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Norbain releases VOLO cloud-based access control system

Norbain has launched VOLO, a new and innovative way of delivering access control solutions. By combining advanced controller technology with GSM connectivity and cloud-hosted software, installation time, infrastructure and hardware costs can be significantly reduced.

With “unparalleled scalability” from one to over 10,000 sites and without any requirement for local servers or infrastructure, the most challenging and diverse of access control systems may be delivered cost-effectively irrespective of location.

“The concept of hosting in the cloud is now very familiar to all of us,” commented Andrew Pigram, business development director at Norbain. “We use it every day for our voicemails, e-mail and online banking, for example. The advantage when it comes to access control is that it makes managing multiple sites and users extremely simple, with changes being made instantaneously. This is a great benefit for many applications.”

Pigram added: “Initial interest in the solution has been extremely positive. We’ve already worked on a number of installations, from construction sites through to those for Town Councils.”

Schematic of the VOLO access control solution

Schematic of the VOLO access control solution

Benefits of the VOLO solution for end users

Reduced hardware investment
As well as no requirement for a PC, the GSM GPRS connectivity means that a site does not even need local or direct connection to the Internet, making VOLO ideal for remote sites

Scalable expansion
Simple, virtually unlimited expansion for sites, users and operators without any investment in new software, networks or servers

Simple system maintenance
System enhancements and upgrades can be made instantly without the need to visit a site. This ensures the latest version of the software is always in operation, even across multi-site end users

Immediate system management
System programming, adding users, card issuance, configuring groups and access rights can all be performed via any supported web browser from anywhere in the world

Simple license structure
Hosted services are provided through an annual charge as opposed to a higher up-front software investment with upgrade or expansion charges later on. Additional licences are needed only as required and when the system grows

For more information visit: http://www.volo-access.com

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AMG Systems enters strategic partnership with Security Supplies

AMG Systems (the British manufacturer of CCTV transmission technology and panoramic Megapixel cameras) and Security Supplies – the specialist distributor of electronic security equipment – have entered into a strategic partnership agreement whereby Security Supplies will now market and stock the AMG Systems range of fibre optic transmission equipment as well as AMG-Panogenics’ panoramic 360° 5 Megapixel camera range.

Speaking about the new partnership, Peter Grainger (technical sales manager at Security Supplies) explained: “We’re typically involved with projects here in the UK and overseas where AMG’s technology can add value and save infrastructure costs. The market demand for panoramic cameras is increasing, which is the main reason why we have decided to take the PanoCam360 range into our portfolio.”

Peter Grainger: technical sales manager at Security Supplies

Peter Grainger: technical sales manager at Security Supplies

Grainger added: “Our customers will definitely reap the benefits of using AMG’s transmission technology and its range of panoramic cameras. Both will help to minimise installation costs. It’s also important for us that all of AMG’s products are designed and manufactured in the UK. AMG adheres to standardised protocols and this makes the equipment high quality, adding another benefit to a company that has a very helpful and pro-active technical support team.”

Faz Colbhie, business development manager at the AMG Group, commented: “The partnership is a significant move for us, introducing our range of fibre and Ethernet transmission solutions and 360° cameras to Security Supplies’ fast-growing client base. The company works with specialised projects which caters to our technology, and its ethos is very much about providing strong customer support before, during and after sales. With four UK offices, Security Supplies is also well placed when it comes to serving a wide range of clients in the UK.”

AMG Group's business development manager Faz Colbhie

AMG Group’s business development manager Faz Colbhie

About Security Supplies

With more than 13 years of business experience under its belt, Security Supplies is one of the UK’s most successful specialist distributors of electronic security products with divisions in access control, CCTV, fire, intruder and wireless transmission featuring solutions from the industry’s leading manufacturers.

Security Supplies not only offers customers expert technical support, system design and impartial advice on the many brands available but also regularly holds open days at all of its branches where customers can meet the manufacturers and focus on training in new technologies or specific equipment.

For more information visit: http://www.security-supplies.co.uk/

About AMG

AMG is a leading global provider of video and communication transmission solutions designed for CCTV surveillance operations in the transport, public, Government and military sectors. AMG also manufactures a range of IP cameras under the AMG-Panogenics brand.

