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BSIA organises networking event for information destruction companies

The British Security Industry Association is holding a seminar and networking event which aims to bring together key players from across the information destruction sector, among them suppliers and stakeholders.

Taking place at the Hilton Garden Inn in Birmingham’s Brindleyplace, the event is planned for Thursday 4 December 2014 and will consist of a varied programme including educational and motivational presentations, networking opportunities and a charity auction.

The programme will encompass:
• Presentations from headline sponsors focusing on technological innovations (Global Recycling and Vecoplan), tax, accounting and outsourcing (Cobia) and insurance (Waste Insure) within the information destruction sector
• A Q&A session with a panel of up to five representatives from within the sector to facilitate an engaging discussion of some of the key issues facing the industry
• A presentation from Steve Eckersley (head of enforcement at the Information Commissioner’s Office) on the short-to-medium term outlook in terms of the key issues to be addressed
• A one-hour special keynote address by Olympic athlete and former javelin world record holder Steve Backley in which he’ll translate his training and experience in the world of sport into the business arena

The BSIA is hosting a networking event for information destruction sector professionals

The BSIA is hosting a networking event for information destruction sector professionals

Following the formal presentations there will be an informal drinks reception, dinner and evening entertainment, culminating with an auction of donated prizes in aid of Together for Short Lives, a leading UK charity for children with life-threatening and life-limiting conditions.

With costs remarkably low considering what is on offer on the day, the British Security Industry Association (BSIA) will be asking all companies attending to donate a prize suitable for the raffle or auction.

Sharing Best Practice and professionalism

Adam Chandler, chairman of the BSIA’s Information Destruction Section, commented: “As well as the sheer entertainment value on offer, this event is also a fantastic networking opportunity and the only UK gathering of its kind designed specifically for the information destruction sector. All industry practitioners are welcome. I would encourage all information destruction companies to come along and share Best Practice ideas and techniques as well as celebrate the capability and professionalism that exists within our sector.”

For further details on price or to book your place, download a booking form from the BSIA’s website via the following link: http://www.bsia.co.uk/app/images/documents/events_2014/id-2014-delegate-bf.pdf

An early bird discount is applicable for bookings made before 1 September 2014.

For more information about the BSIA’s Information Destruction Section visit: http://www.bsia.co.uk/information-destruction

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Securitas staff ‘Cycling to Safety’ in support of RoSPA

Over 800 Securitas officers and support staff from across the country will soon be climbing on board their bikes and ‘Cycling to Safety’ when they take part in the company’s ‘Tour of Securitas’ event in support of RoSPA.

The virtual tour will begin in Edinburgh on Monday 8 September and, over the following five days, staff from across 21 Securitas branches will cycle on static bikes to help raise awareness of safety in the workplace.

The initiative is also designed to generate valuable funds for the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA).

Taking in locations including Gateshead, Liverpool and Derby, the tour will clock up a total of 2,520 miles before finishing at Securitas’ Head Office in Uxbridge on Friday 12 September.

Tour of Securitas 2014: an excellent initiative from the security solutions provider

Tour of Securitas 2014: an excellent initiative from the security solutions provider

Speaking about the event, Securitas’ Chief Operating Officer Shaun Kennedy explained: “With the sport of cycling very much on the news agenda in the UK following the start of the 2014 Tour de France in Yorkshire, we thought this would be a great time to capture the imagination of our employees and communicate both key safety messages and the health benefits of exercise for employees and their families.”

Kennedy added: “The aim is to encourage a reduction in the number of incidents and accidents occurring in the workplace and improve awareness of health and fitness. The tour will also kick-off the launch of our own Cycle to Work Campaign.”

Raising awareness on safer behaviour

RoSPA’s campaigning spirit has been evident since the organisation was founded in 1916. Successful campaigns have resulted in the introduction of the seat belt law in 1983, the ban on the use of hand-held mobile phones while driving in 2003 and, this year, a change in the way that all window blinds across the EU are made in a bid to stop toddlers being accidentally strangled by looped cords.

