Winsted has also delivered a range of accessories to enhance and compliment these new consoles.

Throughout The Security Event, representatives from Winsted will be available to discuss the free design service offered by the business and also deal with customer-specific requirements. In addition, they can provide helpful information and advice on a range of Control Room-based issues.

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SASIG calls for great resilience in bid to counter cyber threat

The Security Awareness Special Interest Group (SASIG) is calling on cyber security professionals in the financial services sector to build greater resilience against the threat cyber criminals pose by investing in new skills.

The call follows the latest Financial Sector Cyber Security Symposium, organised by SASIG in conjunction with the Bank of England. The symposium was attended by more than 250 delegates who heard that cyber threats include a growing number of ransomware attacks and that these will almost certainly increase during 2022.

Supply chain service providers, who often cross international boundaries, were also seen as an increasing source compromising reasonably well-defended networks. 

A consistent theme during the symposium was that employees and supply chain partners alike must have the right skills to spot potential threats. Financial services firms that are at high risk can strengthen their ability to protect against cyber threats by creating a business culture that builds internal capacity and greater confidence.

Evolving landscape  

Martin Smith MBE, founder and chair of SASIG, said: “The cyber security landscape is constantly evolving. Cyber security professionals in the financial services sector are having to redouble their effort in the face of persistent threats. It’s critical that the industry invests in new skills to understand the threats being faced and also that it factors-in robust cyber resilience procedures to manage those threats effectively.”  

Smith added: “Nine out of every ten security breaches involve human intervention, either by accident or by design. By creating no-blame cultures, where cyber security is second nature, firms will be able to stop the majority of incidents. Continuous learning and shared experiences will also foster a relentless focus on security.”

Further, Smith noted: “To do this, we need to attract a new breed of cyber security professional to combine with established technical teams and vendors as a way in which to protect firms’ data, information and systems.”

Skills training 

Skills training and career development are being showcased at SASIG’s Cyber Security Skills Festival on Tuesday 22 February. The festival is being organised in association with the UK Cyber Security Council. It’s a virtual event that will feature high-profile keynote presentations and workshops concentrating on the latest cyber security issues.

A jobs fair will also run alongside the festival. Hundreds of job opportunities with leading private firms and public sector organisations will be on offer.  

*Attendance at the third annual Cyber Security Skills Festival is free for both attendees and employers. To find out more and register for a place visit 

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360 Vision Technology successfully combats global component shortages

360 Vision Technology, the UK manufacturer of rugged HD, hybrid, radar and thermal imaging cameras, has confirmed that, despite global component shortages, the company is bucking the trend by offering customers short lead times on its ranges of static and PTZ cameras.

As is true of many industries relying on the use of semiconductors and other electronic components, the global pandemic has seriously affected consistent component supply, thereby increasing lead times. In addition, even when they are available, some key component costs have risen dramatically.

In order to combat the inevitable challenges about to face the global supply chain, 360 Vision Technology introduced ‘extraordinary planning measures’ early on in the component crisis in a bid to secure bulk-buy purchasing on all key components for a minimum of 12 months on all standard product options. 

To cope with the additional demand on storage, 360 Vision Technology also invested in building a new factory floor facility that would hold the massive component stock.

“Despite global supply shortages affecting most CCTV camera manufacturers, with many quoting as much as 16 to 26 weeks for delivery, 360 Vision Technology is pleased to confirm that its current lead time on all orders for standard camera products remains between four and six weeks,” explained Sara Fisher, 360 Vision Technology’s sales director.

“Supporting British industry,” added Fisher, “the majority of 360 Vision Technology’s components are manufactured in the UK. Allied to this, our purchasing team has managed to consistently source components and maintain a cost platform that has led to little or no price increases being passed to our customers.”

Fisher concluded: “We remain confident in our continued supply of UK designed and manufactured products to support our installer and end user customers with price and lead-time confidence for their time-sensitive projects.”

*Additional information is available on the 360 Vision Technology website at

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Traka’s new team embraces ‘evolution for growth’

Intelligent asset management systems developer Traka is focusing on significant team investment to ensure that the business is ready for an ‘evolution for growth’ in a post-pandemic commercial environment.

Traka UK’s managing director Steve Bumphrey has orchestrated a number of internal promotions, duly highlighting the importance of the team. These include the promotion of Tom Smith to the role of UK sales manager and Wayne Kynaston taking over as major accounts manager.

In recognition of the key areas that require commitment from Traka, Ben Farrar has been moved to focus on healthcare trusts and partnerships in order to ensure the sector receives a dedicated service from a supplier that can make a significant difference to the empirical work of the NHS.

