Evve Surveillance develops specialist LR325K longe-range Full HD surveillance cameras

Evve Surveillance has released the LR325K, an ultra long-range Full HD 1080P surveillance camera designed for use in environments requiring exceptional image clarity over long distances. Typical applications will involve ports, borders, Critical National Infrastructure and Safe City projects as well as military bases.

The LR325K can detect the presence of objects at 35 km, recognise them in terms of category at 15 km and Identify them at 5 km using The Johnson Criteria. The Johnson Criteria were developed by the US Military for evidential surveillance and are now used as a performance benchmark for civilian and military optical surveillance capability.

Created in-house by the company’s own R&D team, the LR325K delivers “outstanding” HD-SDI colour image clarity based on a 120x optical zoom lens. In-camera processing exploits corrective modes to optimise performance in adverse conditions such as fog and mist.

A premium IR cut filter specially developed for the product optimises night-time and low-light performance.

Evve Surveillance's LR325K camera

Evve Surveillance’s LR325K camera

The camera’s optional laser IR illuminator extends capability even further, allowing full 24-hour operation in all lighting conditions. Use of the camera can therefore be offered in covert or semi-covert formats for military applications in battlefield terrain containing potentially hostile parties.

If deployment must be completely covert for fear of reprisal, Evve Surveillance offers EMCCD and SWIR versions.

Dedicated pan/tilt head developed

Evve Surveillance has augmented the optical capabilities of the camera by developing a dedicated pan/tilt head with anti-backlash gearing, variable speed and high resolution pre-set recall for absolute positioning to +/-0.015 degrees (an “exceptional level of accuracy” not found in commercial off-the-shelf pan and tilt units).

This assists operators at border perimeters where the camera must regularly observe checkpoints or known points of vulnerability that might be 40 km distant. An error of one or two degrees can mean missing such a target so accurate pre-set recall is a vital feature.

The LR325K incorporates an overview camera which is essential for the operator since it allows colleagues to help by giving general spatial awareness and co-ordinates such as the location of the small distant target in relation to a large landmark. Any operator with experience of using highly-focused optical equipment across long distances on land or at sea and in harbour environments will immediately appreciate the potential assistance offered by this mode of working.

Every aspect of the LR325K has been developed to maximise end user benefits. The design is modular in three main elements meaning the weight of individual modules (at under 20 kg) is manageable for rapid deployment in the field and for air transport in a variety of civilian and military craft. The interconnected design also makes in-field support far easier than that which would be possible with other systems.

Intuitive joystick control allows the operator to track a target using a combination of the main camera and the overview camera. Evve Surveillance has invested heavily in the user interface to ensure that the operator can concentrate on the images being seen rather than control of the system.

Multiple cooling systems

Designed to operate in extreme environments and climates, the LR325K has multiple cooling systems to stabilise temperatures within the enclosures at day or night.

The LR325K is produced in HD-SDI, analogue and IP versions. It’s available to order now and can be custom-painted to suit any environment or application. The range will soon be extended to offer short wavelength IR (SWIR) and electron-multiplying (EMCCD) sensor versions.

An OEM package is also available for system Integrators as well as a bespoke modification service for special applications and projects.

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