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ESB Telecoms contracts LOCKEN to upgrade access control for critical base station site infrastructures

ESB Telecoms (ESBT), a subsidiary of Ireland’s public electricity distribution company, has contracted LOCKEN to upgrade its access infrastructures.

The contract – which covers the provision of 1,000 access systems for Global Systems for Mobile Communications (GSM) base stations at 450 locations throughout the country – follows on from a pilot programme that allowed ESBT to ascertain the benefits of LOCKEN’s access control solution. Subsequently, ESBT decided to protect Points of Presence (PoP) cabins to comply with Health and Safety regulations.

Located in remote sites exposed to wind and rain, ESBT’s facilities must be accessible to a 1,700-strong contractor crew, 95% of whom are external third parties. The LOCKEN solution is ideal for controlling access to infrastructure at remote sites, ensuring thousands of access requests are granted to contractor personnel every month.

Tailored programming of access rights guarantees secure access.

ESB Telecoms (ESBT), a subsidiary of Ireland’s public electricity distribution company, has contracted LOCKEN to upgrade its access infrastructures

ESB Telecoms (ESBT), a subsidiary of Ireland’s public electricity distribution company, has contracted LOCKEN to upgrade its access infrastructures

The LOCKEN solution is integrated with the ESBT extranet, significantly improving operating effectiveness by enabling automatic transfer of data to LOCKEN’s advanced software suite. Similarly, work access authorisations generated from the ESBT extranet will automatically generate access rights via LOCKEN’s software.

Peter Greggs, Health and Safety manager at ESB Telecoms, commented: “We became aware of this innovative asset management technology from a number of European utilities using the LOCKEN system. Following proactive discussions with LOCKEN, during which we explained our specific requirements, we believed that the detailed engineering solution and the flexibility of LOCKEN’s IT system would provide enhanced safety management control for all parties visiting our telecommunication sites.“

Nick Dooley, managing director of LOCKEN UK, explained: “We’re very pleased to work alongside Ireland’s leading telecoms infrastructure provider. We intend to use ESBT as a springboard to show local business how important smart electronic key solutions can be. ESBT has stringent targets in terms of security and operating efficiency. That’s perfect for us, and has enabled us to establish a mutually beneficial relationship on this project.”

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Magic Motion Detectors from Siemens: ‘One Size Fits All’

Security Products from Siemens has introduced its field-proven Magic motion detector series to the UK market. The Magic PIR and Dual motion detectors are described as “an exciting new advance” in security that provide the “most reliable, convenient and cost-effective” solution for industry-leading catch performance and false alarm immunity.

The detectors feature a modern slim design and share the same low-profile housing so intruders cannot tell which type of detector is confronting them. This has proven to be an effective deterrent.

The detectors are suitable for both domestic and commercial environments and perform well even under harsh conditions, such as in rooms with rapid and extreme temperature fluctuations that can create false alarms.

Magic Mirror PIR and Dual models are offered in either 12 metre or 18 metre ranges and are optionally available with integrated anti-masking technology.

Magic Motion Detectors from Siemens

Magic Motion Detectors from Siemens

Magic Passive Infrared Detectors

The new Magic PDM-I12(T) and PDM-I18(T) make use of the patented Magic Mirror technology from Siemens, which sets new standards in detection sensitivity and enables an extremely compact design.

In addition, Magic Mirror is an enhancement of the Siemens black mirror technology. The innovative dual mirror design increases the focal length, which gives the detectors enhanced detection sensitivity (in particular for wider areas).

A new white light filtering system reduces false alarms caused by external light sources such as car headlights or lamps.

Magic Dual Motion Detectors

The new Magic PDM-IXE12(T) and PDM-IXE18(T) dual motion detectors offer reliable detection of intruders and high false alarm immunity.

Their performance is based on an improved version of the Siemens Matchtec algorithm which combines passive infrared (PIR) and microwave (MW) channels to make “extraordinarily accurate” decisions on motion within their detection zone.