“Whisper it quietly,” said Bumphrey, “but there are signs that the Coronavirus clouds are starting to lift. While 2021 was the year in which we all adapted to the ‘new normal’, 2022 is when we develop and grow to meet ever-evolving customer experience requirements.”

Bumphrey continued: “We need to set a north star to guide aspirations for customer experience. This is with specific targets set across all of our team members to ensure that we’re well positioned to meet the needs of intelligent management solutions. We must also be best placed to inject innovation and show support for our clients, right from initial design through to project completion as and when required.”

Professional services team 

Traka has also made several changes to its professional services team, including the provision of dedicated roles in project management with a newly-created position of senior project manager supported by the new field service manager to afford additional support for customers.  

Extra technical and sales support posts have also been recruited to provide total support to customers for their ongoing work programmes. Dedicated installation engineers are in place to meet increasing demand.

“This is an exciting time for Traka as we look to embrace the future,” enthused Bumphrey. “Our aim is to add to our resources and provide our customers with a complete intelligent management solution backed up by tailored technical and sales support.”

In conclusion, Bumphrey noted: “Together we are stronger in the market and our customers will benefit from our heavy investment in all areas of the business. We’re focusing on individual market development to present enhanced service offerings and increased support in delivering innovative new security technology products.”

*Further detail is available to view on the Traka website at

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Ward Security wins contract at Reading International Business Park

Ward Security has won a contract to provide security services at Reading International Business Park. The contract will see the company providing customer experience officers to the site on a 24/7 basis 365 days per year. Ward Security will be working in partnership with Savills to ensure the best customer service is delivered alongside providing a safe environment for all clients and visitors to the business campus.

Reading International Business Park spans over 375,000 sq ft and consists of dynamic, intelligent and wellness-focused workspace including multi-tenanted corporate offices. It’s a future-proofed and sustainable office environment designed to promote well-being and nurture the ethos of collaboration.

Bruce Anderson, regional manager at Ward Security, commented: “Myself and the team are looking forward to working with the campus team and Keith Feesey on this prestigious contract. Working closely together will ensure that we’re delivering the most streamlined and effective security and guest experience services possible.”

Dan Liddiard, operations director at Ward Security, added: “This is such a great achievement for us and we’re really looking forward to starting the contract. Reading International Business Park is all about sustainability, diversity and well-being. This is similar to our own ethos at Ward Security, so this partnership was a natural fit. Working collaboratively with Keith Feesey and his team means that we can ensure the needs of the campus are always met and that we’re delivering the very best security services.”

A registered business on the Security Industry Authority’s Approved Contractor Scheme, Ward Security is a privately owned specialist security business with a £45 million-plus annual turnover and 1,000 employees nationally.

The business delivers high quality security personnel, Front of House, mobile patrols, keyholding, response, vacant property, CCTV monitoring, security systems and risk advisory services.

*For more information about the services delivered by Ward Security visit

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Hanwha Techwin introduces explosion-proof cameras for volatile atmospheres

Hanwha Techwin has announced the launch of three NDAA-compliant, explosion-proof camera models – designated the TNU-6322E, the TNU-6322ER and the TNO-6322ER – designed to operate safely even in industrial locations with highly volatile atmospheres. 

The intrinsically safe cameras are contained within IECEx and ATEX certified stainless steel housings, which have the ability to prevent any sparks generated by the camera escaping the device and igniting gases or other ignition sources in the environment.

TNU-6322E/6322ER models feature 360˚ endless panning and 180˚ tilting. Combined with powerful 32x (4.44 ~ 142.6 mm) optical zoom lenses, these cameras will reach into every corner of a large industrial site.

2 MP high-quality resolution guarantees sharp and clear image capture, while Hanwha Techwin’s Wide Dynamic Range technology improves the accuracy of  images in scenes containing a challenging mix of dark and bright areas by compensating differences in brightness.

External installations

For external installations, an on-board defog function ensures clear images can be achieved in all weathers, while the long-range IR illuminator built into the TNO-6322ER and the TNU-6322ER models allows night-time surveillance at a distance of up to 200 metres.  

There’s also a gyro sensor, which drastically reduces motion blur caused by vibration and, therefore, ensures stable images even in the most challenging of environments.

Embedded WiseStream II compression technology effectively reduces data size, while still maintaining optimum image quality, thereby minimising bandwidth requirements. In addition, the cameras are IP67 certified water and dust resistant and IK10 certified vandal-proof.

“The new launch completes our explosion-proof camera line-up,” stated Uri Guterman, head of product and marketing for Hanwha Techwin Europe. “It ensures the robust surveillance of all hazardous environments that could be susceptible to explosions triggered by electrical interference.”

