OPTEX Redscan PRO LiDAR sensors fully integrated with Genetec Security Center for enhanced perimeter protection

OPTEX, the global sensor manufacturer, has announced that its Redscan PRO LiDAR sensors are now fully integrated with Genetec’s Security Center to provide enhanced perimeter protection for high-security sites.

The announcement follows a long period of engagement between the two businesses prior to the launch of the latest OPTEX sensor series to ensure the data and algorithms could be fully integrated and interpreted by the Genetec Security Center platform. By integrating the two technologies, a series of advanced features exclusive to Genetec have now been unlocked.

Genetec is the only company to leverage the live X&Y co-ordinates provided by the Redscan LiDAR to create critical area mapping and video tracking, including advanced intelligent features such as automatic target path fusion. This feature automatically merges singles out targets detected by multiple sensors together as one to help reduce the number of events presented via the Security Center Platform to the security staff and make them more relevant.

David Lenot, critical infrastructure practice lead at Genetec, informed Security Matters: “The integration of the OPTEX Redscan PRO Series into our Security Center solution is a game-changer for perimeter security. With detection, tracking and video verification all in one device, it’s not only more efficient and cost effective, but end user customers can now expect higher levels of security and surveillance than ever before.”

Automatic tracking

Automatic tracking of targets and camera handover is also enabled, duly providing a complete visual audit trail of events through a single interface. Additionally, the Redscan integration with Genetec can be used specifically in vertical mode to precisely map areas on a virtual wall. It could be mapping each window of a building façade, for instance, or each painting on a museum wall, in order to enable any intrusion or alarm to be quickly located and visualised.

Tomohiro Tsuji, general manager at OPTEX, believes that the shared beliefs and principles between OPTEX and Genetec have helped to build a strong working partnership.

“At OPTEX,” stated Tsuji, “we like to work in close collaboration with our partners to deliver the very best solutions. We have worked closely together with Genetec for a number of years now, with a clear focus on innovation and the integration of technologies to provide enhanced security solutions for our customers. Our latest collaboration enables a deeper level of integration between our technologies, delivering a truly advanced, secure and agile perimeter protection solution.”

The Redscan Pro Series – which includes two models, the RLS-3060V with a range up to 30×60 metres and the RLS-50100V offering up to 50×100 metres – provides highly accurate detection outdoors and indoors without any ‘gaps’ or the detection reliability ‘fading’ with range.

The rectangular detection patterns provide excellent coverage for virtual wall applications and for virtual planes to cover open areas, ceilings and roofs. Its innovative panoramic camera module means detection can be visually verified through pre- and post-event images, as well as video stream footage.   

*For more information and details on the OPTEX and Genetec integration visit https://www.optex-europe.com/integrations/genetec

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