Projects for the company have included supplying the transmission system for the UK’s NRTS project and the security and surveillance of the Museum of Islamic Art in Doha, Qatar.

AMG Transmission Solutions and AMG-Panogenics are brand names of AMG Systems Ltd.

More information can be found at: http://www.amgsystems.com

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Vista launches qulu Video Management Software for end users

End users are promised “a new era of power, performance and freedom” with Vista’s new qulu Video Management Software (VMS). Designed to offer the most efficient performance on the market, this “revolutionary” software allows users to interact with video “like never before”.

Initially previewed at IFSEC International 2014 in June, the software received great acclaim with a number of visitors to London’s ExCeL declaring it to be the best new solution on display at the show.

Vista strongly recommends that prospective end users view the demonstration video on its dedicated Vimeo channel (www.vimeo.com/vistacctv/qulu) to understand “the power and simplicity” of the software.

Vista's qulu VMS

Vista’s qulu VMS

qulu can also be downloaded as a free 30-day trial, allowing end users to explore and discover how simple and quick to install it is, as well as how it can revolutionise the way in which live and recorded video might be interrogated.

“The feedback we’ve received around qulu has been phenomenal,” stated Zoe Yates, Vista’s product manager. “IFSEC International was a great first test and the system passed with flying colours. Since then, we’ve conducted countless demonstrations, held special event days and seen a huge number of hits for the demo video. It’s almost impossible to explain what makes qulu different from any other VMS on the market as it’s all centred around the end user experience. You really do have to see it to believe it.”

Key features and benefits

One-off payment for recording licenses
No base licenses, hidden fees or recurring annual costs. End users buy one license for every camera required

Supports third party cameras (including ‘fish eye’ systems)
Not limited by cameras that only work with a given software

Support for Windows, Linux and Apple Mac operating systems
Unlike the majority of other VMS offerings, qulu allows end users to deploy the operating system with which they’re most comfortable

Interrogate live and recorded video
Select multiple regions of interest and view all scenes simultaneously

Quick, simple search function
Search intelligently by highlighting an area on screen. qulu will display any motion events in that area

Small, easily downloadable software packages
qulu will be up-and-running “before most other VMS packages have even downloaded”. Ideal for areas of limited Internet access (as is often the case when on-site)

Reduce hardware costs
Exceptional performance that “comfortably supports twice as many cameras as other VMS”

For further information visit: http://www.vista-cctv.com/product/qulu

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SilverNet provides police services with Wi-Fi access to town centre CCTV

The latest addition to the SilverNet wireless network range is designed to add significant value to a given town centre’s video surveillance system by providing the police with immediate access to video footage of any suspicious activity or developing incidents.

SilverNet’s ACCESS 240 Dual AP allows authorised end users a secure local connection in order to view live or recorded video captured by a town centre’s security cameras. The system offers police officers who may be on the beat or in a patrol car the opportunity to verify via a laptop, tablet or smartphone whether a suspect may have been involved in anti-social or criminal activity.

Ultrafast radio speed and MIMO spatial multiplexing enables the SilverNet ACCESS 240 Dual AP to realise “outstanding data throughput capabilities” on both 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz frequencies.

The ACCESS 240 Dual AP solution from SilverNet

The ACCESS 240 Dual AP solution from SilverNet

“This easy-to-install but highly effective innovation is already attracting the attentions of local authority Control Room managers who can see the potential to achieve maximum advantage from their investment in a wireless network-based video surveillance system by providing the police with a powerful tool to enable them to respond more effectively to any incidents,” said Keith Newton, business development manager at SilverNet. “The good news is that this solution can be added to existing wireless networks on a cost-effective basis as well as being deployed as part of the wireless network solutions for new projects.”

All you need to know about… SilverNet

SilverNet specialises in the design and manufacture of rugged, high performance and cost-effective wireless networking solutions. During the past decade the company has gained an enviable reputation as a leading innovator of both internal and external wireless solutions for the transmission of video, voice and data.

SilverNet’s wireless solutions (which include Point-to-Point, Point-to-Multipoint and Backhaul options) are very easy to install, configure and operate. They can deliver massive savings compared to the cost of traditional cabling methods or leased lines and, as such, offer a highly cost-effective option for businesses and organisations looking at ways in which to reduce their ongoing infrastructure costs.