Intelligent processing routines in the enhanced Matchtec algorithm provide high detection reliability and false alarm immunity. The algorithm analyses the relative strength of the IR and MW signals received from a moving object in order to make sound decisions.

It’s even possible to use multiple detectors in close proximity to each other since the algorithm reduces interference between the MW modules. This also increases flexibility in selecting the installation site.

Designed with the security installer in mind

These detectors offer a wide range of benefits for security installers. For the first time, the same bracket can be used for all Magic Mirror models for wall or ceiling mounting.

The integrated walk test simplifies and speeds up installation while the flexible end-of-line concept allows fast and error-free connection to the control panel.

Due to preconfigured end of line (EoL) resistors, they are ready for use with Siemens alarm panels such as SPC and Sintony. EoL modules make it easy to connect the detectors to alarm panels from other manufacturers without errors.

Automatic walk-test mode allows the detector to remain in this mode for three minutes after power-on which saves time as all walk-tests can be carried out without opening the detector multiple times or changing DIP switches.

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Fike Safety Technology called in to safeguard staff and customers at Corey’s Sports Bar

Corey’s Sports Bar, a newly refurbished nightspot in Tamworth, has invested in a fire detection solution from Fike Safety Technology (FST).

Located in the town centre, the new bar opened at the end of last year and offers local residents the latest sports, music, entertainment and food seven days a week.

FST-approved systems integrator Justice Fire & Security designed and installed a fire safety solution based on FST’s popular Duonet single-loop intelligent addressable fire alarm system.

“The innovative technology built into the Duonet panel is designed to significantly reduce false alarms and provide the flexibility required for demanding environments such as nightclubs,” explained, Steve Grant, installations manager at Justice Fire & Security. “This flexibility, combined with the benefits of FST’s multi-criteria detectors, made Duonet an obvious choice for this project.”

Forty devices including Multipoint ASD detectors, call points, sounders and beacons have been installed in the bar (up to 200 devices can be installed on a single loop). The Multipoint ASD detector provides high performance and flexibility through multiple choices of detection mode combined with an optional built-in 90 dBA sounder and strobe. The unit can be set to a single mode or a combination for a choice of up to 15 different settings.

Corey's Sports Bar

Corey’s Sports Bar

Each detector also has an in-built loop isolator as well as optional I/O for local control and switching. This single device can be used in all fire detection applications simply by changing its mode of operation.

For example, the detectors protecting the dance floor have been programmed to a heat mode as the bar uses a smoke machine for effects. This flexibility also allows the system to be easily reconfigured if the layout of the venue should change at any time in the future.

“As a system designer and installer the flexibility of the Multipoint ASD Detectors is a great advantage,” added Grant. “We only have to stock a couple of different versions of detector and they can easily be re-programmed on site if we come across any problems during commissioning.”

To aid evacuation in the event of a fire scenario, standalone strobes have been installed in the toilets as well as on detectors on the dance floor. The use of integral strobes eliminates the need to install a separate strobe and therefore saves time and money.

Loop-mounted I/O modules have been used to automatically turn off the sound system and turn on the lighting if an alarm is triggered.

The Duonet panel provides up to two loops whereas Quadnet, its larger brother, has a capacity of up to four loops making addressable Multipoint ASD detector technology available to end user customers with systems of up to 800 devices.

The standard black high-gloss finish of the panels not only reflects its state-of-the-art technology, but also enhances the surroundings such that they don’t have to be ‘hidden away’ as is often the case with traditional fire alarm control panels.

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RISCO Group announces strategic partnership with CSL DualCom and unveils new HandyApp

Global integrated security solutions provider RISCO Group has announced a “pioneering” partnership with CSL DualCom. Available now, the award-winning RISCO LightSYSTM 2 and RISCO AgilityTM 3 IP/GSM panels are being supplied as standard with the DualCom WorldSIM®.

CSL DualCom is renowned for providing a platform and products that facilitate the reliable delivery of alarm signals from any protected premises to the Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) – and all while reducing or eliminating any erroneous issues for ARCs and installers.

