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Lenel introduces Lite version of OnGuard WATCH for visualisation of critical security data

Lenel Systems International has announced the launch of OnGuard WATCH Lite 1.0 across Europe, Middle East and Africa. WATCH Lite is a free version of the comprehensive, web-based dashboard tool for OnGuard system users.

The dashboard discovers and presents security data to security and IT professionals in a whole new way, enabling them to visualise the information at once to allow for quicker decisions rather than having to scan multiple reports.

OnGuard WATCH Lite places actionable information at the fingertips of key personnel. Users can monitor OnGuard system information through one graphical and intuitive interface to more efficiently manage the OnGuard system.

“OnGuard WATCH Lite is a great way for existing end users to develop a flavour of the benefits of this new dashboard,” said James Wheeler, regional sales director for Lenel in the UK. “It helps them visualise important security data and develop an overall snapshot of OnGuard system performance. It only takes a matter of seconds to understand system health. Additionally, it gives the user a view into the new look and feel of the next generation of OnGuard systems, as well as underlying technologies such as the new Lenel Services Platform and browser support.”

With OnGuard WATCH Lite, end users can quickly view:

  • Total counts of access panels, readers, inputs, outputs, card holders, active badges, visitors and visits
  • Basic system information about OnGuard and the Windows operating system, SQL server versions and service packs
  • Database back-up details
  • New badges created per day
  • Alarms generated per day
  • System performance (such as CPU, memory usage, hard drive and peak usage)
  • Error logs

For additional ease of use, the date range can display a few days, months or years of captured data while deeper analysis may be conducted into hours and minutes.

OnGuard WATCH Lite is free for customers with a valid software upgrade and support plan and also available as a free 90-day trial for customers without a support plan.

The full version of OnGuard WATCH will be available later this year through Lenel value-added resellers.

*For more detailed information visit: www.lenel.com

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