SilverNet wireless solutions can boast a system uptime of at least 99.999%, underscoring the commitment of the company’s design engineers to build solutions that incorporate the highest quality components.

For further information on SilverNet’s comprehensive range of wireless solutions visit: http://www.silvernet.com

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BAE Systems Applied Intelligence enhances NetReveal anti-money laundering technology

BAE Systems Applied Intelligence has unveiled its enhanced NetReveal suite of anti-money laundering solutions designed to offer clients an end-to-end service that will assist them in addressing ever more rigorous regulatory requirements.

The updated suite builds upon the award-winning solution that was recognised by CEB TowerGroup as being a ‘Best in Class’ provider in relation to anti-money laundering1. NetReveal offers current and prospective clients a range of new capabilities, in turn enhancing their ability to prevent money laundering and terrorist financing as well as manage compliance obligations.

The focus on compliance has never been greater, particularly so given the emergence of multi-billion dollar fines for organisations that fail to meet regulatory standards. Financial markets continue to be targeted by criminal groups, rogue states, terrorist organisations and drug traffickers seeking to fund their illicit activities.

Preventing money laundering and terrorist financing forms a key strand of crime prevention strategies devised by Governments and global financial regulatory bodies. Therefore, it’s vital that financial institutions remain ahead of regulatory requirements and deploy effective anti-money laundering technology solutions that complement internal systems and policies.

Detection, prevention, investigation, disclosure filing

The enhanced suite of NetReveal solutions provides a complete compliance offering with specific modules offering detection, prevention, investigation and disclosure filing functions.

The suite also incorporates updates that reflect the latest anti-money laundering guidance from global financial regulatory bodies, ensuring that clients will be able to address recent regulatory guidance changes around anti-money laundering and counter-terrorism financing.

For their part, end users will be able to cover their compliance journey from on-boarding and risk rating right through to monitoring transactions and performing dynamic ongoing and enhanced due diligence as advocated by regulatory bodies.

BAE Systems Applied Intelligence has unveiled a significant upgrade of its NetReveal suite of anti-money laundering solutions to help companies prevent money laundering and manage their compliance obligations

BAE Systems Applied Intelligence has unveiled a significant upgrade of its NetReveal suite of anti-money laundering solutions to help companies prevent money laundering and manage their compliance obligations

Entity-centric detection, list matching, social network analysis and enterprise alert and case management services are all covered thanks to the award-winning NetReveal alert and case management solution. This allows clients to take a multi-tiered approach around detection and investigation and monitor all customer types.

Andy Schmidt, research director at CEB TowerGroup, said: “The anti-money laundering market continues to evolve as controls preventing currency-based laundering still have a significant impact on the market. Additionally, the size and scope of recent high-profile enforcement actions indicates that money laundering activities may shift towards less well-monitored channels such as trade finance, securities and even virtual currencies as gangs and rogue actors seek to keep the funds flowing. This shift requires that financial institutions use anti-money laundering solutions capable of viewing their entire business rather than only select and obvious elements.”

Chris Green, managing director of financial crime at BAE Systems Applied Intelligence, explained: “With the emergence of the modern, hyper-connected global economy and the rise of digital criminality, the threat of money laundering has never been greater. Governments and regulators are responding with ever more rigorous compliance obligations, backed up by much tougher sanctions and penalties. Businesses need to be able to respond to this constantly changing regulatory environment and be capable of not only tackling the threats of today, but also of adapting to the new and even more complex risks the future will bring.”

Green added: “It’s vital that businesses operating in the financial sector implement comprehensive systems to ensure they can respond to increased regulation and prevent themselves from being targeted by money launderers. Our enhanced anti-money laundering suite provides our clients with the most effective and agile solution to date, offering a range of new and improved capabilities to ensure that they can meet their compliance demands and protect both their business and their customers from any form of illegal activity.”

1CEB TowerGroup: Anti-Money Laundering Report 2013

About BAE Systems and BAE Systems Applied Intelligence

BAE Systems serves the needs of its customers by delivering a wide range of advanced defence, aerospace and security solutions that realise a performance edge. The company works in tandem with local partners to develop, engineer, manufacture and support the innovations that ultimately increase defence sovereignty, sustain economies and safeguard commercial interests.

With 84,600 employees operational across six continents, the business is fully committed to creating solutions that protect and strengthen nations, commerce, communities and people.