CSL DualCom’s Critical Connectivity® services negate the need for hard-wired IT infrastructure as connection to the Cloud can be achieved across IP or any mobile network using a DualCom WorldSIM®. The multi-network WorldSIM® ensures increased signal reliability and can help to reduce false alarms by up to 90%.

RISCO and CSL DualCom have entered a strategic partnership

RISCO and CSL DualCom have entered a strategic partnership

With the DualCom WorldSIM® onboard RISCO LightSYS 2 and Agility 3 IP/GSM panels, connection to RISCO Cloud is simplified and affords live video verification and access to RISCO’s advanced HandyApp (more of which anon).

Enhancing the feature set of any installation, RISCO Cloud saves time and resources via its remote-servicing capabilities of connected systems.

The WorldSIM from CSL DualCom is quick and easy to set-up. Visit: and follow the registration link provided.

RISCO supports security installers with new HandyApp

RISCO Group has launched HandyApp, an app for Apple and Android devices that brings together everything an installer may need­­ – and it’s all available at their fingertips.

The first smart phone application to provide all sales and installation activities to support professional security installers, RISCO HandyApp provides comprehensive on-demand access to RISCO sales and aftercare services.

Available free-of-charge, HandyApp supports instant access to installation manuals and user guides, as well as sales materials such as product images and brochures.

To help ensure the sales and specification process is made as simple as possible, selected files may be shared with customers via an in-app share button, allowing materials to be forwarded directly via message or e-mail.

RISCO's Handy App for the iPhone

RISCO’s Handy App for the iPhone

Using the QR codes found on RISCO products and packaging, HandyApp can also be used to instantly retrieve specific product information such as part numbers and unique serial numbers. This enables fast access to product materials and easy identification of product details in the app’s Service and Support area.

Additionally, QR codes can be used to activate the Warranty Activation function. Once scanned, any RISCO product’s warranty is automatically extended by six months – increasing the warranty period to 30 months.

Power consumption, battery back-up and anti-code generator calculators are also available to assist security installers. Specified by system, they calculate if additional power supplies are required while the anti-code generator allows alarm panels to be unlocked both simply and efficiently.

The app’s Service and Support area provides a direct connection to the local RISCO support team, allowing any service or warranty queries to be answered quickly and efficiently.

For easier troubleshooting, users can also transfer images directly though the app.

*Click to download the HandyApp at no cost for mobile or tablet devices:

<Apple iOS> Links to:

<Android> Links to:

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Chubb Wins International Safety Award in recognition of commitment to Workplace Health and Safety

Chubb Fire & Security has won an International Safety Award from the British Safety Council in recognition of its commitment to keeping its workers and workplaces healthy and safe during the 2014 calendar year.

Now in their 57th year, the International Safety Awards seek to celebrate and promote the success of the winning organisations and their employees in maintaining a safe and healthy working environment for all. They are open to businesses and organisations of all sizes and industry sectors.

The 2015 award winners have demonstrated their commitment to preventing workplace injuries and work-related ill-health to the satisfaction of the scheme’s independent Judging Panel.

Chubb Fire & Security UK’s Environment, Health and Safety Team. From Left to Right: Paul Cosentino, Bob Tormay, Mark Redding, Adrian Garbett and Steve Jolliffe

Chubb Fire & Security UK’s Environment, Health and Safety Team. From Left to Right: Paul Cosentino, Bob Tormay, Mark Redding, Adrian Garbett and Steve Jolliffe

“Chubb Fire & Security on Shadsworth Road in Blackburn recognises the value that proportionate and sensible management of occupational Heath and Safety risks brings to the organisation, its people and society,” said Neal Stone, acting CEO at the British Safety Council. “The International Labour Organisation estimates that 2.3 million people globally die every year from work-related accidents and diseases, and that an estimated 4% of global GDP is lost due to Health and Safety failure.”

