Automated Jacksons gates swing into action at Eurotunnel

Jacksons Fencing has recently installed 4 metre x 14 metre fully-automated, double-leaf swing gates as part of the ongoing security updates at the Eurotunnel site in Coquelles.

With each post weighing over a tonne and each leaf measuring 7 metres wide, weighing 1,600 kg and operated by 125 mm bore x 1,300 mm stroke, rams weighing over 200 kilos and capable of lifting over 19 tonnes/190,000 newtons (the equivalent of a full double decker bus), this massive gate is anything but lightweight, yet is no slouch with opening and closing operations completed within 60 seconds.


The new gate is one of the largest automated swing gates Jacksons has ever designed. It’s CE Marked in compliance with the EU Machinery Directive. Constructed from hot dip galvanised steel to provide protection against corrosion inside and out, before being powder-coated white in-house, the gates were manufactured at Jacksons’ Kent-based headquarters (located just 12.4 km from the UK entrance to Eurotunnel in Folkestone).

The Jacksons contracts team based in Calais, working in harness with the design and manufacturing teams in Kent, ensured a fast and accurate installation on pre –installed posts with hanging and adjustment taking approximately four hours to complete.


Jacksons’ CEO Peter Jackson commented: “While we’ve designed and manufactured larger sliding gates, the sheer size, operating environment and performance requirements of this gate presented a few challenges, particularly given the short deadline which needed to be met. I’m delighted and proud that the teams both here in the UK and in France proved that they had the flexibility and determination to rise to the exacting demands of the project.”

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