IFSEC International set to participate in London First’s 2015 Global Resilience Summit

IFSEC International, Europe’s biggest annual security event, has announced its participation at this year’s Global Resilience Summit, taking place in London on 15 October. The Global Resilience Summit aims to inspire creative thinking around all aspects of security and resilience within major global cities while at the same time encouraging innovation through Best Practice and networking.

With more than half of the world’s population living in urban areas and that figure predicted to grow to two-thirds by 2050, there are a number of security and resilience challenges specific to this environment. The 2015 Global Resilience Summit aims to address these issues and explore the many options to ensure our major cities and their citizens are kept safe.

As part of its contribution to the Global Resilience Summit, which is organised by London First, IFSEC International will provide detailed information on its new Smart Buildings and Home Automation Zone, due to launch at the 2016 event in London. Within this new area at IFSEC International, a host of products and solutions that support buildings, cities and automated homes will be demonstrated. Each area will explore how security solutions can be interconnected and rendered interoperable such that they can play a vital role in providing stronger resilience, greater security and a safer future within both our domestic and urban areas.

IFSEC International is participating in London First's Global Resilience Summit 2015

IFSEC International is participating in London First’s Global Resilience Summit 2015

Gerry Dunphy, event director for IFSEC International, explained: “We’re really looking forward to being part of the Global Resilience Summit. Increasingly, we’re seeing the integration of smart technologies across all of our exhibitors at IFSEC International, with security professionals continually examining how all of these systems can work together to enhance security offerings and, subsequently, create safer cities.”

*Attendees at the Global Resilience Summit can find out more about IFSEC International and the new Smart Buildings Zone by visiting Stand 14

**The Global Resilience Summit runs at Kings Place in central London. Further information is available on the event’s dedicated website at: http://londonfirst.co.uk/events/global-resilience-summit/

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