Stone continued: “Awards have an important role to play in shining a light on those employers who are taking sensible and effective steps to ensure the health, safety and welfare of their workers. The International Safety Awards rightly reflect the importance of aiming for good standards of Health and Safety at work. Chubb should be proud of its achievement.”

In response, Mark Redding (senior EH&S manager at Chubb Fire & Security) stated: “To be recognised with this award emphasises the lengths that we as a company will go to in terms of ensuring our staff are given a safe environment in which to work both efficiently and effectively.”

More than 500 companies have won a 2015 International Safety Award with the winning organisations spanning all sectors and nations, among them Africa, Asia, Europe, the Middle East, the UK and the West Indies.

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Corps Security’s Salman Shamim to run 2015 Leeds Half Marathon in aid of Gurkha Welfare Trust

Salman Shamim, key account manager at Corps Security, is currently pounding the pavements as he prepares to run the Leeds Half Marathon (which takes place on 10 May) and raise much-needed funds for the Gurkha Welfare Trust.

Clearly a man who loves a challenge, Shamim will shirk the lightweight shorts and singlet favoured by most of the other competitors in favour of the traditional military-style uniform first worn by the early operational staff of Corps Security. Known as the ‘Full Shout’ uniform, it’s still very much part of Corps Security’s identity, although rarely used by those undertaking sporting endeavours.

This will not be the first time that Shamim has run in the attire, having completed a 5K (3.1 miles) event two years ago.

“Last time, the biggest challenge was definitely the heat combined with a uniform that was never really designed to cope with running conditions,’ explained Shamim. “This time, I felt it only right to increase the personal challenge. Hence I’m aiming to complete a half marathon which will mean running 13.1 miles. This will take me just over two hours and, although I’m sure that the latter part of the race will be testing, the thought of raising as much money as I can for the Gurkha Welfare Trust will keep me going.”

Salman Shamim of Corps Security

Salman Shamim of Corps Security

As the leading Gurkha charity, the Gurkha Welfare Trust provides financial, medical and community aid to nearly 7,000 retired soldiers and widows in Nepal who have no other form of income. Most are now in their 80s and 90s and are heavily reliant on support for a secure and comfortable old age.

Asked why he chose to support this particular charity, Shamim responded: “2015 marks the bicentennial of loyal Gurkha service to the British Crown. I’m incredibly lucky to work with a number of fantastic Gurkha colleagues at Corps Security and am proud to play my part in helping the needy at a time of such significance. The recent traumatic earthquakes in Nepal have obviously exacerbated the problem and given me added impetus to achieve my goal.”

*Anyone wishing to support Salman Shamim and help him reach his financial target can donate by visiting the JustGiving page at:

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Court fee increase for issuing proceedings “makes the case for mediation” states B P Collins LLP

Following the recent increase in court fees for issuing court proceedings*, many companies may be feeling dissuaded from using the courts to resolve commercial disputes.

The coalition Government set court fees to increase to 5% as of 9 April 2015. This means that for any claim over £10,000 and up to £200,000, 5% of the sum will be processed as a fee to issue proceedings.

Under these new rules, fees on a new claim worth £200,000 would cost around £10,000 to issue. There will now be increases of up to 600% for issuing a money claim case in court.

“Although the money raised from the court fees will be spent on improving court services, this shift in fees will make court proceedings a much less appealing option for those businesses claiming over £10,000,” stated Nick Hallchurch, partner specialising in Litigation and Dispute Resolution at B P Collins LLP. “Therefore, it may be beneficial to explore alternative solutions such as Commercial Mediation.”

According to the International Institute of Conflict Prevention and Resolution**, around 70% of commercial and business cases are mediated – and settlement rates remain high.

“Typically, the mediator will contact all parties and their lawyers,” continued Hallchurch, “and, after obtaining some initial information, will arrange a mediation session. Before the session, those involved will be required to sign an agreement to mediate and pay a fee. Following a brief introduction from both representatives, parties will be assigned to separate rooms and settlement proposals along with the parties’ views will be shared with the mediator on a confidential basis. The process will continue until an agreement or negotiated settlement is reached.”

