Nedap Identification Systems announces first companies to join Certified Partner Program

Nedap – one of the leading specialists in vehicle identification and detection technology for security, parking and traffic – has announced that the first group of partners is now officially certified according to the guidelines relating to the Certified Partner Program that was introduced at the end of last year.

Nedap Identification Systems developed a dedicated partner program for the Long-Range Identification, Wireless Vehicle Detection and Smart City Access product lines. The Certified Partner Program allows partners to be recognised as a committed Nedap partner. Moreover, they obtain access to benefits related to this program, such as additional sales tools, marketing resources, combined marketing opportunities and additional access to technical information and training related to specific products.

The three certification programs are as follows:

  • Nedap Certified Partner for Long-Range Identification

Relates to Nedap systems that offer fast, secure and convenient identification of vehicles and people in and around buildings and sites.

  • Nedap Certified Partner for Wireless Vehicle Detection

Relates to Nedap wireless sensors that gather real-time parking status information from outdoor parking spaces.

  • Nedap Certified Partner for Smart City Access

Relates to vehicle access control systems specifically designed to restrict traffic in designated areas in city centres, such as shopping areas and historical centres.

Nedap's Certified Partner Program has its first group of companies in place

Nedap’s Certified Partner Program has its first group of companies in place

Recognised as committed partners

A Nedap Certified Partner is a qualified representative with adequate knowledge and skills related to the planning, installation and implementation of Nedap  products. They show commitment to the Nedap brand and provide high quality technical support to customers in one of the three sectors.

The first group of Nedap Certified Partners include:

  • Long-Range Identification: AAM Systems (Russia), Identity Warehouse (South Africa), Nortech Controls (United Kingdom) and IDelcon (Spain)
  • Wireless Vehicle Detection: AAM Systems (Russia), AGK (Ireland), Flow (Belgium), Vialis (Netherlands), IDelcon (Spain), Infracontrol (Sweden), Traffic Technologie Système (France) and IPSens (United States)
  • Smart City Access: ST&D and BAM Infratechniek Mobiliteit (Netherlands)

“We’re extremely proud to announce this first group of partners that have chosen to become certified and recognised,” explained Maarten Mijwaart, general manager of Nedap Identification Systems. “Most of these partners have worked with us for many years. We are very happy that we can finally offer them the opportunity to be recognised for their loyalty, commitment and hard work designed to promote and successfully install our products. Furthermore, this also creates good opportunities for the end users of our products. It will now be easier to identify those vendors that have a proven track record in building successful installations with our products. In the upcoming months more committed business partners are expected to be certified.”

For more information on Nedap’s partners and information on the Partner Program visit:


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