Qognify receives LenelS2 factory certification under LenelS2 OpenAccess Alliance Programme

Security and risk mitigation solutions specialist Qognify has received LenelS2 factory certification and joined the LenelS2 OpenAccess Alliance Programme. All of Qognify’s products (ie Situator, VisionHub, Cayuga, Ocularis and NiceVision) now interface with the OnGuard access control system, enabling customers to evaluate situations based on a synopsis of event and video data, in turn allowing a faster and more targeted response to critical incidents.

The newly-certified interface allows Qognify software to receive and display events from the OnGuard platform (for instance ‘Access granted’ or ‘Door opened’. In return, live and archive videos from cameras operated with one of Qognify’s video management systems or its Enterprise Incident Management System Situator can be displayed in the OnGuard system.

“Qognify has completed the required factory testing procedures at LenelS2 to validate the functionality of its interfaces to the OnGuard system,” explained John Marchioli, OpenAccess Alliance Programme product management specialist at LenelS2. “These interfaces provide great options for end users who prefer expanded integrated security solutions. We look forward to Qognify’s continued involvement in the LenelS2 OpenAccess Alliance Programme.”

Chen Porat, vice-president of R&D at Qognify, responded: “Being able to offer an interface to the OnGuard system is an important step for us, especially so because the interface is available across Qognify’s entire product range. This development reflects our strategy which is based upon offering our customers an overall security solution focused on their individual needs. It’s another example of the cross-product initiatives we’ve been concentrating on.”

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