There are numerous benefits to opting for mediation. For one, it’s relatively inexpensive compared with progressing a matter through the courts. The whole process is usually much swifter. It might take a year for a case to go to court, then longer for a resolution to be made. According to the ADR Group***, over 80% of cases either settle on the day or shortly thereafter. In addition, the settlement is often mutually satisfactory for all of those involved as solutions are agreed rather than imposed by a third party.

“All things considered, in light of the recent fee increases it’s fair to say that Commercial Mediation could become an important part of litigation for businesses in the future,” stated Hallchurch.

So how should organisations determine whether Commercial Mediation is right for them? “For any organisation that wants to ensure they are using the right strategy to resolve a case,” urged Hallchurch, “an ongoing relationship with a legal partner can of course help to identify and select the most appropriate mediator with the relevant experience. This also ensures that key business decisions are undertaken in the most effective manner.”





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Wavestore wins Queen’s Award for International Trade and the Queen’s Award for Innovation

Wavestore has been presented with both the Queen’s Award for International Trade and the Queen’s Award for Innovation.

The UK manufacturer of open platform video recording and management solutions is one of only two businesses in 2015 to have won two Queen’s Awards for Enterprise, themselves widely recognised as being the most prestigious accolades for businesses in the United Kingdom.

The awards are conferred annually by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II on the advice of the Prime Minister to those organisations who have demonstrated outstanding performance in international trade, innovation and sustainable development.

The winners are announced each year on 21st April, the birthday of Her Majesty The Queen.

Stuart Caldecourt: chairman and md at Wavestore

Stuart Caldecourt: chairman and md at Wavestore

“We’re immensely proud to have been recognised with two Queen’s Awards which reflect the hard work and ingenuity of all those who work at Wavestore,” enthused Stuart Caldecourt, the company’s chairman and managing director. “The Queen’s Awards coincide with the launch of Version 6, the latest release of our Video Management Software (VMS), which is packed with real-life practical features to help end users achieve maximum benefit from their investment in a security system. These accolades reaffirm our commitment to continual innovation in response to changing market demands and our ability to consistently exceed end users’ expectations.”

The Queen’s Award for Enterprise (Innovation) has been won by Wavestore for its open platform, scalable and future-proof VMS. Sitting at the heart of a security solution, Wavestore’s VMS is designed to deliver so much more than just leading edge video and recording management. As well as bringing together audio, data and video, including images from even the very latest ultra-HD and 360° fish eye cameras, Wavestore provides a platform that makes often complex integration between disparate third party technologies a simple process.

This unlocks a host of business intelligence and operational benefits and enables the deployment of technology such as intelligent video analytics while also augmenting often ‘dumb’ systems with video and ease of control to create a much more powerful and effective total security solution.

Truly independent and open platform, Wavestore works with its clients and technology partners to provide scalable, future-proof VMS by way of ensuring that security and business goals are met both now and into the future.

The Queen’s Award for Enterprise (International Trade) has been won by Wavestore for achieving an outstanding 323% growth in export earnings over the past three years. Predominantly selling its software via licencing or directly to original equipment manufacturers, Wavestore has dedicated agents and business partners in every major region of the world (including a permanent office in Florida serving the USA, Canada and Mexico).

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AXELOS announces launch of Cyber Resilience Best Practice Portfolio designated RESILIA

AXELOS Global Best Practice has unveiled RESILIA, the new Cyber Resilience Best Practice Portfolio will be launched in June 2015. The Best Practice Portfolio will help organisations gain the confidence they need to recognise, respond to and recover from cyber attacks on an effective and efficient basis.

Information is critical to the success of all innovation and is precious to any organisation. It’s also valued by a range of adversaries and, with the emergence and rapid development of a globally networked information environment, it’s now easier than ever before to target and attack that information.

To address the challenges of this ever-changing landscape, AXELOS has developed the RESILIA Portfolio to encompass detailed publications, training and awareness tools.

