Milestone Systems promotes Dr Barry Norton to vice-president of research

Milestone Systems has promoted Dr Barry Norton to the role of vice-president of research. Norton joined the company back in May 2018 as director of research. In his new role, and in addition to continuing his leadership of Milestone’s growing research department, Norton will also be responsible for an increased collaboration with universities to move forward the state-of-the-art in machine learning, notably in relation to applications for computer vision.

This latter element of the role, in fact, is going to be instrumental in helping to create the next generation of video software technology that will not only be innovative, but also assist the greater societal good.

“Milestone Systems has high ambitions for the future,” explained Bjørn Skou Eilertsen, CTO for the business. “We need to understand and predict future technologies and megatrends to help accelerate Milestone Systems’ ambitious growth journey. Increasing our focus on research will gear this journey.”

Eilertsen added: “Barry is always more than one step ahead when it comes to applying future technologies because of his profound knowledge and ingenuity. I’m confident that he will play a key role in taking Milestone’s video software technology to the next level.”

Dr Barry Norton responded: “Milestone’s ‘Make the World See’ mission is a clarion call to bring together the latest achievements in Artificial Intelligence from the lab to deliver true situational understanding in the real world. The commitment to deliver such technology in a responsible manner makes Milestone the ideal environment for me to work on this vision.”

Over the years, Milestone Systems has gradually increased investment in research capability and expertise. With the newly-created role of vice-president, Milestone Systems will further develop its business and core strategic initiatives to accelerate the company’s ambitious growth journey with more cutting-edge, high-quality product features. 

In his new role, Norton will report directly to Eilertsen.

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