Bosch Security Systems’ Access Control integration with Milestone Systems XProtect VMS now certified

Milestone Systems’ open platform IP video management software (VMS) is integrated with Bosch Access Control and has been certified with full documentation of testing results and Best Practice for optimal configurations. This means that Bosch and Milestone customers can count on a “reliable, interoperable solution” while installing partners may take advantage of the practical information in the certification documents for “better implementations”.

The integration between the Bosch Access Control system and the Milestone XProtect VMS was achieved earlier with the user interface via the Bosch system, and subsequently upgraded with the XProtect Access Control Module in 2014. The certification process was completed by the end of the year.

The combined solution now displays real-time access control events and alarms in the Milestone XProtect Smart Client, also providing control of doors, gates and barriers from within the video interface.

Live video and views of recordings are synchronised with all the access control events.

Milestone's XProtect Smart Client

Milestone’s XProtect Smart Client

The XProtect Access Control Module is part of the Milestone Integration Platform Software Development Kit. The XProtect Smart Client provides a unified interface to the Bosch Access Control system with such dedicated functions as monitoring access events with video verification, manually assisting passage (controlling doors and gates, etc), conducting investigations of specific access points or cardholders, easily exporting video evidence and generating reports.

Video of the Bosch access incidents visually confirms and informs on situations as they happen for verified decision-making and efficient response. The video also provides evidential documentation that may be easily shared for analysis, rectification or prosecution.

The seamless integration of Bosch Access Control with the XProtect Smart Client means that Milestone customers can keep their easy-to-use video interface while adding access control but without having to re-train. The integration delivers real-time monitoring with video verification for fast response to incidents, including locking, unlocking or triggering a system lockdown. End users may also choose to work with the Bosch interface. The access control main system administration remains within the Bosch system.

“Bosch is one of the first Milestone Solution Partners to integrate via the XProtect Access Control Module, which shows a strong commitment to our open platform,” explained Trine Voss, head of the Solution Partner Program at Milestone Systems. “Flexibility and reliability are two of Milestone’s core business values. These are both demonstrated in the certification of the Bosch Access Control system with our XProtect Smart Client interface. The freedom of choice lets operators use the features that are most efficient for their security needs.”

Certification of the Bosch Access Control integration via the XProtect Access Control Module is another stamp of the strong partnership in the long-standing relationship between these two companies. Milestone Systems already supports the full line of Bosch IP video network cameras, including the comprehensive Bosch analytics offerings.

“Bosch’s Access Control Professional Edition is a powerful and scalable access control application that’s a perfect contributor to the Milestone Solution Partner ecosystem,” stated Rudolf Spielberger, head of the Integration Partner Program at Bosch.

“With the fulfilled integration via Milestone’s XProtect Access Control Module, we validate Bosch’s openness strategy by providing common open platform solutions for our end user customers.”

The Bosch-Milestone integrations will be on display at IFSEC from 16-18 June.

The certification documentation is available at:

The Bosch Security Systems division is a leading global supplier of security, safety and communications products, solutions and services. The company’s product portfolio includes video surveillance, intrusion detection, fire detection and voice evacuation systems as well as access control and management systems.

Additional information can be accessed at:


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