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Reconnaissance International details new combined conference on identity and transactional security in the digital age

How do we ensure that our financial transactions and identity verification procedures conducted on a smart phone, tablet or other computer are as secure as they have been using banknotes and identity documents respectively? Do those physical secured documents have a role in the Brave New World of digital? Will there be co-existence or will paper be replaced? These are the underlying issues to be addressed at the inaugural Optical and Digital Document Security Conference to be held from 17-19 January 2022 in Vienna.

Organised by document security and brand protection specialist Reconnaissance International, the conference brings together the company’s two very successful technical conferences to cover the key topics that have become more pressing in the digital age.

The Optical Document Security Conference, which has been held every two years since 1996, is established as a highly respected technical event and has seen the first public announcement of many now common optical security features. Digital Document Security, itself a spin-off event, was quickly recognised as an essential bridge between the physical and digital ‘document’ security worlds.

In combining the two events, Reconnaissance International is recognising that the physical – or tangible – document and digital worlds are no longer separate. Will the digitisation of transactions and identity verification supplant the well-recognised physical documents that have traditionally been used or will they co-exist in a symbiotic relationship?

This new event will focus on the ‘why’ and ‘how’ of this question and the critical need to achieve the highest levels of security and data protection in the digital domain as have been achieved in the physical domain.

Valuable networking forum

The Optical and Digital Document Security Conference will be the platform to bring together the thousand-year experience of the banknote and ID document world with the fast-moving field of digital financial transactions, virtual ID and digital identity verification. Professionals involved in the digital transaction, identity and authentication communities and specifiers, designers, producers and issuers of secure documents will find the event to be a valuable forum to learn, network and explore possibilities.

Presentations at the Optical and Digital Document Security Conference will be selected by a committee of specialists and experts to ensure that this merged conference maintains the high quality that has made the Optical Document Security Conference and the Digital Document Security Conference such respected events. Chair for the combined event will be Ian Lancaster, co-founder and former CEO of Reconnaissance International, who has been involved with the Optical Document Security Conference from its beginnings, serving as chair since 2016 as well as chairing the Digital Document Security Conference.

Commenting on the return of in-person events, Lancaster stated: “Digitisation is a key aspect of this conference. Digitisation in all aspects of our lives has taken a quantum leap over the past year, but it’s only in the face-to-face format that the informal yet constructive discussions can take place and enable us to take these issues of personal and payment security forward, duly shaping them in a post-COVID world.”

The Call for Papers for Optical and Digital Document Security Conference has just been issued. The deadline for presentation proposals is Saturday 31 July, thereby allowing the committee sufficient time to thoroughly review all proposals. Some presentation slots will, however, be held open until the last minute to ensure that the conference is as current as possible.

*Download the Call for Papers from the new conference website to be found at: OpticalDigitalSecurity.com

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