“Security breaches peak in Spring months” suggest statistics issued by Farsight

Spring is not all sunshine when it comes to security, warns Farsight Security Services. The remote monitoring station’s statistics have revealed a peak in security breaches in March, April and May 2014. In addition, more than double the number of arrests occurred in Spring 2014 compared to Winter 2013-2014.

In total, the number of incidents raised was 46% higher in Spring compared to Winter, resulting in an average of two incidents per site during the Spring months.

Arrest rates in Spring remained at a peak in comparison to Summer 2014 as arrests dropped by 75% in June, July and August.

Farsight Security Services' Control Room

Farsight Security Services’ Control Room

Malcolm O’Shea Barnes, senior operations manager at Farsight, explained: “With arrests and incidents peaking in the Spring months, now is the time to be assessing security needs.”

The Farsight statistics show that, on average, sites received more than six incidents each throughout 2014. O’Shea Barnes added: “Of course, security needs to be a year-round priority. Sites will see each season present different security challenges. For example, with the peak in incidents occurring in the Spring it’s worrying to see false alarms reported because of minor things like fast-growing foliage obstructing cameras.”

O’Shea Barnes continued: “The statistics highlight the fact that sites cannot afford to take risks with false alarms. Spring is a great opportunity for security installers to promote their maintenance services.”

Beyond that, the high number of incidents annually highlights security systems as a necessity. “Each of the incidents recorded could potentially have cost the site owner thousands of pounds if they’d not invested in a 24/7 remote monitoring capability.”

An incident is when a suspicious activity has been observed, either when a crime has taken place or when the activity could lead to a crime.

Farsight Security Services is an event-driven, remote video, fire and intruder Alarm Receiving Centre. Established in 1996, Farsight grew to become the largest monitoring station in Europe, as well as a pioneer in remote security provision.

Since 2007, the operation has been independently owned by Optex Japan, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of intruder alarms and CCTV passive infrared detectors.

Today, Farsight answers 96% of its alarms in fewer than 90 seconds, in turn far exceeding the industry average.

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