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Pilgrims’ vessel ‘The Judge’ to assist organisations requiring maritime security solutions in West Africa

International security specialist Pilgrims Group has further increased its ability to provide safe passage for clients working in West African waters by upgrading a former US Coast Guard cutter with state-of-the-art anti piracy facilities.

The vessel, MV The Judge, was acquired by Pilgrims in the USA three years ago and has recently been refitted to install state-of-the-art navigation and anti-piracy equipment, expanding its personnel capacity to 12 crew members.

Corporate clients including oil companies, geological surveyors and cable laying experts have already enjoyed the protection of an armed escort provided by MV The Judge whose captain, Shane Slabbert, has military experience with the South African Navy.

The vessel, which has worked as far afield as Egypt, Somalia and Mombasa, is now based in Lagos, Nigeria working alongside the Nigerian Armed Forces. Its area of operations now extends along the West African coast.

The potential for attack by pirates is a regrettable feature of modern maritime activity and poses a significant threat to our clients, many of whom are involved in projects of international economic significance,” stated Daniel Revmatas, general manager of Pilgrims Africa.

“The Judge gives Pilgrims the ability to provide organisations with a complete solution to security provision, both on land and at sea. Our sea-borne service, demonstrated by the upgraded abilities of The Judge, provides welcome reassurance in this uncertain environment.”

The highly mobile vessel is able to respond rapidly to potential threats long before a suspicious craft can approach a client’s operation. Pilgrims closely co-ordinates MV The Judge’s movements with the Nigerian authorities to safeguard a range of commercial operations around West African waters. These operations include oil exploration, seismic surveys, resupply missions, crew changes and emergency evacuation.

“The decision to bring MV The Judge to Lagos and realise a dedicated offshore maritime role for the vessel is a fantastic addition to the Pilgrims service in Nigeria,” enthused Tim Hepworth, regional director for Drum Cussac in Nigeria (a company that works alongside Pilgrims in supporting clients across the country).

“The vessel is ‘fit for task’ and ideally suited to protecting major operations as well as short to medium-term survey and drilling projects conducted in support of the oil and gas industries.”

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Axis Communications unveils series of high-speed pan-tilt head network cameras for end users

Axis Communications has unveiled its Q86 PT Head Network Camera Series, a high-performance product line that includes both visual and thermal cameras. “Extremely fast” pan-tilt capabilities combined with low-light visual and thermal features make the cameras ideal for perimeter protection, border control and transportation monitoring.

According to the manufacturer, the cameras’ expanded range of vision and high precision images “deliver new levels of efficiency and cost-effectiveness” for monitoring large areas in challenging conditions.

“With the introduction of these fast-moving pan-tilt head cameras we can offer operators managing perimeter protection and border surveillance a solution for covering large areas, reducing the number of cameras they need,” stated Erik Frännlid, Axis’ director of product management. “The PT head’s rapid movements of up to 100 degrees per second make video surveillance more efficient and secure and serve as a deterrent to potential intruders.”

The Axis Q86 Network Camera Series consists of two visual models and two thermal models. The visual model designated the Axis Q8665-E PTZ Network Camera is most suited to those environments where there’s ambient illumination during night-time, such as in cities or highways where street lights are present.

For surveillance in complete darkness, the Axis Q8665-LE PTZ Network Camera is supplied with integrated IR LED illuminators that can monitor a distance up to 150 metres from the camera, rendering it ideal for perimeter zones.

Axis Q8665-LE PTZ network camera

Detail of the Axis Q8665-LE PTZ network camera

The thermal models (Axis Q8631-E/Axis Q8632-E) can be used in complete darkness, for long-distance surveillance and in difficult weather conditions. They’re the ideal choice when the installation of IR light is not feasible or recognition is required for distances of more than 150 metres.

Thermal imaging is well-suited for monitoring critical infrastructure such as solar plants, data centres, nuclear power stations and electrical substations, as well as transportation installations for highways, airfields and harbours.

In addition, the long-range capabilities on offer improve security effectiveness for borders and perimeters.

To work effectively in demanding conditions, the visual cameras are equipped with a wiper to remove excess water or rain that impedes vision. For those places with high risk of dust, salt and sand of the emission of soot from vehicles, a washer is available that will clean the window of the cameras.

*The new Axis Q86 PT Head Network Camera Series will be available in Q3 2015

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