BAE Systems Applied Intelligence is a business division of BAE Systems that delivers solutions to assist clients with protecting and enhancing their critical assets in ‘The Intelligence Age’. Its intelligent protection solutions combine large-scale data exploitation, ‘intelligence-grade’ security and complex services and solutions integration.

The business operates in four key domains of expertise: cyber security, financial crime, communications intelligence and digital transformation. Leading enterprises and Government departments use its solutions to protect and enhance their physical infrastructures, mission-critical systems, intellectual property, corporate information, reputation and customer relationships in addition to gaining competitive advantage and financial success.

For further information about BAE Systems Applied Intelligence visit: http://www.baesystems.com/ai

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BSIA Chairman Pauline Norstrom outlines aims for the security sector

Newly-elected British Security Industry Association chairman Pauline Norstrom has marked her appointment with a focus on raising stakeholders’ awareness of the value of quality and innovation over price.

In an inaugural address to British Security Industry Association (BSIA) members and industry stakeholders (delivered at the Association’s Annual Luncheon in July, which was sponsored by Eaton’s security business), Norstrom outlined goals for her two-year tenure as chairman, citing economic recovery and international demand for UK products and services as key drivers of industry growth.

Speaking at London’s Hilton Hotel on Park Lane, Norstrom said: “Moving forward, my vision is to cultivate an increased understanding of – and engagement with – our industry’s customers. It’s crucial to our members’ future success that we invite end users to input into influencing the issues that affect them. This will ensure that the products and services offered by our industry meet their needs and deliver a return on investment.”

Pauline Norstrom delivers the Chairman's Address at the 2014 BSIA Annual Luncheon

Pauline Norstrom delivers the Chairman’s Address at the 2014 BSIA Annual Luncheon

Norstrom continued: “Increased engagement with end users will help members to drive demand by navigating the specification and tender process to their advantage, demonstrating the value of quality to ensure that BSIA membership becomes a key requirement in the competitive process and further enables members to compete with and win against competitors who do not care about quality and instead undercut on price at any cost.”

Other aims outlined include presiding over the development and introduction of a dedicated section of membership for industry stakeholders before the end of 2014.

Paying tribute to outgoing BSIA chairman Geoff Zeidler, who was seated at the top table, Norstrom described the “significant progress that the Association has made towards creating a better industry environment for its members through the influence of legislation, regulation and the development of standards” and added: “Throughout his two years as chairman, my predecessor Geoff Zeidler has worked tirelessly to ensure that the BSIA is best placed to achieve its goals.”

Requirement for political engagement

With less than a year until the next General Election, political engagement for the BSIA is also on Norstrom’s mind. Forging new relationships with key political figures including MPs, Peers, Police and Crime Commissioners, local Government officials and Think Tanks remains a priority for the Association’s busy public affairs programme over the coming months.

Left to Right: Baroness Smith of Basildon, Pauline Norstrom and James Kelly

Left to Right: Baroness Smith of Basildon, Pauline Norstrom and James Kelly

An issue close to Pauline’s own heart and reflective of her well-respected position as a key influencer in the CCTV sector is ensuring that the BSIA continues to influence further development of the Government’s CCTV Code of Practice.

The launch in 2013 of the BSIA’s own research into the number and scope of CCTV cameras in the UK succeeded in positioning the Association as the key authority on the subject, while emphasising the important role that privately-owned systems play in supporting the police service and the criminal justice system in securing high profile prosecutions.

In the coming year, Norstrom predicts the Code of Practice will reach even further, supported by the BSIA’s own Code of Practice (Form 109) with which members must comply.

As Chief Operating Officer of Dedicated Micros and the wider AD Group (comprising 18-plus companies), Norstrom has 15 years’ experience in the industry and possesses extensive knowledge of legislation and technical innovation. In her role as chairman of the BSIA, Norstrom chairs the Association’s Council and the Operating Board.

Norstrom is a long-serving member of the BSIA’s CCTV Section and works closely with the Association’s CEO James Kelly to form strategic objectives for the BSIA.

Norstrom will now serve as BSIA chairman for a two-year period, and will be supported in the first year by Geoff Zeidler as immediate past-chairman.

*Read the full speech on page 19 of the August edition of Risk UK

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