Norbain enhances security portfolio with all-new IP intercom range from CIE Group

Norbain has now introduced the 2N range of IP-based intercom systems developed by the CIE Group. The 2N Helios IP intercom range is well suited to a variety of applications ranging from offices through to public and commercial buildings.

The range is ideal for those instances where there’s a necessity to be able to integrate access control and CCTV systems. That’s because the 2N solution is capable of using open protocol SIP IP technology which allows integration with phone, mobile and telephony technology.

Anne Wesley, Norbain’s product marketing manager for access control, commented: “The 2N Helios range represents an ideal fit for our access control portfolio and allows us to offer customers a true IP door entry solution. The products have a great reputation and fully support our dedication to providing the most comprehensive IP offering in the marketplace.”

CIE Group’s sales director Steve Collin added: “The CIE Group is delighted to be working in partnership with Norbain to deliver the 2N range of IP-based intercom systems for the UK market. We have an award-winning team at CIE who will provide both pre- and post-sales support to Norbain and their customers to specify and implement the best IP-based intercom and door entry products for each specific project.”

Collin continued: “Our technical sales team will also be working with Norbain to design sophisticated architectural IP solutions using 2N’s feature-packed portfolio that boasts some of the industry’s leading integration technologies. This new partnership between the CIE Group, Norbain and 2N will ensure that both innovation and value are engineered into client projects and system solutions.”


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