*For further information visit the Hanwha Techwin Europe website

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Comelit-PAC’s total integrated solutions on show at The Security Event

From 5-7 April at the NEC in Birmingham, Comelit-PAC will be exhibiting at The Security Event. This will be the first trade show that Comelit has attended since the PAC-GDX acquisition and members of the team will be presenting presenting solutions delivered by an all-encompassing security provider of door entry, IP access control, CCTV and compliant fire safety systems.

On Stand B10 in Hall 3a, Comelit-PAC will demonstrate its total integrated solutions. Visitors will be able to view the latest combined solutions, including PAC’s 512DC intelligent two-door access controller and Access Central, which stands as a powerful software management platform.

Comelit-PAC’s team will also be giving live demonstrations of PAC’s EasiNet Residential software that provides access control management with enhanced security for homeowners, together with a range of I/O modules and readers.

Francesca Boeris, managing director of Comelit-PAC, explained: “This is going to be a really exciting show for Comelit-PAC. We are really looking forward to discussing projects across any sector with our installer and commercial partners and demonstrating how Comelit-PAC can help them.”

Boeris continued: “We not only have the complete product portfolio on show, but we also can offer support, with an expert technical and sales team available to create a powerful security and fire safety proposition for customers, all while considering increasing preferences for remote and mobile monitoring.”

Alarm management software

On show will be Comelit-PAC’s latest alarm management software. Designated Horus, this is an innovative platform that integrates intruder alarm, fire detection, video surveillance and door entry capabilities into a single software capable of targeting alarm management.

Comelit-PAC’s specialist fire team will be demonstrating its new LogiFire addressable panel, which has been designed as a simple-to-install fire safety solution that’s compliant with the latest standards. It’s complemented by a new range of detectors, offered with award-winning designs to ensure that installed systems blend with their surroundings.

Comelit-PAC’s renowned door entry systems will also be on display, including its newest modular panel, itself named Ultra, alongside a mini hands-free Wi-Fi monitor, Icona, Switch and 316 sense and touch entrance panels together with iconic interconnection systems VIP and Simplebus. All are available to operate with Comelit-PAC’s mobile app, facial recognition and Alexa integration.

Founding Partner

Boeris concluded: “As a Founding Partner of The Security Event, we believe that the show is an important date in the calendar for the entire industry. For Comelit-PAC, it’s our opportunity to present our ability to work with partner companies from initial design and specification right through to installation and using a complete smart product portfolio.”

*For more information on Comelit-PAC or its product portfolio visit Stand B10 in Hall 3a at The Security Event and access the website at

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Social Enterprise Corps Security wins Zurich contract

Zurich, one of the world’s leading insurers, has appointed Corps Security to deliver security guarding services across its UK portfolio which includes premises in London, Birmingham, Glasgow, Swindon, Whiteley and Farnborough.

The three-year deal was secured in collaboration with Corps Security’s long-standing partner, namely the leading global commercial real estate services provider CBRE, and will see 27 security operatives deliver customer-focused security duties, all underpinned by an ethical ‘people first’-style approach.

Together, Corps Security and CBRE will work to support Zurich’s vision of delivering outstanding workplace facilities services, blended with exceptional customer experience.

Buy Social

Established in 1872, Zurich is listed as one of Interbrand’s Top 100 brands and employs over 4,500 people across its UK locations, delivering insurance products and services in upwards of 210 countries. The company is one of Social Enterprise UK’s Buy Social Corporate Partners, with targets in place to embrace and actively work with social enterprises.

The new contract, which commences this month, was awarded to the Corps Security and CBRE partnership because of the former’s Social Enterprise status and ethos which is aligned with Zurich’s commitment to environmental, social and ethical practices.

In addition, Corps Security demonstrated an impressive track record in delivering innovation and technology that improves the customer experience, which is a key requirement for the insurance group.

Positive outcomes

Louise Sheppard, Zurich’s UK head of workplace services and premises sustainability, commented: ‘‘At Zurich, we strive to drive positive social, environmental and ethical outcomes. As a Social Enterprise, Corps Security supports Zurich’s ambitions and understands the importance of putting people and communities at the heart of the business. The organisation’s values and sustainable practices mean that Corps Security is our partner of choice for security services. We’re looking forward to seeing where our joint social value journey will take us.’’ 

Paul Lotter, managing director at Corps Security, responded: “We’re thrilled to begin this contract with Zurich. We look forward to creating a successful partnership underpinned by sustainability and strong social value objectives.”

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