Pilgrims re-awarded Government of Iraq operating licence

Pilgrims Security Services Limited (Iraq) has been re-awarded its Government of Iraq operating licence, which is a necessary requirement for all armed security companies (domestic as well as international) stationed and operational in the country.

The decision follows on from a lengthy re-evaluation process and inspection of the company’s premises, including weapon storage arrangements. A significant number of security companies have yet to be granted renewals.

Iraq is currently subject to a vicious and, to date, surprisingly successful Islamic State insurgency in the country’s Northern provinces. Although in a state of flux following the resignation of the authoritarian Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki, who had been in power for eight years, the Government’s functions and capabilities are regenerating following a period of atrophy during the coalition occupation.

Matthew Cawthorne: country director for Pilgrims Group's operations in Iraq

Matthew Cawthorne: country director for Pilgrims Group’s operations in Iraq

Against this backdrop, the re-award of Pilgrims’ operating licence can be viewed as a ringing endorsement of the company’s compliance.

Managing Director William Freear commented: “Successfully supporting our clients’ needs in Iraq has been foremost in our delivery of service excellence in Iraq for the past decade. Our country team, ably led by Matthew Cawthorne who’s our country director, has been meticulous and consistent in maintaining our compliance in Iraq and keeping clients protected whatever the circumstances.”

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