The RESILIA Best Practice Portfolio is designed to help any organisation define what good cyber resilience looks like for them, to guide them in effectively managing their cyber risks and to bounce back following an attack with minimal reputational or financial damage.

For organisations to harness this opportunity they have to adopt an enterprise approach that encompasses people, process and technology.

The AXELOS RESILIA Best Practice Portfolio is designed to help businesses mitigate their cyber security risks

The AXELOS RESILIA Best Practice Portfolio is designed to help businesses mitigate their cyber security risks

Nick Wilding, head of cyber resilience at AXELOS, said: “Inside your organisation there’s a powerful force that can protect your reputation, safeguard your information and keep customers close – it’s your people. The focus must be on aligning strategic priorities, operational systems and architectures with the ongoing training and involvement of all people across the business. Applying RESILIA as a Best Practice tool across the enterprise will enable companies to tackle their cyber risks with renewed confidence.”

Peter Hepworth, CEO at AXELOS, added: “Our existing Best Practice Portfolio, including IT Service Management enabled by ITIL and our Project and Programme Management frameworks that encompass PRINCE2 are used by millions of practitioners around the world to successfully manage their operations and to build business value. RESILIA joins that portfolio and strengthens the ability of any organisation to be more effective.”
The RESILIA Portfolio includes:

  • Cyber Resilience Best Practice – aligned with the ITIL lifecycle – that illustrates what good cyber resilience looks like and provides practical guidance for its strategy, implementation and management
  • Cyber Resilience Awareness Learning for building your ‘cyber smart’ workforce. Multiple awareness learning modules are offered in different formats and via multiple channels to get the right information to the right people at the right time across all parts of the business
  • Cyber Resilience Foundation and Practitioner Training and Certification designed for the IT and security professional community. This provides the practical guidance required in assessing, deploying and efficiently managing good cyber resilience within business operations
  • A Cyber Resilience Maturity Management Tool that will assess your current maturity level and propose appropriate improvement action plans.

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Axis introduces first model in new series of multi-sensor fixed domes with panoramic overview

Axis Communications’ new Q3709-PVE Network Camera has three 4K sensors that together provide a detailed 180º overview of a large area, outdoors as well as indoors, in an efficient one-camera installation.

The cameras provide video with “unparalleled” streaming performance, smoothly capturing movements in high detail at 30 frames per second (fps).

As the first camera in the new Q37 Series. the Q3709-PVE provides situational awareness of large areas, making the camera ideal for city surveillance applications as well as logistic centres, airports and train stations.

“An effective one-camera installation providing overview and image detail at the same time is an efficient way to ensure that surveillance needs are met in large open areas,” commented Erik Frännlid, Axis’ director of product management.

“Multi-sensor cameras are also well-suited in applications such as squares, stadiums, parking lots and perimeter surveillance where large areas need to be monitored in high image detail in order to ensure complete situational awareness.”

Axis Communications' Q3709-PVE Network Camera

Axis Communications’ Q3709-PVE Network Camera

Installation is easy, reliable and cost-efficient. No focusing is required since the lenses are factory-focused.

The camera comes in a stylish and discreet design with a removable weather shield that protects against rain, snow and sunlight and allows for an easy ‘blend’ with the local environment.

These cameras provide a “perfect” 180° overview in up to 33 Megapixel resolution. They offer a video streaming performance of 3 × 4K at 30 fps or 3 × 11 Megapixels at 20 fps.

Further features of the Q3709-PVE include the following:

  • outdoor-ready with IP66 and NEMA 4X ratings
  • vandal-resistant with an IK10 rating
  • operational in a wide temperature range with standard Power over Ethernet (PoE+)
  • video motion detection and tampering alarm

The cameras are supported by the Axis Application Development Partner Program and Axis Camera Station. They also include support for edge storage, Axis Camera Application PlatformAxis Video Hosting System and ONVIF for easy camera system integration and for application developers to provide the camera with intelligent capabilities.

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