RoSPA’s CEO Tom Mullarkey MBE said: “As the UK’s family safety charity, we’re determined to provide more and more free practical support to some of the nation’s most vulnerable people. However, we can only do this with the financial support of enlightened companies like Securitas. It’s great that they’re raising awareness about safer behaviour by encouraging staff to cycle ‘statically’ between the company’s offices. It’s a clever idea to let everyone in the company participate in raising money for charity in any spare few minutes throughout the week, while at the same time also helping them to keep fit.”

Mullarkey continued: “Accident prevention saves lives and deters injuries. There are few activities which cannot be done safely. While helping people to think about safe cycling, and encouraging them to get out on the road more generally, this initiative also promotes a cleaner and greener environment. We look forward to developing this relationship with Securitas so that, together, we can reverse a trend that sees accidents cut down more children, young people and young parents in their prime than either cancer or heart disease.”

In conclusion, Sean Kennedy stated: “We’re really grateful to all the staff taking part. It won’t all be hard work as the emphasis is also on having a fun day. There will be prizes for the greatest fundraising achieved, and we will also be crowning our ‘Sprint King and Queen’ who will be the fastest sprinters to 500 metres. It’s sure to be a great competition!”

Risk UK readers wishing to donate to the ‘Tour of Securitas’ and help raise funds for RoSPA can do so by visiting the Just Giving page: http://www.justgiving.com/Securitas-Securitas2/

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The Customer is King… but what do they want when it comes to online security?

The latest eCustomerServiceIndex (eCSI) Survey produced by IMRG and eDigitalResearch suggests that online shoppers are far more interested in enhanced online security than the latest deals and discounts. Mark Kedgley (CTO at New Net Technologies) has the detail.

Tesco, Target, eBay, Office – all are major retailers with a significant online presence seeking to understand what their customers want to buy, how they want to buy it and what would make them buy more. Indeed, the delivered retail experience and an intimate understanding of consumer psychology is where the retail battles are being fought in 2014.

However, the latest eCustomerServiceIndex (eCSI) Survey1 conducted by IMRG and eDigitalResearch reveals that more than half of those online shoppers surveyed didn’t ask for more loyalty cards, coupon schemes or bigger discounts. What they requested is better online security.

Of course, all of the retailers mentioned have something else in common in that they have all recently been subject to security breaches involving customer payment cards or personal information.

Mark Kedgley: CTO at New Net Technologies

Mark Kedgley: CTO at New Net Technologies

Retailers must improve security measures

The main conclusion drawn by eDigitalResearch from the survey findings is as follows: “Onus is very much on retailers to invest in and improve their security measures for their online customers. Over two thirds (67%) expect organisations to contact them immediately (within six hours) by e-mail or phone if security has been breached and it leads to a potential loss of data.”

In other words, customers don’t just expect to be better protected, but are savvy enough to appreciate that breaches can still happen even with appropriate security Best Practices in place. They want to see contingency plans in place that allow them to be notified within the same business day in the event of a breach occurring.

It speaks of a very realistic view on cyber security and one that’s encompassed not only by the PCI DSS (which online retailers should be operating in order to meet agreements with their banks and the payment card brands), but all other security Best Practice frameworks.

If you consider that the breach at Target was only acted on after it had been operational for two-and-a-half weeks, but during that period over 40 million payment card details were stolen and 70 million customers had their personal identifiable information compromised, you can see why speed of detection is essential. If the six-hour detection and notification deadline expected by customers had been met in this case then the damage would have been minimal, rather than catastrophic as it has been.

Retailers would do well to listen to customers’ expectations and pay heed to the lessons learned by their peers.

The growing consumer awareness of online security will ultimately expose those organisations that fail to take online security seriously to significant repercussions of brand damage that reach far beyond the financial implications of a breach.

1*eDigitalResearch’s and IMRG’s eCustomerServiceIndex

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